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1 a life mapped out by providence: fate, destiny, nemesis, kismet, God's will, divine intervention, predestination, predetermination, the stars; one's lot (in life); archaic one's portion.



Renesmee POV

Have you ever felt like one day changed your entire life?

Well, maybe not one day, but one moment? One moment that shifted the shape of everything you knew to be true?

I know these kinds of things can happen; my family, and their story is a prime example. My mom and dad—they had that one moment that changed everything for both of them...changed everything for everyone.

And that's why my world isn't like other people's—why my family isn't like other people's. For one thing, my parents are vampires.

My father has been one for over a century, but my mother is a fairly "young" vampire. Her turning process was started the moment I was torn out of her by my father's teeth, actually. She would have died, otherwise, which meant that she was human when she had me, and that's why I'm not like my parents or anyone else in the family. That's why I'm what they call a "hybrid." Half human, half vampire.

But that doesn't mean my life hasn't been perfect. It has been—well, as perfect as it can be for being part of the largest coven of vampires in existence outside the leaders of our kind: the Volturi. We're not exactly on their Christmas card list, if you know what I mean.

Overall, I felt loved and adored and innocent, the way every girl should feel at my age... but then all too soon, my world was turned upside down. I went from a blissfully innocent kid one week, to a (seemingly) betrothed, full-fledged woman the next.

Call it what you want, destiny, fate, predestination—I call it providence. A life mapped out by providence. This wasn't something I had planned, or even really wanted. That's how life works though. The best things in life, are the ones that God already has planned for you. The ones that change your life so permanently, all in one moment.




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