Chapter 11- Fury

"But my sweet Bella, I thought it was going to take a new born army to convince you that I didn't love you. I was prepared for the absolute worse—ready to lie through my teeth for hours to you to convince you."

"Thou shalt not lie…" I mumbled, by now having nuzzled up next to Edward and enjoying the feel of his skin on mine that had been denied for over a year to me.

"But how could you believe me? After all the thousands of times that I've told you I've loved you, how could you let one word break your faith in me? I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn't want you anymore. The most absurd, ridiculous concept—as if there were any way that I could exist without needing you!"

A sob erupted from my throat again for the second time in two days. "It just didn't make sense for someone like you to love me, just little old Bella Swan!"

He ran his hand down my hair and over the curve of my back in soothing circles, "That's even more absurd. How could a vampire ever be incomparable to an angel?"

I gave him a vicious grin, "When you've lived as long as I have, all the stereotypes tend to dissolve away."

"Fine, then," he said resolutely. "Then let's agree on one thing: I will never leave you, Isabella Swan and there will no longer be any secrets between us."

I nodded quickly and than met my lips up to his in what must have been the most sweet and wet kiss that I have ever had during the course of my existence.

Who would've thought that kissing the lips of a creature who feeds on blood could be so sweet, so unbelievably heavenly that if I had the choice I would spend eternity with my lips locked with Edward's.


"Mina," Seth said enthusiastically. "Why don't we just call Bella or trace the signal on her phone?"

Jacob put on a sarcastically happy tone of voice, "Oh yeah! Let's just call her up! Oh wait, she left her phone in her room! Damn, Seth, if your gonna throw out an idea, think about it before you speak!"

Seth blushed, embarrassed, and ducked his head, "Hey, I didn't get to inspect the room like you guys before I exploded into a gigantic wolf. Not my fault."

On the other side of the room, Antoine shook his head, "It's fine, Seth. It was a good idea."

Charlie, however, was stuck on a particularly odd trace he and Ant had caught while in the forest. It was barely there, a barely putrid scent, but it was faint as if some type of magic or something was shielding it.

Charlie shook his head, trying to think of a creature that would give off such a horrid stench.


I was talking in low tones with Edward, simply enjoying my time with him.

And it was during this lovely bliss that a horrible thought occurred to me. All my words about Mina coming to start trouble and I hadn't contacted her, and somewhere deep in my being I knew that I didn't want to contact her.

I had separated myself from them. Suddenly I wasn't a part of their group.

There was a definitively divide between them and us. And I realized with guilty pang that I considered myself one of the Cullens yet again.

Edward noticed how I unexpectedly stiffened with my thoughts and rubbed my forearm in an attempt to make me thaw out, his dark eyes sparkling with concern, "Love, what's wrong?"

I frowned and shook my head. "It's nothing, I was just thinking…weird thoughts."

My frown deepened as I finally took notice of the bruises underneath his eyes, I traced them lightly with my index finger, "Little Mind Reader, you need to feed."

He chuckled at the new nickname I had brandished him with. During the night while we were talking, he asked me why I called him such a ridiculous name, and I told him that if Alice was my Hyper Death Pixie, Emmett was my Little Brother and Jasper was my Little Major then he was my Little Mind Reader. He found it funny that I was using my age as incentive to give them "Little" names.

He also found it hilarious that I called Rosalie the Big Witchy Witch when we were talking. Not to mention that he was amused that I had come up with those names the very first time I had set foot in the Cullen house.

My face sobered up a bit though, "You should treasure your sustenance, through out time their have been famines and shortages that affected even the vampires, so be aware and eat while you can."

He cocked an eyebrow at me, "When has there been a shortage for vampires?"

I gave a grim smile, "The Bubonic Plague, the Stone Age, the Agricultural Revolution, the Age of Iron and Steel…the Holocaust."

He noticed how I paused and made a face at the word Holocaust.

I took it as a means to continue, "During the Holocaust, many of my kind were relieved from out duties of keeping peace among the species and instead were assigned onto the Death and Labor camps like Warsaw."

This only proved to confuse my beautiful Adonis even more, "But why would you have been put there? Wouldn't you have been hurt? You bled when Jasper bit you!"

I nodded, "I hesitated to make my skin hard and have you perceive me as a threat. But while we were in there, we served as beacons of hope. We healed and preached. We gave hope. When all was lost, they looked inside of Pandora's box and saw us there, their hope."

His eyes widened and glimmered with some good feeling I couldn't identify. "Protectors of Life and Avengers of the Innocent."

Giving him a small smile, I continued. "Yes. We healed them, and if we were hurt, we healed and showed them the miracle of our… the 'Big Guns Up Stairs,'" I amended.

"There was this one time, in fact, when I was assigned to a Death Camp, so I traveled to a neighboring Jewish town that was being taken to it. Charlie, Renee and I posed as a robust man, young woman, and I went into the children's rooms of the camps. We were branded and mistreated, some angels came very close to being raped, but we prevailed in the end. We gave hope to the hopeless, and fooled some of the Nazis into thinking that they had killed hundreds of our Innocents when in reality they had killed no one."

Edward just kept on looking at me as if I had grown a strange growth in the middle of my forehead. I looked down and started twiddling my thumbs, "I had no choice but to follow orders. It wasn't a supernatural war, but if it kept on than all the magical creatures would have died off from either lack of sustenance, love or exposure from starvation.

"It sounds horrible to think we wanted to liberate people so they could be someone else's food, but its not all that bad—dying, I mean. I've taken some people upstairs when I was younger; it wasn't at all as horrible as humans make it out to me. It's…like floating in a giant sea of candy floss. Almost whimsical…and that's where you start the next big adventure, isn't it?"

He just kept on looking at me like a doe caught in the headlights than he cradled my head in his hands and pressed his cold lips up against mine.

I just melted into his touch and threw my arms around his neck, opening my mouth for him.

The feeling of his cold mouth on mine was fantastic, if the feeling could have been bottle up then I was positive that we could turn it into the cure for human depression and The Ache.

Before things could get too hot and heavy, he pulled away and flashed me his crooked smile, "You, Isabella Swan, are the most selfless person I have ever encountered in my century of life."

I blushed fire engine red, "I wouldn't say that, I've met people who were more selfless than me."

He rolled his eyes and ran his hand through his copper colored hair, "Naturally. You, my fair angel, have lived since the dawn of time. You have met infinitely more people than I have in my short time on this planet, Miss Swan."

I ducked my head and swatted at his arm.

He just roared in laughter, his eyes twinkling.


"Hey, Bella?" Emmett called, pausing his Call of Duty game to turn around and look at me. Jasper grumbled some about how Emmett always stole the controller and paused the damn game right when the blond was about to get a headshot

"What's up, Emmett?" I asked, munching on some Flamin' Hot Cheetohs just because I could.

"Can angels beat vampires physically?" he asked, curiosity bouncing around in his eyes.

I gave him a wary look, "I don't know, it's never been asked before…why are you asking?"

He gave a mischievous grin and flashed over to me and set me down on one side of a boulder outside.

Edward, who had been carrying me on his lap, stormed out of the house yelling, "What the hell, Emmett!"

I looked between the two vampires. Edward's coal black eyes were sparking in anger and Emmett just looked at him innocently.

"C'mon, Edward. I just want to know whether or not angels are stronger than vampires!"

Now, I had never really seen the physical strength of my kind. We just…sparred amongst ourselves every once in a while, and if there was to be any kind of noise from how we fought in the rolling heavenly sky, then we shook it off.

We usually ignored the thunder that struck as soon as our pure swords clanged against our gold shields, or when we body slammed someone onto the cobbled "ground" of heaven.

"You will not hurt, Bella," Edward growled, chest-to-chest with Emmett, looking up rather comically.

But the words he used were by no means comical to me.

An old agony surged up in my chest and I gritted my teeth.

Just as Emmett was about to give in, I stepped in and growled, "You're right, Edward. Emmett will not hurt me. I can handle whatever a little hatchling vampire can throw at me."

Emmett grinned and Edward's jaw dropped.

It seemed like seconds before the whole Cullen family had assembled outside and Emmett crouched in front of me.

With a quick swish of glittering wind I was in my gold visor and helmet, chest plate, chain mail, my skin giving off the glow that tuned me in to the fact that I was in full Seraph mode.

I bent my knees below me and arched my wings up, giving Emmett a Cheshire cat grin. Leveling out my fist to him—seeing as I didn't actually want to kill him, I saw no reason to aim pointy objects at him—and pulling my shield to cover my chest, I said, "Bring it on, baby vampire."

He came running at me, with that blurring speed that could make any humans head spin.

Alice and Jasper were off somewhere, screaming at me to dodge, but I didn't do anything until Emmett was right in front of me, his arms outstretched to body slam me into the ground.

I might have giggled just a bit when I ducked underneath his arms and sidestepped away, pumping my legs as fast as I could go, a couple of strands of hair flying behind me pin straight from my sprinting.

As I turned around, I saw Emmett skidding to a stop, a huge cloud of snow spraying into the air around him about fifteen feet high.

"What the hell was that, Bella?" he yelled out. "When did you get so fast!"

"I was created this way, Emmett," I said cheekily, smirking at him.

"Dammit, I'll get you," he growled, charging at me yet again.

You would think he would get the picture, I thought, using the same move to side step him again.

But this time, he reached down and managed to grab the very last bone segment on my wing.

And I howled in agony when I heard the thrice-damned crunch that indicated he had crushed the bone straight through.

And I swear to He Who Is Almighty, when I turned around I must have been possessed by the Devil himself to have snarled so viciously as I did then.

And Emmett probably would have peed his pants then if he could have.

I turned around in the ground so fast that a cylinder of snow rose up around me in a full circle, and when I ran at him my feet were stomping on the dirt ground below the snow.

I jumped up when I was a foot away from him, at least six feet in the air, and stomped my foot into his chest.

There was about a millisecond where he struggled to keep his footing before he went grinding into the snow twenty feet out.

From the house, I heard screaming, namely Rosalie, before Emmett's rumbling laugh filled the yard.

"Damn, Bella, that was one hell of a kick!" Emmett exclaimed, his hand over the part of his chest that was reforming. He gave a faint wince once it finished snapping together.

I nodded, "My temper gets the best of me sometimes. Are you satisfied with my strength?"

"Hell no! Come on, best three out of a five!"

"Emmett, I think that's quite enough," Carlisle said, approaching him and clapping him on the back.

Jasper flashed him a grin, and said in a smooth Southern drawl, "I believe you, Emmett, just got your rear handed to you by a lady of high standing!"

Alice appeared right up in front of me a hugged me extremely tight, practically vibrating in my arms, "Bella that was so awesome!"

Esme smiled at me from far away, standing next to Carlisle. Rosalie's laugh melted for a second when she looked at me, before giving a wan smile and turning back to her husband.

Alice bounced right back to Jasper and then I was left alone with my golden eyed Adonis.

My eyes traced the tendons that stuck out on his arms and disappeared into his blue collared shirt, the sharp bob of his Adam's apple, the line of his jaw, the jut of his chin and the dark golden butterscotch that stared out at me from underneath bronze hair.

I smirked at him, snaking my arms around his waist and arching up to look at him, "It'll be in your best interest to remember who is stronger here, Edward."

He gave a sigh of defeat before his perfectly sculpted lips curved up into my crooked smile, and I pressed my lips into his.

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