I read a story called Cupcakes which was okay but a bit unrealistic, so I wrote this.


Rainbow Dash was flying around kicking clouds and stuff, but then she remembered that Pinkie Pie had asked to meet her at 3 o'clock. She did some amazing stunts and had a short nap, and then kicked a few more clouds.

Hey, I better go and meet Pinkie! the sky blue Pegasus thought, and she soared down towards Sugarcube Corner. When she got there, Pinkie was waiting for her with a big grin on her face.

"Hey Rainbow Dash, I'm soo glad you could make it!"

Rainbow narrowed her eyes. "Come on Pinkie, why did you tell me to come here? Are we gonna be pulling more pranks?"

Pinkie shook her head. "No, we're gonna be making cupcakes!"

"Making…cupcakes? Uh, no offence Pinkie, but I'm an awful cook."

"That doesn't matter," the pink pony said brightly. She picked up a cake and handed it to Rainbow Dash. "Here's one I made earlier. Try it!"

Dash paused. "I'm not really that hungry, Pinkie. I had a big lunch."

Pinkie's expression didn't change. "Just eat the darn cupcake, Dashie!"

"Wow, fine, I'll eat it!" Dash took a big bite of the cake. "Mmm, tastes odd. Kinda like chloroform. Wait, why would you put chloroform in a…"

Dash collapsed into a deep sleep.


When Dash woke up, she found her legs strapped down. She was in a dark cellar or something. She tried to move, but the leather straps holding her were too tight. Then Pinkie appeared.

"Oh, you've woken up you big sleepyhead. Now, time to start!" Beside her was a cart covered by a cloth.

"Pinkie! Why am I tied down? I can't move at all."

"Well duh! That's because you're tied down! Isn't this exciting? Are you excited?"

Dash struggled again, to no avail. "No, I'm confused. What are you doing?"

Pinkie took the cloth off the tray, and Dash saw that there were various medical implements like scalpels and forceps and tweezers and stuff. "You know how we were gonna make some cupcakes? Well, it turns out I ran out of the special ingredient." She smiled, and laughed. "You're the special ingredient, by the way. Did I already mention that? I'm gonna cut you up and bake your flesh in the oven. It's gonna be totally yummy!"

Dash gulped, and squirmed again. "Okay, enough is enough. Let me go. This has been a really great prank."

"Yeah, it has been, hasn't it?" Pinkie picked up a scalpel in her mouth and approached Dash. The Pegasus braced herself for pain, but instead she felt her legs being freed, one at a time. She wriggled free from the constraints, and Pinkie grinned at her. Then the lights came on, and she saw all her friends there standing beside a big rainbow-decorated cake, and a big banner reading 'Happy Birthday Rainbow Dash.'

"SURPRISE!" they all shouted in unison.

Rainbow Dash blinked, and stared at the pink pony. "A surprise party? For me?" She then narrowed her eyes. "Wait, so you prank me on my birthday by drugging me, tying me up and threatening to put me in your cupcakes as a special ingredient? That's pretty messed up, Pinkie Pie!"

"Yeah, but wasn't it just the most amazing prank?"

Dash thought about it, and then laughed. "Yeah, it was pretty awesome. I wasn't scared, though."

"Oh Dashie, you totally were!"

"Was not! Well, maybe a little…"

Then the party started, and Dash cut her birthday cake. Then Apple Bloom appeared, and said, "Hey, guess who's gonna be a blank flank?"

Dash looked down at her. "Uh, you?"

Then Apple Bloom ran away crying.

The end.