AN-A fanfic I've started based on Selena Gomez's new song outlaw. I know this first chapter kind of sucks, mainly because I wrote it in 3rd person, and I'm used to writing in 1st. The rest of the chapters will be written in first person, I just wanted to get the ball rolling this way, don't know why it just felt right.

It's set in the Wild West. Zero Kiryu is a young man who goes around leading young women on, sleeping with them and then leaving them, never to return again. He's quite notorious in the area. I've also made him a bit of a thief, since though what he does is bad, I figured he wouldn't be in trouble with the authorities for it, so if the woman he's with at the time is well off, he also steals from them. If not, he just sleeps with them then leaves, such a charmer! Enjoy!


The boy with the silver hair and lilac eyes lazily tossed his head to one side in an attempt to remove one of the strands that was irritating his eyes. Eventually he simply took a pale hand to his face, tucking the hair behind his ear. Satisfied, he pulled on his horse's reigns, beckoning her to move faster away from the scene from which he was fleeing.

The bright glare of the rising Sun that caused him to squint began to aggravate the young man. He carelessly unfastened the small brown leather bag attached to the horse's saddle, pulling out a rather tattered hat from the satchel, and placed it over his messy hair. He glanced back down at the unfastened bag. His eyes wondered almost hungrily over it, as if the contents excited him. He moved his hand to the opening flap once more. Hesitating, the boy allowed himself a fleeting look at the area around him, as if to determine if there was anyone nearby. His cold eyes flickered around the grounds of the plantation. No one around. Content that he was alone, he dipped his hand down into the satchel once more, taking a mere moment to wrap his hand around the desired item. Pulling out a pearl necklace, he examined it in the morning Sunlight, admiring the work and effort that had clearly gone into creating such a piece of jewellery.


The scream of a young woman caused the man to draw his attention away from the jewellery, at least momentarily. A small grin graced his lips. The chase was about to begin. He deposited the expensive item back into his satchel, rather carelessly, as if it were just another everyday item, before slowly fastening the bag up again.

"I've been robbed!" The young woman shrieked again. Another grin shot across the young man's handsome face, a mischievous kind characteristic of a boy much younger than him, who has just gotten away with a small crime, such as stealing a cookie without his mother knowing….only his crime wasn't a small or trivial one. He spun around on his horse upon hearing the sound of windows being hastily unbolted, and shutters opening.

The dishevelled form of the girl with whom he'd stayed the previous night appeared at the open window, her delicate hand clutched at her neck where the pearl necklace had been mere moments before. Her dark blonde hair fell messily around her, and the boy noticed servants bustling around behind her. It seemed she'd hastily thrown a dressing gown over her naked body before raising the alarm, for fear her family would realise what else had taken place last night.

"YOU!" She cried out hysterically, pointing a slim finger at me from the window. Her amber eyes burned into the boy, a mixture of hatred, embarrassment and pain etched across her attractive face, slightly marring her appearance. The boy, who was already halfway down the path, on his way out of the plantation, nodded up at the girl, before removing his hat and waving it at her. Some kind of twisted farewell. With a quick smirk, he replaced his hat, and swiftly pulled at the horse's reigns. The white mare, apparently used to such erratic behaviour, reared up before galloping away from the scene at a quick pace.

The young woman watched in disbelief, as the man whom had been so kind and gentle to her the previous night now fled from her having taken something most precious to her. She held a hand to her mouth, choking back a muffled sob. With her other hand she clutched her silk gown tightly against her form, frightened someone would notice the lack of a nightdress beneath if she did not.

"Go after him! He has my necklace!" She ordered, still pointing in the direction in which the young thief had left. Her father, livid, left rapidly, eager to catch the boy who had stolen from his daughter, much more than just a pearl necklace, but her pride as a woman as it were. Of course it was clear to everyone what had taken place, though the young woman refused to acknowledge it. While her mother directed the servants to leave immediately and alert the Sherriff, the young woman's ladies in waiting fussed with the girl, something that only further enraged her. Having reached the end of her patience, the girl held her hands up, signalling for the women to cease. Hands clenched by her sides, she was a picture of fury.

"I want him dead!" She declared, before ordering the women out of her room, and locking the door behind them. She was not seen for the rest of the day. As for the young man? He was nowhere to be found either.

AN- The woman in this chapter is Ruka, I know that this totally wouldn't happen in Vampire Knight, but in this fanfic he has to have one night stands with people so yeah . I should probably explain, that since this is set in a time when having sex outside of marriage was frowned upon, he's even more notorious for 'disgracing' the women around the town, and making it difficult for them to marry...so yeah =).