And now the story you all been waiting for Complicated Lives part 2

Pairings: Kodi/Kirby, Dusty/Ralph

Rated: K

"Kirby, is it really you" He said

Kirby said nothing and just walked closer to Kodi as was waiting for a reply once again

Once Kirby got close enough, licked Kodi's back all the way up to his neck

Soon after, Kodi closed his eyes and had a flashback of the time they did this together

The flashback ended with a voice calling his name

Kodi opened his eyes to see his boyfriend alive and well looking at him staring blankly then both were about to kiss passionately, but something stopped Kodi

Kirby felt pain coming from his left leg, he fell to the ground

"KIRBY! He yelled

"Kodi, you need to carry me back to the boiler room, I can't walk" He said weakly

"Okay" He said before carefully biting on his fur and placed him on his back but Kirby facing the side

Kodi tried again and this time he was facing the front and like before Kodi didn't care about Kirby's weight then asked if Kirby was okay

"Yes, Kodi I'm okay...let's go home" He said before resting his head on his warm and soft back with a sigh of love

And Kodi and Kirby was on their way home.

Well, there you have it...Kirby reunited with his mate but what will his reaction be when he finds out about Kodi's new mate

Hope you enjoyed this, more chapters coming soon