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The Xiaolin Chronicles

Previously on Xiaolin Chronicles:

Raimundo's sister and a gang of pirates raided the Monk's temple during a Christmas party. After Raimundo admitted his faults, he was able to get his sister back on his side, and defeat the pirates. She told Raimundo that a man in a suit gave her the Wu that helped her raid their temple, which correlates to the unknown enemy that's been attacking each individual monk at a time.

Episode 56: Arko and the Bean Pt 1

The sun wasn't up yet, but Arko Delet was already up, lying back against the tiles of the roof to the temple. He kept his arms rested on the back of his head for support while he gazed up at the black sky.


He was more annoyed than surprised that he was being disrupted.

"Arko, I know you are up there." His voice rose above the silence. The boy rolled his eyes before sitting up and leaning over the rooftop to see the one looking back up at him.

"What?" He snapped.

"May I come up?"

Arko shrugged. "It's your temple."

Master Fung had flipped onto the roof in no time. He continued to stand with his arms folded beside Arko, who was staring up at him with displeasure.

"You old people have a nag for stalking me, kinda creepy."

"Why have you not rested yet, young one?"

Arko laid back down with arms behind his head. "I'm resting right now."

"You have not slept in days." The older monk responded.

Arko didn't answer right away. "When things bother me, sometimes I don't rest." He paused again. "Got a problem with that?"

"If I had any form of aggravation towards you, Arko, I would have settled it by now. I am merely concerned-"

"I know why you are concerned," Arko assumed, "You did me a favor and vouched for me with those elder monk guys, right? If I do something off the wire, it'll mean you were wrong and they'll think your judgment is off, and you don't want that. That's why you're checking on me; so I don't embarrass you in front of your posse."

Master Fung raised a brow. "Is that how your perspective is? You think that people simply do things only if it benefits for themselves?"

"Of course. Every action we make is for our benefit."

"What about when you saved the others from Heba? Was that for your own benefit?"

"Yes. I was feeling guilty for the things I did and needed to redeem myself."

"Perhaps, but even our selfish feelings can cause us to do things for others."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"It will, eventually. Trust me."

"Okay, thanks for the lecture."

Master Fung sighed. "Arko, if something is troubling you, you know you can always turn to your comrades."

"Again, nice lecture."

"I am not trying to lecture you, Arko. I am trying to help you."

Arko was glaring at him then. Was it not obvious he needed his space? This old man was becoming repetitive and tiresome.

"I can see I am only being a bother, though." Fung realized. "But if it is the affairs of the heart that are keeping you awake, you should not be alone, Arko."

"Again-again, thanks for the talk." Arko did not move as Fung turned to leave. He wondered if his sarcasm had finally convinced him to go—

Fung was sitting right beside him. "Regardless of why you think I am speaking to you of this matter, it would be in your own best interest to be with the other monks. You were not enrolled into the duties of a Xiaolin dragon in the same way as the others were, but you are a Xiaolin monk all the same."

"Whatever I am, I'm used to the quiet, okay? I deal with my problems on my own time so I can focus on what's important."

"You do not believe your problems are important?"

"They just hold me down, I need to keep them out of sight so I can act… normal around the others."

"But, how do you intend on not being alone if you cannot be yourself towards the others?"

"I never said I didn't want to be alone, I like it. You're the one who thinks I need to be in more group hugs and bonding campfire crap, old man."

Master Fung chuckled, which Arko did not expect. "I think, you have an inquisitive mind, Arko, but you are not at the level you are meant to be at yet. You still have much to learn."

"Ah. Again, thanks." He grumbled. "I get that you old people have been through just about everything, but can I just make my mistakes and learn from them on my own, please?"

"I see. You try to push people away, and it makes sense because that is what you are used to doing. But now that you are on a team, you will learn it is not always that simple."


Master Fung stood up. "Master Sir told me you were stubborn."

He perked up. "You talked to that old man too?" He hesitated. "Huh. Makes sense; you sound just like him."

"He, along with the other Xiaolin monks are concerned for you, Arko."

"I don't think so. They only let me join because I saved their lives; it was their pity party for me. I don't think they really trust me yet still."

"Then, continue convincing them, if you yourself are so unsure." The old master hopped off the roof, then. "In time, you will learn what actions are best to take in such situations."

"Yeah, thanks for the misty guidance!" He called out sarcastically. He sighed in aggravation. The sky looked lighter, now. He pondered the former situation that had brought him into such a funk in the first place: when he and Raimundo had fought one another the day Jermaine and Delilah visited the temple:

"Hm, that's true." Arko intruded. "I think some of us in here could learn from that."

"What does that mean?" Raimundo confronted. It occurred to Kimiko that Raimundo's good mood had vanished—

"I'm just saying, sometimes the Xiaolin monks seem more focused on who they look over their responsibilities." Arko continued.

Raimundo squinted his eyes. "What monks are you referring to, exactly?"

Arko shrugged, but Raimundo wasn't buying it.

"No, go ahead. You're talking about Kimiko and me, right? You did see us the other day; is that what you're referring to?"

Clay wondered for a moment if maybe Arko was mentioning him and Rika.

"Yeah. It is. With everything weird that's been going on, I'd expect the leader to be more sharp."

"If anything were to happen between me and Kimiko, it would be none of your business, bastard."

"Rai!" Kimiko scolded.

Arko shrugged. "I'm just saying if you're gonna screw each other it should be at a different time—"

He could barely finish before Raimundo's fist made contact with his jaw. He flew back into the seat behind him and the chair went rolling backwards.

"Raimundo!" Kimiko yelled first.

"Oh my goodness." Rika hardly seemed surprised.

Raimundo hopped over the chair and could see that Arko was already up on his feet, punching him back. He flung to side and caught himself, facing Arko once again, and punching him once more—it was a messy fight, like what you would see in an after school rumble.

Raimundo attempted to ram him into the wall, but Arko pushed off of it and instead dropped his weight onto Raimundo, who for a moment did not expect the heavy body that toppled on him. With Raimundo pinned to the ground, Arko was about to start punching him again, but Raimundo found his strength and managed to roll him off. They both tumbled into the next room, dropping vases and hitting walls as they did so, until they both rolled onto their feet again.

"Stop it!" Kimiko stood between them. "You're both acting immature!"

"Then tell him to take back what he said!" Raimundo retorted. "Why would you even say that anyway? You sound like a jealous woman!"

"What? I'm not jealous!" Arko responded.

"Hang on; why does it have to be a girl that's envious?" Rika took it literally. "Guys can get just as jealous."

"They do not! Not the way girls do!"

Jaku stroked his chin. "Really? I recall a time when youwere once jealous of me, Pedrosa—"

"Okay, we're getting off subject!" Raimundo pointed at Arko. "Stay away from me!"

"You're being sensitive, Rai." Kimiko lectured. "Arko doesn't care about stuff like that, so there's nothing to worry about."

They both seemed taken aback as she continued. "We can't afford you guys to get in fights with each other over nothing!"

"But, Kimi-!"

"No buts, Rai! Promise me you won't lose your cool like that again-" She glanced at Arko. "-both of you. Promise?"

Raimundo kicked his foot up. "Fine."

"Yeah, whatever."

The room went silent.

"Well, that was hella entertaining!" Jaku clasped his hands together. "Let's heal those cuts and bruises on your faces now, hm?"

It wasn't as much as the fight that was upsetting for him, but what she said that bothered him most.

Arko doesn't care about stuff like that

We can't afford you guys to get in fights with each other over nothing!

Was it really nothing? Perhaps it was just him. He knew it was bad to keep his emotions bottled up, but he couldn't afford the possible rejection of this girl he had suddenly fallen for, especially if she did not feel the same way. She was the one making him feel most welcomed, but perhaps that wasn't enough to keep him on their side. He saved their lives for goodness sake; what else did he have to do to get the others to like him?

The younger brother sighed in aggravation. "Why did we walk all the way out here in this forest? If you have a destination, you could have just flown-"

"Shh! Do you sense that?" The older brother had stopped stalking and froze in the spot he was in, halting his brother with his arm out to the side and his index finger to his lips.

"No. Should I?"

"Yes. That is our key to changing the next one, brother!"

"Oy, great." He mumbled, un-amused.

"It was used here, in this very spot."

"What was used here?"

He glanced over his shoulder to look at him. "The Ying-yang yo-yo."

The youngest's eyes lighted up. "Ohhhhh…"

He smirked. "Did you know that magic leaves a mark, brother?"

"Better than anyone, I most certainly did know that, brother."

The oldest raised his left arm above his head, with his index and middle finger pointed up.

The air was still, and moments later he flung his arm back down, slicing into the silence; had actually created a cut in the air that was screaming.

The cut had air seeping out of it, and as he began to pry the cut open even more, the scream echoed across the hollow forest. He opened it up to a round shape, completing the forced opening of the portal, and then it went quiet again.

"Ah, there we go." He stepped aside. "After you." They both eventually stepped in, entering the Ying Yang world. In front of them was a cabin, and red and black bird was perched on its roof. With no invitation, they walked in.

The furniture and dishes were floating in the wooden space, and the brothers speculated the flying items for the one thing they had been searching for.

"Ohhhh goodie, more guests." The southern accent of the floating bean could be heard above them. "I assume you are also figments of my imagination; well, I'm kinda busy, so if you could just go now-"

"We are not figments, Hannibal Bean. We have come to set you free." The youngest stated.

"Huh?" He cackled. "Oh, sure. You know I must admit this place is a lot more hospitable than that glass prison I was trapped in before, but here, hours become years; years become centuries, did you know that? I musta been floatin' around all this junk fur at least a good 7 centuries or so. Just floatin'."

The youngest turned to his brother. "He's too far gone. This plan might not work…"

"Let me handle this." The oldest watched the bean float, motionlessly as he did. "What a terrible fate this chi world has placed you in."

"I dunno, I kinda like it."

"How would like to get revenge on the one who put you here in the first place, hm?"

Hannibal Bean continued to glance around. This wasn't a trick. He was finally free.

Bean's dried eyes speculated the men. "Well, well, gentlemen in suits!" He proclaimed. "It must be ma lucky day. Y'all come all this way just to save lil' 'ol me?"

"We did, Bean. If you come with us, you could go back to the real world, and seek vengeance on the one that trapped you here; what do you say?"

The cabin door flew open, a gust of wind intervening the scene. The bird came soaring in, dropping an item into Bean's possession. He swallowed it, and he grew into his black armored form.

"Why don't y'all just scram? You must think I'm stupid to believe you!"

"Ah, you've found the internal fruits, excellent!" The oldest cheered. "You can definitely use those for your revenge!"

"Who the hell are you, why are trying to help me?"

"We are nothing! Literally space in this vortex called life we cannot break! Will you let us help you? Swear you will tell no one of our pitiful existence, and we'll set you free!"

Bean did hesitate. He did not like trusting anyone, but he was also not in any state to resign this opportunity either.

"Fine. We got a deal."

"Excellent!" The oldest snapped his fingers and the portal was opened, sucking them all in.

Hannibal Bean was surrounded by green and trees; a site he had not seen in centuries.

"Why, thank y'all kindly." The armored Bean tilted towards the brothers. "Surely, there's something I can do for you."

"No worries! Helping you was enough."

"Uh-huh. Sure." Bean did not believe them. "If you don't mind, I'd like to take my lil' revenge scheme on my own."

"Of course." The oldest bowed as they stepped away. "We'll leave you to it, Hannibal Bean." They faded into the shadows of the trees.

Bean peeked up at the sun piercing through the leaves above him. He raised his glove hand out towards it.

"I ain't sure if this is some sort of dream 'er not, but I will endow all my efforts into it regardless." He tightened his fist. "Arko Delet: you a dead man walking!"




"Come on girl, move it! Ya gotta hurry before-!"

"Clay, what the hell is that?!"

"Too late."

Clay Bailey was approached by Raimundo and Omi, both of which who were about to start training before they saw the strange site.

"Uh, h-hey partners…"

"Clay, what is that doing here?" Raimundo demanded.

"Well, it's a cow."

"I can see that dude, thanks, why is it here at our temple?"

"Well, papa ran out of room at our ranch, so I volunteered to help out; usually he'd just sell the thing but gosh darn economy and all…"

"You brought a cow to the temple." Raimundo repeated.

"Alright! I am most excited about this!" Omi proclaimed. "I shall get to milk it, yes?"

"No Omi," Raimundo answered, "The cow is leaving soon anyway-"

"Aw, c'mon Rai-buddy!" Clay carped. "It won't be a problem, honest; it's only for a little while."

"First your junk, now this! This isn't a storage base, dude; it's our temple!"

"Awww, we got a new pet!" Jaku and Rika appeared. "Hopefully it's better than our last pet, ay Ri-Ri?"

"Shut up, Jaku!"

"You can't keep it here, Clay. I'm sorry." Raimundo folded his arms.

Clay opened his mouth to protest more, but somebody else spoke in his stead.

"I'll help him take care of it."

Everyone turned to see Arko approaching as well. He walked over to Clay and the cow as the others watched in bewilderment.

"It's no big deal if the cow's not in the way, right?" He took the reigns of the beast. "We'll keep it in the back, so you don't even have to see it."

Perplexed, the others looked at Raimundo for confirmation.

He finally shrugged. "Sure, whatever. See what I care." He waved it off and he and Omi headed for the training area.

Clay and Arko continued walking farther back onto the temple grounds, each on opposite sides of the cow.

"…Uh, thanks, partner."

"No problem."

"So uh…. What do you want?"

Arko blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Come on, you think I'm stupid er somethin'?" Clay glared at him. "You must want something, or else why would you help?"

"Can't I help out a friend in need?"

Clay sighed. "No offense partner. But we ain't friends. Last I heard you were blackmailing me, remember?"

"Yeah, about that. The pirates took my phone when they raided the temple, so I don't have the pictures anymore."

"Oh, r-really?" Actually, Clay had taken his phone from him when he was knocked out by the pirates that night.

"Yeah, guess I can't use the embarrassing photos against you anymore."

"Wait." Clay stopped walking. "You know you didn't have to tell me that, right? You could have kept on pretendin' to threaten me."

"…But that would be wrong." He managed to say.

"You don't care if I tell Rai what you told me?"

After what Arko saw last night, he couldn't care less. "Do what you want."

They seemed far enough, and the cow was settled and eating the grass, so Arko left Clay to his thoughts. When he was alone, Clay pulled Arko's cell phone out of his pocket. He had been wanting to tell Raimundo for so long about the black mail… but now, he felt guilty? He wasn't sure if she do anything rash just yet. Clay had many assumptions about Arko Delet, and none of them were extremely positive.


Kimiko walked out of the temple, stretching her arms across her body. She could see from a distance that Omi and Raimundo were training already that morning. She thought about the night before, how close she had been with Raimundo.

I don't want to take any chances of losing my focus.

She shook her head and grumbled. How annoying-

"Trouble in paradise?"

She turned to see Arko approaching from behind the temple.

"Oh, good morning." She responded. "Nothing's wrong. Stop being nosy."

"I'm not being nosy, just observant." He continued to walk towards the training area. "Are you coming?"

She looked back over to see Raimundo doing a flip in the air before he blocked one of Omi's kicks.

"…I'm good. Maybe later."

"You can't ignore him, you know." He did not look at her as he spoke.

"Ignore who?" She furrowed her brows.

"The guy you were with last night." He called to her. He was still walking, and at this pint she trotted after him.

"Hold on! You were spying on me?"

"Spying? No." His eye contact was towards the sky. "But its hard not to notice somebody half-naked creeping around in the halls at night."

"You-!" She stopped herself, and instead scurried in front. He stopped with raised eyes as she stood before him with her index finger pointed in his chest.

"You just-mind your own business!" She snapped. "You don't know anything, so stop being so prude about it and acting like you do!"



"I said, sorry, okay?" He glared at her before passing by and continuing his path.

"But… you don't ever say sorry." She seemed more thrilled than surprised, turning her head with a grin.

"Yeah, well, maybe I should start." He almost bumped into the tile platform Omi and Raimundo were standing on.

"What's all this?" Raimundo was out of breath, noticing the two.

"Hey, Pedrosa!" Jaku called from the other end. "Let Rika and I have a go now."

"Hold on, I'm just getting warmed up!" Raimundo replied.

"Even though I have defeated you several times already, yes?" Omi pointed out.

"You." Raimundo wafted his fingers towards Arko. "Me and you next."

"Me?" Arko echoed. "You sure you don't want to train with your girlfriend?"

Raimundo glowered. "Come on up."

Arko expected a more tempered response then that. He hopped onto the platform and faced Raimundo.

"What's going on?" Clay asked Jaku.

"Just training, but Pedrosa's hogging the platform! Come on, we should train in a different spot-"

"Wait, I want to see this." Rika decided.

"Huh?" Both boys rang out.

"Is it not obvious to you both what's happening here?" She rolled her eyes. "Leave it to guys to be so oblivious."

"Heyy, what does that mean?" Jaku demanded.

"Just watch and see."

Omi stood beside Kimiko. "I do not like this."

"Me neither." She agreed. They watched for a moment as the boys fought with graceful acrobatic skills. "But maybe they can be mature and handle themselves."

It was Raimundo that punched first. He knocked his fist right over the back of Arko's head. He caught himself and managed to block Raimundo's knee that was coming up to jab him in the face, throwing it back down and then quickly throwing an upper cut punch that threw Raimundo into the air. He caught him, and kneed him in the stomach instead, making Raimundo close enough to palm him in the chin—

"Stop it you two! Stop!" Kimiko screamed.

"Whoa, brutal." Jaku's eyes lit up.

"Okay, maybe we should stop them now." Rika decided.

Everyone seemed hesitant as to what to do next, but then the boys were split up once a wave of water pushed them in opposite directions.

Omi, holding his Orb of Tornami, stood professionally between them.

"Little buddy..?" Clay was confused as to why he was intervening.

Omi glanced between them. "I have had enough of these shinangas!"

"Um, you mean shananigans-"

"Silence, Raimundo!" Omi snapped.

"Hey, you can't tell me what to-!"

"I do not understand what is happening. When did we use our anger to speak towards one another? We are supposed to be allies yet we fight as if we are the enemy!"

"Because he's always acting like an enemy!" Raimundo shouted.

"Am I? I just point out the things you like to keep hidden and that makes me a villain?"

"You passive aggressive bastard! You always say something that's gonna get your ass kicked!"

"Actually, I think I was pulverizing you just now."

"Stop antagonizing me, dude!"

"It's not my fault you can be a hot head. You're just taking your anger out on me because you didn't get enough action last night."

Raimundo's jaw dropped. This guy, he could not believe how much he ran his mouth!

"You son of a- what is wrong with you? Is the only reason you joined us so you could gain the powers of a Xiaolin dragon after all?"


"Why else would you keep acting like a dick? You're supposed to be our team mate but you still keep your distance for some reason!"

Arko turned to the others. "And you guys think this too?"

"Well, no offense, Delet, but you can be intimidating sometimes." Jaku admitted.

"We just don't know what you're thinking until you blurt something rude out, like you did with Raimundo." Rika added.

Clay said nothing. He was still perplexed on what to do.

"Huh." He shrugged, completely nonchalant. "I didn't know my priorities were so mysterious to all of you."

"Are you in it for the power, or for the teamwork?" Raimundo folded his arms.

"Why are you asking me? You're the one who pushed me to join-!"

"Yeah well maybe I shouldn't have!"

For that still moment, Raimundo wanted to take it back, but the words had already slipped from his lips.

"Wait dude, I-I didn't really mean…" He sighed, giving in.

"Ah, I think you meant it." Arko wiped the blood off his chin. "I know you did." He hopped off the platform. No one said a word to him as he walked away.

"Arko, wait!" Kimiko finally chased after him.

"Nice, Pedrosa." Jaku muttered.

"You're criticizing me? None of you were really on his side either!"

"How can we be?" Rika confessed soberly. "…We don't really know him, so we can't trust him."

Omi shook his head of the situation. "This is most upsetting."

While Arko was headed for the gate, Kimiko caught up to him and yanked his shoulder to stop. "Raimundo didn't mean it! He was just mad-"

He brushed her off. "He meant it, and he speaks for all of you, right?"

"What? No-"

"Well, he's right, okay? He's right to be skeptical of me, Kimiko. Do you know why? Because I do just want power!"

She rolled her eyes. "Come on, that's not true-"

"Oh? You all were so easy to trick. All I had to do was save you from certain death and you welcomed me in with open arms!"

"Stop it! Why are you talking like this?"

"Because its true! Why would I give up being all powerful? If I could still find a way to do it, I would; and you guys were my ticket."

"Arko…" To her, his voice sounded as if he were rehearsing lines.

"I could have everything. The power of a Xiaolin dragon, maybe even get the girl, and all the shen gong wu; everything!"

She hesitated. "The…girl?"

He blinked a few times in disbelief. "Are you that love struck by that whining wind maker that you haven't even noticed?" He turned back to the gate. "You're all idiots."

"You're lying, to me and to yourself, Arko!"

"Oh please," He retorted, facing her and walking backwards as he swayed away, "All I want is power! And I'm gonna prove it to you."


He turned and dashed into the trees.


"He ran away?" Omi echoed after Kimiko explained.

"Yes. We have to go after him!"

"Maybe he just needs his space." Jaku guessed. "He'll come back, right?"

"I don't think so." Kimiko glared at Raimundo. "I think he'll do something regrettable if we don't go after him."

Raimundo shook his head. "Ugh, alright fine."

"Hey everyone! My scales are tingling all over!" Dojo came slinking out to the yard.

"A wu? Not the best timing, little buddy."

"Hey, I can't control these things! You guys should gather the Wu with Arko and use it in case we have a showdown on our hands!"

A moment of panic struck them.

"What do you mean with Arko?" Omi asked.

"Ya knowww, Arko was taking the Wu out to train with you guys! He didn't tell you?"

"Oh hell!" Jaku yelled. Everyone instinctually ran to the wu vault, which they found opened up with no sign of any tampering or anyone in sight.

"Shit!" Raimundo cursed.

Omi and Clay rushed in.

"All the Wu is gone!" Clay's voice echoed back to them as they emerged from the vault.

"He must have used the Cerulean Sack to carry all of the Shen Gong Wu out. He even took our weapons." Omi analyzed. "But, how did he have access to the vault? Only I had that responsibility."

"Who cares how; he got in and took our Wu." Rika professed the frustration they were all bearing.

"Well, now we have to go after him." Jaku pressed.

"No, we have to get to that Wu first." Raimundo countered. "We can't let the Heylin side suspect we're unarmed."

"I agree with Raimundo." Omi nodded. "We will go after Arko after we find the Wu."

"EEEEECK!" Dojo screeched. "We gotta hurry! I'm tingling all over!"

"Then, let's hurry!"

Master Fung was wrong! I don't need them; I don't need anybody!

His thoughts raced as he pushed through the thick branches and leaves. He finally found a small clearing, where he rested and dropped the sack he had over his back and into the dirt in front of him. He yanked the Sword of the Storm out and moved it in the air. He slashed it across his view and a gust of wind burst out, throwing him back into a tree.

He stood up, groaning in irritation as he did.

"My, my, it doesn't appear as though you've gotten much stronger since you imprisoned me, son."

Had he lost it? He could have sworn he just heard—

"Surprised I got out, boy? You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Arko had to assume the voice he was hearing amongst the trees was in fact him. Hannibal had escaped, somehow.

"What do you want?"

"What does every imprisoned Bean want? Revenge, o'course! And son, I'm gonna give just that to you… you shoulda joined me. We could have been all powerful Heylin masters together!"

"We could still be you know." Arko turned and faced every tree, attempting to find Hannibal.

"Ha! It's a lil late for that son, don't ya think? Now, I'm gonna destroy you by destroying the thing you love most; it'd be too easy just to kill ya! It'd be like putting a sick dog out of its misery, and you don't derserve that kinda blessin', son."

"Good luck finding that," Arko pointed out.

"Oh, I already know what it is! And trust me, the way it'll be done will be so sweet—I'm gonna enjoy this more than you know!"

Arko said nothing, as he continued to find some trace of Bean that wasn't there.

"Sayonara, Arko! I just wanted to give you the heads up before I destroy you; have a nice day, now!" His voice echoed out of hearing distance with a menacing cackle, and Arko was left alone again.



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Update: Hannibal bean is relaised by man in suit. Clay ahs a COW at the temple, Kimiko's not talking to rai after last ep, Arko talks to Clay (who has his phone) and Kimiko(trouble in paradise), mention of fist fight and almost brawl again "It doesn't mater what I do, huh? Im always going to be frowned upon in this group for my past mistakes.". While in forest looking for wu, he sees Hannibal bean, leaves while the others are watching Jill and Jack fight, but they're actually working together! Trap Monks. Meabwhile Arko tlaks to Bean in showdown about hs past and power. Jill and jack deliver monks to Chase, and Alice appears for vengeance and tries to save them. Arko has to choose to either save them or gain immortality once again by Bean.

"Well… I don't believe it!" Clay commented first on the scene. In the forest near the Wu, two robotic figures were brawling across the peaceful verdant landscape.

"That wu is mine, loser!" Jill yelled from her bot.

"No, it's mine, ya skank!" Jack retorted from his.

"Heh, while those tow are keeping each other busy, we'll snag the Wu!" Raimundo told the other monks.

"You and your stupid sisterhood aren't getting' all my Wu!" Jack attacked.

"You best believe we are, shrimp! Now step back!" Jill blocked.

"Guys! The Wu is somewhere behind 'em!" Dojo pointed beyond the battle.

"Excellent." Raimundo whispered. "Let's go, everyone."

They rolled and crept passed the crunching and thundering bots. It was a wonder how these two siblings were still on the map as a threat towards getting Shen Gong Wu—

"Now!" Jill Spicer yelled. The bots launched nets that glided over the monks.

The others struggled, but Omi began to focus. "Shoku element—"

Jack snapped his fingers, and the net electrocuted all of them.

"Bahahahaha! You losers fell for the oldest trick in the book!" He proclaimed. "Pretend to hate each other and actually be working together to catch the monks!"

"I can't believe siding with you actually worked." Jill muttered.

"Hey, let's not piss each other off yet! We'll deliver them to Chase and then he'll have to want to work with us!"

Jill blushed. "Hell Yeah! Let's go!"

Dojo slinked away in a panic. He watched helplessly as the robots flew away with the tired monks trapped in the net.

"Oh no! What am I gonna do! I gotta get help! I gotta get help!" He zoomed away.

The monks and groaned and grunted as they tried to get themselves comfortable, dangling in the net in the air.

"Oh, can't… move…" Clay mumbled.

"Damn, that shock is still surging through me!" Raiumndo cursed.

"I can't believe those two worked together to defeat us." Jaku was squished under Rika and Clay, pressing against the bottom of the net.

"Do not worry! Dojo got away, he should be able to assist us in someway." Omi pushed Raimundo's back off of him.

"Yeah, but, it's Dojo," Kimiko pointed out.

"True, but maybe he can get someone!" Clay exclaimed. "Like Fung or Arko—"

"Forget it. Arko won't come. We'll figure a way out on our own." Raimundo decided.

"But…" Clay insisted, "He could come to help us, ya know, once he gets whiff of our predicament—"

"Why would he? He has no reason to. We're alone now and we gotta find a way out of this!"

"Hey!" Jack Spicer yelled above them. "Quit yapping!"

"I can't wait to deliver this to Chase!" Jill was almost too excited.

"Oh please, you think he's going to go all googily eyes for you just because you captured the monks? He's Chase Young!"

"Yes—I mean, NO! I need no approval from any man, you fool!"

"Uh-huh, sure. You're obsessed." Jack confirmed. She gave him a nasty glare. "….AND I CAN'T BLAME YOU! CHASE IS A BAD ASS!"

"Are we going to have to listen to you two fan girls squack all day?" Rika rolled her eyes.

"Don't hate just 'cause my attention's not on you anymore, Dragon of the moon." Jack stuck his tongue out, like a child.

"As if!"

"Calm down, Ri-Ri. Bickering with him is only going to make things worse." Jaku grumbled.

"Do not worry your small, beautiful faces my friends," Omi said confidently. "I will solve a way out of this as soon as we get to Chase's lair!"

Jaku rolled his eyes. "Oh, I feel so much better now."

Arko Delet wandered through the trees, until his lone traveling was interrupted by a tangled dragon. Crying out in distress, Dojo flung into the side of Arko's head, and they both collided between the roots of an aged tree.

"Dojo! What the hell is wrong with you, you crazy dragon?" He rubbed his head.

"Arko! Oh thank goodness I found you!" He wept. "They need your help! The other monks were captured and are being taken to Chase's lair!"


"Soooo?" He raised his eyes. "You gotta help them! You're the only one who can, I can't do this—WHOA!" He started to shiver.

"What is it?"

"Wu alert! Big time! We must be near another new one!"

"Dojo, take me to it."

"Nu-uh! You gotta go help them! Its your duty as a Xiaolin dragon—"

"I'm not a Xiaolin Dragon, Dojo. Not anymore." He said quietly. "Take me to the Wu, now!"

"No way-"

From the Cerulean sack, Arko yanked out the Sword of the Storm and pointed it at the feeble reptile. "I don't have time for this."

"Whoa! You are not pointing a weapon at me!"

"I am! I have to get to that Wu. Right now it's more important than saving them."

Dojo grew life sized, pining Arko into the tree behind him with his great claw.

"Listen kiddo, I may be a coward, but I wouldn't just abandon my friends neither! You're gonna go save them whether you want to or not, got it?"

Arko tried to struggle free, but only in vein. "They're not my friends, they don't even trust me! But we're all going to be in even more trouble if I don't get to that Wu first!"

"Huh? What do you mean we're in trouble?"

"I don't have time to explain… You're just going to have to trust me, Dojo."

Dojo hummed, pondering this. At last he let Arko free. "Fine, but after we get the Wu, you have to come with me to save them!"

"Fine, let's just go already!"

Jack and Jill's bots landed in front of Chase's dominion. The lair was quiet, the hum of the spilling lava nearby only to welcome them.

"Ohhh Chassie! We brought you a little something!"

The gates opened, and only the jungle cats leapt out to greet them, growling and roaring.

"Eep!" Jill shrilled. "N-Nice kitty cats…"

"IMPRESSIVE." Jack and Jill yelped at the booming voice of Chase, who appeared behind them. "You actually caught the monks, how interesting."

"Y-yes, and we delivered them here, all for you, Chase." Jill said with flushed cheeks.

"You may have won the battle Spicer, but you have not won the entire challenge!" Omi said tiredly from the net.

Chase frowned. "You're missing one, are you not?"

"Who? That glow in the dark haired kid?" Jack was referring to Arko. "Meh, who needs him! He's practically not a hero anyway, right?"

Chase said nothing as he snapped his fingers. The cats grabbed the netting and dragged the exhausted monks into the lair. "What is the catch for bringing them to me?"

"Oh, nothing much! But perhaps we could go inside to discuss us joining forces, potentially?" Jack hoped.

"Hmm," He scratched his chin. "Very well. You may both come inside. We'll discuss this over dinner."

"Dinner? With you?" Jill exclaimed too excitedly. She cleared her throat. "I-I mean, fine! But let's make this quick!"

The villains strolled in with their prey in hand. Dinner was about to be served.




Dojo shivered and sneezed. "Arko, we're getting close to the Wu!" Arko was sitting above him, as they were entering a mountainous region covered in boulders and grass. Amongst all the natural debris was a small platform.

"There it is!" When Dojo was just above the earth, Arko hopped off of him and rolled against the stones. He slid up to the round platform and grabbed the Wu. It glowed, and Arko noticed the tiny tenticle arm of the Bean resting on the other side of the platform.

"Son, I challenge you to a Xiaolin showdown. My Wackle Whip against your Cerulean Sack."

"Hang on, Arko! You have all of the Wu in it, if you lose the match, Bean will have all of that power!" Dojo cried.

"Then I better not lose, huh?" Arko replied. "Bean, I accept your challenge."


"How about a race to the sun?" Bean pointed to the horizon peering over the mountain top. "These rocks are a bit loose and rolly, don't chyah think? Let's take a slow stroll up the mountain. Whoever wins gets the Wu."

"Then let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

The bumpy mountain seemed to stretch above the sun, setting the light at the very top, too far up to see from where they were.

"Gon Yi Tempai!" Bean began hopping on each pebble with ease. Arko strapped on some footwear from the Cerulean Sack. "Bing Bong Boots!"

He bounced off the stones, jumping a good 30 feet into the air, grabbing the side of the mountain by it's colossal boulders.

"Whoa!" His foot slipped as the smaller rocks dropped off the side.

"Heh heh, I told you son! You might wanna hike up a bit slower than that! Here." To the right of him, Bean's morphed armor form.

"How did you..?"

"I'm full of surprises, son. Now, it's a little more fair, don't ya think?"

"Why do you care about fair? I thought you were trying to get revenge on me, Bean." This time, Arko stepped carefully up to reach the next rocks.

"Revenge? Nah, son, I just wanted to talk."

"That's a lie, too!"

"I bet you're used ta not trustin others, huh? Heck, with yur little background, I wouldn't wanna trust nobody either."

"Don't act as if you know me, you uncooked vegetable."

"Ha! Still got yur spunk. Still trying to get all the power, son? You took all that nice Wu you got in your bag there I see."

"Yeah, so what?" He almost slipped.

"So, I still admire that. Yur trying to gain power, even tried to throw out those that got in yur way, like me."

"That was a while ago."

"Aww, come on now son, don't tell me those monks have got you soft?"

"How would you know if I've been with the other monks or not? You were locked up in that Ying-Yang world this entire time?"

He hesitated to answer. "No thanks to you, son."

Arko smirked. "Who told you about what I've been up to?"

"That's not important. What is important, if you ask me, is how you plan to use all that intelligence of yours."

"None of your business, if you ask me." He mocked.

"Yur serious? Yur gonna tell me that young potential for evil has gone soft? What about power, son? You've got all the monk's Wu right there, and instead of being with them, yur alone fighting me again. Surely, you intend to gain more power as you did before."

"I will always gain more power and be more powerful. It's the only thing I'm good at."

"You mean evil at, son."

Arko sighed in aggravation. "Is this your big plan? Trying to get me to join you again?"

"Like I said, son, we're just talking." He paused. "How's the family, by the way? Mom? Step dad?"

Arko did not answer, but he slipped again.

"Son, with a background like yours, you deserve power. Don't tell me you want to go back to being that poor, humiliated kid again? That's all you'll get being the dog for those other monks."

"What do you mean?"

"They still don't trust you, right? Even after everything you did for them so far. But I guess I can't blame them; once evil, always evil."

He snapped. "I don't care about being evil! I will get what I want, whether its through good or evil!"

"Ahhh, there's the Arko I remember." He said amused.

Arko noticed it too, his old self.

"Even after everything you've been through, you're still you. Even after all the sacrifice you put into being their friend, they still reject you. Even that Xiaolin dragon of fire can't return your feelings, because, let's be honest, they just don't like you. She'd much rather be in the arms of that Raimundo fellow, right?"

Still, he said nothing for a moment as they continued climbing.

"Yur on the right path, son. You're here, away from the others, with more Wu than any of your enemies combined. Show those fools how powerful you can be, then they'll wish they hadn't treated you so bad."

Arko smirked. "That's the plan."

Dojo gasped, hearing this. But he did not know what to say.

"Atta boy, son. Here." They were both nearly towards the top, but Bean was closer. "Why don't you take this Wu? My treat."

Arko squinted his eyes. "What's the catch?"

"No catch, just let me keep this here Whackle Whip, and I'll let you take this new Wu. The two boys that got me out of the Ying Yang world gave it to me as a gift, after all."

Arko didn't hesitate. "Hmph, fine." He grabbed the new Wu and the showdown was over.

"Arko! Are you nuts? You almost lost all of the Wu!"

"But I didn't, Dojo." He clarified.

Bean was his old size again, and he landed on his ying-yang bird that swooped down and caught him. "Later, son! Take care of all that power. You know what to do with it!" He flew off.

"First he threatens me, then he lets me keep the Wu? He's up to something."

"Arko! If he hadn't let you win, you would have lost it all!"

"Relax, Dojo, I wouldn't have. We have the Chair Commune in the sack, I would have used it to teleport to the top if he'd tried to win. I just wanted to find out what he was up to and how he got that Whackle Whip wu."

"Ohhhh," Dojo realized, "You were trying to figure out how he escaped! That's why you let him talk so much."

"Yeah. He said two guys freed him and gave him that wu."

"It must be the new enemy!" He cried out. "Oh! I knew it! Wait until I tell Master Fung what's been going on!" He chuckled nervously. "By the way, you didn't what you said about gaining power against the monks, did you, pal?"

"Pal?" Arko had to grin at this. "Yes, Dojo, I did. I need power more than I need friends. It's a bit too obvious."

"So then, you're not gonna save the others?" He yelped.

"Oh, no, I'll help you free them. After that I'm going solo."

"What? B-but, you can't just-!" He sighed in defeat. "Fine, fine. I'll let the other monks deal with your attitude mister "I change sides when I want to" pants!" He grew into his huge form and Arko climbed on. "Let's just get them out of there already!"

Arko snickered as he thought. Tricking this dragon is just too easy! I'll show them. I'll show all of them!

Clay wiped the sweat off his brow. "Whoo! It's hotter than a biscuit in a barn in here!"

"Uh, that's probably because this platform we're trapped on is surrounded by hot molten lava." Rika pointed out.

They were all lying on the platform, trapped underneath the electrical wire that bound them.

"I must say how impressed I am you were able to capture the monks so easily, Jack and Jill." Chase stated again.

They were hopping up and down like fan girls. "It was no problem for us, Chase!"

"I'm sure it was no trouble for you, seeing as how defenseless we were without our weapons!" Omi proclaimed.

"Yeah, no fair you guys caught us without our wu!" Jaku snapped.

"Your wu? Where is it now?"

"Uh-uh. We ain't telling you anything tall dark and gruesome!" Raimundo retorted.

"Pssh, I bet that other monk Arko has all of their wu!" Jill figured.

"Really? Hmm, how troublesome." Chase pouted.

"Chase Young!" The young voice echoed across the volcano.

"Who's that? The voice is too shrill to be Arko." Kimiko said.

"Yeah, as if he would come to help us anyway!" Raimundo bellowed.

"I know that voice!" Jaku gasped.

From the dark corner of the room, Elu stepped onto the platform across from the villains.

"Elu, love!" Jaku yelled. "What are you doing here?"

"Let them go, Chase Young!" She threatened, staff in hand.

"Oh, and if I don't? What is a puny descendant of mine going to do?"

"I'll tear you limb from limb! I came here to destroy you anyways, I can do that then free the monks!"

"Such big talk for someone so small."

"Prepare yourself!" Elu leapt effortlessly into the air, soaring over the incarcerated monks, with her spear aimed towards Chase. He slithered out of the way when she landed and continued to dodge her swings still.

"Ah! How rude!" Jill whispered. "That girl is taking all of the attention of Chase away from me!" She gasped, thinking Jack may have heard her, but he wasn't there. "Eh… Jack? Hey loser, where'd you go?"

When Elu's spear sliced a small cut into Chase's arm, he hissed. The wound was bubbling.

"I see you have great amounts of spiritual power." Chase was having difficulty keeping his lizard form intact, his voice deep and eyes changing.

"My tribe and family taught me well." She said cleverly. "They know how to deal with demons when they cross their path."

"Maybe so, but it was you who crossed into my domain, dear child!" He roared at her and leapt forward. Her eyes widened as he transformed, and she held her weapon up horizontally to block his claws and push him off.

"Come on, Alice!" Omi cheered. "I have great hope in you right now to set us free even if you are just a girl battling the most fiercest Heylin lord, and even though I am not sure I should trust considering you did try to steal our Wu before and pretend to be Alice from the land of wonder!"

"Be careful, Elu!" Jaku warned.

"Enough of this!" The lizard snarled. She prepared for another attack from him but instead he wrapped his tail around her staff. They grappled with it but Chase was stronger, and he snagged the staff from her. He used it to trip her and grabbed the staff with his hands , wrapped his tail around her waist and hoisting her into the air.

"Let her go, Chase!" Jaku yelled.

"Of course." He dangled her odd the platform as she struggled. He muttered in annoyance. "Look at all of you, trapped like rats and it was done too easily."

"What did you say you creep?" Raimundo snapped.

"You are stronger than you once were, you were able to defeat me once, were you not? Now look at all of you. This is unacceptable!"

Unacceptable? Kimiko thought. Why does he sound mad? He's got us right where he wants us…

"Chase Young, in my humbled state, I am ashamed to say that we were defeated by you." Omi admitted.

"Actually, we were defeated by tweedle dee- and tweedle dum over there." Clay grumbled.

"Hey!" Jill retorted.

"Silence!" Chase proclaimed. "This form of weakness will not be tolerated, so I'll give you all in incentive." He squeezed Elu so tight around her waist, she passed out.

"Bastard!" Jaku struggled. "What do you want from us?"

"Listen all of you," He began, "You cannot afford to be so naïve as to be tricked by the likes of Jack Spicer anymore." He sounded serious, he sounded… concerned? The monks waited patiently as he paused for a moment.

"I would be willing to let you go, if you make a deal with me."

"A deal with you? Never!" Raimundo seethed. "We'll get out of here and rip you apart limb from limb!"

"I will let you go if you swear to defeat the new enemy."

The monks rang out in comments of confusion.

"I will let you go, in exchange you must defeat them, and if you do not, you will succumb to becoming my servants for all of time."

They silenced.

"H-Hold on; you want us to defeat the new enemy? That's it?" Clay realized.

"You don't want us to be your prisoners?" Rika asked.

"Chase Young! Why is it that you don't simply try against the enemy?" Omi questioned.

"Yeah, are you too cowardly to do it yourself?" Raimundo pressed.

"There is too much to explain, but if you agree to these terms, I'll set you free." Chase continued. "Do we have a deal?"

"Grrr, no way—!" Raimundo shouted.

"Pause for a moment, Raimundo!" Omi called to him. "We should think about this."

"There's nothing to think about, I don't trust him! Besides—"

"Besides what? You said it yourself, no one's comin' to save us, partner." Clay thought about his conversation with Arko earlier that day. "As much as I'd like to believe somebody would."

"What's the harm if we're planning on beating them anyway?" Jaku added. "Besides, we got to help ELu too!"

"Everyone calm down!" Raimundo exclaimed. "We are not making a deal with him!"

"How unlike you to sound so feeble, Dragon of wind."

"Ay I'm not acting like that, I just know how to deal with you!"

"Then, you have a plan? To free all of your comrades before I decide to throw you in the liquid of fire? It would be suitable to dispose of all of you here and now, if you refuse to be useful."

"Useful?" Kimiko echoed.

Jaku growled. "Fine, we'll do it!"

"Jaku!" Raimundo yelled.

"Excellent." Chase smirked. "Than I shall release you all…" He threw the passed out Elu onto the platform.

"What? You're going to let them go!?" Jack Spicer whined.

Jill gasped. "You dolt! Where have you been until just now?"

"Yes. I shall release you, just not at this moment."


"All in due time, monks… patients is a virtue after all."

"Ugh, as if he couldn't get any creepier." Raimundo grumbled.

Kimiko grimaced. "He is acting a bit strange… I wonder what he's up to…"

Outside of Chase's castle, Arko and Dojo had arrived at the front gates.

"Come on! We gotta hurry, no telling what that dragon eater has done to 'em!" Dojo slinked ahead, but than the castle gates opened up for them. "…On second thought, maybe you better lead the way." He jumped onto Arko's shoulder.

A single lioness emerged from the gates, snarling at them.

"Is this Chase's security? A single kitty cat?" Arko assumed. The jungle cat took human form, a dark woman in an ancient top and tunic, wearing bands and a mask covered her face. She removed the mask, revealing her features. She was young, had short curly hair and her eyes were a piercing golden gaze.

"My master has asked me to bring you to your comrades. Follow me." She began to saunter into the castle.

Arko and Dojo exchanged glances, shrugged, and then followed her in.

"Why should I trust you?" Arko asked as they strolled through the dark halls.

"My master wishes for you to reunite with your comrades." She answered.

"It's a little odd that he'd be letting his cats run around in their original human forms." Dojo scratched his chin.

"I am Queen Amina, and I returned to my master after his short absence. He trusts me."

"You mean after the monks kicked his ass?" Arko clarified.


"Why does he want me to reunite with them?"

"It is imparetive that you are all together."

"Together? For what."

"My master did not say."

"My master this, my master that—" He mocked. "—If you're supposed to be a queen, why do you always listen to Chase?"

"He defeated me many years ago. It was part of our deal that I remain bound to him. I am loyal to him."

"Geez, you sound like a lap-dog!"

"Arko! Aren't ya bein' a bit harsh?" Dojo whispered in his ear.

"It's not harsh, its truth!" He proclaimed. "That's why I am going to get all the power of the Wu, so I don't have to answer to anybody like that!"

She turned her head to the side, glaring at him. "Your heart is broken, that is why you act in such a way."

"Broken?" He repeated. "Don't be ridiculous! My need for power has nothing to do with the heart—"

"You think gaining power will fill that hole in your chest? Well, it will not. I was the most feared ruler in all of Africa, I thought my name would echo across the stars forever, but do you know what?" She looked on forward. "My ruling was but a blink in the time of the universe. I can see that now for how long I've been serving under him."

"Hmph." He mumbled.

"Your power will not last long." She said.

Arko growled. "I thought you were going to just take us to the others, not lecture me; I'm pretty sure your master didn't tell you to do that!"

She sighed. "It will not fufill you, the power."

"Maybe because yours is gone, that's why you can talk like that. But I am not weak like you. I won't lose it and I won't become someone's slave."

"I am not a slave—" She enlightened, "—I am serving under a man I truly respect. And it is not because I lost that I am telling you these things."

"Then why? And why do you care anyway?"

"Because even though I respect him, I have seen my master go through trivial moments in order to gain power. It is not good for the soul to wonder alone and seek only for themselves."

Arko paused. "You're concerned for Chase?" He scoffed. "Don't tell me you're in love with him-"

"And if I were?" She challenged quickly. "Do not act as if you are in a higher plain than I—I can see it because of your own unrequited love that you are acting this way now."

He said nothing. He felt foolish himself for thinking Kimiko would actually care about him. He had felt this rejected love before, what was the point of it? He wondered. Having tried to embrace his feelings—what a foolish thing indeed.

"It's not foolish, falling in love." Queen Amina went on. "Being alone is the worst thing that can happen to a person."

Arko glowered at her. "Oh please! I had too much company when my step-dad was around, than when I went into training all the kids would bug me about my element, and now in this group of monks, I could be in the same room as them and they won't acknowledge me, because they don't even trust me."

Amina stopped walking, but she did not turn to face him.

"If you ask me, you can have all of the company in the world but it still won't make you feel any better if it isn't the right kind. You may not be alone when you're serving Chase Young, but it's a pretty pathetic situation if he doesn't respect you the same way you respect him."

The hallway grew still. Queen Amina directed their eyes with her hand to the left wall, where a secret room was opening through the wall.

"…Chase and the others are waiting for you on the inside."

"Thank you." She heard Arko say. A sudden sorrow had crept over her, and busy with her thoughts, she did not expect him to come up from behind and grab her. She gasped at the sharp tip that had been pressed against her throat.

"Arko! What are you doing?" Dojo yelped.

"Now, take me to Chase's throne, where he has all of his Shen Gong Wu."


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