(Mild inappropriateness, but nothing to bad. Hope you enjoy.)

Part 2

Gypsi's pov

I left the massage room so Two-Bit could get undressed, and took care of some paperwork from my last client. I gave the paperwork to Ruth, the secretary, and went to the room.

"You ready for me in there, Two-Bit?" I said as I knocked.

"Yeah I'm falling asleep in here, this table is really comfortable." I heard him shift a little bit, before he shouted, "You coming or what?"

I stiffled a giggle and went in. He was laying on his stomach, arms draped over the sides of the table, his muscular back was exposed. The thin sheet that was on the massage table was covering his lower half. I blushed when I saw his jeans and underwear on the floor.

"So, how ya been, since the breakup, I mean?" I asked casually as I relit some of the candles around the room.

"Really wanting a new chick, I got my eye set on this one girl. She's different from what I usually date. I mean she's brunette and I usually go for blondes, but she's really pretty. She's got this great laugh, and incredible eyes. She's just amazing." He sighed, then his tone went from happy to slightly depressed sounding. "But she'll never go for a guy like me, I'm a greaser and she's not."

I felt his pain, he was interested in some chick who would be stupid to blow him off, and I was interested in him. "So, she's a Soc then." I said simply, because you were either a greaser or a Soc, unless you were me and you were only middle class if you were older than like twenty-five.

"Nah, when I said she's different, I meant it. She ain't involved in the Soc versus grease war." He said, I had finished lighting all the candles and I was about to mix the massage oils.

"Do you want peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, vanilla or eucalyptus oil?" I asked naming off my oils as I grabbed the baby oil and poured a bit into a small bowl. "Why wouldn't she want to go with a guy like you?"

"Wintergreen. Why would she?" He sounded like he was hiding something.

I mixed a couple of drops of wintergreen oil into the bowl of baby oil. "She would because your a great guy. Your funny, kind, and friendly. You are talented and gor... I mean and an over all great guy."

I almost told him he was gorgeous, how stupid could I be. I dropped a few drops of wintergreen on his back, and put it away. I dipped my fingers into the bowl of oil and started the massage, rubbing the oil into his back. I felt him shiver slightly at my touch and enjoyed the feel of his muscled skin beneath my fingers.

"You think so, but you are kind of required to make me feel better." He said with a smile to his tone.

"No, I really think that about you, and really, Two-Bit, I don't lie." I said, smiling. My hands, thumbs and fingers tracing familiar patterns into his smooth back. I wasn't really hitting any tough knots, he visited too often to have the tough ones anymore.

"Yeah so enough about my love life, what about yours? You got a boyfriend?" He asked suddenly.

I jumped causing my fingers to skip across his back. "No, um... no boyfriend."

"Any potential guys? Any one you have your pretty eyes on?" He said relaxing even more under my fingers.

"Um... Well... There is one guy." I said debating whether I should describe Two-Bit to himself.

"I want details... Is he grease or Soc? Could he protect you from dangers? If he hurts you can I hurt him back?" Two-Bit fired off questions sleepily.

I giggled, "He's a greaser, and he definitely seems like he could protect me."

"How about his personallity? His looks?" I sighed, he wasn't going to let this go.

"He's persistent. And he's funny, kind, friendly, talented and gorgeous. He's got grey eyes, and rusty colored hair. He's got sideburns that he's real proud of. He likes to crack jokes like all the time, and he loves Mickey Mouse. He first came in here in January, he was using a prank gift from his friends; he comes in regularly now." I said, hoping he understood that I was describing him.

I felt him tense slightly, would have gone by unnoticed if I hadn't been giving him a massage. "Oh, really. He likes Mickey, tell me more about me, I mean him. Maybe I know him and if I do I want to make sure he's safe for you."

I felt him smile, and with the way he messed up his words, I knew he knew I meant him. "Well, he has this thing, he can't walk into a store without taking something from it. He doesn't need half the stuff he swipes, like my star necklace." I leaned down next to his ear, and whispered, "I want that back by the way."

He laughed, "I don't know what you are talking about. The star necklace that is in my front left pocket of my jeans belongs to the girl I was telling you about."

"Oh yeah? You said she was really pretty, I'm just average." I said quietly, stepping back slightly.

He sat up and looked at me with a sharp look. "Don't let anyone tell you your average ever!"

I stepped back even more, and blushed deeply. He had managed to sit up perfectly, so that the sheet covered him in the nescessary part. He wrapped the sheet around him and stepped down from the table. He stepped closer to me and with every step he took forward I took one back until I hit the wall. He stopped inches away from me, I closed my eyes suddenly terrified.

"So, are you busy Friday?" he said in a casual tone. My eyes fluttered open, he was smiling.

"Huh?" I couldn't think straight with him this close.

"Are you busy Friday? We could go out or something, like a date?" He said raising one eyebrow, causing me to smile.

"I'd like that."

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