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When Eclipse returned to the castle, he was hesitant to meet Raenef; so, he decided to take his time by ambling about, forgoing teleportation. It took Erutis a moment, but after passing yet another hall, she suddenly realized how unusual this behavior was for Eclipse.

"Is something the matter, Eclipse?" she asked.

"Should there be?" Eclipse parried.

"You never walk," Erutis pointed out. "You just say 'Go!' and you are wherever you want to be."

"I don't just say 'Go!', I need to picture it in my mind as well, and the mezraez-"

"No need to get technical," Erutis interrupted, "you can't distract me by doing that. In any case, we all know it's Raenef you're avoiding."

Behind her, she heard the metal clink of Lilith's cuffs. Monika scraped his throat.

"Well;" Erutis shrugged; "I know," she amended.

"Why would you assume I'm avoiding master Raenef?" Eclipse scowled.

"Because," Erutis smiled sweetly, "whatever you do, Eclipse, it somehow always relates to him. Face it, you have no life outside of Raenef."

Eclipse shot her a deadly glare, but otherwise remained silent. He knew Erutis was getting back at him for the things he'd said at Monika's fortress. Besides; he reflected, with more than a hint of annoyance; what she'd said wasn't wrong, his life did revolve around serving master Raenef.

When the thought came to him, he resolutely came to a halt. It bothered him that Erutis knew him well enough to make such an effective jab. He felt Erutis' questioning gaze upon him, and just to be contrary, he then decided to teleport.

He took hold of Erutis' arm, then grabbed Lilith, and, knowing that Monika would not let go of the chains binding her, he muttered a quick, "Go!"

Raenef was still sitting at the table drinking tea with lord Krayon.

Eclipse wasn't accustomed to failure, and he felt disappointment towards himself welling up inside. How would master Raenef react upon finding him without the strawberry tarts he promised to get?

To be continued...