Chapter 1 Run to the End

Sweat trickled down Zo's neck as she ran vigorously her body aching all over. She hated running, every last thing about it the competition, the physical exertion,the fact that it was the sport that her sister, not the new imposter replacement sister, but her dead sister had loved and was extremely good at. The question that Zo frequently tried to push out of her mind kept reapting monotonously, Why am I even running? Is there really even a concrete reason why I torture myself each day? Zo always had an answer for these annoying unwanted trains of thought. I am doing this because my real sister would have wanted for me to protect what she treasured most. Plus Mom and Dad could never live without the qualities of Lia ,even if I am the one putting on the show to act like Lia

Zo quickly came to a stop in the middle of her last lap she felt like she was going to throw up the tiny bit of food she had eaten before practice ( which was probably not a good idea!). She ran to the trash dodging other runners on the track. The sun beat down hard as Zo hurled into the trash can repeatedly. She stood up and felt a sudden onset of pain in her chest, panic set in she couldn't breath. Suddenly the world went blank and Zo drifted into a deep coma.