Set after season 4, episode 22, Lucifer Rising.
'Credo in Deum' by The-London-Bridge.
Start date, 7/14/2011.

Summary: Lucifer has been freed and seeks his true vessel, Michael seeks Dean's permission to use his body to walk the earth, the brothers, torn apart by destiny and broken trust. Can they salvage the bond between them, can they stop what so many tell them is their fate? Or is the world just coming to an end?
WARNINGS: Slash, Wincest, Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel/Sam.
Rated: R

Credo in Deum

Dean woke slowly, his head pounding, his pulse drumming heavily in his ears. At first the light was too bright for him to see, but as his eyes adjusted it became clear he was not still in Saint Mary's Convent, no, he was on an airplane. Sam woke slowly as well, seated beside him, obviously just as confused as his brother. Lucifer had been freed, right? They were standing right there, they watched it happen, didn't they? Sam looked over to his brother, a silent exchange going on between them before he gave into words. "Dean I'm sorry, I" - "No Sam, don't do this now." Dean said firmly, cutting off his sentence. Sam hardly had time to argue though, a massive beam of light erupted from the ground below, both Dean and Sam watched in amazement as it shot up, nearly grazing the wing of the aircraft.

The plane shook violently, alarms sounding as the pilots struggled to regain control, oxygen bags deployed then, and both brothers struggled to place the masks over their faces. The fall seemed to last forever, then suddenly, the plane tilted back up sharply as the pilots had managed to stabilize the aircraft from the heavy electrical surge of power. Lucifer's power. The plane made an emergency landing in Ohio, and it was raining heavily as the boys got off the plane, they had no luggage, hell no passports even. But in the panic no one seemed to notice the two additions to the plane mid-flight. And odd silence fell over them both, as they left the airport, following old habit of stealing a car and getting to a motel.

Sam, nervous, and incredibly guilt ridden, was restlessly fidgeting in the passenger seat of the stolen pickup truck. Dean, angry, and betrayed, hurt that his brother would choose a demon over him, that his brother refused to listen to the warnings. It was more than frustrating, it was infuriating. But at the same time, Sammy was his brother, his little brother, and he couldn't abandon him. Sam hadn't known that killing Lilith was the final seal. And Dean took his only measure of comfort in thinking that, if Sam had known, he never would have done it. Sam glanced to his brother in the dark of the truck cab, Dean's face only illuminated by the headlights of passing cars. But it was clear enough to see he wasn't happy with Sam, not in the least. Sam turned his eyes back down to the floor of the cab, to the dirty mud stained carpet there. It was a very quiet drive to the nearest motel.

The strong deafening silence held up until they were both inside the motel room. Sam closing and locking the door behind himself before tossing his bag down on the nearest bed and holding his arms out wide, "Alright come on Dean take a few shots, call me some names here, because I can't live with this silence." Dean had set his own bag down on the second bed, and looked over at Sam while he spoke, an unreadable look on his face.
"Sam, you need to drop this now, before you start something that you don't want to finish."
"No, I'm serious Dean lets just get this over with so we can get our heads back in the game to win this."

Now Dean was angry, he stepped quickly over to his brother, looking up at him boldly. Though Sam was taller, it never had seemed to offset Dean's authority. He stared at his little brother; Sam looked back for a moment, but averted his eyes, his will breaking under his brother's harsh gaze. At last, Dean spoke, and Sam kept his eyes glued to the floor. "I swear to god Sammy, if you ever pull a stunt like that again I will kill you myself, do you understand me?" Sam went to reply but Dean cut him off sharply, "Sam, you chose to trust a demon hell-bitch over your only brother, all I've ever done was looked out for you, and you just, you blow it off like it was nothing. And now, thanks to you, Satan is running around singin' and dancin' and it's about to rain cats and bloody bullshit on this planet."

Sam moved away then, taking a step back, guilt and shame riding over his shoulders, he'd done this, he'd freed Lucifer from Hell. Set the Apocalypse into motion. It was all his fault, all because he refused to take his brother's advice, because he'd trusted Ruby over Dean. Tears rolled down Sam's face, though he was still silent, knowing there was no excuse for what he did, hell, how could Dean even stand to be in the same room with him? Dean watched as Sam beat himself up, the familiar, brooding look on his face, the tense posture, you could almost see the wheels turning in his head. But Sam was missing the point. "Sammy, I don't hold you responsible for this, we both thought that Lilith was going to break the last seal. No one could have known she was the last seal. You thought you were doing the right thing, I know that." There was a short pause while Dean looked for the right words. "But, Sammy, you're my brother, and you left, I thought I'd never see you again. I thought I'd lost you. You're all I have Sam and don't you ever walk away from me again, do you understand me?"

Now it was Dean's turn, tears spilling over his cheeks, which he promptly wiped away with the back of his hand before turning back to dig through his duffel bag. Needing some distraction from the emotional tension, it always made Dean uneasy. But Sam was there, he turned Dean around and pulled him close, a tight hug as he rested his chin on his brother's shoulder. Dean returned the grip, his hands digging into the back of Sam's shirt. Trying his best to fight the tears, but not succeeding very well.
"I'm so sorry Dean, I just, I made a mistake, I was in over my head and I swear to you Dean, I won't let you down again."
"I know Sammy, I know." Dean spoke softly, his eyes closed, still holding tight to the little brother he thought he lost.

The next move though, was unexpected, at least on Dean's part. He felt the soft brush of Sam's lips against his cheek, once, then once more, he turned his head some, leaning back a bit, questioning eyes searching his little brother's face. But Sam didn't waste his chance, he ducked his head down, pressing his lips to Dean's soft full ones. Sam honestly, didn't know what had driven him to do it, but he did, and the feel of Dean relaxing into it, returning the kiss, made some warm relief wash over him. He loved his brother, and always had. Dean had raised him, from a toddler, Dean was always there. Dean was the one who made birthday's and Christmas' and every other holiday matter. Dean had always given everything he had for his little brother. No matter what Sammy came first. And he'd failed him, he'd chosen Ruby over Dean and Sam knew just how bad Dean must be hurting.

After the fist slow, tentative brushes, Sam kissed his brother more forcefully, his hand moving to grip the short hair at the back of Dean's head, while Dean's own two hands moved to cup each side of Sam's face. The kiss grew more and more frantic with each passing second, built up passions and fears and angers and hurts and loves, all pouring out between them. Their tongues battled for dominance, neither brother backing down in a rash of clashing teeth and hard mouths. Sam pushed Dean back slowly, not once breaking contact with Dean's mouth. But when the older brother felt the back of his legs against the bed he had a sound idea of what was coming. He fell back, but twisted, pinning Sam down to the bed under him, straddling his baby brother's hips. Leaning down he kissed Sam once more, hard and fierce before he moved his attention to bite at the exposed skin on Sam's neck.

Sam's hands pulled and tore at Dean's clothing until he could get it off, throwing it to the side roughly, his hands greedily taking in the firm, wonderful and sculpted muscles of his brother's chest and shoulders. It would be hard to deny that Dean was a beautiful man, flawless really. No wonder the Angels had chosen him, he looked like an Angel. And though Sam enjoyed Dean's rough attention, Sam had not given in to Dean's dominating show. He flipped them, easily, his larger body made of solid muscle pinned his older brother to the bed. Sam's large hands gripping firmly, harshly, onto Dean's arm and the other at Dean's hip as he kneeled over the other man. It was a mess of fiery passion, clawing, biting, true raw emotion as Sam kissed and bit a trail down Dean's body, pausing only for a split second as Dean managed to pull Sam's shirt off over his head.
"Sammy…" Was all Dean could manage, breathless from kissing.
The only response from Sam was an animalistic grunt as he finished removing his own clothes and then Dean's.

Sam sat up, still straddling over Dean's hips to look down at his brother. A light sheen of sweat coated them both, and the dim lighting in the motel room made highlights of every perfect muscle. Dean's chest rose and fell heavily, sharply as he tried to calm his breath. His eyes, open, vulnerable and needy as he laid on his back, his hands resting on Sam's thighs. God, if only Dean knew how good he looked, red bruised lips from hard kissing, disheveled hair, the way his lips were parted as he breathed in and out. Dean's eyes were locked with Sam, hesitant, nervous, but not afraid, and glazed over with passion and need. Sam's eyes were full of lust, hardwired passion, and something a bit darker.

Something changed in Sam as he looked down at his brother under him, naked and his need obvious, exposed at his mercy. Sam's cocky smirk faded, and he leaned down, kissing Dean slowly, still brimming with passion, but softer than before. Dean quickly parted his lips, allowing Sam unchallenged access to explore his mouth, the taste of his little brother already on his tongue. The slow kisses continued as Sam changed their position, pulling Dean's legs to wrap around him, which Dean willingly complied to. Sam broke the kiss long enough to whisper in Dean's ear. "I'll go slow." He spoke, his voice husky, and Dean trembled under him, feeling Sam's hot breath against the side of his neck. Dean only nodded in response, his hands- one exploring Sam's hard chest, the other tangled in the wavy locks of hair at the base of Sam's neck.

Taking himself in one hand and Dean's cock in the other, Sam began slowly stroking Dean as he pressed himself against his brother's tight opening. Dean groaned, a mix of pleasure and pain, and tipped his head back; giving Sam the most beautiful view of Dean's neck and jaw line. Sam placed soft, gentle kisses to his brother's jaw as he pushed himself in, at last feeling that tight, burning heat engulf him. Sam shuddered and fought to keep himself still as Dean adjusted to the large new invasion. Dean's breathing was ragged, his eyes closed as Sam continued stroking him at a soft and gentle pace, Sam's lips covering Dean's in kisses, one after another. At last Dean rocked his hips up, silently begging his brother for more. And Sam was happy to oblige, pushing deeper and deeper into his brother until his hips were pressed flat to Dean's body.

Then the passion began to build again, a slow rocking, pulling out of his brother's tight ass before thrusting back, getting a delicious moan from Dean each time he hit that sweet spot. Sam timed his hand, working Dean's member with each trust. Their mouths once again began a fight for dominance, Dean letting out soft grunts of pleasure, muffled by Sam's mouth and tongue. Sam loved the sounds his brother made, the soft noises and the hitches in his breath as he silently, and not so silently pleaded for more from his brother. But it didn't take long for the raw, animalistic lust to come back in them, both brothers' tearing at each other just trying to get more. Their mouths locked together, Dean's hands digging hard into Sam's hip, pulling him closer, fisting in the silky hair at the back of Sam's head. Sam's tongue forced itself into Dean's mouth, making his older brother submit, his hand pumping Dean's thick cock faster and harder as he pounded himself into his brother.

Both boys grew more and more frantic, Dean's back arched up from the bed, pressing his chest into Sam's as his release hit him hard, the wave of pleasure rocking his body and leaving him dazed, his own stomach and Sam's coated in his mess. Sam was not far behind, with one last hard thrust he felt the world spin around him, and Dean felt the warmth of Sam's come inside him, his body spiraling down from the glory of his climax. Sam pulled himself out of his brother, but collapsed onto him, resting his head on Dean's chest as the both struggled to tame their rampant breathing. The silence fell over the room again, but it was not nearly as uneasy now. Dean spent, exhausted, and well contented, wrapped his arms protectively around his little brother.

Sam buried his face in Dean's firm, hard chest, his eyes closed, his hands clinging to his older brother. Exactly what the hell had happened between them, he wasn't sure. He knew it was incredible, the best thing he'd ever felt in his life. He'd never felt so whole, or so right in his life as he did in these moments. Dean's arms felt like shields, they could protect him from anything, even the Apocalypse. Though Sam was nervous to sleep, who knew what reaction Dean would have in the morning, when the heat of the moment had faded and he had a good chance to see, by the light of day, what had happened in this room. But for now, Sam enjoyed the comfort of his brother, the warmth, the peace. As if, of anyone on this Earth, he deserved peace.

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