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Chapter 36: When You Get What You Want, But Not What You Need

As expected, things didn't slow down after we got dad back from being kidnapped by Ryan Wilkes and used as a front man. Less than three days later, things had picked up full speed and were heading so fast that even if they tried to veer from the path, it still would have resulted in the inevitable collision.

And that's exactly what happened.

On Tuesday I went over to dad's after school to find him and Mozzie sitting on the couch, the phone dangling between my dad's fingers, discussing whether or not a phone call was too cryptic. Now normally that wouldn't set off any warning bells considering what they do for a living, but when I asked them what they were talking about dad said it was nothing. He always tells me what he's up too, even when Peter tells him he's not supposed to.

That meant only one thing, this was about Kate.

I took my concerns to Peter and asked him if he knew what was going on. He said that dad had left him in the dark just as much as me, but Peter had a plan of his own.

I felt bad sneaking around dad, but I was worried about him and so was Peter. Plus I hate being left out of things and Peter gave me a way in. Wednesday night, I rode with Peter as we tailed dad. Yes it's incredibly creepy to be stalking your own father, but when I saw who he was meeting with being creepy was the last thing I was worried about. My dad had met with Fowler. Yeah, the same guy that put bugs in our house and threw dad in prison. Now I was certain this had to be about Kate. I think Peter knew it too.

We had a four day weekend at school because of some dumb teacher's convention, so I decided to spend the weekend with dad in order to spy on him. Wrong, I know but by that point I was too curious to worry about rights and wrongs. And Peter was encouraging it, so it couldn't have been that wrong, right?

Alex and Mozzie turned up sometime in the early morning. The two of them being here usually mean that dad's about to do something stupid. And low and behold, I'm right. But the real surprise was that dad made me leave when they showed up. Like actually leave the room. I was going to yell at him right then and there, tell him that I knew that this was about Kate and that he needed to fess up right now, but something stopped me. This weird feeling in my stomach told me it wasn't worth the fight. So I went to find June downstairs and pouted in the kitchen.

At some point Peter showed up and came into the kitchen. June excused herself but I knew exactly what she was doing. She was warning dad. That made me angry that even she knew what was going on when me, his own kid was clueless.

After everyone left, I marched upstairs to tell him as much.

"Hey dad" I say walking in the door, "We need to talk."

He sighs, "I know we do megabyte, but can we do this later."

"Nope. Because if this works out how you want it to, I'm betting that there won't be a later" I tell him flatly. I am done playing waiting games.

"Callen" he tries, but I cut him off.

"No. You are going to tell me what you're so keen on hiding right now. You're going to tell me why Fowler is here having secret meetings with you, and why you're having conversations with Mozzie that I'm no longer allowed to be a part of" I shout, "I want to know. This isn't just about you anymore. I have two little brothers and a little sister to look out for."

Dad drops into one of the kitchen chairs. I hadn't meant to yell at him, but I had and it felt oddly good. Feeling defeated or exhausted or just not in the mood to fight with his kid, dad motions for me to sit next to him. I take the offered seat and cross my arms waiting.

"I know where the music box is" he begins.

"Where?" I ask still glaring.

"It's in the Italian Consulate" he says avoiding my gaze.

I take a deep breath because I know what that means; I know exactly what that means. "Mozzie and Alex, they're going to help you steal it. Fowler, you still think he has Kate and that if you give him the music box he's going to give her to you" I finish for him.

He only nods.

"Well, I hope you get your happily ever after" I say before standing up to leave.

Dad stands up after me, "Wait where are you going? Don't you want to talk about it?"

He sounds really confused which I guess he should be because he's used to me arguing with him about, well everything. And normally I would, but for some reason I can't.

I want to tell him that leaving is a stupid idea. That he has a life here, that his kids are here, that Kate really doesn't love him and he needs to let this whole thing go. I want to tell him that he shouldn't risk going after this music box. I want to tell him that he needs to grow-up and live in the real world. But I can't because that would defeat the purpose of the one thing I do want.

"No. We don't need to talk about it dad. I know what getting that box means to you. I know what you're going to do, and I know that at the end of this, you are going to go off with Kate. I don't want you too, and you know that, but I won't talk you out of it. You know why?" I ask as he just looks at me, "It's because I love you more than anything else, and I want you to be happy. And if Kate makes you happy, I mean really happy, then I can't keep you from that. We'll be fine here. You don't have to worry about us. I'll watch out for them, they'll be fine. I promise."

"Call" he tries to cut in.

"Don't. It's okay. You want what's best for all of us, and you think that this is it. And maybe it is. You get to be with Kate. The twins get to grow up in a world where they can have normal childhoods with two loving parents and no worries about their real parent's safety. You know that you'll leave and they'll forget and Peter and Elizabeth will always have been their parents. They won't know any better. And Braden, maybe you're going to take him with. Maybe you should because he needs his parents, and he misses Kate. But you'll leave him here because it's safer and that's fine. He'll eventually understand and it will be okay" I force a smile to tell him it will be okay, but it comes out weak.

"We'll all be okay" I continue, "You and Kate can go someplace and you'll have this whole new and safe life. You can have that dream you talk about with the house and the dog and the kids being carted to soccer practices. Just not too many more kids, they're already way too many Caffrey's in this world. Just make sure they know how lucky they are that they have you as a dad. You really are the greatest dad in the world, even when things were bad you still made them great. I love you dad, that's the one thing that will never change. I want you to know that."

"Callen stop" he pleads taking a step closer, but I shake my head.

"I want you to go. I want you to be with Kate. I want you to be happy and I want you to remember that I love you and will never forget you. But you have to go. You're not happy here and I want you to get what you want."

I open up the door to the apartment, but stop to face him. He looks so broken and on the verge of tears, but it's what he wants and this is the best way. I knew all along he would pick her over us. Showing him that I'm okay with letting him go is the only way he can live with a free conscious and he deserves that. He kept me when my mom didn't want me. He could have left me in an orphanage somewhere. He could have quit at any time. He was a kid for Pete's sake. He never got to have a normal life, never got to even if he wanted to. He deserves this, deserves to start over with the girl he loves. He's in his early thirties; he can still have a whole life, a real one. He deserves this.

"Dad, I want this. Just promise me you won't waste this opportunity. Do something good. Okay?" I say knowing if I don't walk out now I'll never be able to. "I love you daddy. Don't ever forget that."

I don't give him the chance to respond as I close the door behind me and run. I run out of June's place faster than I've ever run before. I take off down the street and just keep running. I run until I'm at least two miles away from June's, somewhere my dad's radius doesn't touch, and then I keep running. I'm not even sure where to until I'm on the doorstep of Pete's grandparent's house. I probably look like a mess, my hair every which way, my cheeks red and puffy, and tear streaks down my face. I can barely breathe from both running, and the impending panic attack that's sure to come. I pound on the door with my fists and then cringe in pain when I remember that my left arm is casted and hurts. Pete thankfully pulls the door open and I fall into him no longer carrying about anything else.

That's the last thing I remember before I pass out.


I have no idea where I am, is the first thing I register when I wake up. I rub my eyes and try to sit up, but someone is pushing me back down.

"Callen it's okay kiddo just relax" I hear someone say.

Peter, it's Peter. I slowly open my eyes to find him leaning over me. He smiles down at me.

"You're okay kiddo" he says as he helps me sit up. I look around the room and realize that it's Pete's living room. I haven't been in here in ages. Pete is looming by the couch looking worried so I smile at him.

"What happened?" I ask slowly as Peter moves to sit on the couch next to me.

Pete clears his throat. "Well you showed up at my doorstep having an attack and screamed when I suggested calling your dad. I called Peter instead and he came over here."

I nod remembering my conversation with my dad. I look over at Peter who looks really concerned. I swallow and try to stand up, but my legs are wobbly and I just end up sitting back down.

"You okay kiddo?" Peter asks rubbing my shoulder.

I nod. "Can we go home?" I ask quietly.

Peter stands up, "Sure. I'll drive you back over to Neal's."

My eyes go wide and I shake my head so fast you'd think it would pop off. "No, I mean home home. Peter I want to go home."

Something of recognition crosses across Peter's face and he nods. "Yeah kiddo, we can go home." He doesn't even ask if I can get up, just picks me up and tells Pete that he'll have me call him later. Peter carries me to the car and then we drive off towards home. I stare out the window the entire time.

When we get home, I head up to my room and try to distract myself. I lock the door, grab my Hunger Games books and flop onto my bed and just read. I let the stories of a future world filled with way more hardships than mine take over my thoughts. When I'm about three-fourths of the way through the first one, I hear Satchmo whimpering at the door so I let him in before locking it again. Both Peter and Elizabeth make attempts to talk to me, but I ignore them and eventually they leave me alone.

It's seven thirty-eight when I finish the last page of Catching Fire. I realized that I missed dinner, but also that I'm not really hungry. I let Satchmo back out so he can eat and then leave my door open. I put the books back on my shelf and try to find something else to read. Nothing looks appealing right now though, so I find my Taylor Swift CD and put it in the CD player speakers that Elizabeth gave me so I could still listen to music while I was grounded, grab my soccer ball and sit on the floor by my bed tossing it at the wall.

I wasn't really thinking much, just trying to make the ball hit certain pictures on the wall in front of me and singing aimlessly to the lyrics of the songs. Most of the songs are those boyfriend/girlfriend ones so I'm just enjoying the music when the twelfth track starts. It's my favorite of all her songs even though it's not as well known, because it reminds me so much of me and my dad. The song, The Best Day, continues to play and suddenly I'm not throwing the ball or singing anymore, I'm crying. The lyrics are making me cry and it hurts because I'm never going to get another day with my dad. I want him to be happy, but I need him. Who's going to teach me things, or hold me when I cry? Who's going to make it better when the kids at school take the teasing too far?

I can't help the tears spilling down my face as I realize that those things are never going to happen again. Christmas traditions, pumpkin picking, bike rides, running around the park, going to the zoo, trying to have fun even with no money. It was sad when dad went to prison, but he was going to be out. In four years he was going to be back. This time, he's not coming back.

He's always been there, even when he wasn't. He was always so smart and had the answer to everything. He played whatever I wanted to, whether it was pirates or princesses, and never complained. He tried to teach me how to draw and said it looked good even when it didn't. He fixed everything and made it so much better. And Braden, that kid has always been better than me. He's always deserved more than I did and still does. To have his dad ripped away from him….I don't even know.

I cry silently until Elizabeth pokes her head into check on me and then rushes over when she sees the tears. She hugs me close and I hug her back tightly.

"Sweetie what's wrong?" she says as she rubs my back.

I can't tell her that dad's going to leave. I know Peter already knows that dad's going to leave. No one has to tell him that, he just knows. But I can't tell Elizabeth so I just cry.

She hugs me tighter and whispers that everything is going to be okay.

"Promise" I ask my voice, muffled by her shirt.

"Yes" she says pulling back to look at my face, "Callen honey, I promise that whatever this is, it's going to be okay. And if it's not, we'll get through it together. Okay?"

"Why?" I ask wiping my eyes, "Why is it going to be okay?"

"Oh honey" she says brushing my hair back, "Because you have us. Whatever it is, me and Peter are here to help. We love you sweetie, and you know Peter will move the world to make sure that you're okay. He might not ever say it, but he'll do anything for you kids."

"Would you ever adopt us?" I ask suddenly wanting to know how much they actually care. I know they do, but if dad leaves than I need to know we'll be okay.

"Of course" she says, "I don't know why we would, but if something ever happened to your dad we wouldn't just let them take you."

"Promise" I say finally getting my breathing under control.

She pulls me back into a hug and kisses the top of my head. "I promise, and Peter does too."

I smile slightly because Elizabeth is right. I may not have my dad anymore, but those days with him will always be special. And I'm not alone in the world, I still have two loving parents that will help me and my little siblings get through this. This is exactly what I want, right?

But that little voice inside my head is telling me that I will always need my dad. That I need to know where he is and what he's doing. I'll worry too much if I don't. The truth is, no matter what I am always going to need him.

I push the voice down and ignore it. Right now, being in Elizabeth's arms is the best place to be.


Friday was not much better than Thursday. I spent the day at the Burke's house reading anything I could find in my room. By lunch time I had migrated to the living room and had resorted to reading Braden's Spiderman comics after I ran out of books to read. I was shocked though when Peter and Elizabeth burst through the door, Elizabeth with murder in her eyes. She was not at all happy. I silently mouthed to Peter asking what happened, and he just mouthed back Fowler before having his eyes dart to the stairs.

I got the message loud and clear and booked it up to the twin's room who were playing with Grayson's train set that he got for Christmas. Braden was at one of his friend's houses for the day, and I had been sort of babysitting the twins while the Burke's were at work. I played with the two of them for a little bit to make sure they stayed in their room. It was good to spend some time with them seeing as I hadn't in a while.

I heard the doorbell ring and looked out the window to see my dad standing on the front porch which only made me want to stay in the twin's room even more. I knew that tonight was when he was planning on stealing the box back which meant by tomorrow he would be gone and I wouldn't have to keep avoiding him. I'd said what I wanted to and that was that.

After dad left, Peter came up to see what we were up to and told me that Fowler had temporarily shut down Elizabeth's business, arrested her, and taken Peter's badge. Elizabeth was now out on bail and incredibly unhappy.

Peter took the three of us out for pizza that night.

When we came home, I was exhausted but couldn't sleep at all due to thinking about my dad and what he was doing right now. For his sake I hoped everything worked out okay, but secretly I was hoping something went wrong so that he wouldn't leave. It was wrong, but I couldn't help it.

Either way I only got a few hours of sleep. Which is why I am about to beat the crap out of whoever is poking me.

"It's way too early to be up" I say to the aggravator.

"It's already seven, you're wasting the day" I hear a voice from next to me say.

I sit bolt upright and find Pete smiling at me from where he's crouched on the floor. "Creeper much?" I ask rubbing my eyes, "And why on earth are you in my room?"

"Relax Ally Cat" he says standing up, Peter let me in, "Now hurry up and get dressed."

"Why?" I ask not moving.

Pete smiles and opens my closet door, "Because we've got a lot to do Ally Cat." He throws me a pair of dark wash jeans and a red Spiderman tee.

"Like what?" I ask again as he goes through my shoes.

He stops holding my blue converse in his hand. "You seriously don't know what today is do you?"

"Enlighten me Somerfield" I say unamused.

He grins and comes over to sit on the bed next to me. "Happy Birthday Ally Cat" he says giving me a hug that about squeezes all life out of me.

My eyes grow big in shock. I forgot my own birthday. Wow, I mean I knew I didn't want to celebrate it, but to actually forget it. Wow.

"Now hurry up" he says letting go and standing back up, "We've got places to go and people to see so let's move, move, move."

I roll my eyes, "Pete I'm not going anywhere."

"Yes you are" he says, "and don't make me have to drag you out in your pj's. If you're not ready in ten minutes, I will."

Deciding that I'd rather not test if he's serious or not I change into the clothes he threw at me and pull on my shoes. I tie my hair back and grab my wallet and black jacket before going downstairs to find Pete waiting for me. He grabs my hand and drags me outside where there are two bikes waiting.

"What's this" I ask still half asleep.

"It's called a bike Call" he says pointing to a black and purple one, "Get on."

"Uh Pete, I don't own a bike" I say as he climbs onto his red one.

He shrugs, "I know, Peter and Elizabeth got it for you. So Happy Birthday again I guess, now come on."

A bike. No one's bought me a bike since dad gave me one when I was nine. I have to thank the Burke's later for this. I'd do it now, but Pete looks about to explode if I don't hurry up. I climb onto the bike and follow him. We end up riding for a really long time, and I'm starting to wonder if his intention is to take me somewhere to murder me when finally stop.

"Tada" he says pointing towards a sign. Coney Island.

"Pete what are we doing here" I ask staring at the sign.

He parks his bike and pulls out a lock. "Remember when you were turning ten, and your dad promised us a trip to Coney Island?"

"Yeah I remember" I say still not moving.

"Well" he says motioning for me to climb off my bike, "I talked to the guy your dad knew and he said that today we could test out all the rides, just like your dad was going to let us do back then."

I don't know what to say. My tenth birthday was the last one I had been looking forward to, but with dad in prison it hadn't mattered anymore. And now with dad leaving today, having Pete fulfill his last promise kind of makes it that much more meaningful, even if dad isn't here to do it himself.

I tackle Pete in a hug. "Thank you Pete. This means a lot" I say hugging him tightly.

"I know it does Callen" he says before pulling back, "Now come on we've got roller coasters waiting for us."

He grabs my hand and I run with him into the park. There's so much to do, and barely any people there except for the machine operators and their families. I drag Pete onto every ride possible and we stuff our faces with all the carnival food imaginable. When were done with every ride, I make him go again.

We scream on the roller coasters and laugh until our sides hurt. Pete even wins me a giant monkey from one of those ring toss games. I have never had this much fun in my entire life. I'm smiling like an idiot, but I don't care. In fact, I don't have a care in the world right now. I can't remember the last time I was this happy. Me and Pete run around like maniacs until were too tired to do anything else.

"Hey let's go take a break by the beach" he suggests after we climb off the biggest coaster in the park for the fifth time.

"Sounds good to me" I reply as I follow after him.

We crash on the rocks by the beach and try to get our breathing under control. I turn to Pete and smile. "Thanks again Petey, this has been the beset birthday ever."

"I'm just glad you're having fun Call" he says smiling back.

We're facing eachother on the rocks and he's so close that I can feel him breathing. I swallow at the realization. He notices it too and takes a deep breath but doesn't move back.

"Hey Callen" he whispers.

"Yeah" I whisper back.

He takes another breath. "At the diner last week, before Peter called, you were going to say something. What was it?"

I take a deep breath of my own. We had avoided talking about it all week at school, but now it seems inevitable.

"I was, well it wasn't a big deal" I say too nervous to actually tell him.

He looks a little disappointed, "Well I think it was a big deal."

I blink and want to look away but can't. His deep brown eyes are staring directly into my blue ones, and I can't turn my head.

It's silent for a minute after that, and I'm sure he can hear my heart pounding in my chest. Finally he breaks the silence. "Hey Callen" he whispers again.

"Yeah" I say back.

"Can I tell you something?" he asks and I can only nod, not being able to remember how to talk. He takes a deep breath. "I think I'm in love with my best friend," he whispers, "And I think she's in love with me too."

I gulp not sure how to respond. In my head though I'm going 'Holy crap he likes you!'

Before I can think of anything logical to say he's kissing me. By this point, my brain has stopped working as I kiss him back. It's short and sweet just like a first kiss should be, but it tells us everything we wanted to know.

"Wow" he says pulling back.

"Yeah wow" I say having regained my voice, but not my vocabulary apparently.

"That was" he begins.

"Yeah" I say and then want to smack myself on the head.

We sit there silently for another minute, neither knowing what to say until finally Pete's face splits into and ear to ear grin.

"So how long have you liked me Caffery?" he says in that cocky voice of his.

I smack him in the arm and we both start laughing. When we stop, we're still smiling at eachother.

"So now what?" I ask wonder what exactly we're supposed to do next.

He looks like he's thinking before he opens his mouth. "Well, we both know that I like you and I think it's clear you like me to. And if that kiss was anything to go by then we can both agree that it felt right."

"Agreed" I say nodding, "But I don't want this to ruin our friendship. That's why I didn't say anything before. You're my best friend Pete, I can't lose you."

"And you won't" he says grabbing my un-casted hand. "Look Call, our friendship means more to me than anything else, but I feel like we're more than that. I want to be able to hold your hand and kiss you randomly. I think we can make this work, and I promise you're still my best friend. Forever and Always Ally Cat."

I smile at him. "Then I think I want to try this" I say like I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life.

His smile gets even bigger, "Then Callia Alexis Caffrey, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Only if you promise to never call me Callia again" I laugh.

"Deal" he says scooting closer.

He leans in and gives another kiss, just as sweet as the last. "Happy Birthday Callen" he says when he pulls back.

All I can think is that this is the best day ever.


When we make it back home, it's after six-thirty. The two of us are smiling so big and laughing so much that we don't even care though. We drop our bikes in the drive way and race eachother to the porch. Pete grabs my hand and pushes the door open. It's dark in the entire house which is really odd because it's dinner time.

"That's weird" I say flipping on the lights.

"SURPRISE!" everyone shouts as they jump out of hiding places.

I scream and back up into Pete who wraps his arms around me. I take a deep breath and look around the room as Elizabeth comes over.

"Surprised sweetie?" she says smiling as Pete lets go.

"A little" I laugh, "Wow this is incredible."

"Happy Birthday Callen" Abbey and Luc shout as they smash me into a sandwiched hug. I laugh and hug them back.

Looking around the room, I see all the girls from my school soccer team, the kids from my rec team, a few other kids from school I've gotten to know, Gabby, Grayson, Braden, June, her granddaughter Samantha, Conner, and even Jones showed up. I notice vaguely that Peter isn't there. Dad and Mozzie aren't either, but I wasn't expecting them anyway. Where was Peter though?

I work my way around the room saying hi to everyone. Abbey tells me that she had such a hard time keeping this a secret and I believe it. She did a good job though because I was seriously surprised. Me, Abbs, Luc and Pete go find a place to sit down and talk. Connor comes over to join us and I tell them about me and Pete. Abbey about explodes when she finds out the news. She's hugging me to the point where I can't breathe and Luc actually has to pry her off me.

The party itself is amazing. Elizabeth, being the awesome planner that she is, literally thought of everything. There are games and pizza and lots of snacks and drinks. Braden decided to make himself DJ and picked out some great music that everyone was dancing too. I even got a few presents from our closer friends.

Abbey got me two cute tops, Luc gave me some new headphones, and Braden saved up his allowance and got me Sherlock Holmes on DVD which is crazy because it just came out like yesterday. Gabby and Grayson drew me some very cute pictures and June gave me a new pair of earrings. Elizabeth and Peter obviously got me my bike and I hugged Elizabeth thank you the first opportunity I got, but that got me again wondering where Peter was.

After a while, Elizabeth turned off the lights and brought out the cake. It was a chocolate cake with Oreo's crushed on top of it and drizzled with chocolate syrup. And it was amazing. I wished for everything to stay exactly the way that it was. It wasn't perfect, but for all that had happened in my life, right now being surrounded by all my friends and the people who love me, even if three were absent, I think my life is pretty good. And we could all really use a little less drama.

I blew out the candles and cut the cake. After we ate, people started to head out. Eventually all that was left was my four best friends, June, Samantha, and Jones. Peter never did show up and I was starting to wonder if he was okay.

I fell onto the couch completely exhausted and Pete flopped down next to me wrapping his arm around me. Luc and Conner dropped onto the floor and Abbey took the chair across from us. Braden, Samantha, Gabby, and Grays were playing Monopoly Jr. on the floor between the living room and dining room, and June, Jones, and Elizabeth were talking in the latter room.

"So that was an exciting party" Abbey says leaning back in her chair.

"Not quite as good as the one we threw at the beginning of the year" Luc says to which he then gets a pillow in his face. "What?" he says looking at me.

"Shhh" I say glaring at him and then glancing to the adults who didn't seem to hear anything. The last thing I need is to be grounded for the summer too.

"It was an excellent birthday party" Pete says kissing the top of my head.

"It was an awesome birthday" I say smiling, "Thanks again guys for making it great."

"No probs Call" Luc says lying down on the floor using the pillow I threw at him as a head rest.

We all take a minute to close our eyes, since were completely worn out. I rest my head on Pete's chest and am probably about to fall asleep when his phone goes off.

"Sorry" he says as I sit up so he can pull it out of his pocket. He glances at the screen. "That's weird, it's Peter" he says holding it up to his ear, "Hello?"

We all watch as Pete's face turns into confusion and then shock and, grief?

"Um yeah, I can do that" he says after a moment and then he passes the phone to me with big sad brown eyes.

"Hey Peter, where are you?" I ask as I watch Pete stand up and whisper something to Luc.

"Callen kiddo, I have to tell you something but I need you to stay calm and breath okay?" he asks.

I watch Conner and Abbey stand up and walk over by the little kids. "Peter I already know he left" I say calmly, "It's okay."

It feels like a slow motion movie as Luc goes over to the adults and says something to the three of them. Connor and Abbey are asking the twins and Samantha something and Pete is making Braden look at him.

"Callen it's something other than that" Peter says sadly. I can hear sirens in the background and am starting to wonder what is going on.

Abbey and Connor are each carrying a twin upstairs with Samantha close behind. I watch as Elizabeth's face goes white and she covers her mouth. Jones is standing up to go towards the door and June is looking at Braden like she just saw a ghost.

"What's happened Peter?" I ask slowly. Pete's talking really slow to Braden making sure he focuses on every word.

"The jet, it exploded" Peter says calmly.

"The what?" I ask again already thinking the worst.

There's a silence form the other end of the phone. "Callen, the plane your dad and Kate were using to leave on. It blew up."

Now it's my turn to clamp my hand over my mouth. Please let dad be okay, please let dad be okay. "Peter" I finally squeak out, "Where's my dad?"

"They're taking him to the hospital; he's just in shock is all. He's fine" Peter says, but the way he says it makes it sound like there's more.

Elizabeth is kneeling besides Braden now. June still looks like she's seen a ghost and Jones has run out of the house.

"What aren't you saying Peter" I say as I watch more than hear Braden scream as he lunges at Pete and starts hitting him.

My brother is crying and screaming and fighting. Pete's trying to hold him still and Elizabeth's mouth is moving like she's trying to calm him. All I can see though is the pain on my eight year old brother's face. He's crying into Pete's shirt now and shaking his head like a mad man. Pete glances back at me and I know before the words even leave Peter's mouth what happened.

"Callen, Kate's dead."

So sadly, that was the end to this story. I really enjoyed writting it though. I just want to thank everyone who read, reviewed, and favorited this story. It means a lotto me that you guys liked this since this was the first thing that I've ever actually written. I gave me a lot of confidence, so thank you.

As for a continuation of this story, I am thinking about doing a sequel. I have yet to decide though if it will become a sequel that picks up right after this one, like season two, maybe a little bit later, or if I'm just going to do a collection of one shots and short stories that would go in order and tie into the second, third, and fourth season. I do know that I want to do something though as I really like writing Callen and her friends adventures. I would really like to know what your thoughts are on that as it would help with the decision.

I'd also like to note that another author, Nicole Catser, has decided to write their own story involving my characters. Though I didn't exactly give permission for my characters, plot lines and whatnot to be used, I am honored that the author liked my story and characters enough to write their own. Aside from that, I'm not quite sure how exactly I feel about this yet. You should check it out if you want to though.

Anyways, thanks again for reading and don't forget to let me know which continuation story you'd like. Oh and please review. :)