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The Xiaolin Chronicles

Episode 55: The Misfit Pirates of Neverland

Rika Harper un-tucked her robe and began to dress up for the night's events. She threw on a purple blouse she borrowed from Kimiko, and skinny jeans. She raced out and spotted Kimiko sweeping in the halls.

"I'll go set out on the tables!" She was about to dash by, but Kimiko grabbed her hand.

"Who, whoa! What are you wearing?"

"Uh, clothes?" She addressed casually. "Isn't this a casual party?"

"Um, no honey. We are the Xiaolin monks and we're hosting a huge bash here at the Xiaolin temple! It's gonna be a big event, you can't just dress up as if you were going to the mall."

"What should I do, then?"

"Go set up the food. I'll demonstrate my fashion skills in just a moment! As soon I'm done picking up—"

Raimundo stalked by, then, and tossed the wrapper to his candy bar onto the floor behind him.

"Hey! Raimundo!" Kimiko carped.

He turned around with a dull expression. "What?" His mouth was full.

"Pick that up!" Rika snapped.

"What's the big deal? You got a broom and pan right there, just sweep it up."

"You-!" Kimiko stopped herself. "Ugh, it's fine, I'll do it." She knelt down and swept up the dirt pile along with the wrapper, and Raimundo had already turned to leave.

"Uh, what was that?" Rika asked.


"That- you just picked up after Raimundo and he got away without you searing off the hair from his head! Why didn't you let him have it?"

"Its—it's not a big deal, really."

"Okay, stop. This isn't like you at all. What's wrong?"

She sighed. "I just don't want to lose my temper for the most trivial things, that's all."

"But getting angry is apart of who you are, Kimiko. You can swing and fight just as well as any boy because of it."

"Yeah, I can also hurt my friends and turn into a giant, flaming bird too." She mentioned. "What if I get mad and it happens again?"

"It won't. Raimundo seems to think it won't, anyway. You should trust him."

Kimiko looked up and smiled. "O-okay, I guess you're right."

"And in the mean time, don't get stomped on just because you don't want to get mad!"

"Oh, don't worry I won't. Thanks."

Raimundo strutted into the living room, where Clay was sorting the furniture for more space.

"Hey partner, you wanna help me with this?"

"Mehhh, nah. Gotta go help Kimiko with the sweeping."


Raimundo continued to the front porch, finishing off his chocolate bar. Omi had doused the tile and was scrubbing alongside Dojo.

"Raimundo! Care to assist us in drying off the porch?" Omi asked.

"Naa, can't buddy. I'm helping Clay with the living room dusting!"

"Alright." Omi nodded to him before he continued scrubbing. Raimundo began his saunter over to the temples in the back.

Arko was hauling chairs over his shoulder. "Raimundo, help me with the set up in the front?"

"Ah, sorry dude. I'm getting soap to help Omi with the washing—"

"Really? I thought you were helping Clay with the living room, though."

Raimundo paused.

"Or, were helping Kimiko with the sweeping?"

He furrowed his brow. "'You spying on me, dog? That's kinda creepy."

"I'm just more aware of things than you think." He enlightened.

"Whatever, mind your own business, dude."

Arko shrugged and kept walking. It occurred to Raimundo that maybe he did not continue to banter because of their previous fist fight . With his chocolate bar done, he headed to the storage space for some more food.

Meanwhile, Arko was in one of the main halls; the tables were up with sheets over them, chairs were available for seating, and he was putting up the final touches for decoration.

He was balancing himself on the broken, three-legged stool they owned as he reached for the top and put on the star. "Damn, I am good!—Whao!" The stool slide underneath his feet and fell on the ground to his side. "—Ow."

Rika and Kimiko came walking in. "Wooow, the tree looks great, Jaku!"

He stood up and dusted off. "And you ladies look great, too—I'd ask for your numbers if I didn't have them already!"

"Har, her, Jaku." Rika winked. "What are all the presents under the tree from?"

"dollar store gag presents! For the white elephant gift exchange." He enlightened.

"Ohh, that should be fun!" Kimiko clapped her hands. "I think we should al give each other gifts too!"

"Calm down, love—it's not exactly Christmas yet."

"Brrrr!" Dojo and Omi walked in from the outside. "But it sure is cold enough to!"

"I am feeling the numbness in my finger tips!" Omi declared. "We must dress warmly for this occasion to lure our enemies to us!"

"Omi, you gotta relax with the whole plan thing. You can't be buzzing around suspicious of everyone while we're supposed to be welcoming guests." Rika warned.

"Do not worry, Kimiko. I will be as welcoming as a cheetah!"

"I really hope that's a good thing." Jaku commented. "Well, let's get ready! Our Xiaolin Party Christmas Bash Revolution Extreme is on the go!"

"We're not calling it that." The girls said in unison.

"Aww, come on! You're just jealous because you didn't think of it first!"

By 8 o'clock that cold and blistery night, the Xiaolin gates had been opened, and guests were pouring in. The lights and music were blaring, people were dancing, the large array of snacks and drinks were in the great hall were the tree was, and each room continued to fill up as more guests arrived.

Omi was at the front, checking everyone's invitation.

"Thank you, thank you—" A group of boys in jeans and jackets approached him in the line next.

"Do you possess an invitation?" He asked the supposed, tall leader of the gang.

"Nah, we just heard you had a party and thought we'd chill here."

Omi furrowed his brows. "Nothing is going to be chilled if you do not have an invitation!"

"Pssh, what are you gonna do about it if we don't got one, little man?"

Omi grinned, and the next thing anyone knew, the posse was being thrown off the property by a tidal wave, screaming and crying all the way.

"Whoa, cool!" Guests gazed at the sight while they waited in line.

"I can't believe we're going to meet the Xiaolin warriors! I heard so much about them at the academy!"

"Whatever. Rai invited me to the party so I figured I'd come."

The different guests wandered into the great hall, where Clay was standing at the front entrance.

"M-mind if I take your coat, girls?" He was throwing everyone's coat onto a huge table.

"Ahh, I just love the holidays! Don't you, cowboy?" Dojo asked while he swam through the piles of coats.

"Heh, yeah. We could do without all those daggone Christmas songs, though."

Inside, Rika and Jaku were waving people down to meet them and tell them to put their gifts underneath the tree.

"Welcome!" Rika would bow. "Please place your gifts for white elephant gift exchange under the tree."

"Hello ladies," Jaku would address, "you can place your gifts here—I hope you got me something sweet!"

Raimundo, Kimiko and Arko were wandering through the crowds, welcoming and greeting people as they danced and ate.

Arko approached a couple. "Welcome." He remarked staidly.

"Uhhhh… thanks?" They shrouded back. He turned away to stalk another group, but Kimiko pulled him to her first.

"What are you doing?" She whispered.

"Greeting the guests." He replied.

"No, you're scaring people!" She retorted. "Try to be nicer, you know, like we talked about before; just pretend you're a nice person."

He pondered this for a moment and sauntered over to two girls holding drinks.

"Hello ladies. Welcome to our home, the Xiaolin temple. If there's anything you need, just let us know."

"Thank you, we will!" They said at once. He bowed and left them.

"Not bad, nice guy." Kimiko commented.

"Hmph, yeah yeah." He waved her off, and Kimiko turned around to greet more people as well—

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" She pumped into a girl holding a drink, and just barely sprayed out of the cup.

"No no, it's fine." The girl said. She had long dark brown hair and lime green eyes. She was wearing a shiny lavender dress and had on lots of gold bracelette and wore hoop earrings as well. Kimiko noticed her thick accent.

"Are you from Rio de Janeiro?"

"Yes. Raimundo invited me; we met at a party there a while back."

"Oh, interesting." Kimiko continued to smile, but it plagued her thoughts at how out of control he was when he used to sneak out. "Anyway, my name is—"

"I know who you are, Kimiko Tohomiko." She smiled. "Everyone here knows you're the Xiaolin monks."

She chuckled. "Are we popular or something?"

"Only in certain circles. If you were famous all over the world, it would be a little more difficult for you to get around and find that Wu, right?"

"I guess you're right!"

"You have a lovely home. These temples are so elegant and tranquil… when there's not a bunch of teenagers crunking to the songs blasting in the walls."

She laughed again. "Thank you! We try to keep the place clean between fighting Heylin enemies and hunting Wu."

"I'm jealous. It must be so nice having this extravagant life."

"It can be tough sometimes… Oh! I didn't get your name!"

"I'm Wendy. It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, Wendy!"

"Kimiko!" Raimundo waved her down.

"Oh, hey, Rai. I want you to meet—" When Kimiko turned around, Wendy was already gone. "Huh? That's weird…"


"What is it, Rai?"

He appeared to be filled with energy, grinning while he slipped his hand into hers.

"Come with me!" He pulled her through the crowd until they were strolling passed the empty, smaller temples in the back, the lights fading and the music dulled to a mere distant drum tap.

"Where are we going?" She giggled behind him.

"I just wanted to show you something before we started the gift exchange and it got too hectic."

"What is it?"

They stopped at last, against the wall in the quietest outdoor space possible.

"Look up at the stars." He told her.

She did so, and could see the dark air filled with specks of light. "Uhhh, yeah…It's beautiful." She looked back down. "Is that all you wanted to show me-"

He had a square wrapped gift presented before her. It was a bright red gift laced with a green bow.

"—Wooow!" She gasped. "Raimundo, you didn't have to get me anything…"

"Oh, don't be such a martyr," He wafted his hand, "open it."

"Now? You don't want me to wait until Christmas?"

"Nah, do it now."

Kimiko lightly tugged the bow loose, and scratched the wrapping off gently from the top of the box—

"Come oooon Kimi, we ain't got all night." He tapped his foot.

She opened up the case. "It's—" She gasped. "Raimundo!"

"Yess?" He grinned.

"I-I don't believe it! It's the Goo Zombies Infinite platinum cover for the i-phone!" She shrieked.


She started shaking him by the shoulders. "HOW-DID-YOU-GET THIIIS?"

"Baby, there's nothing I can't get—"

"Oh stop it! My pa-pa can't even get this because they haven't even been pulled out of the factories yet—" She stopped. "What did you do?"

"I, uh—Like I said, there's nothing I can't—"

"You used the Sands of Time and bought it in the future, didn't you?"

…He blinked.

"Why do you have to ruin the magic?" He slouched against the stone wall, pouting with his head down.

"Awww, don't be upset," She teased. "I think it's sweet."

"Really?" He looked up at her, sincerely.

"Yes, and I love the gift—so you did a good job."

He pulled her in silently, coiling his arms around to her back. "And, what did you get me?"

She smiled in response. "Nothing in a box, but I'm sure I could get you something last minute…"

He quickly went for her neck, suckling against her soft skin, causing her to gasp out. She griped his shoulders and lifted up her left leg, giving him space to yank her around and pin her to the wall. He lifted her up,as if she were light enough to, and continued kissing lower, and lower—

She raised her head up, and gasped for air despite her need for more within her intoxication—She saw fire.


He grinned against her skin, hearing her chest palpitate and her voice moan.


He griped her thigh, and instinctually, dropping her, he stroked her neither region to get a reaction.

"Ah- St-stop!"

He quickly turned around, breathing heavily, and quiet. Damn.

She sighed, collecting herself. "Raimundo—"

"Do I smell? Is it the hair? The gift?"


"Then what's wrong now, huh? Because I thought everything was going good." He didn't give her a moment to answer as he headed back towards the party.

"It's not you, Rai…" She trailed after him in quick steps.

"Oh yeah? That's what people say when they're about to break up."

"Are we even dating? Look, it just occurred to me that we're supposed to be focused on the enemy striking—"

"Yeah, so?"

"So, we should be focused on that, n-not getting carried away."

He stopped to face her. "What is this really about?"

"I just told you; and truth is, I won't be satisfied until we catch him, because that bastard turned me into a phoenix, and he almost made me hurt the people I care about! So sorry if I'm uncomfortable with letting my guard down even for a second!"

He sighed with a slight turn of his eyes, and he noticed Jaku wobbling into view, with sunglasses on.

"Hey buddy, did the gift work? Did you guyssss… y'know…mwah mwah mwah?" He cackled.

"What is wrong with you, dude? She's right here!"

"Wha-oh, sorry."

"WHAT?" Kimiko roared. "You planned that gift so I would jump your bones?"

"N-No! Not exactly…"

"Raimundo Pedrosa!" She slapped him across the chest.


"You're so lazy! You wouldn't even pick up a wrapper off the floor if it didn't me screwing me or getting something in return!"

"What-?" He attempted to sound sincere. "That's preposterous!"

She opened her mouth to say something, but then recoiled. "Do not speak to me the rest of this night." She ordered, walking passed them. "And stay focused on the enemy!" She strolled back into the crowd, attempting to be chipper as she did.

"Dude, what was that? Why'd you go and ruin the plan?"

"I'm sorry Pedrosa; you know how honest I get when I'm a little…" He whisked his finger in the air. "Whoo-hoo!"

"You're drunk?" He realized. "How?"

"Someone spiked the punch, bad; but I'm not complaining!"

"Aw, who the hell did that?" He raced in to the food table, whilst Jaku continued dancing.

Clay and Omi were settled in a group of strangers when they saw Kimiko storm through.

"Hey Kimiko!" Clay tipped his hat "Want to play House of cards with all of us?"

"No time, Clay." She replied sharply.

"What is ingesting her?" Omi asked.

"Probably Rai again." Clay guessed.

"Hm, that is no surprise."

Rika approached. "Have you guys seen Rai? The drinks have been spiked already."

"Here," He appeared, "I'm on my way to take care of it—"

"No, don't! I was just going to tell you I'll handle it, you keep an eye out for anything suspicious, all of you."

"Got it, lil' Darlin'."

Raimundo sighed with relief. "Thanks, Rika. By the way, have you seen Kimiko?"

"Messed up again, huh?"

"What makes you think that I—"

"Nope, sorry. Haven't seen her. Stay focused!" She disappeared into the crowd again, and they all went their separate ways.

As soon as an internationally popular tune roared across the speakers, the crowds screamed and cheered and began to jump and down dancing. Amongst all the chaos, Arko Delet notice two gents in ties and tuxes leaving the great hall into a smaller room. He followed them, and noticed their curiosity for the pantry closet the monks had put some of Master Fung's antiques in. They were picking the lock to get in.

"Looking for something?" He leaned against the doorframe, and the boys looked over at him with wide glares.

"Who are you, huh? Are you working for-"

BASH! His vision went black as he had been hit over the head from behind. He collapsed and passed out.

The boys smirked. Wendy was standing over him, holding a pot.

"Finish the lock. We've got work to do."

Raimundo was on the porch, where people were drinking spiked punch and dancing, partially searching for Kimiko, and partially searching for any strange participants. He bumped into Omi.

"Yo, any luck?"

"Not really, leader." He said in a persnickety manner.

He stopped and looked back down at the small monk. "What's eating you?"

"This whole party is digesting me!" He blurted out. "It was your plan to have one to lure our enemies here, but you did nothing to get it together!"

"What are you talking about Omi?"

"I can see a sloth when I notice it! You did do anything to prepare for the party because you hate doing chores!"

"Heh, was it that obvious?"

"You fail at your responsibilities, and now you have even made Kimiko angry once again, despite everything she has recently been through! Your mind is not sharp!"

"And I assume yours is? Who shook my hand and agreed that I should be leader, huh?" He folded his arms. "Because it sounds to me that you're claiming someone else would be better for the job!"

"I could be leader!"

"Oy, here we go again…"

"You cannot even lift a finger to do the chores and help your fellow monks! It is most frustrating!"

"Oh, yeah? Well why don't you go take your frustrations up with me, the leader?" He taunted.

"I would be most glad to!"

Omi struck first, causing Raimundo to fly back off the porch and into the grass, People began to clear away when they noticed the two sparing.

"Heyyyy, the monks are giving us a show!" Someone yelled. The guests cheered with glee as they circled the area.




Clay practically slid onto the porch. "What in tarnation is goin' on here?"

He could see Jaku in the crowd. "FIGHT! FIGHT-" He turned to Clay. "Oh heyyy, cowboy! Omi and Pedrosa are fighting see? Haha, crazy."

"Jaku-buddy, git a hold of yourself! We gotta stay sharp!"

"That's soo hard to do when you're not sharp."

"What? Are you drunk?"

"Yep. But it wasn't my fault!"

"What do you mean, partner? Take responsibility for your condition!"

"Hey, stop shaking me, dog!"

The music was almost dulled by the chanting that erupted in the yard. Everyone was gathering with their phones and their hollering. The tension in the crowds continued to rise as people were pushing and shoving to get a good view of the battle.

"Hey, watch it!"

"You watch it!"

"Get out of my way!

The voices were argumentative, ad the guests turned their frustrations and inspiration to fight amongst one another. In a matter of moments, the party became a mad house.

Rika and Kimiko ran out with shocked expressions. "What the heck is going on out here?"

"You tell me!" Clay stopped Jaku, and dropped him. "Everyone's goin' crazy!"

"Something's not right." Rika decided.

"Is that Rai and Omi fighting over there?" Kimiko realized. "Ugh, you've got to be kidding me! Raimundo's the one who probably started it!"

"I'll try to stop them, don't worry." Rika bustled into the group of people. Kimiko sighed in aggravation.

This plan isn't working at all… and Rika's right, something is wrong…

She spun around and ran back into the hall.

"Kimiko? Where ya goin'?"

She spotted movement at the Christmas tree and gasped. There were masked and dressed in black vigilantes with sacks stuffing the presents in their bags.

"Hey!" Kimiko shook them and they looked up, snagging the last present and running away.

"Give those back!" She chased after them.

"Kimiko?" Clay walked in. "What's-?"

"Check for more, Clay! They're stealing the presents!"

"What?" Clay looked around, spotting movement in the room to his left and he dashed in.

"Hey, who are you?" He asked the two running out towards the farther exit. "He hesitated after them, because there was a lump on the floor at his feet.

"Arko!" He knelt down to check on him. "Hey, wake up!"

He tried shaking him, and he began to groan. Clay noticed Arko's cell phone had slipped out of his pocket when he had fallen. Seeing the device immediately sparked his memory that Arko had the embarrassing photos of him on his phone, which he was blackmailing him with. Arko began to move, and Clay snatched the phone up just before his eyes opened.

"Ugh, what happened?"

"Uh, I think we're being robbed! Can ya stand, partner?"

He rubbed the back of his head. "I'll be fine, go after them!"

"R-right." Clay scrambled back up and hurried out.

Meanwhile outside, Raimundo fell backwards from one of Omi's punches, and the guys behind him threw him back into the ring for more. Rika had finally pushed through and stumbled into the circle.

"You idiots! Something's wrong, stop fighting!"

"Not until he admits he is the true idiot!" Omi replied, his focus never faulting.

"Then we're never gonna end this, 'cause I can't lie!" Raimundo retorted.

"You do so all the time! That is what gets you into so much trouble!"

"Oh, for goodness sakes!" Rika turned away from them. "Shoku Moon: Water!" The nearby fountain's liquid came flying towards them, and sprinkled down a harsh rain on the crowd. The guests screamed and began to scatter.

"SOMETHING IS WRONG!" She yelled at them again, and they listened while covering their heads form the water. "Let's get inside and see if anything's off."

"Hmph, very well." Omi spoke, standing beside her. "Let us go!" They both scurried in, but Raimundo had hesitated. As the water stopped pouring, he realized that his nose was bleeding, as his buttoned white shirt had red spots produced on it.

"Ah, dammit!" He raised his head up to stop the running, and when he did, he was perplexed at what he spotted on the roof. "What the-?"

With the moonlight back drop behind the blue roof bricks, he could see a girl in a dress staring down at him.

"Hey! How'd you get up there?"

The figure turned to run across the roof, out of his vision.

"Hey!" He flipped onto the roof, and what he saw flying beside the building, he almost could not trust his vision. The girl was standing next to it and there were more people emerging from behind her, throwing bags into it.

"Is that... a flying pirate ship!?" He yelled in awe. The flags of the ship were rounded like a balloon, and there was fire and heat blaring from the rear of the ship that was facing him.

"How very observant." The girl spoke. Raimundo could not see her face, as the ship's shadow was casted over her.

"Who the hell are you guys? What do you want with us, huh?"

"With you?" She laughed. "We didn't come here for you, specifically; rather, we were more intrigued by all the lovely rich things you possess in these ancient temples of yours, Raimundo."

The characters in black suits behind her were climbing onto the ship from a ladder, hoisting their bags and reeling each other in.

"St-stop!" Kimiko was coming form the other end of the roof, chasing after the men that had already boarded. The girl turned around slowly to face Kimiko.

"W-Wendy?" Kimiko was out of breath. "What are you doing?"

"Kimiko, cast fire on that ship!" Raimundo ordered.

"I-I can't! If it crashes, it could crash into the temple below!"

"Oh, we wouldn't want that now, would we?" The girl sauntered slowly towards the buzzing Raimundo, stepping into the moonlight. "After all, you wouldn't want me to crash and burn, would you, Rai?"

He froze.

"I can't use it on the ship," Kimiko produced a fire ball, "but I can get her." She tossed it at Wendy.

"No!" Raimundo lunged forward and knocked straight into Wendy, and they both toppled over and rolled onto the oblique angle of the roof. Wendy had managed to roll back onto her feet, but Raimundo had just barely grabbed onto the edge before he fell off completely, dangling off the roof.

"Raimundo!" Kimiko slid down from where she was and was about to charge at them. Wendy spun around quickly with her hand extended to her.

"Don't move!" She warned. "If you take one more step…" She raised her heel up, "I'll kick him right off this temple to his demise."

She raised her arms up cautiously. "You don't need to do that. What do you want, Wendy?"

"For you to not ruin with glorious reunion. Step back." She wafted her hand, and Kimiko stayed away, then Wendy turned to the struggling Raimundo at her feet.

"Wendy, huh?" He sifted his hands to get a better grip on the roof. "What are you doing here?"

"Aw, it doesn't sound like you're very happy to see me, Rai. But then again, why would you be?"

"You don't have to do this!"

"No, I don't… I want to do this." She paused. "You look good, by the way. All messy and irresponsible. Some leader you turned out to be, eh?"

"Give back the presents you took, come on!"

"Oh yeah, the presents were just a bonus-" She revealed a scroll she had in the purse around her. "—This is what we really came for. It tells you what Shen Gong Wu activates, right?"

"How'd you steal that? Quit this, right now! Quit while you're ahead, you shouldn't be doing these kinds of things!"

"Oh please, like you're gonna give me a lecture?" Her amusement soured into rage. "You made me this way!" The ship was sailing over her now, and she grabbed onto the rope ladder. "See you around, Raimundo."

Her slipper went into his face. He was forced to let go of the roof.

The ship, with Wendy, sailed away and Kimiko screamed out as she ran over to aid Raimundo, but it was too late. He felt light as he dropped in the air, his mind blurry from the knock out he had just experienced, and he fell into the arms of Clay.


"Oh, thank god! Rai, can you hear me?" Kimiko was yelling in his ear. "Rai, say something!"


"W-what?" She could barely hear his whispering words, so she leaned in closer.

"Wendy is Angelina…my…sister."

"Huh?" She gave him a strange look, and before he could explain any further, he passed out.



He was playing with the beach ball in his hands, giggling as he did. The sunlight burst into the small room from the painted window seal, and the boy in the bed was coughing and aching as his sensitive skin burned in the light.

"Raimundo, you should go outside, its beautiful today." He suggested to the little boy playing with the ball.

"No! I want to play with you, Marcelo! Catch!"

He threw the ball at him, but it bounced off his head, as he had made no effort to catch it.

He breathed in heavily. "I am sorry, Raimundo. I am too tired to play today."

"But playing is fun! How can you be too tired?"

"Well, sometimes I have other things to do, Raimundo, and I get too tired to simply play, that's all."

"Ew, you mean like chores and stuff? Why would you waste time doing anything else but to have fun, Marcelo?"

"Because, I can build from the things I am doing. It helps me understand how to take of what is important to me, so that I can have fun later. Does that make sense?"

"No, but I'm sure I'll understand later. That's what you always say anyway, right?"

He laughed. "That's right—" He began coughing hysterically. "R-Rai, can you go get me some water?"

"Awww, why?" He whined. "I want to keep playing with my ball, and besides, its hard to get ice and stuff with that heavy stool I have to use!"

"Please, Raimundo?"

"Nooo, I don't want to!"

Marcelo continued to cough, and Raimundo looked with worried eyes…

"Raimundo!" Their mother stormed in. "I told you to take care of Marcelo while I was out!" She rushed to his side. "Marcelo, why haven't you taken your pills yet?"

"Sorry, Ma… I needed something to drink to swallow them with."

"Raimundo Pedrosa, why didn't you help him? That was very wrong of you!" She scolded.

"It's okay, Ma. He just doesn't understand." Marcelo spoke.

"He needs to understand!" With tears in her eyes. "He needs be responsible just like you have always been, Marcelo!"

The moment dulled then. There she was, praising him again. Raimundo's eyes remained half-lidded with disdain as she continued to cry, and cry and cry again over her favorite son.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have everyone's attention for a moment?"

The crowd of wet and irritated teenagers turned around and faced Jaku, who was standing on a beam above them in the yard.

"Uh, we of the Xiaolin temple apologize for the interruption in your entertainment! We will get the party back on just as soon as we can, thank you!"

"What happened to our gifts?"

"We want our gifts back!"

"This party is lame; I thought the monks were supposed to be cool!"

The hoards and hoards of people began to carp and protest.

"N-now, calm down!" Jaku insisted. "We here at the temple uphold many responsibilities, and right now, we have a mission to go to, but do not fret! We will have all of your gifts back and we can get back to games and drinking spiked punch!"

There was some small chatter and chuckles, then.

"Alright! We have to go save the world! We'll be back, real soon! Until then, enjoy the refreshments and music!" He flipped off the beam with grace, causing them to cheer at his agile ability. He waved to them and ran off into the smaller temple space beside the great hall.

"Phew, rough crowd." He muttered. The other monks were in the room with him, where Raimundo was resting.

"Are we sure we're gonna leave all these people here at the temple, with our vault and everything?" Clay asked them.

"Do not worry." Omi answered. "I have updated the security, and it is impossible to find the vault even more so."

"We can't be too safe." Arko alleged. "I'll stay and keep an eye on the guests, they hardly seem to notice I'm even a monk here."

"I just don't get it though," Rika rubbed her chin with a grimace, "Why would the new enemy steal a bunch of gifts and antiques?"

"Because it's not the new enemy."

Everyone turned to Raimundo, who was sitting up from the matt he was on. The cloth Kimiko had put over his forehead rolled off and onto his belly.


"Rai, be careful, that girl hit you in the face hard." Kimiko said beside him.

"Meh, Omi hits harder." He joked.

"Well, because of you two fighting and distracting everyone, those pirates, whatever they were, got away with our stuff!" Rika chided. "Rai, if it's not the new enemy, then who is it?"

He frowned, revealing the fact that he did not want to share.

"Rai, if you don't want to tell them…" Kimiko tried to say.

"It's fine." He shrugged. "The pirates seem to my sister latest group she's found herself in."

"What? Yur sister?"

"One of my younger sisters, to be exact." Raimundo began. "She's second oldest to me. Her name is Angelina, and right now, she has the Shen Gong Wu scroll as well."

"What!?" Dojo cried. "How did she know to swipe that? And why?"

"I think she thought it can track the Wu too, but you need Dojo for that."

"Then, she's after the Wu, too? Why?" Rika questioned.

"I don't know, but when she realizes they can't locate the Wu with the scroll, she'll come back."

"Perhaps we can get her to follow us when we go after the next Wu using Dojo! Brilliant plan!" Jaku decided.

"The only problem is, we won't know what Wu it'll be!" Dojo wept. "The suspense is killing me!"

"Well, let's give Rai a moment to rest up." Clay pulled the curtain of the entranceway up. "It's been a while since our last Wu, so maybe it'll pop up soon, yeah?"

Everyone trailed out, and Arko was the last to leave. He turned his head to the side to see that Kimiko had not left his side yet.

"Hmph." He yanked the curtains closed behind him, leaving the two alone.

"You sure you're okay?" She asked him. "Or maybe I should just ask, what's wrong?"

"What makes you think anything's wrong?"

"Well, your sister seems to hate you enough to try to kill you, but you tried to save her when I almost hit her with a fireball. Is there something I should know? What happened between you guys?"

"Nothing!" He retorted. "Really…"

She sighed. "You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to."

"Look, what do you need to know? She looked up to me, and I let her down, satisfied?"

She was taken aback, and said nothing.

He sighed. "No, that's not it. I guess… she's sort of mad at me. I didn't take care of her when I was supposed to, and, I let her down. She was always looking up to me, especially when I became a monk. She always runs away from home, worrying mom, going on adventures. I think, she got herself in the wrong sort of adventure, this time…"

"Well, its not too late. Maybe you can convince her yourself to give us our stuff back."

He looked so sullen, Kimiko thought. "I don't know about that…"

"Guys, guys!" Dojo slinked in. "Clay was right! I'm getting' the heebie-jeebies all over!"

"Let's go , then." Raimundo stood up.

"You sure you'll be alright, Rai?"

"Yeah. Let's move out."



They flew to a spot building its place up in the modern world with hefty shopping centers, but more known for its alignment of neighborhoods, and very snowy. Dojo dropped them in one of the neighborhoods at night.

"Brrr! We're getting' close! It's got to be around here somewhere!" He proclaimed.

Clay was shaking off the jitters. "You sure you didn't fly slow enough in the cold air sky, partner?"

"I had to, in case they were following us!"

"It would be a lot easier to spot the Wu, if we knew what it looked like." Omi speculated .

"Well guys… it could be that object shining gold in the playground over there." Jaku pointed.

After they all stared, they all ran at once to it as well. The trudged through the snow that was up to their knees, as quickly as they could, and black figures began to rise out of the snow before them as they did!

"Ah! The ninja pirates are popping out of the snow!" Dojo realized.

"Monks, take 'em out!" Raimundo ordered. They split up while he continued at a fast rate towards the Wu atop the slide. As pirates lunged for him, his comrades would stop them in their tracks, until he finally reached the Wu. It began to glow.

"Survived the fall? Big surprise." Angelina commented.

"Angelina, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!"

"That's it? You just challenge someone and we fight for this piece of junk?" She reviewed. "Okay, what's the challenge?"

"It'll be to unwrap the right gift! We have to search through all the gifts you took and unwrap the Wu! Whoever finds it first, wins!"

"Sounds good to me."

"I say we strike a deal, since you don't have any Wu to wager, Angelina."

"Fine. Lemme guess: you want me to return all the presents me and my gang took?"

"And the Shen Gong Wu scroll."

"I'll agree to this, but if I win, I get all the Shen Gong Wu you have right now."

"Agreed. Then let's go: Xiaolin Showdown!"

The snow swirled around them, transforming into a giant Christmas tree made out of snow. The Wu had been wrapped in another box present, and fell into the stolen gifts that were under the tree.

"Gon Yi Tempai!"

Both siblings slid into the snow and began to grab presents.

"Come on, Raimundo!" Omi cheered. "Metaphorically kick your sister's butt!"

"This doesn't feel right at all, Rai havin' to fight his sister en all." Clay said.

"You had to against your sister, remember Clay?" Kimiko recalled. "I'm sure he needs to fight her for the same reasons; they both need to get some things out they've been holding back form each other."

"Oy, that's Wendy's older brother?" They heard someone from the pirate group beside them say. "No wonder she wanted this bounty so bad."

"Stop trying to act like crooks you bunch of brats!" Kimiko snapped at them. "Which one of you is in charge?"

"I am," A shorter, dark red haired Brazilian presented himself. "I am Pan."

"Pan? As in, Peter Pan?" Jaku assumed.

"Yes. And these crafty gents in black are my lost boys. We travel to exquisite sites and take their treasure for ourselves!"

"Aw, you gotta be kidding me." Jaku slapped his forehead. "Did we really let these punks steal our stuff under our noses?"

"It was all Wendy's idea." Pan explained.

"You mean Angelina." Kimiko corrected with her arms folded.

"Whatever. She planned on getting you guys distracted with that fight, and giving us an opportunity to steal your stuff while you all were distracted."

"What? How would she know Omi and Raimundo were going to fight at all?" Kimiko thought aloud.

The showdown was continuing, both Raimundo and Angelina had tossed several gifts out with no luck of unwrapping the Wu.

"This is almost ironic," Angelina spoke first, never halting her urgency to rip open the next gift, "It almost feels as if we're doing something together for once."

"Why are you with those thugs?"

"Because I needed something to do. All my dreams of ever finding you and training alongside you weren't getting me anywhere."


"It's a good thing you passed out your address to all of your party pals back home, otherwise I would have never found you at last."

Again, he hesitated to speak.

"How many times did momma call you and tell you I had run away again? How many times did you actually care?"

"You did it so many times I lost count. It was obviously for attention."

"Attention?" She echoed. "Momma got remarried, Rai!"

He froze, halting his gift unwrapping. "What?"

"Yeah. To an obvious drug lord. Can you believe that? I don't know why she didn't bother to tell you, its not like you would have done anything to help your siblings out anyway."

"That's not true-!"

"Oh yeah, maybe if it benefitted you in some way to save us? Like maybe if you got to go out to more parties, or were allowed more booze and money in compensation!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I saw you, when you would come back to Rio, it was always only if you were with your friends having a good time, you never even bothered to come check on us!"

He was tossing presents left at right, looking forward, without a response.

"So, you admit it's true?" She said in a hushed tone. "You're not even going to deny it…" She paused. "You're a horrible person, big brother. You're selfish, and you're horrible."

Raimundo opened the lid to the gift boxed before him. "I'm also a winner." He replied tonelessly, holding up the Wu. With wide eyes, Angelina watched her defeat as the showdown was over.

"Good job, Rai!" The monks crowded him. "You got the gifts and scroll back."

"Really, Wendy?" Pan scolded. "Some lost girl you turned out to be!" She had her head down and said nothing. "Let's move out, this whole night was a bust."

The lost boys followed orders and returned to their flying pirate ship for take off.

"Put the gifts in the Cerulean sack! We can take 'em all back in one trip!" Clay suggested.

While the others were scooping up their loot, Raimundo turned to his sister.

She was looking back at him, and she had a single tear treading down the cheek facing him. She turned away quickly and headed for the pirate ship.

"Rai… are you okay?" Kimiko asked him gently.

"Sure." He brushed by her and began to pick up gifts, ending the conversation there.

Once they were all packed, they began to board Dojo. Raimundo could see that the giant boat had not gotten off the ground yet, so he looked back once more to check on his sister. When he did, the scene he witnessed almost seemed to be in slow motion, as he played it back in his mind repeatedly within that shocking split second.

Pan's hand, slapping into Angelina's cheek, and causing her to fall sideways off against the wood floor of the ship.

He kept his eyes wide, still. He didn't know how to react, so much was flowing in his mind.


No, he couldn't.

How can you know if you don't even try?


"Huh?" His head shot over to Dojo.

"Get yur butt over here! We gotta get back to the guests at the temple!" Clay snapped at him.

"Oh, right!" He hopped on and Dojo finally took off.

"Noooow, let's see what Wu this is!" Jaku said while he unrolled the scroll. "The Golden Sleigh: activated, you can fly in the sky for a short time." He rolled the scroll back up. "Lame."

"Well, at least we got it with no Heylin enemies at the scene." Rika analyzed.

"And Rai did a heck of a job getting' it back fur us!" Clay praised. "That's some legit leadership right there!"

"Well, all I know is I can't wait to get out of this freezing weather!" Jaku shivered.

"Agreed, partner!"

Raimundo jumped off of Dojo and was free falling in the snowy air.

"Whoa! We got a monk down! Monk down!" Dojo exclaimed.

"Raimundo!" Kimiko cried.

"Golden Sleigh!" Raimundo had the Wu activate under him, and he landed in the oversized transportation. The Sleigh began to fly back in the opposite direction of Dojo.

"Rai! Where are you going?" Kimiko called out.

"Don't follow me!" Was all he said before he vanished in the musty air.

"There appears to be a storm picking up! I can no longer see Raimundo." Omi squinted his eyes.

"We have to follow him!" Kimiko insisted.

"You heard Rai-buddy, though-"

"Yeah, but that Sleigh only flies for a short time! What if he crashes? He might need our help!"

Dojo immediately spun around. "Oy, I don't get paid enough for this! Oh wait; I don't get paid for this at all!"

There was another time Raimundo and Marcelo were walking on the beach together. After the long family picnic and making sand castles, they were both tired.

"Marcelo, how come nana and papa call you a pro-taggy?

Marcelo chuckled at this. "You mean, a protégé?"

"Y-yeah. That."

"I guess they just think I'm really good at soccer, I think."

"I want to be as good as you, Marcelo!"

"If you work hard, you can do anything." He told him.

"Big brother, what are they saying over there?"

"Who? Them, over there!" Raimundo pointed at the family ahead of them playing by the shore.

"Oh. It's Spanish. I can't really understand them."

"Ah-ha! So you really don't know everything!"

He laughed again. "Raimundo, are you jealous of me?"

"What? N-no way!"

"It's okay if you are. The adults talk a lot about the stuff I'm good at."

"They like you better." He mumbled.

"Raimundo, that's not true, and don't say things like that!"

He sighed. "Sorry." His grimace never left his features.

Marcelo noticed this. "Rai, do you want people to look up to you and think you're as good as me?"

His eyes lit up. "Y-yeah!"

"Then promise me, you'll work hard, and always attain to your responsibilities, no matter what."

"You say that all the time! Alright, alright, I guess so."

"That's the way to go, bro." Marcelo winked. "In fact I know what you can do to start working hard on one goal at a time…"


He pointed at the family. "You can start with learning how to speak Spanish."

"Aw, but I don't know any Spanish!"

"I do, and I'll help you learn some along the way."

"Awesome! Teach me now!"

"Well, I only know a few words: I know Hola mean Hello, Trabujar means to work, hermano and hermanas is brother and sister,a dn voca means cow."

"Cool, so you're my voca, then!"


"Oops, that did mean brother, r-right?"

"Ohh, no. Hermano means brother."

"Yeah, that's what I meant, hermano!"

Marcelo grinned. "We can learn Spanish together. Okay?"

"Okay, hermano!"

At that moment, Marcelo began to cough hysterically.

"Big brother, what's wrong?"

He coughed so much, he fell to his knees. Raimundo remembered his momma and relatives rushing through the hot sand frantically to aid him… there was so much screaming, and an ambulance….


"Pan sir, the monks are tailing us." One of the lost boys with a kaleidoscope reported.

"Ugh, what is it now? Prepare the canons-"

"No, let him land!" Angelina insisted.

"You're in no place to speak after your failure, Wendy." Pan seethed.

"Then let me speak!" Raimundo dropped onto the deck.

"What the hell are you doing, Rai? You got all of your stuff back, so leave." Angelina spoke in a tempered volume.

Raimundo could see the red swell on her face. "Ahhh, dammit." He ruffled his hair. "You were right, okay? I'm a selfish bastard."

"You came back to repeat what I've already said to you? Get off this ship!" She yelled.

"You're right about me being a selfish bastard, but you're wrong about me not caring, alright?"

"Bull! Anyone who would care would do their job and look out for their siblings; or is it just that you're too lazy to even do that?"


"I believe there's a difference between ducking out of your work and being just plain lazy. If you're avoiding your responsibilities, then you probably don't care about them in the first place. But if you're lazy, then you avoid your work even though you do care about it, but you're too tired and uninspired to budge at all. So which one are you?"

He did not answer right away, tightening his fists.

"I'm the lazy one, alright?" He finally said. "I care about everything in my life, way more than I should, but I don't want to take care of all of it! It can't always be on me!"

"Hah, that's so like you. You don't want to do your job, so you run away and let things suffer, going to your parties, never bothering to give me a single phone call all the days you were gone! But then again, why would you? You ignored me all the days we were younger, simply because you didn't feel like hanging out with me, or you didn't feel like helping me out! And I'm sure you do the same to those monks you lead, right? How did someone like you even become leader?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm sure you don't bother to help them out either, right? When they're in danger, when they need your help? How ironic of a leader you are."

"How would know if I'm too lazy to help my comrades or not?"

"Because I know you! And if you can't even bother to do anything for your own flesh and blood, why would you for people you just work with?"

He actually had to ponder this. All the times he went out to party, when he refused to do his part of the labor, when he'd lie just so he didn't have to do the chores; did all of that count in this? Did all of that make him… lazy?

"I know it's true! And if you are lazy, and just avoiding your responsibilities on purpose, even though you still supposedly care, than you're even worse than I thought!"

"Angelina, wait-"

"It doesn't matter what I say, does it? It never did when we were younger, and I begged you to help me with things. You're always going to be lazy and selfish, no matter what, huh?"

"Stop talking-"

"What turned you into this anyway, huh? Is that just how you've always been, too unwilling to do anything unless it benefitted you? I thought momma had raised you better!


"After searching for you for so long, after you were chosen a Xiaolin monk, I finally realized that you took it as an opportunity to escape your poor life with your family. You wanted out, completely, and you shut me and the others out so you could live in your lap of luxury without any care in the world!"


"I looked up to you, so much!" She screamed. "I was such an idiot child, thinking I could look up to you for any guidance, and the whole time you never bothered to lead me anywhere!"


His declaration silenced the ship, stinging the air with a sharp echo. Angelina swallowed to compensate for her dry mouth as she stared with widened gaze.

He was on his knees before everyone encircling him, a miserable state, really.

"I wanted to show you so many things…" He whispered, this time.

Angelina gulped again. "…Then why didn't you?"

"I… was… so afraid…"

They put the white sheet over the body. So much crying. So much disappointment.

He remembered it like it was yesterday. "I wanted to work hard for everything I earned. I wanted to be great at everything, just like my big brother, Marcelo."

"Marcelo?" Angelina echoed.

"You were just a baby, you didn't know him. He was my big brother." Raimundo began to explain. "He was the person I looked up to."

It seemed as though the crew of lost boys had become quite intrigued by the drama unfolding before them, as they continued to listen.

"He, died. He got, very, very sick and he just, died." He inhaled sharply and breathed back out. "You'd think that after his death, I would try to be more like him. I would take the words he taught me, and I would use them to the fullest. But I couldn't…"

"Marcelo's so talented, what a protégé!"

"That boy's gonna make this family rich, I'll say!"

"Go, Marcelo!"

"I was wrong." His voice cracked. "I was so wrong. They only wanted me to be like him, but I was just ordinary Raimundo. How could I measure up to my hermano? What if I fell short? What if people looked up to me and I let them down too, the way my brother let me down? He left me here, and everyone wanted me to be his mini clone! They didn't care about me, they just wanted Marcelo back, someway, even if it was through me!"

Angelina said nothing, staring at him at what could be seen as some form of pity and uninterest.

"At that point, I used his death as an excuse; the moody boy who was mad at his relatives for comparing him to his talented dead brother. I didn't have to try hard at anything. I didn't have to pursue any goals, there was no point at making any, especially if they didn't match up to Marcelo's standards. I didn't see the point in doing anything."

He finally looked up at Angelina and began to rise up slowly.

"I didn't want you to look up to me the way I looked up to Marcelo, and then be disappointed. It was better to avoid any chance of that and never bother to try and be a part of your life at all. It was an easier route, and choosing that path was a lazy choice of mine, one I've always regretted."

"Oh, please." She managed to say. "The only reason you're finally confessing now is because I found you first. You would have never explained this otherwise."

"Heh. I guess you're right. I wouldn't have taken the time to look for you. Working hard for things just isn't who I am. I'm not Marcelo, I'm me. And I guess, that's how I've always truly been."

"Exactly." She folded her arms. "So why are you wasting your time on a confession we both knew about already?"

"Hmph, I think this has gone on long enough," Pan finally spoke, "lost boys, arrest this fool for trespassing on my ship!"

Two lost boys gripped onto either arm or Raimundo, and he barely put up a fight.


Everyone's heads turned to the giant flying green thing beside the ship.

""What the-? Guys, I told you not to follow me!" Raimundo snapped.

"Sorry, Rai-buddy!" Clay tipped his hat.

"We were worried about you!" Rika yelled.

"And it looks like we were on the right mark; you're getting yourself captured, Pedrosa?" Jaku analyzed.

"Guys, just go, will you? That's an order!"

"Why would we listen to such an insane request?" Omi challenged.

"We're not leaving without you Raimundo!" Kimiko clarified.

"Why not, huh? Why would you want me as your leader?"

They all looked at each other.

Clay spoke first. "We uh, kinda heard your little family conversation just now-"

"DAMMIT GUYS! Nobody was supposed to hear that!"

"Well, we did, Pedrosa. Why didn't you tell us you were so overwhelmed?" Jaku asked.

Rai blinked. "Huh?"

"We could have lightened the load for you, ya know. If you didn't feel like doing all of your responsibilities as a leader, you should have just handed out jobs for us to do!" Rika scolded.

"Indeed. That is what being on a team is all about, I have learned." Omi added. "Although, I must say, I might be able to do more work than all of you combined!"

"I thought you said you heard the conversation we just had," Raimundo raised an eyebrow, "I'm not capable of doing any work anyway. I'm too lazy to do that."

"Well, it may be true that sometimes you duck out on doin' the dishes, partner."

"But when it comes to being a leader, you know differently!" Kimiko proclaimed. "You strategize, you train hard to control your element, you look out for us, you care! I don't know what you were all about before you became a Xiaolin monk, but you were trying to change once you came to the temple!"

"I… I don't know what you mean…" He stammered.

"I think there's still a part inside of you that wants to live up to Marcelo's standards." Kimiko continued. "Not to be just like him, but to try hard at a goal and actually earn it."

"Sure, we see it when you work hard to win a showdown." Said Clay.

"Or when you work hard to learn moves in our training!" Omi recollected.

"Or when you actually take the time to stop and think of a plan for us to follow." Jaku mentioned.

"I think that maybe the fear of you being unable to live up to Marcelo holds you back sometimes, and that's why you can be lazy the way do, because it seems easier not to try at all than to fail. But the truth is, you want to be successful at anything you do, and we can all clearly see that through the effort you put in to being our leader." Kimiko reached her arm out to him. "We've seen you change. You don't have to be afraid anymore, and you don't have to take any responsibility alone. We'll help you any way we can!"

He looked to the boys on either side of him. "If I wasn't a man, I'd probably be balling my eyes out at all the support I was getting. But since I am one-" He yanked his arms forward, causing the boys to bop heads and fallout in front of him. "-I'll just start kicking people's asses that have pissed me off!"

"Hey, you!" Pan yelled, as he watched Raimundo marching towards him. "Get off of my ship—"

The rather motivated monk had Pan by the throat and quickly, lifted him up and turned him to the side where he could get him to dangle off the deck.

"Boss!" The lost boys cried.

"Nobody move, or Pan drops here—unless someone has pixie dust they'd like to give him to fly when I let go, then you have my permission to move."

Angelina furrowed her brows. "Rai, let go of my boyfriend!"

"Are you kidding me, Angelina?" He kept the struggling Pan in his grip while he turned his head to look straight into her eyes. "You're just as lazy as me if you're relying on this bastard to take care of you!"

"Excuse me?" She bellowed.

"You heard me. What kind of girl that calls herself a Pedrosa let's a piece of shit like him beat you?"

She rubbed her cheek in embarrassment, casting her eyes down. "H-he's gonna stop! He said he would! I-it's none of your business, anyway!"

"Oh, Angelina." He shook his head. "You're so wrong. It is my business. And I am sorry, for the years I ignored and didn't guide you, but that all changes now." His grip loosened.

"N-no! No! P-please don't drop me!" Pan choked.

"Listen to me, you Peter Pan pussy! You're gonna leave my little sister alone, you're gonna take your pussy crew back home and deflate this stupid balloon or god so help me, if I find out you're still stealing people's shit, I will hunt you down riding my furious green dragon and strike fire on everything you love, got it?"

With tears and snot on his face, Pan nodded his head enthusiastically.

"Very good." He threw Pan's shaking form back onto the deck, and without hesiatation, marched towards Dojo. He grabbed his sister by the arm, who didn't seem to mind being dragged behind him, and they both hopped onto Dojo. They took off after that, never seeing Pan again.


Raimundo had Dojo go to Rio De Janeiro first, dropping Angelina off. When they landed, Raimundo and her both got off.

"Go tell momma you're safe." He ordered.

"Yeah, okay." She muttered. "I'm sorry I took all of your stuff."

"It's cool. At least I got to see you again." He smiled, then frowned, noticing her tear. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing! I just don't know where the cold-hearted Raimundo went that ignored me all my days went. Now, I feel like you're someone I've known for a very long time. Does that make any sense?"

"Maybe..?" He answered honestly. "I'm sorry I shut you out so long."

"It's okay, as long as you promise not to ever do it again?"

"Promise. I… won't let you down."

She smiled at this, and quickly embraced him.

"Awww, sibling love!" Dojo commented.

"I'm glad Rai-buddy could make everything up to her."

"Yeah, it was a happy ending after all!" Jaku said cornily.

Rika perked up. "Ending? The night's not over yet! We promised our guests we'd bring back their presents!"

"Rai, I hate to cut the reunion short, but we got to go check on the party!" Kimiko yelled to him.

"Coming!" He yelled back, then turned to Angelina once more. "I'll talk to mom about the remarried thing, I promise."

"Oh, that. It was a lie. There is no drug lord guy."


"Well, I just wanted to see if you'd sympathize with me, that's all. Truth is, mom and dad are talking again."

He grinned. "That's good."

"…If you decide to visit, maybe you could, teach me some Spanish?"


"Well, you were always speaking it when we were little, at least that's what I remember. I used to think how cool it would be if you took the time to teach me something you were so good at."

His smile widened. "Sure, I'd love to." He started towards his comrades.

"Rai, wait!" She raced over to him.


She looked as if she were a child about to be disciplined. She lifted up a tea kettle that looked ancient, which she had been holding in her purse.

"What is that?"

"It's a Shen Gong Wu, I think?" She enlightened. "A…A man, gave it to me earlier this week."


"Y-yeah. I'm really sorry. I used it on you guys today to get your treasures."

Omi noticed the object in her hand and opened up the scroll. "The Piss-Pot."

"Whoa, watch yur mouth there, partner!" Clay warned.

"But that is the name of the wu Angelina is holding!" Omi proclaimed.

Angelina continued. "It blows steam out on your opponent, and it makes your enemies fight each other because everyone gets mad. I used it on you and your friends so you'd start fighting and I could use your battle as a decoy; I'm sorry."

"Angelina, who gave you this Wu?" Raimundo asked drastically.

"I didn't care at the time. I just wanted revenge on you, so I took the Wu form him without any questions. I'm so sorry."

"Was he wearing a suit, Angelina?"

"Yeah. How did you know that, though?"

The monks paused to reflect on this.

"Damn." Jaku spoke first.

"So the lost boys attacking was a plot from the new enemy?" Rika frowned.

"Damn!" Raimundo cursed.

"D-did I do something wrong?"

"No, you were fine, Angelina. Thank you for telling us."

"Good." She nodded her head once. "I-I'll do anything else I can to help."

"You've had enough adventures in Neverland for one day, haven't you, Wendy?" He teased. "Just let momma know your safe, we'll take care of the rest."

"Okay, be careful, Xiaolin monks!"

The night was finally ending, sharply around 5 am in the morning. The sun was not even up, and the freezing monks were picking up trash all from their party that had become a great success. Many games had been played, stories were told and the white elephant gift exchange went on without a hitch. There hadn't been another strike or attack it seemed at the Neverland crew had tried to steal their stuff. Now that they were finally done, cleaning the entire area in the blistering cold, the monks settled in from their busy night.

Rika plopped herself on the couch first, wearing a sweater with her PJ pants.

"Ahhhh, nothing better than hot coco in the winter." She blew into the mug she had cradled against her.

"I believe you are incorrect. Tea is much more soothing in the winter." Omi sipped into his cup of boiling hot chai.

The monks had gathered in the living room to talk for a moment.

"What are we gonna do now, guys? The party worked, sort of. The enemy attacked again but they didn't show up directly." Kimiko assumed.

"Yeah, and he used my damn sister for his schemes! That means, none of our loved ones are safe form this guy!"

"Calm down, Pedrosa. If he wanted to threaten our loved ones, he would have done it by now. This plan of his is a process, whatever it is."

"Well, the party didn't work to capture him, so what are we going to do now?" Arko questioned.

"To be honest, I'm not sure. Put we've got to keep on our toes!" Raimundo decided. "This guys seems to be able to attack anytime at anyway so we have to prepared to assume anything bizarre, normal or otherwise that happens to us could be him striking again."

Rika tapped her glass mug. "I agree with Raimundo. I mean, it would be so much easier if we knew what he wanted from us, referring to those beasts Kimiko saw or otherwise, but until we know, stay alert!"

"Fine. The only way I'm gone stay sharp though, is if we toddle off to bed and get some shut eye." Clay yawned and stretched while he spoke. The others followed his movement and began to head to their rooms to nap.

When Raimundo reached his room, exhausted and dreary, a large "A-HEM" caused him to spin around.

"Kimiko." He addressed. She was leaning against the wall across from his doorway with her arms folded. He immediately tried to avert eyes from looming over the spot of her stomach that was poking out from under her short, long sleeved, buttoned pajama shirt. She had on shorts with a snowflake pattern, but what was most interesting to Raimundo about them was how short the shorts were.

"How are you feeling?" She asked sincerely.

"Much better, now. I keep thinking how much worse this whole night could have been, and it turned out differently."

She waited to speak. "Ifff, you don't mind me saying, I think Marcelo would be very proud of you."

His grin widened. "Me too."

"Aaaand, I think it was very heroic what you did for your sister today, too." She began to saunter to him. He did not move as she stood close to him.

"…I didn't get you anything."

"Huh?" He was flustered, for some reason.

"You got me that case, and I forgot to wrap anything for you and give it to you."

"Oh, no big deal. It's… fine…." He could see her arm reach up and wrap around his waist.

"So I got you something else." She continued.

"Really? A gift?" His voice was at a whisper as well. "Where is it?"

"Look up." She told him.

He did so. "Oh, look at that!" He said enthusiastically. "Mistletoe—"

She had already reached up to kiss him hard on the lips, and he took the invitation quite instinctually.

He kissed her back, and grabbed her by the waist to yank her into his room. They were dizzily pressing themselves against each other, body and lips. They knocked into the walls a few times before Raimundo finally found his mat and laid her down gently. Their slight gripping and harsh breathing was quick—He literally yanked the buttons off her shirt, causing them to fly into the air. She laughed at this while she griped his hips.

He immediately lunged for her bare breast, cuffing her right one with a squeeze, reaching down to pull her shorts off with his left hand, and sucking on her neck as he did so. She began to tug at his shirt—he stopped what he was doing, sat up and threw his shirt off over his head, and continued back to what he was working on. She could see every inch of his rippling skin, despite the darkness of the space. He stopped again to examine every inch of her, and she did so in return—they both seemed out of breath and they had barely begun, and now Raimundo was reaching under her panties—

She gasped out, biting her lip, her hand wrapped tightly around his neck. She arched every time he pushed his fingers in, more and more.

"A-Ah!" She groaned.

"Don't tell me to stop this time." He whispered in her ear.

"Uh, uhh—" was all that came out. He smirked against her pulsating flesh, pulling out and beginning to unbuckle his own pants. He had thrown the belt off when he stopped.

"What is it?" She asked.

He seemed to be pondering something. He let go of his pants and fell forward, catching himself before he fell right on her. His face was turned away form her.

"Raimundo?" She spoke again.

He shook his head, eyes still away from her. "I can't."

"Can't…?" She sounded so disappointed. He recognized this and finally looked at her, gripping her chin.

"Kimiko…you have no idea, how… bad I want you right now," He admitted, "But think of how complicated things are going to get once we do this."

"I have thought about it." She said, her hand on his cheek, "I just didn't think it would matter, as long as it made you happy."

"I am happy." He assured her. "I'm happy to know that you do actually want me, and you're not just avoiding me, like I thought. But I'm also happy because you helped me see the error of my ways today. You're right. I'm capable of being more responsible then I have been, and with this new enemy out there… I don't want to take any chances of losing my focus."

She gave him a sour look. "Boy, you really meant what you said when you said you'd be tied to your responsibilities more, then?"

His face was dulled, as he nodded his head.

She sighed, an aggravated sigh. "It's alright. I understand that." She smiled again. "I'm glad you're keeping your word." She sat up, from his mat, covering her self with her torn pajamas. They both stood up quickly and began to put on what clothes they could.

"I'm sorry to have you leave like this."

"It's my fault. I shouldn't have tried because I knew it wasn't a good time." She shrugged, about to leave his room. "Hey, Rai?"

"Yeah, Kimi?"

"…Do you think it'll ever be a good time? Do you think we'll ever be able to truly take a break from being Xiaolin warriors?"

"….You want my honest opinion?"

She nodded her head.

"…I honestly don't know."

She looked up at him, and ran over to him, kissing him on the cheek. "Goodnight!" She dashed out.

Once she had left, Raimundo quickly bashed his fist into the wall, which was more painful than he had expected it to be.

"Ouch-DammiT! You fucking moron, Raimundo! Why did you do that?" He cried aloud to himself, about hitting the wall and letting Kimiko go. Even when she was putting her clothes on, he wanted to screw her then too. His damn pants were wet, so he would have to change all of again. Damnit. He knew it was the right thing, but it certainly wasn't the easy thing. He knew, if they had done it, they would have become way more intimate then they already were, which publically, could have been more awkward for them both, and their focus by no means would be completely focused on the task ahead then. Still though…

Kimiko tip-toed into her room down the hall. Thank god no one was in sight, or they might have thought she had been raped! Still, though, the way he was touching her… it caused her to smile as she finally entered the safety of her room. She had been unaware that the unamused eyes of Arko had seen her scampering down the hall from Raimundo's room to her own. He attempted to block out his own mental images of what they could have possibly been doing in their for her to look so torn up. Avoided his thought simply, by shutting his room closed and attempting to go to bed as well, for the new adventures that awaited them all.


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