(so this is gonna be two-shot, first shot in Two-Bit pov second shot in oc pov, hope you enjoy.)

Time for some Two-Bit love!

I was at the spa. It had been a crank christmas present. A free trip to the spa; massage, mud bath, facial, manicure, pedicure, and at the specific spa the trip was, my fortune read... Pretty much an all day thing. I used that in January. It was June; and I had been coming here regularly every two weeks.

The mud bath and facial and mani/pedi were ok the first time but they weren't the best. The massage was amazing though, the girl got out alot of the knots from my back. We talked; when I made jokes she would laugh, she had the most beautiful laugh. I pretty much told her everything, she probably knew me better than anybody else, with the exception of Dallas.

Now I was waiting for her to be ready for me. For as successful as this spa was, they only had two massage therapist, a older guy and the girl. She was their youngest employee, and not only did she give massages, she read palms and listened to peoples problems.

I know she probably knew everyone she worked on as well as she knew me, but she also told me about herself, and that hadn't started till about my seventh trip there and it wasn't very much that she told me. I learned more about her each time I visited.

Curse this waiting area. The magazines were boring, I didn't want to talk to any of the people, and I really wanted to see my massage therapist. There was an older woman, probably my mother's age, and a twenty-somthing chick. I was getting bored, I looked at the clock, ugh... only five minutes. Glory, I need to see her, I would calm down faster.

I decided I would talk to the chick, even though they were uglier than Angela Shepard.

"So, what are you two here for?" I said casually.

The girl jumped, and the old woman smiled, "Mud bath, facial and massage. Dr. Jeffrey is a miracle worker, the young girl is better but she is not as much of a looker as that Dr. Jeffrey."

I laughed, "I have to disagree with ya, ma'am, he's a little old for me and the wrong gender all together. Gypsi, however, is awesome. How about you, what are you here for?" I said turning to the girl.

"The works! I'm getting married!" She said happily.

I smiled, "Congrats, sucker should be considering himself lucky!"

"When's the date?" The older woman asked.

They talked of weddings and proposals, I sat there listening occasionally putting in my namesake worth. Some guy walked out of the back room, stretching and looking incredibly relaxed.

The secretary said, "Keith, it will be a few minutes ok."

I got up and walked over to her and put on my most serious expression. "Darling, I've been here a dozen times, it's not Keith. It's Two-Bit." I said the last part breaking into a smile.

She smiled back, at that moment Gypsi came out of her room. She saw me and smiled.

"Two-Bit, what's it been, like two weeks since your last visit?"

My smile grew bigger, "You know it, so ya ready for me yet?"

She nodded and we went into the massage room.

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