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Mating Season

Up for grabs

"No way! No '' way!" Scott was walking in circles around them. He was freaking out with what he'd just been told and all that Derek and Stiles did was to look at him. "You expect me to believe that werewolves have a mating season? That I'll somehow be magically turned on every year and hump anything that moves?"

"This is not magic Scott, its biology. Animals have mating seasons, why would it be different for werewolves?" Derek said "Sit down already and let me explain the rest."

The younger lycanthrope sat, grudgingly, next to Stiles and beckoned Derek to keep talking.

"You must have felt the changes begin already... a keener smell sense to pic people who are still fertile, which women who are ovulating or about to, quality of eggs and sperm and health conditions and virginity... not to mention the the constant horniness."

"Wait a second, you can tell who's a virgin? Never mind the ovulating part, VIRGINS?" A wide eyed Stiles said, while looking from one wolf to the other.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Why, are you interested in finding others of your kind?"

"Was that an attempt at sarcasm? 'Cos if it was, it didn't work. It's public knowledge that I haven't done the deed yet."

Derek simply raised his eyebrows and turned to Scott again.

"Anyway... It will fully kick in by the start of next week, and it should last for around the next two. I could tell you to stay away from that girlfriend of yours but I know that you won't, so instead I'll tell you to avoid traditional ways of... mating, unless you want her pregnant. Regular condoms won't hold, get the übber strong kind."

Scott turned bright red and mumbled something that only Derek understood, leaving Stiles confused.

"Yes, it does mean that."

"What? What did he say? What does 'that' means?"

"Nothing, shut uuup bro." Scott replied.

Stiles was about to say something when Derek interrupted.

"You can pry the answer out of him later on, now we have a more pressing matter to handle."

"The Alpha?"

"It does involve him, yes. But the point is, he will also-"

"Be under the mating season effect!" interrupted Stiles

Derek frowned at him and said "Yes, he will. And that leaves us with a problem, because-"

"He will try and mate with you and have a litter of 'werepuppies'."

"What? Stiles, in case you haven't noticed: we are all male. How would we have puppies?" Scott said. He then turned to Derek and asked "We can't right?" To which Stiles replied:

"Well, you see I read this story* in which men had babies. They simply had to put this kind of worm up their butts and plop came a baby 9 months later. There was this werebear that used it and considering that-"

"Do you ever listen to yourself?" asked Derek "This is not some story, and there is no magical baby making maggot! The point is: Stiles, you are up for grabs."

There was a dead stunned silence after that. Both teenagers were looking at Derek and he slowly saw their faces go from a complete blank to a confused frown.

"What are you talking about? Why would I be up for grabs?"

"Quite simple, werewolf rules dictate that we can only mate with other werewolves or with those who willingly and knowingly interact with us. Unless you are claimed by one of us, you're on your own to fend off potential 'suitors'."

"Wait, so you are saying that the Alpha wants to-"


"Scott will claim me! Right bro?" Stiles turned towards his best friend. But before any answer could be given, Derek spoke.

"Not unless he wants to leave Allyson on her own. She may not know who Scott truly is, but she IS his girlfriend and has slept with him on a constant basis nonetheless. That gives her the 'knowingly' status. Werewolves are monogamous creatures... so if he claims you he'll have to leave her. Also there is another detail to claiming someone as yours-"

"Fuck! So the new girlfriend, with a family of werewolf hunter lunatics – no pun intended – gets protection but the faithful best friend who is always there no matter what doesn't! How fair is that? Thank you Universe!"

"Sorry man... but, hey, what a bout my mother and Lydia and-"

"Nope. They, to different levels, fall under the 'unknowing' type... some, like Lydia, only because of denial but that is enough to leave her out. The Alpha can't bother them. That leaves Stiles alone and unprotected."

"But, I'm male... as you pointed out before I couldn't bear his-"

"Not a problem. We pic a companion, the sexual and reproductive aspects come at a close second but, still, second. There are other ways of having children." explained Derek.

"Shit, shit, shit! What am I supposed to do now? I don't want to be Mrs. Homicidal Maniac Alpha and have to shave his back and feed him human fingers instead of fish fingers and-'' Stiles was stopped by hand raise from Derek.

"Well... I could claim you, so he would have to face me off in order to try and have you-"

"You'd do that? Thanks man!" Phew. "But hey, why'd you do it? Its not like we are really close or something-"

"Can't you ever let people finish their thoughts? Stop interrupting me and let me explain the rest." growled Derek.

"Ok ok, sorry! Please go on, your Wolfiness."

"As I was trying to say, there is a secondary aspect of the whole claiming-"

"Is it like that other one, second but a close second?" interrupted Stiles again

"Dude, let him finish." Scott said. "Its important."

"Sorry, but when I get nervous I talk. You know that. And right now, its like that situa-"

Derek leaped and stood so close to Stiles' face that their noses almost touched. Without blinking and looking straight into his eyes, Derek said:

"The secondary aspect to the claim process is that I would have to sleep with you." Derek then tried to make a 'Stiles' face and continued with "And before you say anything, yes I do mean THAT kind of sleep. No, it cannot be just kisses or sleeping on the same bed or light touching or some other trickery trick that will save you ass – no pun intended – as he would have to smell me all over you and these 'methods' simply won't do".

Scott was laughing at Derek's Stiles impersonation, but then realized what he'd just said and made an O with his mouth. Derek, on the other hand, had managed to make Stiles quiet... for about a minute or so.

"Why would I have to have-"

Derek then quite literally growled, grabbed Stile's head with both his hands and said:

"Didn't you just listen to a word I said? He has to, HAS TO, be able to smell me all over you, every INCH of you, otherwise he'll grab you, regardless of your wanting him to or not, and he will make you his! GOT IT? Or should I speak backwards like Yoda?

"Hey man, no need to-" Scott started to say but was interrupted by Stiles.

"Just answer me this first: Do you find me attractive?"


"Yes, Derek, do you find me attractive? And when do you want to set our three dates to?"

"Excuse me? I'm trying to help you out here, and you come with this?"

Stiles then thought about Derek's ability to tear him to pieces, but said:

"I am not some piece of meat that you, or Alpha, or anyone else for that matter, can do as he pleases with! Ok? This here" pointing at his body "is not a 99 cents Stiles blow up doll that you can buy and fuck and toss aside, I am human! Just because mighty wolfie here has no feelings doesn't mean that I have to put up with whatever you want as well."

That left an embarrassed silence for a good three minutes. Derek then said:

"Sorry, it wasn't my intention to imply that..."

"Fine, whatever. Listen, I'm going home ok? Call me about our dates ."

"No, Stiles. Wait, I need a ride." Scott said.

The boys then went home, so none of them actually saw that Derek had a smile on his face. "A feisty one. I like it... and yeah, I find you attractive."

* The story is called "Sex Pistols" and it is a Japanese manga. The worm is really there...*