Holy Hell it's been a while; I'm still alive I swear but I've been mostly posting on AO3- got a bunch of new stuff there under the name SaunterVaguely if you want to check it out!

Anyway, here's some update for you precious patient angelfaces.


Dean spent the afternoon yesterday busying himself with 'research'- which boils down to drinking, eating, and drinking, while his sound system blasted his retro music as loud as it would go.

He misses the part when Sam sneaks back in, and he's blacked out through the night and a decent part of the morning, so he doesn't hear the loud sex noises or the subsequent shouting of CAS' name. It's only when Sam goes thundering past his door that he jerks awake and goes meandering grumpily through the hall and into the garage after his brother.

He's greeted by the sight of a short, mostly-naked android practically hanging off of a stunned CAS-T13L's neck, while Bobby and Sam hover on either side, looking confused and worried, respectively.

"What?" He manages after a moment.

"-thought you were dead! How are you not dead? I felt your last transmission, I felt you die!" The smaller Angel is shouting at CAS-T13L at high speed, and seems to be on the verge of either collapsing or exploding.

"I was- I did sort of- well-" the blue-eyed android squints like he's not sure where to start, and Sam takes the opportunity to step up and gently take hold of the nearly-nude Angel, supporting him with great care.

"Somebody wanna explain to me just how another one of you strays got into my house?" Bobby grunts, arms crossed.

"I bought him in the red light district," Sam blurts. When that earns him several skeptical and somewhat alarmed looks, he goes red and continues. "At an auction. With, you know, my cut of the money from the last job."

Bobby stares. "So he's a..."

"Sam, you're a dork but I'm pretty damn sure you don't need to buy yourself a sexbot. If you wanted to get laid you coulda just gone to a bar," Dean says slowly. "Is it a kinky thing? 'Cause there are plenty of humans out there-"

"It's not a kinky thing," the small android pipes up, leaning back against Sam like his legs aren't quite doing the trick. "Far as I can tell he's pretty vanilla."

Dean makes a horrified face.

"Dean, this is Gabriel. The Archangel," Sam explains hurriedly.

"Doesn't look like one."

"I was reprogrammed," Gabriel offers.

"Okay, cool, that's nice but it still doesn't explain why the hell Sam bought an Archangel."

"Not an Archangel, Dean. The Archangel."

"What, you mean like-"

Sam nods frantically.


Now Gabriel is the one looking lost while realization dawns on the faces of the humans.

"Uh. What?" He glances around, raising a hand questioningly. "I must have missed a memo somewhere. Anyone wanna clue me in?"

Everyone shares a sort of guilty, awkward silence in which they all look shiftily at one another. The ex-Archangel makes a growly noise of frustration and turns to the only other android in the room.

"Somebody better 'fess up quick," he says accusingly.

CAS-T13L blinks and makes a face. "I- I feel it is not my place to explain this situation to you, as there are emotional connotations that I have only just been introduced to and do not have a full-"

"Okay, okay, calm down, don't overload your motherboard," Gabriel holds up a hand to stop him. "So who is qualified to explain? Because I'm honestly starting to worry."

"I am," Sam blurts, half-stepping forward. "I mean I was gonna tell you anyway, I just hadn't... figured out... how to. Yet," he ends lamely, feeling overwhelmingly self-conscious.

Everybody looks at him. Finally Bobby heaves a sigh and turns toward the door. "Well, I for one am gonna let you figure that out right now while I go have a drink and do my taxes before Crowley offers to help me for the fiftieth time."

Dean snorts and adds, "Yeah, wouldn't want him taking advantage of your delicate sensibilities." He follows the older man, glancing back at his brother once and avoiding eye contact with CAS entirely.

The dark-haired android gazes after him with an expression somewhere between longing and agony before tearing away to grasp Gabriel's hand loosely. "I am... very glad to know that you are well, GAB-R13L," he says quietly. "And when you and Sam have finished speaking I will repair you."

The blonde smiles up at him and squeezes his fingers, nodding.

CAS-T13L leaves, shutting the door behind him, and Sam eases Gabriel down into the nearest chair, taking the one opposite him. Before the android can comment, the floppy-haired human has picked up the smaller being's feet and set them in his lap, thumbs rubbing circles into the arches of them. Gabriel freezes, staring at his owner like he's grown another head, then all but melts into the chair when those massive hands press into the spaces under his ankle bones.

"So this..." Sam starts haltingly. "This is gonna be kind of- awkward, and it's probably gonna sound weird, and, and-" He lets out a shaky breath and traces his knuckles along the Angel's heel. He looks up from under the fringe of his hair and smiles weakly. "I'll try to keep it coherent, okay?"

Gabriel returns the grin, eyes hooded. "Kiddo, you could probably say anything at this point and I'd be fine with it, just keep usin' those magic hands."

Sam chuckles and clears his throat. "Okay, well, I guess the best way to start would be- why were you reprogrammed?" He asks it slowly, like he's hoping to prompt an answer he already knows.

The ex-Archangel's eyes snap open and his body tenses. "I went against my programming."

"How so?"

Gabriel closes his eyes, the bruises on his face standing out. "I sort of maybe ran out on a big giant battle to save some snot-nosed munchkin."

Sam blinks those big puppy eyes at him. "Do you... regret it?"

There's no hesitation when the android shakes his head. "Nope. It was probably one of the best judgements I've made."

The human's face lights up. Gabriel squints at him.

"Why was that important...?"

"Uh, well," Sam begins his nervous fondling of the Angel's toes once more. "Maybe that munchkin survived and maybe he kind of grew up nursing a massive crush for you and spent a good portion of his life trying to find you-"

"What?!" Gabriel shoots upright from his slouched position, ignoring the jolts of pain from all over, gaping at the human.

"I'm sorry!" Sam blurts. "I was gonna tell you last night, as soon as I got you, but then things happened and you sort of broke my brain and then-"

"But- you?!" Gabriel asks in a strangled voice.

The taller man winces. "This isn't at all how I pictured this happening, god, I'm such a-" He runs a shaky hand through his hair. "I mean, god, I- I'd thought about meeting you for years, planned out a whole speech in my head, but of course it's completely flown out the window, and I'm just fucking everything up and now I'm rambling-"

"Sam," the android bends forward, slipping from his chair and into the human's lap and disrupting the babble all in one movement.

"I'm sorry," Sam repeats, his voice a hoarse whisper as he stares up at the Archangel-turned-sex-toy with something like worship in his eyes. He reaches a trembling hand up to brush a few stray hairs from Gabriel's bruised cheek. "I'm so, so sorry it took me so long to find you. If I'd been quicker I could've saved you."

Gabriel doesn't tell Sam that he did save him, because he thinks that wouldn't be entirely true. He doesn't say that he didn't need saving either, because he knows that wouldn't be true. Instead he cups the human's sharp jaw with both hands, strokes his cheeks and whispers, "Sam," as he leans in and kisses the man.