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The Xiaolin Chronicles

Previously on the Xiaolin Chronicles:

Arko was told by the other monks they didn't trust him because of his attitude issues, even though he cleared up his black-mailing business with Clay while he was moving in his new cow to the temple, and even though he had saved their lives before! It was because of the fight with Raimundo and his rejection from Kimiko that he decided to steal all the wu and run away to gain more power. He had a Xiaolin Showdown with Hannibal Bean who was recently freed from the Ying-Yang world by the two men in suits while Jack and Jill worked together to capture the monks and bring them to Chase Young! He strikes a deal to let them go, while Arko and Dojo infiltrate Chase's lair…

Episode 57: Arko and the Bean pt 2

The dwarves of the western temple in the tall hills were preparing for their lunch. everyday at 12 pm they would prepare a glorious feast as if it were a celebration. Roast ham and pineapple, sauces of cranberry and stuffing, soups and garlic mashed potatoes with cream corn and cooked vegetables. And of course for desert, they had pie. Apple pie.

"I don't see why we're still here." One dwarf commented. "Don't we get a vacation?"

"Master Sir Bartholomew needs us to help him with his students!" Another dwarf chided.

"But Master Sir has not had apprentices for such a long time! We are not needed the way we used to be."

"I;ve got a wife and kid at home, they have no idea if I'm even alive or not!"

"Dude, just text them."

"I agree that we should get a vacation! Perhaps we should bring it up to Master Sir right now!"

"Bring what up to me?"

The dwarves gasped and turned to the old Englishmen perched at the doorway to the dining hall.

"M-m-m-master Sir! W-we were just…"

"No need to get in a fickle, old friends, tell me what ails you?"

One meek dwarf approached them. "It's just… we swore our loyalty to you after you saved our lives from that crazy sea witch that tried to turn us into sea food! But…"


"But we got things to do! We got our lives as well!" Another dwarf declared. "We just want a little break—"


"R-Really, Master Sir Bartholomew…Sir?"

"Of course! I have no reason to keep you all incarcerated, this is simply your job, after all. Go out! Get ice cream! Go see the movies with your family! I don't care!"

"Wow, thank you sir!"

"Well, I don't know about you guys but my vacation starts now!"

In a small stampede, the dwarves all began to exit the hall in excitement. When they all exited, Bartholomew took a deep sigh.

But Master Sir has not had apprentices for such a long time! We are not needed the way we used to be.

"It would be nice if I did have some."

"Awww, look at that," A voice echoed across the room, "The formidable Master gettin' sentimental."

Bartholomew glowered and paced into the center of the room. "I smell food… beans, particularly."

"Ah-ha! You found me out." Hannibal Bean's bird swooped down towards the center of the feast, and he dropped down and landed on the covered ham.

"Why has an evil being such as yourself come to plague my temple? For ice cream, perhaps?"

"Oh ho ho, don't you wish it were for simpler things, old man."

"Then why are you bothering this old soul?"

Bean smirked. "Because I know your secret, old soul." He mocked. "Whackle Whip!" A small strip of wire whipped at Bartholomew. He felt the sharp pain in his arm as he blocked it and dodged it.

"It cannot be!" Bartholomew proclaimed. "How did you come to know this secret of mine?"

"Some brothers told me!" He cackled. "Now, yur gonna do exactly as I say, and you won't have a choice but to obey."

Queen Amina raised her head up, attempting to further herself from the blade.

"Arko! What are you doing?" Dojo yelped.

"Take me to Chase's Wu." He threatened, the blade searing into her neck.

"You can't possibly be serious."


"Go ahead than, do it!" She yelled back. "Slice me through, end me! Killing others is what's necessary to gain power! Can you really do it?"

his arm shook, but he kept the blade upright.

"Damn it!" He pushed her away from him.

"You see?" She rubbed her neck. "You are not completely driven by power. There is still hope."

"Hope? Power is the only hope I have!"

"Well perhaps you should save your friends, and see if that is true." She insisted.

Arko hesitated. "Why do you care if I save my friends?"

She grimaced. "Because you're right. You shouldn't be with someone if they disrespect you. I don't think the monk's will… they'll… treat you like you are supposed to be treated. That's all you'll need to be more powerful."

He squinted. "You said your name was Amina?"

She shook her head. "Queen Amina, to you."

He nodded, and she was taken aback when he placed his hand in front of her face. "I guess I'll do it." He turned away from her and marched away.

She blinked, confused. "Is he normally like this?"

"He gets weird when he tries to be a good guy, which is fine with me!" Dojo slinked past her. "Hey Arko! Wait up!"

The dragon and the boy reached Chase's arena, a circular space surrounded by hot lava, where the monks resided.

Chase was directly across from where Arko had entered.

"There he is. The Heylin Lord mused. "Your comrades have been waiting for you, if you can call them that."

"No way." Clay gasped.

"Arko!" Kimiko exclaimed.

"What are you doing here?" Raimundo demanded.

Arko ignored them and pointed his Cosmic Flair at Chase. "Release them."

"Oh, good…" he sauntered towards him, "You're here to rescue the monks, then?"

"That's right!"

"You'll fight me to the death to protect them?"

"Do I need to say it again? Let them go or I will fight you!"

"Ah-ha, excellent!" Chase snapped his fingers and the electric netting that had the monks pinned down ceased to wire.

"You're letting them go? After our awesome plan to capture them and bring them to you?" Jack and Jill carped.

The monks sat up in perplex. "Why are you letting us go?"

"I told you I would, did I not?"

"Huh? That's it?" Arko questioned.

"I needed to know that Arko was willing to save you all. You ALL have to work together in order to defeat this new foe, after all. If he was stranded, how I could trust that you would succeed?"

"You gotta be kidding me." Raimundo commented. "You waited for HIM to get here so you'd let us go?"

"Then, Chase does believe that when we are all banded together, we can defeat any enemy!" Omi proclaimed.

"I didn't say any enemy, I just the new one." Chase clarified. "I'm still going to kill you when this is all over with. That or you'll become my servants… if you do not complete your end of the bargain."

"What's he talking about, a bargain?" Arko asked.

"Um, it's a long story." Kimiko said.

Just then, the arena began to rumble.

"What's going on, Chase?" Elu yelled.

"This is not my doing. Something else is moving the lava from outside."

"We better go check it out!" Raimundo declared. The monks raced outside from the front gates to see the commotion. Upon the mountaintops, a creature howled out underneath the full moon light.

"Oh man, is that what I think it is!?" Dojo cried.

"Dojo, what in tarnation is that thing?"

"It can't be what I'm thinking that it is! Those things went extinct hundreds of years ago! Or at least, not since the middle ages…"

"Dojo, will you just tell us what it is, compadre?" Raimundo griped.

Everyone became wary once the creature howled. The dark night coverd most of its body, but clearly, it was a monster of sorts, with his canine stout and broad body.

Rika gasped. "I-Is that a werewolf?" She guessed.

"Nu-uh, it's much worse!" Dojo explained. "It's a Fire Hound!"

"A fire hound?" Omi echoed.

"It's a wolf being that can control heat elements! They were so dangerous, they could summon the very lava from underground to terrorize villages!"

"And one of those things is here right now? You're certain?" Raimundo affirmed.

"Then, let's go kick its ass!" Jaku declared. 'Arko! Hand me my Xing Ju— Guys where's Arko?"

The group looked around. "Arko?" Kimiko called out. "Where are you?"

A sinister cackle echoed from on top of the hill where the fire hound was. "Arko Delet? Come out and face me!"

"That cannot be who I am pondering that it is!" Omi realized.

"Hello Xiaolin monks! Long time no seeeee!"

They all rang out. "Hannibal Bean!"

Upon the mountaintop, the Fire hound began to drink the lake of hot liquid beside him.

"Bean!" Arko had already made it to the top.

"Ahh, I see you came alone, with all of your power no doubt." Bean eyed the Cerulean Sack Arko still possessed. He was perched on the soldier of the beast, grinning sinisterly.

"What have you done, Bean?"

"Why don't you take a look for yourself, son?"

The hound arose, facing him.

"It can't be! Master Sir Bartholomew?"

The hound roared at him, casting hot breath into the air.

"Ha-ha! That's right, I got yur beloved master back into shape! If I recall, before he became a master, he had his own issues and was tamed with this Wu, the Wackle Whip! Now I got him under my control!"

"You bastard, Bean," Arko stammered. "I'll kill you!"

"Careful! Not before you kill him first; he's out of control, you see, about to destroy everything! You better stop him with all that power yur so proud of!"

"Hmph! I'll find a way to save him, and to stop you!"

"Ha-ha-haaa! In yur dreams, son! This is the vengeance I have put upon you! He's far too powerful! Yur only choice will be to destroy him!" He whipped Bartholomew on the back. "Bart, devour this kid!"

"Damn you, Bean!" He unleashed his cosmic flair and prepared to defend his first master's attack. The strike came from his left claw, then his right, and he twirled at Arko to kick him in the face with his hind legs. He spun back at the contact, but quickly recovered and swung at the wolf-looking thing with his flair. Bartholomew grabbed the handle before it could reach his face, and struggled with Arko for only a second before he yanked it out the boy's hands. He threw the flair to the side and began swiping at Arko rapidly with his claws, and Arko could barely duck to the sides to dodge him. A claw finally did come down across his chest and he yelled out in pain, not because of the cuts themselves but his claws were boiling hot.

He pulled out Raimundo's two swords from the Sack and used them to block his claws. The swords made a loud scrapping sound as he struggled to keep them up against the rapid sloshing of his heated strikes. The swords took in so much heat, they began to burn his hands, so he had no choice but to drop them.

He rolled away and yanked out Clay's Lasso Boa-Boa. He roped it around the wolf's legs and he fell subsided onto the ground. He was about to slam into him with the Big Bang Meteor-rang, but The wolf shot out lava from his mouth. It took Arko a second to realize it was molten lava being spewed at him before he slid the Arrow Sparrow and Star of Hanabi combined to block the attack. He landed back onto the ground as Bartholomew began to rise up again. The star amulet was keeping the heat off of him, absorbing it, but the lava continued to glomp in heavier spurts, so he was being pushed back.

"D-Damn!" He his foot was at the edge of the cliff. He struggled to grab another wu from the sack at his side. "Sapphire Dragon!" The The hot lava began to solidify into the wealthy stone, and Bartholomew leapt effortlessly into the air before the magic could reach him. Once a soaring target, Arko flipped out the Xing Jun Bow and Jade Dragon, in an attempt to throw vined arrows at him. The wolf twirled around as he darted back towards Arko, and the vines bounced off him and turned into smoke from his blazing exterior. Arko moved to the right, avoiding him as he crashed into the ground with a loud stomp, and he began to swipe at him again.

How is he so fast? Arko thought in a daze. He scraped Arko again, pushing him backward and over the lava stream. There was nothing for him to grab onto before he barely fell in.

"Orb of Tornami!" He used the gush of water to shoot out against the lava, just enough of a spurt for him to push up and to the side of the lake. He wheezed and coughed from exhaustion.

"Ohhh so sorry." He could hear Bean, but he couldn't locate him. "Looks like you still don't got enough power, son. And here I thought you were actually gonna ba able to kill this wolf thing!"

Arko could barely sit up, he felt the oozing from the deep cuts in his torso, and the air being sucked out of his lungs by the hot lava around him.

"How? I have all the Shen Gong Wu…"

"Ha, maybe so, but perhaps you don't the right power…"

"What do you mean, Bean?"

"Ever thought of using what I gave you last time, before ya betrayed me, son?"

Arko knew what he meant. "How? My pendant is gone, I can't use the power of darkness again…"

"Aw, but you forget ! I gave you power of immortality the first time, remember?"

Arko rolled back up when Bartholomew emerged from around the bank. He blew more lava at him that Arko fled from until he was far enough away from him.

"I don't need power from you! I'll find my own way!"

"You already have, son! The power still remains inside you… you could live from this just yet and become the greatest legend if you could defeat the last Fire Hound!"

"But… Master Sir…"

"What did that old man ever do fur ya except lecture lecture lecture? He and the other older monks were trying to hold you back, remember? And so are those monks… not even a thank you for savin 'em! All you have is power, son, don't forget it!"

Arko looked down at his hand. He had been the Wu and it still wasn't enough. He closed his eyes. "You're right. I have to defeat him!"

Should you need anything, Arko, I'll be here! Now, how about some ice cream?

Arko watched as The hound leapt at him . "Sorry, master Sir—"

"Arko! What are you doing?" A gust of air knocked the wolf back and the monks sprang into action, attacking him. Raimundo landed in front of Arko.

"Yo! What were thinking?"

"Stay out of this, Pedrosa! It doesn't concern you!"

"Sure it does, block head! You bothered to save us right? We're here to help!"

"I don't need it."

Jaku slid back. "Quit acting so special! He's our master too!" He jumped back to strike again.

"We're here to help you, Arko, so we can stop Bean and save Master Sir Bartholomew without any blood shed!" Kimiko told him.

He frowned. "You're just here so you can get your Wu back from me!"

"Screw the Wu, partner," Clay said, "Those things'are too dangerous, we could really hurt Master Sir! We'll fight with element and skill alone."

"But… we need your help to do it too." Raimundo mumbled. Arko gave him a quizzical glare. "I was being a jack ass, alright? Sometimes I can't help it! But I shouldn't have lost my cool, dude."

"As the leader?"

"No, as a friend." He outstretched his arm. "We need you, dude."

"Arko! You are humble!" Omi yelled out to him. "You would not have tried to apologize before and join us if all you cared about was power!"

"Don't think I forgot about you saving us from Heba." Rika said. "It was rude of me to assume your current bad temper was really how you are… I know you're good."

"I'm not good… I just saved you guys because someone else told me to, that's all!"

"Come on, partner! You could have kept on pretendin' to have those pictures of me—"

"What pictures?" Rika rang out.

"—Uh, anyway, but ya didn't! You admitted it so you could stop black mailing me on yur own. No crooked monk would do somethin' that honorable."

"We're really sorry, Arko." Kimiko added. "That we saw you in the wrong way when should have seen your true feelings all along…"

He was light—Arko felt relieved, somehow. "…You guys…."

"Come on, dude. Quit trying to do stuff on your own. We got your back."

"Hmph, idiots." He folded his arms. "Ow—but do you know I have yours?"

"Uh… you saved our asses, twice. I think we know you do."

"Guys? Fire hound at twelve o'clock!" Dojo exclaimed.

"Get ready, Xiaolin warriors!" Raimundo prepared.

Clay stepped up first. "Seismic Kick, earth!" He stomped tiny hills out of the ground to stop him from charging. In a rage that he couldn't reach them, Bartholomew spewed his lava out at them.

"Shoku element: Water!" Rika and Omi both began to striked against it with their element, overpowering him and eventually wetting him down.

"Fire!" Kimiko and Jaku quickly made a wall of fire around him before he could recover, blocking his view of them.

"Typhoon Boom: Wind!" Raimundo swept the wolf creature into the air, trapping his movement in a twister.

Arko used the wind to fly up and reach him. "Cosmic Fist: Star!" Channeling it into his palm, Arko shot a flash of black light through the beast. When then wind subsided, Bartholomew crashed into the ground, back into his human form.

The monk's raced to aid him. Bean bounced beside his unconscious form, whacking him with the small whip.

"No, No! Get up you stupid English dog! What about ma revenge?"

When Arko could see him, he shot another black spark at the Bean at shocked him stiff. "Got you now, you bastard!"

The Ying-Yang bird swooped in and nabbed Hannibal Bean before the monks could reach him, and soared off.

"Master Sir Bartholomew!" Rika cried. She and Jaku ran to his side.

"He's got a few cuts and bruises. Nothing I can't heal." Jaku affirmed.

The old teacher groaned as he awoke. "Ah… My old students of the corn."

"What?" Omi said first.

"Master Sir Bartholomew…" Arko stammered. "Forgive me."

"Ohhh you were always alright, Arko… I knew you would make the right decision." He yawned. "You were always confused, but I knew you just needed a little push on the right path…"

"You mean these monks helping me, Master Sir?"

"Nooo…" he nuzzled into the dirt, tired, "You would make the right push yourself."

"That… makes sense I guess." He half-smiled. "Thank you, sir."


Jaku chuckled. "Always concerned about everyone else… even though we just beat the crap out of him!"

I can't believe you guys managed to move so quickly to stop him!" Dojo yelled. "Fire Hounds were so dangerous because of their tough bodies and speed!"

"You forget to mention the lava spitting ability, little partner."

"That too! I guess that's why he could control lava before; he must have been bitten by one of those things a long time ago!"

"And Hannibal Bean knew about it, and used this Whackle Whip Shen Gong Wu to control him and get him to attack me." Arko picked up the stick of a Wu from the ground.

"How did Hannibal Bean come to possess this Shen Gong Wu? We never saw it get activated."

"Guess what, he said two brothers let him out of the Ying-Yang world."

"Two brothers?" Kimiko echoed.

"This has gone too far! Another attack from these creeps and we still know nothing!" Raimundo kicked dirt.

"Bean wanted me to try and gain power again, so I could be greater than all of you…" He paused. "Sorry about being greedy, trying to hog all the Wu from you." He held out the Cerulean Sack towards Raimundo.

"It's okay, we weren't exactly the most supportive group before you decided to run off, partner."

"But it would appear that you did tap into another part of your element." Omi noticed.

"Oh yeah! What was that you used to stun Master Sir and Bean?"

"It was gaseous attack but I focused it into my palm." He shrugged. "I saw you all using your hands, so I tried it too.

Raimundo snickered. "And… you made up the attack name? Cosmic Fist? That's so lame, dude."

Arko went red. "Shut up!" He muttered. "I thought it was cool, assholes."

The monks laughed at his response. Arko took a quick glance at them then scratched his head in embarrassment. I guess I can deal with them for now.

"Come on! Let's take Master Sir back then head home!" Jaku declared.

"I'm done, brother, let's get out of this hot and depressing place!"

Dojo took off with the monks and Elu, and Jack and Jill watched them fly away.

"I still can't believe Chase let them go…" Jill frowned. "What about all of MY hard work? He doesn't appreciate me at all."

"Meh, I would just pretend he was playing hard to get; he's just so hardcore though! You can't give up!" Jack proclaimed.

"Well, no hard feelings loser, but I don't want your advice! And since this plan was a bust, I'm going back to the Heylin Sister Hood.!" She was on her glider in seconds and took off.

Jack snickered. "Hee-hee, actually, dear sister, this plan went better than I'd hoped!"

A tiny golden beetle bot flew next to Jack's ear. "Oh great and powerful Jack Spicer, the other Beetle Bots have located Chase's treasure trove and are transporting it to where we will begin building your new headquarters straight away."

He cackled in approval. "Excellent! While Chase was playing let's-make-an-evil-Deal-with-the-goody-two-shoes-monks, I got a chance to unleash my bots into his lair and steal all the gold I'm ever gonna need to make some new and improved bots, and make my own luxurious fort! Oh yeah! Jack is back babyyy!"

"I'm glad we got Master Sir and Elu back to their homes safely." Jaku said as they landed at the temple.

Omi stretched. "Yes! It has been a slightly successful day. We made a deal with Chase Young, and we got our lost companion, Arko, back!"

"Oh cripe, I forgot about the damn deal." Jaku slapped his forehead.

"Screw the deal! We're gonna stop these guys whoever they are, so don't plan on being Chase's pets anytime soon!" Raimundo declared.

"Yes…" Rika yawned. "…Why are we so tired?"

"Uhhh well let's see:" Dojo began sarcastically, "youu were all electrocuted for a long time, WHILE you were surrounded by molten lava that sucked the air from you—"

"Okay, okay, I get it."

"I say we catch some shut eye, get to solvin' this thing tomorrow." Clay decided.

"I suppose so." Omi agreed. "I will go put the Wu back in the vault…"

The monk's began to go their separate ways in preparation for the night.

"Yo, Arko!" Raimundo ran up to him.

"What is it, R…Rai…?"

Raimundo snickered. "Wooow… was that so hard to say?"

"I don't do nicknames, sorry."

"That's fine… listen…" He leaned in, "…I'm glad we're all good. But if you try to mess up things between Kimiko and me again…"

Arko smirked. "…Me? Thwart this destined love you two seem to have? Never…"

"I'm serious dude. I'll kick your ass."

"Well, you two already sound like a couple, so who am I to cause problems if I'm a good guy now?"

"W-w-we're not a… Just, I don't want you to—"

"I'll do my best not to interfere," he admitted, "besides, she rejected me, she still likes you, I'm assuming."

Raimundo grinned. 'Cool." He patted him on the back before darting ahead. "See you inside!"

He was floating again, he was relieved everyone was being themselves around him—


Shit. "What do you want?" He asked Kimiko as she approached him.

"I'm… Um, I meant what I said before, about being sorry in not noticing your feelings before, but…"

"It's okay, you can be with your boyfriend and I won't creepily stalk you guys when you sneak into each other's rooms at night…"

She blushed. "That—didn't happen—"

"Okay. You're both in denial."

She chuckled nervously. "…You know, I've realized when you're acting like a jerk, it's just your way of speaking sometimes. I shouldn't have kept pushing to act nicer."

"No, it's okay. You were just trying to make me better," He decided, "I think that's why I admired you so much..?"

"Admired?" Past tense, she thought. "Hey…after you saved us you said you were only doing it because someone asked you to. Did you mean it or did you just say that so it wouldn't sound like you cared?"

"Both…" He sighed. "She just asked me to so I thought I would and-"

"Ahh! I knew it!" She shrieked. "Who was it? It had to be somebody you liked if you were willing to do it!" She blinked. "Wait… seriously, who could it be? Not Rika again? Or maybe… Elu?"

He groaned. "Why do you assume it was because of a girl that I did it, before I was convinced to be good… anyway?"

"Because I can tell! I'm good at this sort of thing!"

"Yeah, unless this sort of thing directly involves you…" He mumbled. "Look, your boyfriend said he's gonna try to kill me if he sees us so close anyway sooo…" He pushed her gently aside, "go away."

"He's not my boyfriend! Okay, you have to at least tell me who she is? Please? Pretty please?"

"I don't… I can't… I'm not sure its because I like her or anything, alright? It's just, she seems to have had a lot of pride once, and she was disrespected and belittled in her past, just like I was."


"I just felt like I owed her somehow, that's all."

Kimiko smiled. "You don't have to tell me, if you don't want t—"

"Good 'cause I don't." He answered quickly.

She laughed. "Fair enough. I'm just glad we're on good terms."

He nodded me "same, I guess."

The thunder in the sky interrupted their little conversation.

"Was a storm coming in when we got back here?" Kimiko tried to recall. The lightning struck down directly behind the temple. And a loud BANG echoed across the courtyard.

"Hey, isn't Clay's cow still back there?" Arko questioned.

"Oh no! His poor cow!" Kimiko moved faster when it came to checking on the animal. When she got to the back it was still standing there, but it was glowing the light blue shade from the lightning. "What? Shouldn't it be roasted by now?"

The cow's beady eyes shifted towards her. "Hello, Kimiko…" In the lighting, the cow's form began to flatten and contort into a taller, lean figure.

She gasped. "What in the..? Okayyy the cow is speaking to me…"

The cow had transformed into a man now, fixing his tie and straightening his suit as he faced her. "It's so good to see you again."

"Kimiko!" Arko and the other monks had emerged as well.

"What happened to my cow?" Clay panicked.

"Uh, sorry cowboy… that's not like any beef I've ever seen." Jaku's eyes widened at the glowing figure.

Raimundo tightened his fist. "Kimiko, get over here!" She fled back to her comrades who all gazed upon the man in the suit, flabbergasted. "It's about time you showed up, you cowardly bastard!" He declared. "Who the hell are you?"

The man cleared his throat. He seemed normal enough, a man in his pristine business suit and shined black-laced shoes. His hair and facial short beard were a wispy white like the clouds, even though he himself had the complexion younger than that of a middle aged man. What made him so inhuman, was the static glare of his lucid blue eyes that beheld a yellow ring inside of them.

"It is an honor to see you all… but now the time has come for you all to pay for your sins."

"Oh great, another crazy religious guy…" Clay thought of the priest and nun that had attacked the temple before.

"Hardly, I am much more prominent than a 'religious guy'." He hiccupped and amused chuckle. "I am THE guy. God, of course."

"What, dude?" Raimundo said, un-impressed.

"Get your act together buddy!" Rika sneered. "The only god I ever read about that ever disguised themselves as mere cattle was-!" She stopped herself. "Oh my gosh… Oh my gosh…"

"Now you're beginning to see, but it's a little too late, I'm afraid, young elemental holders..."

"What's he mean? Who is this guy, Rika?" Jaku demanded.

The man smiled, lightly, politely, triumphantly.

"I am this galaxy's salvation! The chaos and ruler of the skies! I am Zeus! God of lightning and god above all other gods!" He raised his arms out and he began to spark flashes of blue. "And again, it's so good to meet you all at long last… this was the only way it could be done."


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