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The cobbled streets were dark as I walked through the Spanish town of Seville. It was our first night in town and I was on the hunt for a brothel. Every town had one so I figured that Seville would too. Finally, I saw a set of large iron gates, wide open. I grinned. This looked like the place!

I walked through said gates and went to the first open window. I had never entered a brothel by a door, it was more fun this way! I slipped through the window and saw a single girl sitting there, dressed in black with a headdress on. As I watched, she took the headdress off and allowed her long brown hair to fall down her back. I cleared my throat.
"'Scuse me, love. Is this a brothel?" I had to admit, I spoke rather politely for me. The girl turned, surprised by my presence. Yet her eyes held only a little fear, if any at all. They were full of… curiosity.
"N…n…no." She stuttered. "This is a convent."
"Oh. Bugger." I knew what a convent was, and it couldn't be more opposite to the place I was intending to find myself in. Brothel; women sleep with strange men. Convent; women sleep with no men. Damn and blast. Then I noticed she was staring at me. She had opened her mouth about to say something when there was a knock at the door to her room. Her eyes widened.
"Hide!" she whispered, and then called out to the person at the door. "Just a moment!" She looked around quickly, and then her eyes rested on a closet. Hurriedly, she pushed me into it and closed the door firmly. I could not hear the conversation that ensued between her and the other person, and so looked around the closet as best I could in the dim light and confined space. From what I could tell, all of the outfits seemed the same as what she was presently dressed in; black. There were a few other clothes, mainly cardigans and long skirts. Very practical. Completely opposite to the attire of the brothel whores. I held back a sigh as I realised that I would have to go looking for the brothel again as soon as I was out of the closet.

Eventually, the doors creaked open.
"You shouldn't be here." The girl told me as I stepped out. I nodded, having already realised that.
"Apologies. I'll be going." I started to walk back towards the window when she called after me.
"No." I turned round, surprised. "Don't go. You're a… pirate, are you not?" She seemed hesitant in asking, and I knew why. Her life was the opposite to mine. I did not belong here at all. She would have been told stories about pirates, told to avoid us. And yet, she was asking me to stay despite realising what I was. I nodded in response to her question.
"Aye. Captain Jack Sparrow." I bowed flamboyantly.
"Angelica Malon." She inclined her head. I puzzled briefly over her having a last name, I had heard nuns were all known as Sister, but then I remembered hearing that they retained their last name until they had made their vows. Obviously this girl, Angelica, had not made her vows yet. She continued. "Please, stay. I want to hear about the sea." I smiled slightly, my eyes momentarily showing the curiosity I felt. Surely she should be wanting me to leave? Yet, she wanted to hear my tales. I blinked said curiosity away and nodded.
"As you wish, love."

She moved to the edge of her bed and sat down, gesturing for me to sit beside him. I hesitated, and then did so. I knew I shouldn't be here, knew that this wasn't right. But I was the pirate, so if she was alright with it then I knew I had no reason to worry. She would bear the consequences if I was caught here, so why was I fretting?
"Well, love. I've been on the sea for all me life. My father is the Keeper of the Code." I began.
"The Code?"
"Aye, the Code. It's the law of the pirates."
"Pirates have rules to follow?" She seemed shocked, and I realised that she would be of the opinion that we were lawless and did what we want, when we want.

"Aye, some. The Code is a big book, but most of the rules are pretty easy to follow and most don't even know what they are anymore so no one really bothers. As I said, my father is the Keeper of the Code and I 'spose that job will be passed to me one day." I pulled a face. I was not looking forward to having to take my father's place. But then maybe I didn't have to give up the seafaring life to do so? He had, but maybe it was choice not obligation? "Long way off yet though."
She smiled at me. "Tell me about your ship."
"Ah, my ship." I noticed my voice soften as it always did when I spoke about my ship. "The Black Pearl. She has black sails and we only fly the flag on rare occasion. She is magnificent, and fierce, and huge…ish. She is my freedom."
She sighed at the mention of freedom and I looked at her curiously. Did I sense some regret in that sigh? Or was I reading too much into it?
"Tell me about your adventures." She said.
"Too many to tell, love." I smirked. I decided not to tell her that there were some I had had that even I didn't remember due to having been more drunk than usual at the time.
"Please? How about just your most recent one?" She persisted.
"Hmm. Well that's not too long to tell I suppose. I tracked down a shipwreck, spent a few days there until Davy Jones and his ship, the Flying Dutchman appeared. When he had finished with the crew of the shipwreck, I asked him to raise a ship from the depths for me. The Black Pearl. He agreed to do so, giving me thirteen years as Captain before I have to serve on the Dutchman for one hundred years." I saw her eyes widen in shock and added hastily "Of course, I'll find my way out of that when the time comes. But the Pearl, she is worth it. Fastest ship on the seven seas, and a right beauty."

We talked a while longer, and then I followed her gaze as she looked out of the window. The sun would be rising soon. She looked at me, knowing that I would have to go now before everyone woke up and found us.
"Will I see you again?" she asked, almost pleadingly.
I hesitated. I was not the sort to see a woman more than one night in a row, especially when there was nothing in it for me. But as I looked at her face I decided that I could not tell her I would not be back. I didn't want to upset her. That was strange, I had never had much care for a woman's feelings before.
"If you wish, I can return tonight." I told her, knowing full well that I would not be back.
She nodded, eagerly. "Please."
I nodded and then slipped back out of her window and left through the gates. The brothels would be closed now, so I returned to the Pearl.

Much to my surprise, I was still thinking about the woman when I got back on deck.
"Good night, Cap'n?" My first mate, Joshamee Gibbs, asked when he saw me.
"Aye." I replied, realising that I wasn't lying. It hadn't been the night I was intending, but I had enjoyed it.
"Brothel, I assume?"
I shook my head. "Convent."
"Convent?" He frowned. "Jack, that's low even for you."
"Mr Gibbs, I shall have it be known that I did not get any action there. I met a young woman and we just talked."
"You? Just talking?"
I shrugged.
"She was…different." I realised that I could not get her out of my mind and made a decision there and then. "I'm seeing her again tonight."