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Eleven year old Harry James Potter, late of the North Lion Tower, pushed his trolley towards the fabled train that would take him to school. Around him was his now fellow students and their parents milling around the train platform. Several people noticed him, raising their hands in greeting. He waved back to most of them, but still not stopping. He was too excited; for he was finally about to be able to start classes in the castle he'd called home for the past eight years.

Through the crowd, he caught sight of a familiar sight.

The unmistakable bright red hair of his favorite family, the Weasleys. Bill and Charlie, the eldest of the seven children, were two of his oldest and best friends. He hadn't gotten on well with Percy, who seemed to think he should spend more time studying, but the twins Fred and George were two kindred spirits. From what he knew of them, their youngest brother Ronald, or Ron as they called him, was starting school this year as well.

"Prongslet!" he heard two familiar voices cry out in tandem. He looked over to them to see the older two hurrying over to him. The older of the two swept him up in a tight hug, the younger not far behind when he was released from the crushing embrace.

"Bill, Charlie!" he exclaimed excitedly, hugging back, "It's great to see you guys!"

The three, along with Nymphadora Tonks, had been through a lot together. From their first pranks to Harry's Godfather Sirius teaching them how to chat up birds.

"Harry, old boy-"

"Simply smashing to see you! How have you been-"

"This past summer?" Fred and George wanted to know, each finishing the other's sentences. The first true member of the second generation of Marauders had always been fascinated by their twin speak and had begged them to teach him. They had gladly taken him on as a student, and he was now able to join in with them.

"I've been good!" he answered them, not addressing one or the other. "Me and Uncles Padfoot and Moony went to China to ride a motorcycle down the Great Wall! Uncle Paddy got arrested by the Aurors there because they found out he had charmed his motorbike to fly. It was hilarious! We also went to Japan and spent some time among the Wizarding community there. I really learned a lot from them!"

Mrs. Weasley watched their exchange curiously, as did her youngest two children. She wondered how her older boys and the twins knew the smaller child, obviously a first year. She had just opened her mouth to ask for an introduction, when Percy seemed to remember his manners.

"Mother," he interrupted them, motioning toward the bespectacled boy, "this is the boy you've heard so much about these last few years, Harry. Harry, this is Molly, our mother."

"Nice to meet you dear…" she exclaimed brightly, trailing off in confusion as she held a hand out to shake. This small thing was the legend she'd been hearing about since Charles had come back from his first year of schooling? She had heard many tall tales she was sure were fabricated about him, yet she'd never met him. She had been beginning to believe there was no such person.

"Nice to meet you too Ma'am!" he answered happily, shaking her hand as well. "You've got great kids! They're some of my best friends, even if they get in trouble a lot!"

This was where the eldest stepped in.

"Hold it right there Harry James Potter," he demanded, his expression murderous, but his eyes twinkling with a teasing light. "I seem to remember that most of the trouble we got into at school was either your fault or your idea!"

He said this a bit louder than he anticipated, therefore caching the attention of several close by pedestrians. The students of Hogwarts already knew him, and many waved. Their parents, on the other hand, had never seen him. Many remembered what it had been like during Voldemort's rein of terror, having grown up in that time. They were anxious to meet their savor.

"Says the third year who should have known better than to follow the lead of a four year old!" the younger boy countered, ignoring the unruly crowd behind them.

"A four year old who, when he turned five, took a liking to spending 57% of his time in a cardboard box, yes?" Charlie put in, smiling impishly at his little friend's sudden blush.

"Neville and I saw a Muggle child doing it, it seemed funny at the time!" he muttered defensively, crossing his arms as the blush deepened.

"Yes, and then it went on for three years. Of course, it made a convenient excuse for the little bugger whenever he needed to get off the hook for something. All he had to do was get Tonksy to morph into a clone of him and wonder around in the box. She spent about 38.375% of her time in the self same box."

"Now that I think about it, what happen to old Murphy?"

"Aunt Minnie set fire to him after the Hog in the Great Hall incident in '87, remember?" Harry reminded him, grinning at the memory.

"Ah yes!" Bill agreed, rubbing his chin at the thought, "Shame about that box though… didn't we have a funeral for it though?"

"Oh yeah… almost the whole school showed up to send the bugger's ashes off and share fond memories of him. Sad day that was…"

More might have been said, but the warning whistle on the train gave a loud shriek as the time itched ever closer to eleven o'clock.

"Well children, that's your cue to get on," Molly cut in, catching each of her children in a quick hug as they made their way to the nearest doorway. "Fred, George, you two had better behave this year! I don't want another letter from Professor Dumbledore that you two have blown up a toilet or-"

"We've never blown up a toilet mum!" one of the two cut it defensively.

"Thanks for the idea thought! I've always wandered which parent we got our pranking genius from!" the other put in with a grin.

"Behave!" she insisted, choosing not to comment on their theatrics, "Percy be sure to look after the rest of this lot and do well with your Prefects duties! And Ron… just do your best dear! Alright, on the train, all of you… and Harry? It was nice to meet you dear."

"Nice to meet you too ma'am!" Harry agreed, calling over his shoulder and he pushed his trolley towards the train.

Once his things were stowed away in an empty compartment, he sat down with a sigh and stared out the window at the rapidly passing scenery. Now that the train was moving, they were making good time towards the castle. He wasn't going to try and fool himself thought, he knew that the trip would take the rest of the day.

With nothing else to do, he pulled a leather bound notebook out of his truck, tossing an owl treat to Hedwig as he did so. The brown book was one of his most prized possessions; it was a once joint project between the only two remaining Marauders and their old enemy the Potions Master. They'd given it to him the summer he'd turned ten years old, and it was full of stories. Stories about his parents they'd told him over the years and then written down for him as he got older.

As he immersed himself in the handwritten pages, he became deaf to the door sliding open and blind to the red head that hung down inside.

"Er, excuse me, but do you mind?" Ronald asked nervously thus breaking the oblivion the stag Animagus had sunken into, gesturing to an empty seat, "Everyone else is full…"

"Oh! No, go ahead," the black haired child said with a smile, nodding to the seat across from him. "You're Ron Weasley right?"

"Um… yes, yes I am."

He said it with a sigh in his voice, and seemed to be waiting for something. He'd heard the affection in his brothers' voices on the platform for this boy, such feeling that had never been present when they talked about him. He really hadn't wanted to sit with the great Harry Potter, but he hadn't really had a choice in the matter. All the other compartments really were full unless he wanted to sit with future Death Eaters or an annoying know-it-all and a kid who seemed to be having trouble finding his toad.

As the other kid opened his mouth to no doubt deliver what he assumed would he his companion rubbing in his face that his brothers liked him better than their own sibling, he cursed himself. Maybe that bushy haired know-it-all wasn't so bad a choice after all…

"I'm glad to finally meet you!" Harry said instead, a genuine smile spreading across his face. "I've been looking forward to meeting you since I was four years old and first found out about all Bill's siblings. From everything he, Charlie, and the twins have told me, I hope we become really good friends. They have nothing but praise for you, even if they won't admit it if you ask them. Tell me; is it true that you're obsessed with the Chudley Cannons?"

To say the youngest Weasley boy was amazed would be an understatement. Instead of the self centered boy he was expecting in the Boy-Who-Lived, he got a kid his own age who was interested in him from stuff his older brothers told him.

"Yes, it's true," he answered quickly, only just realizing that while he'd been sitting their with his mouth open, his companion was waiting for an answer.

"Can't really say I ever liked the Cannons, but they did have some really good games. Did you ever hear about the one where against the Arrows, who scored 3660 to 3650 when Johnson caught the Snitch? If I remember correctly, it was the closest they've come to winning a match in seventy years!"

And off the two boys went discussing Quidditch until the compartment door opened again, this time by the candy lady Mrs. Hamilton as she made her rounds to see if anyone was yet hungry.

Harry, having bought more than he would ever be able to eat by himself, promptly offered some to his new friend.

"No thanks, my mum made me some sandwiches," the redhead answered with an uneasy grin, holding up what appeared to be the boy's lunch. If he hadn't been told they were sandwiches, he never would have guessed that's what they were because they were so mashed up.

"Are you sure? I'm never going to be able to eat all this. I honestly don't know why I bought it all, as it's most likely going to go to waste… maybe I could share it with my new dorm mates later tonight? What do you think?"

"It's really going to go to waste?" the other boy questioned, looking longingly at the pile of sweets.

"Go right ahead," Harry assured him, motioning to the candy. "So what house do you hope you'll get sorted into once you get to Hogwarts?"


Hermione Granger was a genius, a fact proven by more than one standardized test. She was way above her peers in intellect, a fact that left her shunned with no friends to turn to in her sometimes depression. Only her books…

When Professor McGonagall had turned up at her home in England, for a moment, she'd actually thought she would find a place where she belonged. A place where her intelligence wouldn't hinder her chances at friendship or other human relationships, but help her find many new ones. How little she really knew about human sociology. Her delusion had lasted from the time her future teacher had left until the moment she stepped onto platform nine and three quarters. The way that blonde boy had sneered at her, the way the children around him had laughed at her…

The boy Neville Longbottom had turned up first, asking if she had seen his toad. She hadn't, but had promised to help him look. So from then on, she'd been entering each compartment on the train questioning the occupants to see if they knew the whereabouts of the missing amphibian. That's how she'd happened upon the niche that held the two familiar boys.

The red haired boy who earlier had so rudely left her compartment when she'd began questioning him about himself. And the other…

Many years ago she'd met him, but only for a few hours…

Those four short hours were sure to be seared into her brain for the rest of her life, and had shown her a side of her mother she had yet to see again since.

She'd been at a bookstore with her mum, and had met Harry who was trying to reach for a book he couldn't reach. She, being taller than him, had helped him get the heavy volume down. The two had gotten to talking about the title, the Blue Fairy Book, and why a boy would be reading it. This led to an argument, which brought her mother and Harry's Uncle to find out what the commotion was all about.

This had led to an even bigger revelation neither of them could ever guess, a pair of painful broken hearts that never truly healed. A secret that been kept from her since before the bushy haired girl had been born. It seemed that Harry's mother Lily and Hermione's mother Jennifer had been childhood friends. Jennifer, or Jeannie as she was called, who knew of the magical world. She had bared witness to an attack of Death Eaters ambushing her friend and her fiancé. James Potter's best friend and foster-brother Sirius had shown up to help them remove the evidence.

Whenever Jeannie and Sirius had caught sight of each other, they had almost instantly fallen in love.

Jeannie was a student in London at the time, and on a break from her longtime boyfriend Jonathan Granger. The two had been dating since high school, but had gotten into a fight over their future together. Jonathan wanted the two of them to marry, get their degrees, then once they graduated to start a dental practice and a family. Jeannie, on the other hand, wanted to see the world first. To learn more about her true passion, artwork.

Reaching a big disagreement, they had split up for the winter with the agreement to get together again in the spring to discuss their options. Sirius and she had entered into a relationship with the understanding that it wouldn't last past March. Somewhere along the way, Jennifer had become pregnant without them realizing it. By the time she knew, it was to late. She had no way of contacting Lily or Sirius, and by then they were both already lost in the tides of war.

It had happened early on in the Muggle and Wizard's relationship, so John assumed it was his. The couple had gotten married quickly, pursued their degrees, and set up their lives to welcome their daughter. But from the first moment she'd held her daughter in her arms, the new mother had known her child was special. That she would take after her father in being able to perform the magical arts.

A secret she'd held close to her heart and never released… not even when she'd re-met the love of her life that fateful winter day in a bookshop.

Jean Granger had been shocked to see Sirius again, and with a child of all things. One that was revealed to be the son of her once best friend, now deceased. She hadn't even known that Lily and James Potter had been murdered, that the once love of her life had been imprisoned because it was believed that it was he who had betrayed the two young parents to the dark lord.

The ex-convict had assumed their daughter was John's, a man he'd only ever met once. The day he'd had to give the love of his life up forever, as pre planned near the beginning of their relationship. Jonathan had known nothing of his "fiancé" dating another man during the time of their break. A fight had broken out, and instead of parting as friends, Padfoot and Vixen left each other on non speaking terms. John wanted her to make a choice, but the pureblooded wizard made it for her.

Until that day, they hadn't spoken a word to each other or about one another. Four hours, and then anther five years of silence.

Until two halfblooded children had met on a train.

"Hermione Jean Granger," Harry said in shock, a smile flashing across his face.

"Harry James Potter," she greeted in answer, an answering smile spreading across her own.

The two had gotten on well in the time they'd spent together that day, once they had gotten over the initial argument.

"How've you been?" Harry questioned, breaking the silence.

"I've been well… and you?"

"Good," he answered before gesturing to his red haired companion. "This is my friend Ron Weasley, Ron, this is Hermione Granger. I met her a couple of years ago in a bookstore and learned one thing about her that has stuck with me all this time. She's never wrong, about anything... Except what a six year old boy might be reading."

"Hi…" she answered, nodding to him.

"Do you want to have a seat?" the raven haired boy asked her, pointing at an used chair. "I'd love to be able to catch up with you."

"Oh… I would love to Harry, but I can't. I promised a kid named Neville Long-"

"-bottom that you would help him find his toad Trevor?" he finished for her, emerald eyes flashing with a hint of a smile.

"Er… yes, as a matter of fact. Did he already come through here asking about it?"

"No, but Trevor gets out a lot. I've had the pleasure of helping Nev try and find that blasted beast more times than I can count. The bloody chicken is still to scared to ask one of the fourth years to cast a summoning charm for him. Let's go get him and his stupid toad…"

Getting up, he made to exit the compartment.

"Which way did the idiot go?" he called over his shoulder.

"He was heading towards the head of the train!" Hermione answered, gesturing in the direction the plump boy had traveled.

This caused the boy to stop dead before backtracking to stand before the bushy haired girl. His face was quickly turning pale, his eyes widening in panic.

"Did you say he was heading to the front of the train?"

She considered him for a few moments before quickly nodding in confirmation.

"Yeah, that's the direction he was going."

Harry froze for a full five minutes before sprinting headlong towards the head of the locomotive, cursing under his breath at his dimwitted friend. Although Neville had come a long way from that lonely little boy who was scared of his own shadow, he still had a ways to go in the courage department. Even if it was to find Trevor, there was no way he could stand up for himself. And where he was going, he was going to need it.

The head of the train was reserve for only three groups of people. Teachers, when they decided to ride the train as apposed to apparition, the Head students and Prefects…

And the Slytherins.

Even after all these years, the snakes still hated him. Most of the older students knew him, and therefore his "sidekick," as Neville was known around the school. It didn't matter to them that Neville was the older of the two boys, or that some of the better pranks the two had pulled were his ideas. They always saw Harry as the more outgoing one, and therefore the leader. If was known also that he was a bit of a squib, and therefore not that strong or confident in his magic. Even though he was a pureblood, the House of Snakes considered him an embarrassment to his family and the magical world.

Before now, he had been relatively safe. He wasn't a member of the school, so there were severe consequences for doing anything to him. They would eat him for breakfast and most likely scar him so badly now that he was a student of Hogwarts, he wouldn't last much longer than his first week. At least, that is, if he was left to his own devices for to long.

Harry's plan was to appeal to some of the older students, ones that he knew could be trusted, to look after him. They would get in trouble as well, but at least Neville would be safe.

They were in look, for they overtook the first year before he entered the particular compartment that houses the members of the emerald house.

"Neville, where the hell do you think you're going?" Harry demanded, grabbing the back of the older boy's cloak. "You know that's where the Snakes hand out!"

"But… Trevor! I can't find Trevor!"

"And you think he's up front? Neville, you know he hates them as much as we do, and he's an amphibian! What in the world makes you think he would go anywhere near the dungeon dwellers?" the bespectacled boy pointed out.

"The Slytherins are all convinced he's more Squib than wizard," he explained to the bushy haired girl and red headed boy that had followed him as the four young wizards made their way back in the direction they had come.

"I'm going to go with Neville to ask Oliver Wood to perform a Summoning spell for him. Nev is still terrified of the upperclassmen," Harry told them, charging on ahead to find the Gryffindor Quidditch captain with the brown headed boy in tow.

"Okay man, see you back at the compartment," Ron agreed, already planning on demolishing the rest of the chocolate frogs that had been left on the train seat.

"So what's a Squib?" Hermione asked as the two were left on their own, not having come across the strange term in any of her readings about the magical world.

"Like you're a witch born into a nonmagical family," Ron explain, "A Squib is what we call a nonmagical person born into a family of wizards. To some magical families, it's seen as one of the utmost disgraces. The ironic part is it happens mostly in prejudice pureblood families that inbreed to preserve the bloodlines. Although you really don't here about it because they kill the offspring when they turn out to be nonmagical."

"Oh, okay," she said in answer as he slid the door to the compartment he and Harry had been sitting in earlier.

She continued walking down the passageway, much to the redheaded preteen's confusion. "Hey, where are you going Hermione?" he called after her retreating form.

She stopped momentarily and turned to look over her shoulder as she replied, "Going back to my compartment."

"But why? I thought you wanted to catch up with Harry or something?"

"I can do that later," she assured him.

"Are you sure?" the redhead asked, gesturing inside, "He bought a bunch of candy that I'm going to try and make disappear before he gets back. I could use the help."

The bushy haired girl slowly made her way back, her curiosity getting the better of her. Ron had already sat down and opened a chocolate frog. He was calmly examining the card that came with the treat, and threw a bag of Every Flavored Beans at her without looking up.

"Eat up," he told her, adding at the last minute, "Just be sure to watch out for the green ones. They've been known to be the worst flavors."

She nodded in acknowledgement and reached for one of the beans.


Harry and Neville soon returned to the compartment and they finished the trip to the castle with very little interruptions, other than short visits from the twins, various older students that were extremely fond of the boy who lived, and one of their fellow first years that was obviously going to be a future Slytherin.

The boat ride across the Great Lake was also uneventful, except for the notable amazement at the First Year's first look at the castle and their first look at Hagrid, who had come to escort them to their sorting. The gentle half giant was especially happy to see his favorite pre-teen again.

Other than the brief visit to China, Padfoot and Moony had decided to take him on a four month trip to Japan for the summer as a way for the teachers to come up with new teaching plans he didn't know the answers to. The ten year old boy had ended up buying a samurai katana his first night in Kyoto.

The next few months had pasted in the mountain wilds of the Japanese Wizarding community, letting the boy learn the basics of using his new weapons. Harry had been very enthusiastic over the lessons and the new clothes his teacher had require him to wear.

The traditional Japanese clothing worn by the Asian wizards were strange at first for the two adult pranksters, simple for the fact that they weren't simple robes. Hakama and kimonos were more open for the Englishmen, and more easy to move in.

To pass the time in which their young nephew was learning the sword, they began to learn about another culture.

They found out that the first sword Harry had purchased was a traditional katana, or Japanese long sword. His master, an old friend of Dumbledore everyone called Harou-sensei, made him use a wakizachi . The medium sized blade was easier for him to learn to use with his still small body.

They had only gotten back that morning, in time for him to get on the train, so he had yet to see any of his foster family. None of them had dare mention his new weapons skills to his godmother, and until they did, his sword would remain wrapped in cloth at the bottom of his trunk.

As they were handed off to the Transfiguration teacher, he caught her giving him a warning look as she glared the group of eleven year olds down.

"The firs' years, Professor McGonagall," said Hagrid.

"Thank you, Hagrid. I will take them from here.

They followed the stern woman down the hall and into a small room off the main hall, the chattering voices of the other students echoing in.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," she began. "The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses."

She went on to explain about the houses and how they were your family. After that, she left them to themselves to prepare for the sorting ceremony.

It was here that the ghosts usually introduced themselves and Harry took the time to go ahead and show his growing pranking skills.

The group began muttering among themselves, wondering what the coming trial would entail. Harry did his best not to start snickering when Ron started muttering about wrestling trolls. Honestly, how could he really believe that when he had grown up with the twins and knew their playful nature?

"Move along now," the cat Animagus called to the first years. "The Sorting Ceremony is about to start."

They followed her out of the small room and into the Great Hall, walking down the middle row to form a group before the teacher's table. He notice that several of his Aunts and Uncles were trying to contain themselves from giving him a smile and wave. They hadn't seen him just as long as he hadn't seen them. That was to long in all of their opinions.

He also noticed the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, a small man whose head was covered with a turban. He didn't know his name yet, but he doubted he would last long.

The old patched Sorting Hat was brought out, and they waited as the rip opened up for it's yearly serenade. This part was something he was really looking forward to. He and the Hat had become friends over the years and he usually got to help the hat come up with it's song. Since he had been out of the country, he hadn't even heard it this year.

"Oh you may not think I'm pretty," it began,

"But don't judge on what you see,I'll eat myself if you can findA smarter hat than can keep your bowlers black,Your top hats sleek and tall,For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting HatAnd I can cap them 's nothing hidden in your headThe Sorting Hat can't see,So try me on and I will tell youWhere you ought to might belong in Gryffindor,Where dwell the brave at heart,Their daring, nerve, and chivalrySet Gryffindors apart;You might belong in Hufflepuff,Where they are just and loyal,Those patient Hufflepuffs are trueAnd unafraid of toil;Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,if you've a ready mind,Where those of wit and learning,Will always find their kind;Or perhaps in SlytherinYou'll make your real friends,Those cunning folks use any meansTo achieve their put me on! Don't be afraid!And don't get in a flap!You're in safe hands (though I have none)For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

The hall burst into applause as the hat fell silent, waiting for the first student to come forward.

"So we just have to try on the hat!" Ron whispered to Harry. "I'll kill Fred, he was going on about wrestling a troll."

Professor McGonagall stepped forward with a long roll of parchment in her grasp.

"When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted," she said. "Abbott, Hannah!"

The pigtailed girl eagerly ran forward, and was promptly sorted into Hufflepuff. So it was started as the new class was slowly sorted.

As the ebony haired pre-teen had predicted, the boy they had met on the train was sorted into Slytherin. His new friend Hermione and his oldest friend Neville had both been sorted into Gryffindor. His family friend's niece Susan Bones went to Ravenclaw much to his disappointment, but she sent him a happy grin as she went to her new table.

"Potter, Harry!" was called out, finally, and the whole room went silent. The older students because they all knew him and were looking forward to see where he would fall. The new kids were just curious at finally seeing him for the first time.

"Hello Prongslet!" the Hat said happily, talking to one of his favorite children for the first time in a long while. "Are you ready to start?"

"Yeah!" he thought back quickly.

He had always worn the hat to talk to him before hand, so the cap already had a pretty good idea of where he would fall. Therefore, it didn't take it long to place him where he would spend his next seven years.


The room stayed silent for a moment, before the scarlet and gold clad table let out a loud cheer.

"We got Potter! We got Potter!" he heard the twins start shouting, easily heard over the rest of the lion house.

He made his way over, sneaking a glance at his Godfather and closest Uncle who sat at the end of the Head Table. They both had the silvery sheen of tears in their eyes, Padfoot trying his best to discreetly wipe them away.

Next to Sirius was his new wife, a woman he had met and fell in love with in Japan. Her name was Haruhi Takahaski-Black. Padfoot had met her at Harou-sensei's school, for she had worked there as one of the teachers. She had long blue-black hair, which was usually tied back in a ponytail. She wore her nations equivalent of Female Wizarding Robes. She was going to be joining the staff of Hogwarts, alternating between helping Madame Pince, Madame Pomfrey, and continuing Harry's education with his katana.

As the sorting ended with "Zabini, Blaise," heading over to the Slytherin table, Harry's foster grandfather stood up and observed the students under his care.

"Welcome!" he called out, standing to deliver his pre-feast speech. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

"Thank you!"

With that, he sat back and the entranced crowd began to clap and cheer. Harry enthusiastically joined in, ignoring his year mate's confused glances.

"Is he - a bit mad?" Hermione asked uncertainly, turning toward the eldest Weasley.

"Mad? Percy repeated. "He's a genius! Best wizard in the world! But he is a bit mad, yes Miss Granger. Believe it or not, that was the best speech he's had in a long time, isn't it Harry?"

The Boy Who Lived, who currently had a mouth stuffed full with the newly appeared potatoes, eagerly shook his head and swallowed.

"No, '87 was better! You don't remember that quote from Jim Morgan? 'It's a sad day for American Capitalism when a man can't fly a midget on a kite in central park?'" he argued, pointing at the older boy with a chicken wing.

The elder boy's eyes narrowed and he pointed a stern finger at the new Gryffindor, "You only thought that was better because it gave you the idea for the 1988 Quidditch Finals Fiasco!"

"'1988 Quidditch Finals Fiasco?'" Ron asked curiously, joining in the conversation.

"Greatest prank of the year!" Fred and George commented together, pointing at Harry.

"Young Master Prongslet here had Tonksie attach him to a kite-" George began.

"Then fly him around the pitch during the middle of the final game between-" Fred continued.

"Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Bill and Charlie were both playing at the time, so he had to rely on Tonksie's sub-par flying skills. He ended up throwing fireworks up in the air, catching his kite on fire, and having to hang on for dear life when all the players started to chase them towards the forest to extract revenge. One of the funniest things we ever saw!" they finished together.

Ron turned to look at his new friend in awe, while Hermione shared Percy's look of disapproval.

"Don't let his innocent look full you," Percy advised the new children, who were listening in. "In this kids mind lurks one of the most deranged minds I've ever come across. He's extremely immature, and only devoted to three things. Treacle Tart, his Uncles Professors' Black and Lupin, and Pranks. You have been warned."


The first day of classes was a bit strange for Harry. He was used to being on the other end of the classroom, helping his various Aunts and Uncles teaching classes, or in a room with Moony learning lessons on his own.

His very first lesson was going to be with Aunt Minnie, who started with a lecture about rules. They were properly threatened that anyone playing in her class would be asked to leave and not to return. From there, she turned her desk into a pig and let it roam around the room.

It promptly hurried over to Harry and started nosing his hand. The eleven year old giggled and held an apple out. He had met the pig, nicknamed Clancy, every year since he had first come to the castle and the two were close for only seeing one another once a year.

"Go Clancy, back to Minnie," he whispered happily, petting the pink beast's ears. The pig nodded enthusiastically and obediently returned to it's place so it could be turned back into a piece of mahogany.

The class was then made to take a lot of complicated notes, and were finally given a match to try and turn into a needle. Harry did the task on his first try, much to the shock of the other first years, and happily fell asleep.

He was rudely awakened at the end of class when the bell rang.

Over the course of the hour, only Hermione had made any noticeable change to her match. McGonagall gave her a rare smile, before giving the whole class one last warning.

"This is a serious class and I expect you take it as such. If you horseplay in this room, you will receive a detention and you will not return. This also goes for any student who dares call me 'Minnie.' Is this understood?"

They all nodded solemnly and trooped out of the room.

Potions went as one might expect.

Professor Snape installed in them a proper fear of him, and did his best to stump his "nephew" by asking him several higher level questions he knew he wouldn't be able to answer. This made several students angry, which earned them house points taken away.

After the lesson ended, Snape sent the boy an apologetic look out of the corner of his eye as he excited the dungeon classroom.

Several days passed as the new students began to find there way around the large school, with it's moving staircases and unhelpful ghosts.

A new year had began and with it, new trails and tribulations for the Boy Who Lived and his family, the Teachers of Hogwarts.

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