Story Challenge#1-Relapse (Feel free to change the name just PM me to let me know where it is so I can read it)

I love ncis/buffy crossovers lol (I hope someone writes this) :p

Okay, I leave most of it up to you just a few requirements...

-Gibbs is Willow's father (already confirmed) and takes entire team to Sunnydale to meet her.
-Post Willow almost ending the world/recovery in england (only using good magic)
-Incident w/extremely powerful being forces Willow's dark more powerful side back out in order to save the scoobies, and the team. (NCIS finds out about vampires/slayers, magic, etc/Gibbs finds out his daughters a witch)
-Buffy and Giles react badly to seeing Willow's dark side again (not like omg she's evil but more like she's gonna fall of the wagon again)
-Xander fills Gibbs/team in about everything that happened w/Willow prior to this-her family, the scoobie gang, magic, tara, glory, the shooting, almost ending the world, etc. (Gibbs comforts willow and confronts Buffy and Giles along w/Willow's parents)
-Tension/Stress with scoobies, slaying and everything being out in the open causes Willow to start to loose contol again-Gibbs saves her.