Tara's Heart

Once again, I am biting off my english textbook! Sorry, but I love my English class.

Disclaimer: Blah blah Joss Whedon Blah Blah! "The Secret Heart" was written by Robert P. Tristram Coffin.

Across the years she could recall

Her lovely Tara one way best of all

In the stillest hours of the night

Willow had awakened to a light

Half in dreams, she saw her there

With her soft hands full of fire

Tara had struck a match to see

If her girlfriend slept peacefully

She held her palms each side the spark

Her love had kindled in the dark

Her two hands had curved apart

In the semblance of a heart

She wore, it seemed to the smaller one

A bare heart on her hidden one

A heart that gave out such a glow

No one awake could bear to know

It showed a look upon a face

Too tender for the day to trace

One instant, it lit all about

And then Tara's heart went out

But it shone long enough for one

To know her hands held up Willow's sun