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I wonder what he's doing right now? It's been almost a year...

You know, I can't wait any longer… I'm going to find him.

Hey… Are you listening?

Don't worry… you're coming too.

With a gasp demon lord Raenef V woke up. Blinking his eyes rapidly, he sat up in his bed. What was that? That dream… he couldn't remember much, but he remembered those words. A year... almost, waiting… who was? For whom? Find who? And who was coming too?

Raenef shook his head to clear his mind. It was just a stupid dream, certainly nothing of importance. But the intent behind those words… Raenef shivered. Those words could only be described as chilling. Getting out of bed, Raenef put on a dressing gown. He didn't think that he could go back to sleep after that kind of dream, so he might as well take a stroll.

Walking through the deserted halls of his castle, he wondered what he could do. The castle was decidedly boring at night, when everyone was asleep. Tapping his nose, he felt his stomach suddenly growling. "Ehh..." He looked down with a small blush on his cheeks. "Hungry, eh?" Nodding decisively, he decided that he was going to get himself a snack. He imagined the kitchen, allowing himself to picture it clearly in his mind's eye.


In the next moment he was in the kitchen.

"Hmmm… what's there to eat?" Raenef said to himself. He walked around and rummaged inside the cupboard. "Where does Eclipse keep the food?"

Raenef had been a demon lord for some time now. After he had reunited with his other self, with the help of his predecessor Raenef IV and one year of amnesia, he had become a capable demon lord in his own right.

But being a capable demon lord did not entail preparing one's own food. That had always been Eclipse's department. Hence, Raenef never went to the kitchen. Not that he had ever worked in a kitchen before his discovery of being a demon lord. Back then, he'd simply stolen his food.

"Oh!" Raenef could not suppress a squeal of delight at the sight he found before him. "Is that a platter of almond cookies?"

He reached for the platter and pulled it out...

A loud clattering suddenly resounded in the demon lord's castle.

"Uhm…" Raenef stared at the remains of the broken plate and the cookies scattered on the floor. "I don't think Eclipse will be happy to see this…" he muttered to himself.


Raenef looked up to see his servant, mentor and best friend appearing in the kitchen room. He was wearing only a thin night robe, and his hair, for once, was not tied back with a string but hanging loose and in a disorderly fashion. "Uhm… I can explain, Eclipse…" he tried to appease the disheveled looking demon. Raenef saw one of Eclipse's eyes twitching.

"Explain…?" the demon echoed.

"I, uh… was looking for a snack?"

"At. This. Hour?" Eclipse's glare did not seem to lessen…

"…Yes?" He tried his most winning smile.


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