A/N (by Frog-kun): This pretty much concludes the Tezuka drabble collection. Again, all the forumers at NXYZ exchange our warmest affections with Bonnsaka. I truly personally hoped you liked all the drabbles.

Also, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all the writers who participated in this event. You all produced such great work on such short notice. I was personally incredibly impressed by the quality of writing that came out of this. I have a hard time picking favourites because everyone wrote so well and everything approached Tezuka's character in different ways, so it was all very difficult to compare. And yet throughout all the pieces there lies a common thread so powerful and compelling I never expected to see it. I think (and I suspect others will agree with me) reading all your work has made me understand Tezuka a little bit better. So yeah, a round of applause for all the writers, I think.

To finish off are some final messages from those writers who couldn't make the deadline. I won't be uploading any further drabbles since the event is formally concluded, so those who still want to write Bonnsaka something when they have time can write post it under their own profiles. I will, however, make a note of it here if that happens. Let's do our best to exchange the NXYZ love!

Dear Bonnsaka,

This might be very late compared to the other messages and giftfics. but I am writing this message in hopes that it will make you feel more welcomed here. I am not the best at writing these types of messages but I shall try my best.

I am sorry that I have not been greatly around, or that I have been annoying, but you are a great company to be around. Your knowledge of Tezkua really does impress me and makes me want to learn more about my favourite characters so I make keep them more in character.

The day that you explained to me and Coco-chan on Tezuka and how he would probably react, it really seemed like you were talking about a real person.

I am again sorry for not being around, probably annoying, and not giving you a good warm welcome.



Dearest Bonn,

I'd like to explain my inexcusable absence from the comm. I've been preoccupied with college, and for the past month, I didn't have my laptop with me and couldn't tune in with the forum even if I wanted to. Anyways, I'm here right now.

It saddens me that you'd leave so soon. I haven't even talked to you - not even once.

I tell you, I didn't know about you leaving until the other nice people asked me if I was writing a drabble for you. I promise you I will write one as soon as I can get my fingers to cooperate with me. I've been dead on creative juice lately, so yeah. But you have my word I will get a drabble, a oneshot, out for you soon. ^^ Heck, I'd even dedicate the next chapter I ever do publish to you. ='D

So, yeah. I'm wishing you wouldn't really leave us. The comm's already lonely as it is. ='D But, I can't stop you nor make any decisions for you. Thank you for considering NXYZ! =3 And in the case you do change your mind, this person over here will gladly welcome you. ^^

Peace out~