So, starting my Star Fox story. I hope I can get some reviews with advice on what to change and what not to change. The Halo story is probably just dead in the water now. Anyway, I hope I can do better with this one, might only update once a week, so I can make the chapters longer in this one. so...on to the story!

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One week has passed since the crisis on Dinosaur Planet, recently renamed Sauria, was averted by the Star Fox team, or at least, what it was then. The mercenary unit had spread apart, with the Great Fox, the Star Fox team's mothership and home base, falling into a state of disrepair, the navigation robot, ROB/NUS64 following suite. The Star Fox team had been waiting for a job to come up, and they were ecstatic when General Pepper, leader of the Cornerian Army, had called in with a proposition for them.

Fox McCloud, the teams leader, Slippy Toad, the mechanic, and Peppy Hare, father figure of the team, listened intently as Pepper explained the mission. It wasn't exactly what the team was best for, but it wasn't an impossible job for them either. Fox spent the next few days travelling the main planet, and the chunks that had been breaking way from the mother body.

Over the course of the journey, Fox made many new allies, Prince Tricky of the Earthwalker tribe in particular, and also setting his sights on a beautiful blue vixen while returning a Krazoa spirit, one of the magical entities that aided in holding Sauria together, to Krazoa Palace. Tricky hadn't been able to join the orange vulpine, so it was just Fox, and the blue mystery vixen. Although, there was one problem: she was trapped, ironically enough, in a large crystal. Fox would later learn her name after freeing her.

As soon as he had freed her, he learned the source of the trouble. Andross, the simian that had killed his father, had been resurrected. Fox had killed the giant ape, who had apparently taken a liking to the appearance of just a large floating head and two hands, during The Lylat Wars eight years prior. Fox had followed the evil scientist into space in his Arwing, engaging him in a battle not unlike the first one with the monkey. Eventually, it seemed as if Fox was about to meet his end, sucked into the tooth filled mouth of the man who wasn't satisfied with just taking James' McCloud's life, but his son's as well. Fox had resigned to the worst when he heard a beep in his communicator. He looked at the screen, which remained dark, but he heard the familiar voice of a cocky blue falcon. "Hey McCloud, different time, different planet, and you still need Falco's help. Its good to see ya buddy!" He heard Falco Lombardi, the team's ace pilot, who had left prior to the current events to pursue a life that was different, but never managing to find the thrill that being with Team Star Fox gave him. The Avian and Vulpine worked Andross' strength down, eventually getting in a lucky blow and watching as the simian exploded in their rear displays, rocketing away from the blast area as quickly as they could back to the Great Fox.

The team was back in the same place, but Fox, Peppy, and Slippy were all saddened at the thought that Falco may leave again. They were surprised to see the elevator door to the bridge open, the falcon stepping in and flashing a cocky smile at his friends. "Hey guys, you don't mind if I hang with you again, do ya?" Fox crossed his arms, smirking at his friend "Sure Falco, it's great to have you back" Slippy was overjoyed at this. "The Star Fox team is back together again!" Peppy's eyes widened as if he was remembering something. "Oh, Fox! I almost forgot! I received this message from Krystal..." The old hare put the message on the bridge's main holopanel, the vixen from before showing up as a hologram. The voice came through, a slight British type accent showing through her grateful words. "Hi, Fox, I really appreciate what you did for me. I'm just so sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk. I'm left with just one more thing to do." A thump resounded through the Dreadnaught's hull, The team looked around, then heard the door to the bridge hiss open, the blue vixen slowly walking into the room, a smile on her face s she finished her statement. "And that's to say...Thank you" She finished the sentence and moved towards the team. Fox felt his ears burn with embarrassment as he scratched his neck nervously. "Well uh, OK, I mean, sure, no problem!" A laugh escaped the little green toad next to Fox. "Your not shy, are you Fox?" He croaked out, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Falco poked his old friend and wing mate in the ribs with an elbow as ROB piped in for the first time. "My sensors indicate Fox's temperature is rising, are you okay, Fox?" The team and the vixen had all began to laugh as the robot had unknowingly let the secret out that Fox was indeed very shy around Krystal. Fox quickly saved himself with one last comment. "I'm gonna be just fine" He stated, smiling at the vixen next to him, Krystal returning the smile.

The week passed as Krystal got settled into her room on the Great Fox. One morning, as she was getting up, a little late due to staying up late the night prior, she wandered into the kitchen, where her new team mates were eating breakfast. Fox perked up as she entered the room, his tail flicking around for a moment excitedly. "Good morning, Krystal" He said, smiling and pointing at the empty seat at the table, where a plate of food awaited the blue vixen. "She smiled happily and sat down to enjoy the meal, taking a bite, then her eyes began to grow. "Whats wrong?" Fox asked, wondering if she was okay. Krystal swallowed the mouth full of food and grinned at him. "This is delicious! Who made it?" Slippy began to bounce in his seat, waving his hand in the air. "Me! Me!" Krystal smiled at the little green toad. "Slippy, this is great!"

The mechanic began to blush, his squeaky voice uttering out something about her being to nice about it. Krystal smiled at him for a few more seconds before going back to the plate in front of her. After a while, the team had finished their meal and moved to the Casual room, where they would relax between missions, or in peacetime, they would just sit around and watch TV, read, or anything else. ROB's metallic monotone came over the speakers. "Entering Corneria's atmosphere in one hour" The room eventually cleared out, leaving Fox and Krystal alone together, beginning to talk about any random subject. Fox began the conversation. "So, Krystal, when we get to Corneria, We're moving off of the Great Fox for awhile, and into our planet side home." Krystal grinned at Fox. "I'm finally getting to see Corneria after you guys have told me so much about it?" The orange vulpine returned the grin. "Yes, and you'll love it!" The two continued to talk for awhile, eventually losing track of time and getting interrupted by ROB again.

"Atmospheric entry is imminent, prepare for planetary gravity influence" The two foxes stood to go to the bridge and join the rest of the team there, arriving within seconds. Falco began making snide remarks as the ship began to shake, turbulence rocking even the dreadnaught, despite the powerful stabilizers it had equipped.

The moments ticked by as they entered the turbulent stratosphere, then eased off into the lowest portion of the protective bubble encasing the planet. Krystal continued to smile as she stared out the windows of the bridge, admiring the blue planet. It was mostly covered in water, the cities located on large islands with small black lines indicating bridges from island to island, but they were falling into disrepair due to the fact that most vehicles now were able to hover.

Fox had moved to the command console, speaking to a walrus on the communicator. "Great Fox, requesting permission to land." The voice came through, giving them their orders. "Permission granted, Dock at hangar 317" The voice cut out as the transmission ended, Fox changing the coordinates, the dreadnaught shuddering as the engines roared to change course. The ship had rumbled, tearing a swath through the air as it angled it's way to the surface, into an extremely large hangar designated for Battleship and Carrier class vessels. The Great Fox was barely able to make it to the hangar, as it needed repairs on almost every aspect of the ship. It finally shuddered into place, hissing as hydraulic systems finally collapsed. Until it was to be renovated, the ship was grounded. As the team exited their crumbling ship, they moved as a small group into the terminal, only military personell inside due to it being a military air base. Through the sea of fatigues, the team saw a red flash, quickly moving towards them. Fox grinned and moved towards the large hound striding towards them, embracing him as soon as they reached each other. "General Pepper, it's great to see you!" Fox exclaimed, grinning. The general, a yellow-brown bloodhound in a red military uniform, covered in medals, smiled at Fox. "I can return the feeling Fox, it's been too long since we last saw each other." The rest of the team did as Fox did, and then the Hound finally saw Krystal, removing his hat and extending his hand towards her. "Ma'am, you must be Krystal. I am General Pepper, Cornerian military commander."

The cerulean vixen blushed through her fur, smiling at General pepper. "It's a pleasure to meet you General" She stated, taking his hand and shaking it shyly. Pepper continued to grin at the team. "I have already made preparations to get your bags to your home here. A car is outside waiting for you, my own limo. Would any of you mind if I joined you on the journey?" Fox shook his head, waving his hand. "It would be our pleasure, General" Pepper nodded and returned his hat to his head, smiling and nodding. "Then let us go." The old war veteran turned on his heel and led the mercenary unit outside, opening the door to his limo for the team.

After everybody had gotten into their seats, Pepper rapped his knuckles against the window separating the driver from the occupants, indicting he could drive now. "So, Fox, how did the mission on dinosaur planet go?" He asked, looking at the mercenary commander. Fox spent the next 20 minutes reciting the events surrounding the crumbling planet, that had since been restored to normal. Fox then looked to Krystal upon finishing and asked her what she had seen throughout her time on the saurian inhabited planet. Krystal closed her eyes halfway, as if going through the events of it in her mind.

She took a deep breath and began to recount her time on the planet. "I had received a distress call originating from the planet, as my own home planet was destroyed not too long before by the giant enemy you faced after saving me, his name was Andross, wasn't it? I had returned one of the spirits after getting an explanation from one of the downed soldiers, and I went and returned it. Not too long after, I was pushed into the beam of light leading the spirits to the top of the palace. It embedded me into a crystal, ironic, I know, but it was slowly sucking the energy from me. Then, Fox saved me. That's basically how my time on the planet was spent" she ended, smiling shyly. They felt the car come to a stop, looking out and seeing the Star Fox team's home away from the Great fox

Pepper handed each team member a key, opening the door and nodding to each as they got out. Fox led the team to the house and slid the key in, unlocking the door and opening it, leading his team inside as the day ended.