The One Night Stand

Bella's POV

Grief has a lot to answer for, but I suppose seriously, I can't keep using it to excuse my behaviour forever. Maybe lust needs to accept responsibility this time. I don't usually sleep around or with random unnamed strangers but fuck me, and he did, what can I say? How often do you walk into a crappy little poor excuse for a 'night club' in Forks, Washington and catch the seriously amazing green eyes of a man who looks like a Greek God? I mean, when I lived here before, we used to measure up every boy against the Mike Newton Test, and that was pretty sad.

It was just that he was the best we had.

Not that I had him, don't think that. I considered it but sometimes settling for mediocre is worse than going to Prom alone, you know what I mean? I had a good time, I got asked to dance with several boys, it was fine.

Fine used to be the standard here but this gorgeous creature has raised the bar.

I can't openingly ogle so I sit at the bar and watch him in the mirror in front of me and count how many times he glances my way as opposed to how many times he looks around the rest of the room.

Oh, another point for me, and I just realized after thirty minutes of sneakily perving, he has two not so bad friends with him. A tall but slim blond who has to be from Texas, going on the handmade cowboy boots on his feet. And a muscle laden but really happy almost pretty boy with really blue eyes and black curly hair. They seem to be having a good time and I subtly cross my legs and glance , scanning the whole room, accidentally pulling the hem of my dress a little higher.


Green Eyes can't look away and I want to laugh because I know he wants what I want tonight and there's no way I'm playing hard to get. Easy to get, sure.

If I was any kind of decent friend I would be on my cell phone and giving Alice and Rosalie the heads up because the blond is playing air guitar and Alice totally lowers her panties for musicians, and Rose likes 'em big. Everywhere. She would do the 'caress the bulge' test before she agrees to anything but I know she would take that big boy home and rock his world.

"Can I buy you a drink?" this voice that makes me damp and sounds like velvet would sound if it could speak, murmurs and I feel my nipples harden.

Fuck, if Charlie could see me now...

Nope, forget Charlie, forget the funeral, just let it all go and have some fun, Bella. I swear there are cats planning their future litters with me in mind.

"There she is, the future spinster who will love our little kittens and give them the best home. And no nasty husband to kick them outside in the cold at night."

Well, tonight those damned cats can stay out of the alley because it's Bella's turn to purr and howl and scratch this man's back to ribbons.

"I would like that," I seriously understate.

"What are you drinking?" he asks and I resist saying "Why you of course, undo that fly and let me kneel at your feet."


"Um, SoCo and Coke," I finally remember. "With ice."

"I guess you need the ice to cool down your hotness," he says and I frown.

"Seriously? That's your best line?"

He blushes, which surprises the heck out of me, and mumbles, waving a hand back at the two guys watching us and they are laughing out loud.

"It was Emmett's line, he knows I suck at this stuff. Forgive me, I'll leave you alone."

"Don't you dare," some inner slapper takes over my tongue. "That would be unforgivable."

"Oh, okay, right," he stutters and I push out the bar stool next to mine and he sits down.

Fuck if the man isn't nervous.

I mean, he has to be in his late twenties, he must do this on a nightly basis and I do not amuse myself by imagining I am anything special. I'm not ugly, I have nice regular features but no man of this awesomeness has ever looked my way or offered to buy me anything before.

But then, I have never seen anyone this hot and...pretty.

The almost curly auburnish coppery hair, the sharp chin and a little stubble, the pale skin that I usually detest because everyone here has it by default, the nice firm arms and chest, and sliding down lower...

"Cheers," he says and I notice he has indeed bought me a drink.

I raise my glass to him and smile. So glad I spent all that money on my teeth now, since the years of braces and whitening treatments I can smile with absolute confidence.

"Cheers," I say in what I hope is a sultry voice. God knows Rose has spent hours making me repeat the word a million times, and that damned Alice laughed the whole time.


She can blame herself for me not sharing and giving her a tasty treat tonight as well. Because I will be munching on this eye candy.

"So, you live around here?" he asks.

"I used to. I went to Forks High, and I know you didn't. I think I would have noticed you."

Fuck, it hits me that maybe he is one of those fucking teenage boys who grew a foot in height overnight and got the facial hair young and maybe he was years behind me, and he did indeed attend Forks High. I never spared a glance at any guy younger than me. Even those the same age always seemed so immature.

My rule had been, two years or more ahead of us or forget it.

"No, we are relatively new in town."


"Um, Boston. That's my brother Emmett and my best friend, Jasper. Do you want to come and meet them?"

Uh oh, we aren't thinking foursome here, right, because there's not a lot of Bella to go around and I haven't even ever done a threesome.

"You don't have to, they are pretty much idiots, it's no loss to you, unless you fancy one of them? I noticed you looking our way in the mirror and they think you were looking at me but if it was..."

"It was you. Definitely you. Not that my friends wouldn't be all over your companions but the big one's a little too big and the blond looks kind of intense."

"Jasper? Yeah, he's just out of a long term thing, still a bit gun shy. don't want to hear about him, do you?"

"Nope, though a brief history of you would be nice to listen to."

He paled and almost stood up and I had a feeling he wanted to flee. How strange. I know I don't catch a lot of attention but men don't usually run away from me.

"Hey, it's cool. You don't have to tell me anything. Do you want to go somewhere quieter?"

There is nowhere in Forks quieter than the house I just inherited.

"Are you going to be staying in town long?' he asks, once again showing a bad case of nerves.

"No, I have a life somewhere else. I'm only here to tie up a few loose ends."

"Good. Okay, where shall we go?" he asks and I get the feeling had I said I may change my mind and stay local , he would have scuttled back to his table.

"I have this house, it has a bedroom," I reply and he swallows loudly. He is definitely on the pull but it's as if he has never done this before and that's just not possible.

Maybe he's the one out of the long term thing with this Maria.

I stand and he stands, and he wipes his hands down the legs of his jeans and he glances back at his friends and they do the thumbs up and he turns back quickly and helps me on with my coat.

"Um, we came in Emmett's car..."

"I have mine here, want to drive?" I offer and he shrugs so I hand over my keys after hitting the unlock button. The tail lights of my borrowed yellow Porsche light up and his face is a picture.

"Fuck me," he breathes and I nod, I have every intention of doing just that.

He opens the passenger door for me and tucks the bottom of my coat inside, and shuts the door, then pauses as he stands at the driver's door.

I'm shocked to overhear his mantra.

"You can do this, man up."

I know he isn't talking about driving the yellow vehicle, it's what he has to? needs to? do next that he is having qualms about.

Hardly flattering but I have a feeling it's not about me, it's all about him.

He steels himself and a different man almost, sits behind the wheel and I tell him directions to the Swan house.

He parks expertly in the driveway so I know he has handled fast cars before, and he is there, opening my door like some long out of date gentleman.

I alight and walk up, and put out a hand for my keys. He frowns and takes my hand, turning it over in his larger one, and lifts my fingers to his lips and kisses them.

I have to chuckle.

"I meant, give me my keys, please, but that was...nice."

He blushes and I want to laugh again because it's usually me, Blushing Bella, with the ever red cheeks.

I am surprising myself with my boldness but if there's one thing this last week has taught me, it's none of us know how long we have left here on this earth.

Charlie, my dad, health food freak, gym junkie, never smoked, rarely even managed to swallow down a beer when the occasion demanded, dead at 49.

I mean, he didn't even get to round it up to 50, and that seems kind of mean and unfair. Especially when you think of my 'stepfather', Phil. He used to be fit once upon a time, but since his brief career in minor league baseball disappeared, he's run to fat and never lifts his large and flabby ass off the couch. Takeaway food, a can of lager forever in one hand and cigars in the other, you would think even the fact he is four years Charlie's junior that he would have gone first, if one of them had to die before their time.

I unlock the door and lock all such thoughts away.

"Do you want to exchange names, talk a little first?" the beautiful man at my side asks.

"No need, I won't be here much longer and it will be as if I never existed," I promise him and he relaxes at last. So, he does want what I want. A little recreational activity with no strings attached. I can handle that. In a way, it kind of frees me and stops me acting innocent and coy. I can be the sexy bitch I usually keep locked inside and nobody will ever know.

Apart from that pair at the table. No doubt they will demand details and slap this man on the back and buy him a round.

I just hope they are not sitting there waiting for him to return because I'm keeping him all night, even if he thinks he is sneaking off when I go to the bathroom.

I grab four bottles of water from the fridge on the way past, it's going to be thirsty work.

The guestroom would be best, it has it's own bathroom so I can even lock the bedroom door, if necessary.

I offer him my hand and lead the way and I'm glad I haven't decided what to do yet, sell the house, keep it and get tenants, thus it's still fully furnished and I actually put fresh linen on this bed in the faint hope someone would be coming back with me.

I sit on the bed and beckon him over, closer and undo his belt and he sighs in a 'this is really it' way and undresses himself as I strip off unashamedly, and open the bed covers.

Black sheets, I'm so trendy and goth, I think laughingly because to find a bigger nerd than myself would take some doing.

Rose did my make up, Alice bought the dress that I drop to the floor and even as I stand there naked and wait for him to judge if I'm good enough to fuck, I can hear her voice.

"Hang the damned dress up, it takes like two seconds and that fabric creases like a bitch."

I really almost considered doing just that but suddenly he has found his resolve and his lips are on mine, tender and gentle, but the hunger is here, just underneath and I can't help my response. It's a little more animalistic than his but it has been a while and I'm sure he has fucked many times since the last time I had a man in my bed.

"Um I have to ask, are you on the Pill?"

"Yes indeedy and I'm certified clean, do you want to see?"

"I trust you. I am too," he replies, and there it is, a hint of sadness. Some bitch tossed this lovely man away and broke his heart. Well, if he's using me to make himself feel better, that's fine with me. It's not like I'm not using him for far worse a crime.

His fingers are so long and they seek out my mound and he rubs it for a minute then there they go, sliding and seeking out inside my folds and it's on. I'm glad it's dark and I'm glad he doesn't comment on how freaking wet I am. His kiss deepens and he is getting harder and I feel his erection against my belly as he hovers above me. Right on to the main course then, no appetisers it seems.

That's fine with me, we have all night, I'm sure we will experiment and explore and try other things later.

He pauses for a millisecond then there it is, and I feel it's proportions as he slips inside me. It's nice, large but not enormous, wide but not uncomfortably so, and eager, just as my body is.

For a second we both stare into one another's eyes as some weird static seems to shock through our bodies but there's nothing stopping what I want from happening and I arch and meet him, forcing him in deep, in all the way.

Fuck me.

He does, and it's really the best experience of my life so far. He makes the others seem like schoolboys and I never fucked a schoolboy. I was probably the last of the entire class to lose it, and it was some time after graduating Forks High that it finally happened. College, thank God for college. Thank God everyone there had the same ideas. It was our one and only time to fuck around freely and not have to sneak out of someone's bedroom and do the walk of shame.

I can't even remember my first time because it has paled into insignificance compared to this and I love that I can let myself go and respond in kind.

My body opens and stretches and welcomes him in, and I take his every inch back each time, hissing as he hits me right where I need contact the most. This man knows how to fuck.

I idly wonder how many lucky ladies have been here, been the recipient's of this amazing experience and somehow I envy them even though I'm the chosen one tonight.

I seriously hold back because I don't want to let go and come yet in case he's one of those guys who takes that as the signal he can let go himself and it's all over, but this is fucking difficult because that damned buzz is interfering and I give up and feel myself pulse and my walls shudder around him.

"Oh thank God," he whispers to himself so it seems he is battling to refrain as well and sure enough, I feel it as he fills me. However my fears are unfounded, and even as he collapses to lay lightly along my body, he is still supporting not only himself but an all new even harder boner, and he kisses me quickly as he withdraws and rolls me over, and there it is, back inside, from behind and he is seriously working out as he thrusts into my body again.

His mouth is on my neck, biting, kissing, sucking, and then he kisses my back in quick little pecks of kisses and the moans coming from him are even louder than my own. Bless you God, thank you for sending me this Heavenly creature because I start to wonder if he is even real. I mean, if there was a way to combine every sexual experience I have ever had and make them all rolled into one, it would still suck compared to this.

My body has never bucked and craved and sought to pound back like this, he must think I'm a part time porn star but it's just the response he brings out in me and forces me to do.

Then he's out and he turns me to face him again and his lips are consuming mine and he rocks inside again.

"You are so beautiful, I want to look at your face," he explains bashfully, like I might find those words offensive.

"You look at whatever turns you on, Green Eyes, just keep fucking me like that."

What a night and I do mean an eight hour, all to short night.

We did sleep now and then, we did shower occasionally though I can't swear we got out any cleaner than we got in, seeing he liked taking me up against the tiled wall. So glad I scrubbed this room clean this morning.

I was right, we did use mouths and hands when we were too exhausted to do the whole deal with our bodies, but still needed to just come again, and again. It would appear there is no set rule for how many orgasms a thirty year old woman can have in one night, if you are wondering.



More than every single one she ever got from all other sexual activities before, alone or accompanied.

Dawn came as it had to, and I looked across at his sleeping face and noticed how calm he was now, all signs of strain gone, and his lips were set in a slightly crooked smile. I felt happy myself and maybe a little like I had done a tiny bit of good to this man, and prayed he would never know the crime I committed against him. There was no reason he would find out, I had no intention of ever returning to Forks. My dad was gone, and visiting a pile of dirt in a churchyard would not make me feel close to him.

Then the sunbeams reached my window and shone inside and I noticed a sudden glint as it hit his hands and I gasped.

Thin, gold, third finger left hand.

Fuck, he's married.

I have never touched a man before who belonged to someone else and at first I just want to vomit. Then I calm down and think it through.

He has a wife, maybe kids. He won't suffer at all, it's not like if there is the beginnings of a baby inside me that he would ever want it, or need to play daddy. He probably does that already, or he will one day when he and she have children together.

I wriggle out of his embrace and head for the shower, alone, and put all thoughts aside. It probably didn't work, I mean, I was on the Pill up until two months ago, it could still be lurking in my system making me barren. And anyway, I will be far away in the sunny climes of Florida before I even know one way or another, and he will be here and wifey will be back from wherever she was last night, and stop panicking, Bella.

You have worked hard, you deserve a child, everyone else gets them; some women give them away or abort them. I did not commit a murder here.

The door suddenly flies back with such force it cracks the dry wall.

"What the fuck! What is this?"

Ooops, he has my temperature chart and I kind of think any guy his age, especially with a wife, would recognise what that is for.

"You ovulated yesterday? You planned this. What, you want to have a baby? MY baby? Without even asking."

"Sorry, that would have been the polite thing to do, I agree."

"No," he says loudly. "Not happening. I'm a doctor, I will go get you the Morning After Pill and you will take it in front of me and you will cancel any plans you may have to leave Forks today, because there is a second pill you need to take tomorrow. And once again, I will be watching you swallow it."

"Excuse me? This is your business because?"

"Because...because...that would be my child."

"Stop panicking, your wife will never know. Look, pretty boy, I'm thirty. It was my birthday yesterday. The old biological clock was ticking and I'm well off, I earn a decent living, I can easily afford to raise a kid. I promise your name will not appear on a birth certificate, that's why I never wanted to know your name. This way, if there is a baby, I can honestly say Father Unknown, and my kid can't come to me when he's eighteen and demand details. What I don't know, I can't tell him."

"No, this is not happening," he said, sitting on this bed, putting his head in his hands. I dried myself and pulled on a pair of non sexy undies and my blue jeans and rummaged around in my suitcase looking for a Tshirt and a maybe a bra.

He looks up at me as I dress and his face changes from anger to pleading.

"Please don't do this. Please let me make sure you are safe."

"Relax pretty boy, I knew what I was doing."

"You think because you find me pretty you could steal my sperm."

"Uh, you seemed to be giving it away pretty freely."

"Please take the pills. You don't understand. I've killed people."

Okay, I was expecting 'my wife will find out and rip off my balls' so this is different.

"You can't have my baby. Nobody can. Fuck, I should have had that fucking vasectomy already. I should have waited. I let those two talk me into doing this and now..Please. Wait here. I'll be right back. Please."

He dressed even faster than he had undressed and I hurriedly threw everything into my suitcase, belatedly hung up Alice's creased frock and grabbed my toiletries from the bathroom. I could probably, I don't know, have the Will papers or whatever faxed to me and sign them that way. I was out of here.

"Yoohoo, we saw him leave. Boy are you in big trouble, Miss Bella."

I turned and looked at Rose and Alice and shrugged. They heard that?

"What were you doing ?" Alice asked, seriously.

"Everything, I bet. A little bit of tonguing, a little bit of how's your father, oops, sorry. Not a good choice of words," Rose apologized.

"Yes, we fucked. All night long. And it was amazing. And I have to get out of here now. Come visit me, love you both, sorry about the dress, Alice..."

"Fuck the dress. You spent the night fucking my brother?"

"What?" Rose and I both screamed.

"That was my brother. You both knew I had a brother, he went with our father when the parents divorced. Dad took him and Emmett."

I cringed. I knew I'd heard that name before. So I had spent the night with...

"Edward. You fucked Edward," she said accusingly. "Edward doesn't fuck around. He's too broken and now you have probably broken him even further."

"Alice, what can I say? I'm sorry, I didn't know, please don't tell your Mom or his wife. I had no idea. I never met him before remember, I didn't ask him his name. Now, I have to seriously go, please drive me to the bus station."

"You are not going anywhere," the man I now knew to be Edward stated, shutting my front door.