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Mating Season

Little Red Riding Rabbit

"Are you sure about this?" asked Derek, his arms full of bags.

"Yeah, why not? I mean... its not even full moon so there is no reason why the Alpha would be out here, in the woods right? Unless he got the munchies and is out for deers... do you eat dears when changed?" replied Stiles, carrying fewer bags and a red picnic table cloth.

"Do you really want to know about this? Like, now? Really?"

"Well... yeah. Why shouldn't I?"

"Ok... then just put two and two together and you'll have your answer." Derek said, while pointing to himself and then to the woods.

They were deep inside the Hale Estate. The plan for their third date was to have a picnic by the lake, under the night sky. It was supposed to be more romantic than the others... considering what would happen afterwards. Just the thought of what they'd be doing was enough to make Stiles pop a huge grin. He had prepared for this night... boy oh boy, had he... he used all of his contacts around the globe looking for different techniques to use. He was a virgin, not stupid... and he wanted to wow Derek.

Now, thinking about what Derek said, Stiles came to the obvious conclusion:

"This were your hunting grounds. This is why your family had such a large Estate... so that during the full moons, when you turned even if you didn't want to, there was a safe area to roam and hunt." Stiles even stopped walking, with a serious expression on his face, and continued "this way no one was put in danger, unless they were trespassers in which case it was their fault. You didn't hurt anyone and didn't get hurt either. So, your family didn't pose any danger, like at all, to the townspeople. You truly were peaceful werewolves..."

"Yes. There is just one thing to be corrected in what you said."


"This still IS my family's land. These are MY hunting grounds now."

Stiles thought of saying something serious or respectful even, but then the date would most definitely head off into a weird start. So...

"Hum... I wonder... what exactly are you going to hunt tonight Mr. Hale?" Stiles said, with a sassy face.

"Hum... I don't know... maybe..." and Derek got really close to Stiles, their faces a mere couple of inches apart "I'll have me some really chatty and way too curious for his own good rabbit. What do you think?"

Stiles' knees were shaking. His mouth was dry. He was lost for words. His mind focused only on those perfect lips in front of him, thinking of the best way to take them.

"Apparently there is another way to shut you up..." it was Derek's turn at the sassy face "apart from bumping our heads together."

He then continued to walk towards the lake, laughing happily and leaving a behind surprised Stiles behind.

"Hey! Wait up, that was not fair." Stiles said, running to catch up with his date "You can't use your wolfy tricks of badass sexy seduction on me and just leave me hanging like that, come on."

They walked some more through the woods, rendering Stiles completely lost, until finally arriving at the lake. It wasn't that big a lake, any person could easily walk around the edges... it would only take them about a couple of hours to do it. There were three creeks that ran into the larger waterbody and a slightly larger stream that left. The place had lots of stones both in and around it so it was very easy to find a place to sit. The flat rock they'd chosen was next to a group of larger, taller and bigger ones. This way, they were protected from the wind and had a place to rest their backs against.

"This place is gorgeous. I didn't know there was a lake in your Estate and I have been coming here for like, ages."

"You've been trespassing into my property?"

"AH! Noooo... maybe... yeah, I have. Sorry"

"Don't worry, you can..." Derek blushed a bit "... can... come over at any time you want. You know, since I go so much to yours. Like, not to see you or anything but trespassing you know. Not that I don't want to see you, its jus-"

"Ok, ok. I understand, lemme stop you before you kill yourself. Why don't we sit?"

Derek nodded, still slightly red, and started to put the contents of the bags on top of the table cloth. Stiles was helping and, while doing it, said:

"You know... either you've been spending way too much time with me and my ADD ways are starting to rub off on you or my presence is so irresistibly attractive that even the powerful Derek Hale stutters when talking to me. Either way, I LIKE the results."

Derek laughed and they both sat. It was a simple picnic, nothing fancy except for the small candles they brought for lighting. Stiles was thinking how lucky he was to have brought the Rabbit costume with him... he wasn't sure before if it would be ok and all, but now – after looking at the place and hearing that joke about chatty rabbits – he was. Derek would go insane, he just hoped that the old guest house were Derek was living was close enough... the stones wouldn't be the most comfortable place for their... activities.

After some time, they had eaten most of the food and were sitting by the fire Derek had light near the rocks. Derek had his back against the large boulder behind him and Stiles' against his torso, sitting in between his legs. His arms were wrapped around the young man while they watched the fire. It wasn't a cold night, cool at best, but next to water the temperature always drops a little more. Plus it was incredibly cozy, so Derek was smiling even though Stiles couldn't see it. There was one thing though that made him nervous...



"Are you sure you want to do it today? I mean... we still have a handful of days left. I can wait. Don't want to rush you into anything you don't want to do." Derek said, leaving out the 'don't want to scare you away from me because of this.' part.

"Yes, Derek. No more dates, it is high time we get it over with. Plus, there are actually just two days left..." Stiles then felt a cold grip around his heart, he had been taking this for granted. All of this... the dating, the Mr. Rabbits, the cuddling... What would happen afterwards? He never bothered to ask, he just built on his expectations without considering the other guy's wishes. "Ahm... Derek?"


"Once this is over... you know, once we've done it and all... what will happen?"

"Well... you'll be bit sore and hopefully a lot happier."

"No... I mean, once the Season is gone. What will happen. You know, to us? Will there still be an 'us'?

"Do you want there to be an 'us'?"

"I... I do. I really do."

"Good. So do I." said Derek, pulling Stiles' head back and giving him a kiss. "I really do want for you and me to be an us."

Stiles was hot red, like the fire. 'This is it.' he thought, 'this is the moment I was waiting for.'

"Ahm... Derek? Can you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Go over there" pointing at other side of the flat rock "and turn your back to me ok?"

"What? Why, what do you plan on doing?"

"Just do it already."

"Fine, fine. Going" said Derek, getting up and walking, with his hands up in surrender.

Stiles then leaped into action and started changing his clothes. When he was trying to get out of his pants he ended up tripping and falling on his butt.

"Everything ok back there?"

"Yes, perfect. No problem." replied Stiles, jumping up and continuing with his plan.

He had a hard time with the bunny tail but eventually fixed it and said:

"You can look now."

Derek turned around and let a gasp of pleased surprise escape. He felt like earth had open up and swallowed him whole. Standing in front of him was Stiles, but not just Stiles... Mr. Rabbit Stiles.

It was a vision of Heaven. He couldn't feel the fire anymore, nor the smells coming from the woods, nothing absolutely nothing compared to Stiles. His young tight body almost nude in front of him, except for the white boxers and the bunny tail (for he was sure there was one). Those strong tights and that perfect torso. That fair skin being gently kissed by the moonlight. The white bow tie tied around that gorgeous neck. Those lips pressed in embarrassment coupled with those shinning brown eyes looking for his were almost too much to bear. And those bunny ears. Those pristine white bunny ears, matching Stiles' body so completely that they seemed to have always been there. He was the picture of pure innocence.

That is, if you overlooked the hard nipples and the sudden rush of blood southwards that Derek could feel. And Derek could feel, he could feel all of his lover's body from where he was standing. His self control was slipping away, not that that really mattered anymore. Stiles had proven absolutely capable of handling the wolf part or Derek... and there was nothing more on Derek's mind than Stiles... all the things he would do to Mr. Rabbit. All of that was his... every single inch belonged to him. He then said, with blazing blue eyes:

"When I'm done with y-"

He was interrupted mid-sentence. Something large had pounced on him from the top of the boulders. He felt the air leave his body, his legs break alongside a couple of his ribs and his head hit the flat rock beneath him hard. Derek fainted.

The Alpha had pounced Derek, using the height of the rocks for a stronger impact. Derek had fainted under the weight of the larger werewolf and the damages his body suffered. Stiles was as immobile as a statue. He didn't know what to do, and then to his horror the Alpha opened his jaw and was going for Derek's throat. He HAD to do something. Anything.

"HEY! Don't kill him!" pleaded Stiles, immediately thinking 'oh yeah, like thats going to do any difference... he'll kill Derek first and then kill me'.

As it so happens, the Alpha hand't seen what Stiles was wearing. But now that he had, his eyes couldn't leave the human's body. A violent lust made the already red eyes glow even stronger. He decided to kill the competition off before heading towards more... pleasurable things. Stiles realized that and in a quick moment, all of his fears were subdued. His mind was clear and, for once in his life, is wasn't racing all around. It was focused.

"Hey now, leave him alone. Who needs a weakling spineless wimp of a cry baby for a mate when there is the Alpha to be had?" said Stiles, moving his hands over his torso and downwards... almost entering his boxers. That had the expected outcome, he had the Alpha's undivided attention. Now, he just needed to move him away from Derek.

"I know, why don't we play a game?" Stiles continued, with the sexiest voice he had. "How about, I run in the woods and you come and get me? Huh? Do you want to have all of this? Better still..." he decided to go with the overkill, it wasn't time to be macho with his pride or modest with his body... he picked up the red picnic towel, throwing everything around, and tied it as a cape. "why don't you come find Little Red Riding Rabbit? He is so alone and needs the company of a strong manly wolf."

He saw the red eyes of the Alpha follow his every move.

"Lets do it like this... NO, no, don't waste time killing him off. Or do you think he is more important than me?" this time pouting and looking sad.

The werewolf stopped again, nodding.

"Ok... now, count to ten and then come after me. And no killing that ok?" he said with what he hoped was passable disgust "You're just mine tonight."

Stiles then winked at the Alpha and started to run, cursing the moment he took off his shoes. 'Ok, ok. Not the moment to think about that... I need a plan, a plan... think Stiles think, OH I know. The old fallen oak, on the chasm! Its rotten, I won't hold his weight... it might not hold mine either, but it is worth a shot. Oh shoot-' he missed a root and face planted. His feet and legs were already starting to look scratched and bruised from running on the woods, stepping on twigs and stones without any protection. Now there was also a deep gash on his left arm. 'Great! Now he can smell me better then before. Hope that Derek is ok.' He got up and started to run again.

After quite a few more minutes of running, and about two more falls, he saw the old oak a few feet in front of him. Carefully, he got on top of it and started to walk to the other side. All the time thinking "don't break under me, don't break under me, don't break under me,...'. When he was almost at end of the huge log, the fallen tree bark groaned in protest. Stiles felt the slippery rotten wood under his feet start to give in and turned around. Walking slowly towards him on the oak, was the Alpha.

"Oh, goody. You've found me, now... can you catch me?" he said, jumping off the tree, turning around and sending a kiss. The tree couldn't support sudden changes on weigh and the kiss made the Alpha want to try and get to the other side as fast as he could, so he did the most obvious thing for wolves... he leaped, and when his paws touched the rotten bark on landing, they slipped away and he fell into the chasm. The rotten wood broke into large pieces and followed suit. The noise was unbelievably loud. Stiles, not wanting to make the same mistakes the dumb-first-to-be-murdered-bimbos from horror flicks did, stood in character.

"Alphie? Are you ok? Are you hurt? I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have sent you a kiss like that... Alphie?" all the while wishing 'be dead you f*** bastard, be dead'.

Unfortunately, he heard the Alpha growl in a voice that clearly said "I'm fine".

"OH, I'm SO relieved!" with a loud mental 'SHIIIIIT'. "Ok, I'll run again ok? Come find me!"

Stiles ran again, and he was in world of trouble. There were just so many "dangerous" places he could use as traps inside the Hale Estate. Most of them were now somewhere he didn't know, as this wasn't his everyday-visit neck of the woods. Also, most of the ones he could have used as traps, would probably end up killing him as well.

He had been running aimlessly for a while now, and that couldn't continue or the Alpha would catch him... and he really didn't want that. To his extreme shock, he found a couple of teens from school smooching in a clearing.

"What are you doing here? The wolf is coming, run!"

The two looked at him, with raised eyebrows and were about to say something when Stiles screamed:


The teens, not wanting to get in the bad side of the crazy Red Riding Hood/Mr. Rabbit, took the advice to heart and left as fast as they could. Stiles was tired, he had more gashes now on his body than he could count. Dirt was smudged all over him. There was half a rabbit ear missing. His left ankle was probably twisted and he had lost a few foot nails as well. If he stopped for long, his body would refuse to continue. So he re-started to run, and then it hit him: 'The cliff! The cliff were those drunken morons fell two years ago! I can take him there. The trees dad planted to prevent more people from falling down are young still. They won't hold his weight if he pounces on me. Of course, if he doesn't pounce I'll have to try and throw him from there... and that might just get me killed.'

He was running uphill, the cliff wasn't that much further now. And that's when Stiles heard the breathing of the werewolf. It clearly was behind him, not that far away. That put Stiles in a hell of a disadvantage. He was hurt and had nowhere to run to besides up. 'Well, this is my last card. Nothing else to do after this. God, I hope dying doesn't hurt too much...'. He got to the part of the cliff that had young trees planted. His father had been wise on his choice, those were trees that grew fast. So, by now, they all had at least double the size of Stiles even though their trunks weren't that thick. It was a question of choosing the one with the weakest trunk or the ones with the widest gap. Knowing his luck, the place with the widest gap was picked. That was not a moment too late, for when he turned around the werewolf appeared a few feet in front of him.

'Now or never, lets see what he'll do'. Thought Stiles, and then said with the surprised tone of a bad actor on a C movie "Oh my, Mr. Alpha what big eyes you have!".

The werewolf didn't answer, just kept walking. 'Pounce you freaking son of bitch! POUNCE'. But, as he already had anticipated, the wolf didn't pounce. He turned back into human form. It was dark, but even if it had been lighter Stiles wouldn't have remembered the face of the Alpha. The man walking towards him had a large, strong body. He also had a menacing air to his movement and a full erection. It was clear what he'd do... first rape... then murder.

The wolf was now right in front of Stiles. He then grabbed the younger man with a violence unknown to his body and forced a kiss. This kiss, like the way the Alpha was holding him, was neither sweet nor sexy. The only thing that separated it from an actual bite was the fact that blood hadn't gushed out... yet. Stiles was thankful for his training as a lacrosse player, for it would come in handy now. Using his all his strength not to scream in pain, he managed to turn a complete circle with now the werewolf, and not himself, having it's back, for this one wasn't a he but an it, facing the gap. He moved a few steps into the other's body, giving the impression of desire and want to the wolf. Actually, he was getting closer in order to better throw him from the cliff... the downside of such proximity was that the Alpha would probably take Stiles down with him.

The wolf was now laughing wickedly.

"So, my little bitch likes to manhandled huh?"

"You have no idea... wanna take this piece of cloth off of me? Or do you prefer-"

He was interrupted with the hands of the werewolf trying to untie the knot he had made in a rather brute manner. There would be just a couple of seconds before his hands were again clutching at Stiles' skin. So, seizing the seconds he had, Stiles got closer to the other's ear, put his right foot behind it's ankle, and said:

"Have a safe flight."

And pushed him with all he had left. The werewolf lost his balance and grabbed for for dear life at the red cloth still on Stiles' neck, so Stiles also was dragged forward. He managed to untie the rest of the knot with a swift movement... the werewolf fell from the cliff. So did he. Stiles managed to hang with both hands on to a tree. 'Oh God, I'm slipping... oh God! NOOOO! I won't die here! Not here, not now!' Despite his brave words, Stiles didn't have enough strength left in his arms to lift himself up... he barely had enough to keep himself hanging from the tree.

After a few minutes there, desperately trying to find a way to hoist himself, he saw a hand next to his and heard the voice he most wanted to hear on earth:

"Give me your hand Rabbit, I'll pull you up" said Derek.

"No, I can't give you my hand! I'll fall!"

"Give your hand, I'm a werewolf remember? I'm faster... so give me your hand. Trust me lover, just give me your hand. Now!"

Stiles trusted Derek, for some reason always had... and so, in a leap he grabbed Derek's hand with both of his. Had it been a regular human, they both'd have fallen. But Derek wasn't a regular human, so he lifted Stiles into safety. They stayed there, hugged to each other on the ground.

"I was so afraid... so afraid that I had lost you. Afraid that I'd never again listen to your rambling, to your annoying questions... that I'd never have the chance to hear you call my name again. That I wouldn't be able to smell you or touch you or see you..." Derek's voice was heavy with sadness "I can't loose you Rabbit. I can't, simply can't. I can NOT loose more people that I love... I would die. So please, please promise me that you won't die on me. Please, promise it."

"I promise..."

"I've fallen in love with you... so much, Stiles."

"I love you too Derek."

"Ahm... Derek?"


"I know that you've just said that you love me and all that heartwarming, fluffy stuff... and while I am really happy, for real I am,... ahm, I'm also hurt and I don't have super magic awesome lycanthrope powers to heal myself."

"SHIT! Sorry." Derek said, getting up in a jump "Can you get up?"

"I'm so beat I don't think I can actually mooooooooove. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Derek had picked up Stiles from the ground while he spoke and now was carrying him towards his house, the former guest house on the Hale Estate.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm carrying you home, my home that is. I'll tre-"

"Does it HAVE to be like this? I mean, I get that you're my man and all... but being carried like a cavewoman on your shoulders is a bit too much for my male pride, just so you know." To which Derek actually growled.

"Really? A growl, really? Now what, are you going to hit my head with a log and lock me in a cave?"

"No... I was just enjoying what you said."

"What did I say?"

"That I'm your man... that means I get to do this" and Derek gently spanked Stiles' butt a couple of times.

"AH,... well, then you won't mind if I do this will you?" moving his hands into Derek's jeans and squeezing his butt with both hands.

"Hey hey hey... Wait 'till we are home or I won't be able to walk."

"Why should I?"


"Well... I have this amazing view and you don't want me to take advantage of it? You remember that every relationship has two sides and-"

"Ah, potato, potahto... the important is I'm yours and you're mine." and in a swift move he repositioned Stiles on his arms and looked straight into his eyes "get it? You are mine, only mine!".

"Possessive are we?"

"You have no idea."

"You're not going to pee on me are you?"

"No... I'm going to do other things with you. Much better things..."

"Ahm... I can live with that."

They arrived at Derek's home. The guest house wasn't nearly as big as the old, now burnt, Hale manor. It was smaller and simpler... oddly enough, or maybe luckily enough, Kate hand't set this one on fire the same day she killed Derek's family.

"Hum... you know that this looks like?"

"What?" asked Derek, thinking of a way to go through the doorframe without hurting Stiles.

"Like we're newly weds..."

Derek stopped and thought about their situation... he was carrying his love on his arms like a groom...

"Does it bother you?"

"No, it really doesn't... I was going to say that someday I'd like to do that to you but, you know, you're much bigger and taller and-"

"We can try some day. How about that? For now, lets just go in."

Derek entered the house and went straight into the bedroom. His bedroom... and that made Stiles' imagination run amok with all the wild, wild sexy things Derek would do to him. It didn't help at all that Derek laid him on the bed, 'OH MY GOD, this is Derek's bed! I'm on his beeeeeeeed!', and had his face so close to Stiles'.

"My my, you can't wait?"

"Huh? What are you talking about? I'm gonna get the medical kit, you stay here and don't move." the werewolf said, leaving the room.

'Sheesh... Now thats what I call a bucket of cold water.' Stiles thought, and then started to look around the room in order to distract himself from the pain. The bed was nice, a bit too hard for his taste but nothing that really bugged him. The walls were light blue and white. The room didn't have much furniture in it, but it did have tons of books all around... a single painting hang in between the large windows. 'Ha... you'd expect a werewolf's layer to have chains or something hanging from the ceiling, maybe vampires have, I wonder if vampires would find me attractive, but even the painting is the most common. And it looks like it was painted by a child... what is that supposed to be anyway?' Stiles left the painting alone and looked to the fireplace, it wasn't one of those electric ones but a real fireplace... and on top of mantelpiece there was a big picture of a group of people. It made Stiles gasp. 'That is his family. Those are... they're...'. The picture wasn't one of those 'family photo' ones, it was as natural as it could be. There, in the left corner, smiling and being hugged by his mother was Derek. The kid had such a large smile, looked so happy and carefree... Stiles couldn't not wonder how life could have been different if all the other people in that photo hand't died. A young girl that Stiles supposed was Laura was on the shoulders of a burly man, who he thought probably was Derek's father. There was even a dog, a large black Labrador, in the photo. He or she was looking up at Laura, wagging its tail.

Stiles then looked to the smaller frame, next to the family one. It was a picture of him. It was taken during their first date and it made him blush. He remembered the moment, even though he hand't realized that Derek had taken a picture. He looked at his face, his eyes lost in thought, a light smile on his lips, his head cocked a bit to the right, his hand going through his hair... it was a nice piece, if you didn't know what was actually happening at that moment... it was taken when he was scratching his foot against the 'table's leg.'

"Do you like it?"

Stiles jumped and then screamed in pain, Derek had been watching him the whole time.

"Ah, so sorry. Don't move, I've brought you some medicine. Oh, sorry for sneaking up like that, but you were so-"

"Never mind, what've you got?"

"This, drink this. Its werewolf medicine, it will help you heal and avoid infections."

"You do remember that I am not a werewolf right? Will it still work on me?"

"Yes, thats why I'm giving you less than half a tea spoon of it. Its gonna make you sleep for a couple of hours as well."

Stiles raised his head a bit and drank the brownish liquid.

"Argh, it tastes like... well, it tastes horribly. What is that stuff?"

"Never mind that, just relax now. Lemme take care of the rest."

"What?" Stiles was already beginning to feel sleepy "Wthach meighh daaa..." and he was out.

Derek looked at the Stiles on his bed, all battered and bruised from escaping the Alpha. Then at the picture of his lover on the mantlepiece, next to his family, remembering how nervous he was and the touching of legs the other started to calm him down. Then he looked over at the book on top of his nightstand and hurriedly hid it away... the title read 'How to have cubs with same-sex non lycanthropic partners'.