Seven Minutes in Heaven: Refined

Magnetizing with your mystifying charm, you draw people to you effortlessly. You aren't surprised when Alfred dances over and offers you a hat, declaring, "We're playing Seven Minutes in Heaven! Are you game?" You hesitate. Seven Minutes in Heaven is a little unrefined for your tastes, not to mention, it makes you feel insecure for multiple reasons. "C'mon! It'll be so much fun! I promise!" Before you can decline, however, Alfred wields his puppy eyes on you and you surrender, deciding to make the best of it. Your hand disappears into the hat and returns to you. A type of music is scrawled on the inside. Your gaze doesn't reveal anything, so Alfred eagerly asks, "What'd you get?" Glancing up, you reply:

"(insert response from bottom)."






Author's Note: This is going to be posted on my Quizilla account later, along with a quiz and other results. I'd like feedback on what people think of the stories; any and all criticism is welcome.