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This will be Seven/Chakotay AU.


Annika Hansen hugged her Aunt Irene at the Shuttle Port.

"I'll be back soon Auntie, it's just a routine mission. I'll be back before you know it." Annika told her aunt.

"I know Annie," Irene said. "But ever since your parents disappeared . . . I can't bare to lose you too." Irene whispered.

"We are just going to survey the Badlands Auntie, we will be done and back home before you know it. Captian Janeway promised." Annika said to reassure her troubled aunt.

"Stay safe Annie." Irene told her niece. "I will," Annika said.

With that she turned and boarded the shuttle that would take them to Deep Space Nine.

As the shuttle headed for space Annika couldn't help but think that this was the last time she would see Earth for a long time.