Madness. It consumes and destroys and corrupts. A darkness that spreads like a disease, and leaves little or nothing in its wake. Like the tides and the waves of the ocean, it laps hungrily at the shore, creeping further up the sand until it swallows everything, leaving nothing behind but never ending black.

And what can one do, but watch as it slowly eats you alive? From the inside out, from the outside in…

Madness is corruption. Madness is disease. And like sin, it will only grow and expand.

Can you just let it be?

Purity. Gentle and warm, rich and sweet, it shatters the darkness and sets us free. Our saving grace, here to free us from the never ending tides, to pulls us back before we drift away. Kind yet firm, it's like the chains that hold us out over the abyss, keeping us from the never ending free fall, but never truly pulling us up. It's all we have left to cling too, and all we have left to save us from the fates we deserve. The fates that have been handed to us because of our own selfish desires and the fears that we try to hide.

Can it save us still?

And now they collide. Swirling and clashing and eating off the other, consuming and devouring and burning until they leave nothing but destruction in their twisted wakes. Forces of good and bad, battling it out over something neither should deserve to have. We find ourselves trapped, confused and pained and lost, forces we can't explain twisting and dancing around us before pulling us down, further and further down until everything we knew is wrong and everything we came to believe in turns to painful doubts. A stream of paradoxes and lies that slowly drowns and smothers us. A canvas splattered mindlessly with paint until the colors can do nothing but drip and merge and seep into the other, killing one another and giving birth to something new.

A battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, between damnation and forgiveness, between light and darkness.

A battle of the souls…


Turning and surrounding us

Our Sadistic Wonderland

All the Good and the Bad

Painted before us like a Canvas.

We are the Red and the Black

Living and dying

In this Madness Fairytale~

This is the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, and the destruction of everything in between...


Yes folks, I am officially writing another CroMa fanfic. And not just any CroMa fanfic, oh no. This has a different theme of sorts, with more than just normal Soul Eater. It's a CroMa story with themes from...*drum roll please*

Alice: Madness Returns, the game from American Mcgee

Yes, I DID go there, and trust me, I don't regret it!

This game is amazing, and all the way through playing it, I couldn't help but see Crona and Maka in it wherever I looked. I'm utterly in love with the game, and thus, decided to combine my love for Alice with my love for CroMa.

So, time for the official plot: (based on events in the Manga) (and NO, this is not a crossover, so even if you don't like Alice or know about it, you can still read the story! Don't be scared 3)

The time has come for fates to collide, and for Maka to finally face her Crona, hoping against hope she can save whats left of his soul. But it's easier said than done. Pulling him into her soul, both Maka and Crona find themselves falling deeper and deeper, before getting lost in a world they can't explain, a twisted, fantastical Wonderland where the world and it's inhabitants are far more bizarre and fantastic than they have any right to be.
But something is wrong. Something is terribly, terribly wrong.
Maka's haven is being destroyed, poisoned piece by piece, killing her from the inside out. It's up to her and her reluctant companion to save her precious Wonderland, and in doing so, save whats left of their minds and souls.
But can they do it? Can they fight the rolling tide of black? And can they piece together the shattered fragments of Crona's memories, before they drown with them?
Everything is not as they appear, and nothing is as it seems. And who can they trust? And what's more...
Can they dare to fall in love, when everything threatens to tear them apart forever?

This is the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, and the destruction of everything in between.

Themes: Adventure, Romance, Horror, hurt/comfort

Rating: M for violence, gore, language, and sexual themes (yes, there will be a lemon)

Pairing: Male!Crona x Maka

Sound entertaining? Sound interesting? Gods it had better...

And I've been talking about this with my beloved CroMa buddies forever now, and they have helped me all the way though! 3 I love you guys, thank you so much for all the help and support! It must have taken a great deal of patience to deal with me and my obsessiveness! Thank you again for everything, and I love all of you!

And as for the rest of you, hope you enjoyed this first chapter, and I hope to update soon! And for all you Entwined readers out there, don't panic, I'll be updating Entwined same as I always do! I won't let these two stories muscle in on each other! So don't be afraid to read! 3

Hope to update soon! :3 AND NO FLAMES!

Note: The poem in the centre was written by a close friend of mine on DA, RolosLover. She gets the credit for it, since I suck at poetry XD. Thank you again Rolo-chan! 3