Katara and Zuko watched Toph, Aang and Sokka play a game Toph invented , Sokka pong. The game was rather simple Toph and Aang both used their elements to hit Sokka to each other and the first one to miss lost.

"Take that!" Toph rose the earth in front of her and pushed it up , then Sokka went head first into the earth and bounced back to Aang.

"I got it!" using his element of air Aang lifted himself up and shot Sokka back into the direction of Toph .. err well 10 feet over Toph's head and then with a load THUD Sokka face planted into the dirt.

"No fair twinkle toes! Did you expect me to fly up and hit it ! it is not like I have magical powers!.

" For once can we do something that does not have a 50 percent chance to kill me? huffed Sokka who managed no to to any major damage to himself during Sokka pong.

"Hi I'm back" Suki said suddenly appearing.

"Where were you?" asked Katara and Zuko.

"Looking around town for a actually decent lunch" replied Suki. Ever since the The Fire Lords defeat the avatar group found a town in the earth kingdom to rest in. Oh and Zuko lost his grouchiness some-what.

" Did you hear something?" questioned Katara.

"What are you talking about Katara? Said Sokka and every else just looked confused. A couple of seconds later a 6 fairies appeared form behind the house, you know nothing out of the usual. Wait fairies?