Bungaku Shoujo

Book girl and her shyness?

Ring, ring!

Eh, what was that sound?

Upon hearing a familiar sound, I slightly opened my eyes. Strangely, the room I was in was very dark. There was a window at the wall opposite to the door which had a full moon hanging in the dark sky. Without a doubt this was the literature club room, but why was I…

Konoha…You really shouldn't write that kind of story Konoha. It makes me very honest you know…

I think, I have fallen in love with you, Konoha

Would you become my author?

Memories started to return to me as I just realized what happened just now. I shouldn't have written that kind of spicy story. I never thought that that kind of story would have made Tohko drunk. Now that I recalled, I never saw Tohko like that before.

I blushed as I recalled how Tohko kissed me in the cheek.


A small sound could be heard as I started to notice Tohko, who was previously resting her head on my shoulder was starting to wake up from the sound.

"…Um…..Uh?...Konoha-kun?...YEP!" The half awake book girl lifted her head to look at me, I flashed a smile towards her as she realized she was on my lap and quickly jumped off. From how she called my name, I can guess that she was out of her drunkenness. Though she was back to normal I kind of missed how she called me "Konoha".

"Eh! Why was I on Konoha's lap! Eh, the spicy story! Being my author! Eh!" I can't help but laugh at the panicking Tohko, she was so cute that I wanted to hug her. Now that I thought about it, since how long had I have this kind of thought? After finished panicking, she turned her cute crimson red face towards me. I could saw some tears that were threatening to fall out of embarrassment.

"…Konoha-kun, you remember everything is it?"

"Pretty much everything…Tohko."

Embarrassed, she turned her back towards me as I thought that she was too shy to admit everything that happened.

Hmm? I thought I saw Tohko holding something…

"…Konoha-kun, KO NO BAKA! (YOU THIS IDIOT!)" With that tears started to fall as she began to throw very, very thick books at me.

"Wai, wait a minute! Calm down Tohko!" I shouted as I tried to dodge the incoming books from Tohko, if I was being hit no doubt it will hurt. Still, the image of a shy Tohko was so cute that I promised myself I would never forget this image.


I never knew that Tohko was that good at throwing before one thick book hit me square in the face. As I backed off, I noticed that my back had hit the unstable book shelf. The last I remembered was how Tohko called me "Konoha" before mountains of books began to burry me.

"Konoha! Konoha! Are you alright!" I felt someone calling for me as I felt that I was being pulled out from a pile of sand. When I opened my eyes, I saw a panicked Tohko-sempai looking at me, still not sure what happened, I tried to ask what happened.

"…Tohko-sempai, what happened?" Upon hearing my question, she seemed stunned for a while.

"…Tohko-sempai?" She said her own name, I wondered why did she do that. I felt something burying my legs. As I turned to see what was burying my legs, only I pile of books greeted me.

"…Tohko-sempai, why was I being buried by this pile of books? Eh, what time was it now? Is it night time already!"

As I kept on panicking, I didn't notice the small little regretting sigh that came out of Tohko-sempai's mouth.

After finally being freed from the pile of books, I realized that it was already 11:00p.m and my mother had already called me for many times. Since it was that late already, Tohko-sempai and I quickly packed up and left the club room.

"Konoha, would you become my author?"

This phrase kept on appearing in mind as I took a last look at the club room. After thinking maybe it was a dream, I smiled at the imagination of a peaceful Tohko-sempai sleeping on my lap before I completely closed the door.

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