The Moment Of Truth

A/N: I warn, I'm writing this off of the top of my head, but I'll try to keep grammar and spelling in check! Also, this is my first fanfiction... So be gentle! Probably going to be a one-shot too...

Summary: Before the North Shallows Tower Mission, Aya contemplates Kyle's "betrayal", and wonders what might have drove herself to marry him. (This assumes Aya is clever enough to figure out she was going to get married to Kyle at this point)

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Kyle x Aya, obviously

I sat there on the dusty couch in Maeda's house, watching the news article about this N. Shallows Tower Babel, which lost my interest after the first "New York, It's the Moment Of Truth" and I couldn't help but let my mind wander. On this path of meandering, my thoughts came to Kyle Madigan. He was so... Mysterious... He never really spoke much about what he thought, just cryptic remarks that told me nothing. Now that I think about it, he never said anything about his relation to Eve. Just that he couldn't let her go.

Why would that be?

I twiddled my thumbs, my attention slipping to the simple band on my ring finger. Of course, the two of us were meant to be wed at some point, but why? What might I ever have seen in that manipulative man? Was he ever important to me? He must have been. I never would marry someone because he tricked me somehow. In those dreams, my memories, I was always filled with joy when I saw his face.

But then again, I don't even know who I was back then. My memories of just before I joined the CTI are very very foggy, but I didn't know who I was at all. Maybe I'm a different person?

I winced as I recalled a part of my memory, when we were all shot on my wedding day. No. I must truly have loved him... To see him in pain was one of the most horrible things to watch... I wanted to run up to him and stroke his hair and reassure him everything would be okay, why I didn't in the first place was still unknown to me... I was shot shortly after, so I might not have had time to react.

The news article ended.

"I can handle the rest here. Maeda, you take cover."

I Overdived into a soldier at the back of a crowd of Tanks and Soldiers at the foot of the N. Shallows Tower.

Kyle... He's here. I know it.

I looked to the top of the coiled mess of tentacles and brickwork. He's there.

New Twisted sprouted from the base of the Babel. I clenched tighter on my gun.

Well, here goes nothing.

You will tell me everything you know. Now, It's the moment of truth, Kyle.

A short (and hopefully sweet) story in the world of The 3rd Birthday.

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