Dear Agony Aunt,

My girlfriend Abby is going behind my back and keeping secrets. the other day she broke into my lab and copied my hard drive and claimed 'i would'nt listen to her', sometimes i wounder if she really trusts me or if i really trust her! i dont like all these secrets! we used to be so open with eachother, after everything we've gone through but now i don't know whats happening to us! or if this relationship is strong enough to last! i mean i love her always have and probably always will but i need some advice, what should i do?

Connor Temple, 27.

Dear Connor,

I'm sure everything Abby is doing has a reason! she is probably worried about you, if she chose to break into your lab! think carefully about this if you've been through alot, then there is no reason to question Abby's judgement, listen carefully to what she is saying and try your best to act on it, if you love her as much as you say then your relationship should be strong enough, don't let your boss or work tear your relationship apart, talk to her about whats wrong, you'll soon get to the bottom of it, Good Luck!

Agony Aunt x