Magnetizing with your mystifying charm, you drew people to you effortlessly. You weren't surprised when Alfred danced over and offered you a hat, declaring, "We're playing Seven Minutes in Heaven! Are you game?" You hesitated. Seven Minutes in Heaven was a little unrefined for your tastes, not to mention, it made you feel insecure for multiple reasons. "C'mon! It'll be so much fun! I promise!"

Before you could decline, however, Alfred wielded his puppy eyes on you and you surrendered, deciding to make the best of it. Your hand disappeared into the hat and returned to you. A type of music was scrawled on the inside. Your gaze didn't reveal anything, so Alfred eagerly asked, "What'd you get?" Glancing up, you replied:



Glancing down to ascertain your response, you repeated, "Classical." Breaking into a beam, Alfred motioned to Elizabeta who bounded over. Grinning mischievously, the duo tag-teamed you and the closet; Alfred opened the door while Elizabeta pushed you in. Unceremoniously shoved onto your knees, you sat up with a huff as the darkness overtook you.

Classical… you mused, eyes roving the small space. …I wonder who that is.

Drumming your fingers against the floor, you theorized. Assuming that the person who wrote it chose that genre, you would guess that Roderich wrote it. The thought made you shudder. Sure, the Austrian was polite to you, but being locked in a closet with him for seven minutes would be awkward. Brightening, you could see Ludwig writing something like that, but you were friends with him—strictly friends. Though, this was all concluded by assuming that the person who wrote it wanted to write it.

Inconclusive, you sighed and waited.

"This is the right closet, ve~?"

Heart jumping as you flinched, your eyes focused on the door. That was Feliciano's voice. Feliciano… Cheeks alight with a gentle blush, you controlled your excitement as the doorknob twisted. …I—I can't believe it! This is amazing! Truth be told, you adored the little Italian. Yes, he wasn't nearly as intelligent as you, but he was fun and made you happy when you were around him. A sliver of light abruptly burst into blinding luminosity as the door flew open. You heard Feliciano stumble into the closet and knew he was there when he fell right on top of you.

"Ahh!" Feliciano glommed you when the door closed. "It's so dark and scary! Hold me!"

Wide-eyed, you hugged the hyperventilating Italian. Blushing uncontrollably, you tried soothing Feliciano as well as your heartbeat, "C-calm down Feli! It's okay!" Practically in your lap and squirming, he continued whining. "Don't worry, there's absolutely nothing in here except me—," you paused thoughtfully, "—and maybe a few spiders."

"No!" Feliciano clung tighter to you. "Don't let them eat me!"

"Feliciano!" Crowded, you pushed gently at him. "You're s-squishing me!"

"Oh no!" Leaping off you, but sticking close by your side, he apologized. "I'm so sorry!"

Managing a smile, you replied, "Don't worry, it's fine." Your blush spread further, burning warmer when Feliciano hugged your arm to his chest and propped his head on your shoulder, breathing into your ear. What started as ragged exhales turned to slow, steady breaths. Each exhale made your heart flutter as the Italian calmed and, much to your dismay, he seemed to have fallen asleep—

—until he suddenly exclaimed, "I'm so glad I have such a pretty girl to protect me!"

The happy voice slipped over your neck as he crooned affectionately in your ear and you reddened; insecurity followed the compliment, but you were flattered anyway. "Thanks Feli," you smiled sweetly and turned to him, "hearing that means a lot to me."

Confused, Feliciano straightened up and tilted his head, "You mean people don't tell you how happy they are to see your beautiful face every day?" Laughing lightly, you shook your head. The Italian was so adorable with his head-tilt and you could tell he was doing it from the tone he employed. Feliciano was shocked. "Really? Why don't they tell you how gorgeous you are?"

"I'm not that pretty," though you smiled, your insecurity frowned, "just pretty enough."

"Silly girl!" Feliciano declared. "You are bellissima!" (Beautiful!)

With that, the playful Italian leaned in for a kiss and pressed his lips against yours. One kiss, however, was just not enough, and soon you met a barrage of affection. Startled, you leaned back and fell onto your elbow with Feliciano following, straddling you accidentally. Catching and cupping your cheek, his mouth met yours and you accepted it slowly. Opposite hand dropping to your hip, Feliciano played his fingers up your stomach, tickling you lightly, and you squirmed beneath him.

Pulling back, Feliciano grinned. "I have kissed the most beautiful girl here! I cannot wait to tell Ludwig!"

Unease stirred in your stomach. "Ah, don't tell him that! Let's just keep it a secret!"

Feliciano leaned towards you. "Only if you kiss me, pretty lady!"

Scoffing, you declined. "I will not kiss you just to keep a secret!" Feliciano pouted. "That would be most improper. Besides," you teased him with a coy grin, "what if I don't let you kiss me ever again? You didn't even ask permission the first time." Sliding out from beneath him and slowly standing, you were surprised when Feliciano jumped to his feet.

Reaching out and taking your hand in his, holding it tightly to his chest, the Italian exclaimed, "No more kisses ever again? That's terrible! I mean, sure there are tons of pretty girls out there, but none of them are the same as you and you're the only one I want!" Lips pursing in the most curious manner, you found Feliciano working himself up more and more with each passing second. "If you were the only one I had to kiss I would be happy forever! Please be my girlfriend!"

"W-wha?" Not expecting that kind of response, you gasped as the Italian hug-tackled you.

"Please, please!" Feliciano wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled your cheek.

"I—I, um," you couldn't respond quickly enough, "w-well, yes! Yes!"

"Does this mean I can kiss you again?" he squeezed you.

"Depends, are you asking?" you smiled suddenly.

"Of course I am!" Feliciano kissed your neck.

Turning around, you lifted your chin as the Italian pressed his warm lips into yours, holding your face lovingly. Outside the closet, Alfred was counting down the last few seconds, but you were too absorbed into Feliciano to notice until the door was rebounding off the wall.

"Man, I said time is up, dudes!" Alfred laughed as you reddened, pushing Feliciano back.

Scowling sheepishly, you replied, "Yes, I heard you this time." Your expression lightened, however, as your Italian lover reached over and entwined your fingers in his, giving you a cheerful smile. Beaming back, you shook your head; he was just too cute. As he led you through the crowd of interested eyes, you noticed he was going straight to Ludwig.

You deadpanned.

"Hey Ludwig! Guess what? I kissed the most beautiful girl here!"