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A/N: Written for cypsiman2 who requested 'Yuugi/Anzu' and 'time'.

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

© Scribbler, July 2011.

'Cause I love to live so pleasantly,
Live this life of luxury,
Lazing on a sunny afternoon,
In the summertime.

- From Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks.

"What time is it?"

Yuugi craned his neck. He could just about see the clock from here. "Eleven… forty-six. Forty-seven," he corrected, as the digital display flicked ahead. He flopped back down. It was too hot to do anything remotely physical.

"You mean the real heat of the day hasn't even started yet?" Anzu groaned. "We're going to be cooked by the time this Summer is over. Why, oh why didn't my mom ever invest in air-conditioning? Then we could all gather at my house and wait out this heat-wave."

Yuugi shrugged. His shoulders were already stuck to the couch. Granpa had pulled the curtains and forbidden them from opening them, lest the window become a magnifying glass, and they the ants under the scrutiny of a cruel child. "We could go swimming," he suggested.

"Everyone is at the pool today." Anzu groaned again. "They're at the pool every day." She opened her eyes. "Where are Jounouchi and Honda? They only went to the grocery store. It can't take that long to walk there and back."

"Maybe they melted."

"Jounouchi's head is hot enough for that to not happen." Anzu pressed the heels of her hands into her eye sockets. "Did that sentence even make sense? My brain is what's melting. Aaargh!"

Yuugi tried not to notice how the movement squished her chest, creating cleavage that peeped over the top of her camisole. It was difficult. The higher the temperature, the more skin Anzu showed. She wasn't being slutty; she was just trying to keep cool. You might as well accuse Jounouchi and Honda of being slutty when they switched from pants to shorts, and nobody was admiring their hairy calves. Yuugi getting to admire the view of Anzu's usually covered parts was an enjoyable by-product, but not one he wanted to advertise. Sighing inwardly, he wondered whether the day would ever come when she noticed him as a boy rather than 'her oldest friend'.

The living room door opened. "Fear not, people," Jounouchi's voice boomed. "We come bearing popsicles and ice to cool your drinks!"

"At last!" Anzu peeled herself up and grabbed the carrier bag from him. "You took your sweet time."


"But thank you."

"That's better."

She rummaged. "Here you go, Yuugi." She handed him a red popsicle: strawberry, his favourite. Of course she knew exactly which one he would want. He tore off the top of the plastic covering and was about to suck up the icy sweetness when he noticed she held a yellow one for herself. "Is that lemon?"

"I think so."

"But you hate lemon."

She shrugged.

He looked at his. Strawberry was her favourite too. He held it out. "Here, have this one."

"Don't be dumb."

"No, really, I don't mind having lemon."

"Yuugi." She opened the lemon and took a bite for emphasis. Immediately, she coughed and held her mouth.

"Dumbass." Jounouchi patted her back. "You ain't meant to bite popsicles. What are you, a total noob?

Honda rolled his eyes. "I'm gonna go put this ice in the freezer before it melts."

Yuugi watched Jounouchi continue to thump Anzu's back, until he got a little too vigorous and she thumped his arm in return. He yelled bloody murder, prompting Honda to return and all but hold them apart by the scruffs of their necks.

Smiling, Yuugi sucked on his popsicle and watched the slow minutes of Summer tick lazily by.