A/N I know it's probably considered 'too nice' to gift back to a birthday gift... but there are things that must be said.


There are moments in life that are truly spectacular. You never notice them at first, because they seem average, normal, knock on wood, even. Moments that you take for granted, moments you think will change little to nothing. A footnote in your to-be-illustrious history.

You never notice them at the time, because you think it will simply pass.

I've come to find that your most memorable moments come when you don't intend for them to. When you aren't aiming big, you accomplishments turn out to be magnificent. Even if you do not change the world, you change a world.

But, truly, the moments happen when you take action. The moments where you act not for glory, not for fame, not for the chance to change the world, but simply because you are a human, and you feel a need to do so.

At the time, you never notice what you've done. But after what seems like years-

years in growth, years in creation, years in change.

Years in action, years in words.

Years of bonds that transcend the ersatz fabric known as limitations.

Years only in your imagination, but only months in reality-

you notice that moment. That one moment. The moment that you took for granted, the moment you did not expect such a reaction. And you're grateful for that one moment. That one serendipitous moment. The moment where you could have shied down, waited for someone else. The moment where you could have simply given the hope that things would all work out.

You can wait for the sun to come out. Or you can travel to where you can see it. The former is what most do; the latter, after all, is absurd- surely the sun will make its own way over sometime. But I'd much rather see the sun over a serene meadow than on the bus bench I started from.

And when you notice that moment, you say out loud, knowing how easily things could have been different but so glad they aren't,

"That moment... that was the moment where everything changed."

And your companion, your dearest friend turns to you, in the serene meadow you are at now. She smiles, and she whispers in awe, awe shared by you yourself,

"That was the moment indeed... Luigi."

A/N This may be a bit sloppy, but I stand by it.