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Chakotay never thought that the debriefings would end. They seemed endless and one seemed to follow the other. But finally they did.

He learned from the Doctor that if they had remained in the Delta Quadrant that they would have lost Rhianna. There was a problem that he hadn't spotted that would have killed her either during the birth or afterwards. Starfleet Medical had picked up on it quickly and were treating her for it.

The thought of the soon to arrive Harrow child made him think of his own soon to arrive child. He and Annika talked when they could and they had more or less decided to get married. The real question was what to do once they were married.

Annika wanted to live near her aunt so that if they stayed on Earth then they would have someone willing to take care of the baby no matter what. Chakotay had to agree with her thoughts and the one time he met her Aunt Irene he had liked her.

He walked the streets of San Fransisco and stopped in a jewelery store and picked out a lovely ring. Then he made his way to where Annika and her mother were staying with Irene Hansen.

He pressed the chime and chime and waited for someone to answer it.

Erin answered the door and smiled widely at him.

"Annika is in the kitchen." She whispered into his ear.

Chakotay smiled and walked into the kitchen. Annika was cutting up oranges into quarters and humming a song.

Chakotay cleared his throat and Annika turned with a smile on her face. "Chakotay!" said cried excitedly. "What brings you here?" she asked curious. "I have a question for you." He said as he knelt on one knee on the floor and pulled out the ring.

"Annika Irene Hansen, will you do me the honors of becoming my wife?" He asked, a touch of hope in his voice.

"I would be more than happy to become your wife." She whispered.


Annika smiled as she walked down to Chakotay. She couldn't stop the smile that just seemed to get wider.

They faced Captain Janeway and she proceeded to marry them.


Erin smiled as her daughter held her newborn daughter close: Hazel Zyanya Kotay. She was a beautiful baby and seemed happy.

They were home.


Zyanya means forever or always.