So, this is my first fic for Victorious (and my first multi-chaptered fic). There are a lot of moments in the series where I think "oh, I wish I could have seen what happened before/after this scene," so I decided to write my interpretations of a lot of these "missing moments." Some, like the one below, will be extensions of scenes in the show, and some might be completely new – I haven't fully decided yet. I prefer to write in third-person, so most of them will probably be told I third-person but omniscient to only one character.

Regardless, I wrote this about the ending of "Jade Dumps Beck," because I think it's a really funny and touching scene, and I wondered what was going through Beck's mind (and what happened after Tori left). Most if not all of these will feature Jade and Beck, because they're pretty much my favorite part of the show, and the characters I think the most about. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Victorious (although if I did, Liz and Ariana would sing more often, because I think they're awesome).

"Hey, you in college yet?"

Beck stared incredulously at the blonde paramedic, narrowing his eyes as she grabbed his bicep. His dad was on his way to the hospital, and the EMT was hitting on him? Before Beck had a chance to react, however, he felt a familiar set of hands grab his elbow.

"BYE," bellowed Jade, hands intertwined protectively around Beck's elbow. Usually, her possessiveness would amuse him. Considering that they were no longer dating, however, this just served to annoy him further. As he watched his father wave feebly through the ambulance window, his irritation rose, and he turned angrily; Jade dropped his arm like it had burned her. He strode away, indifferent to the stricken look on her face. It wasn't his job to put up with her messes anymore.

"Tori told me to get you a dog." Jade's words were rushed, but they still had that familiar accusatory tone that he was used to. "Dude," he heard Tori say indignantly. Beck rolled his eyes. Somehow he'd suspected that Jade would try to pin this disaster on Tori, just as she tried to pin everything on Tori. In fact, Beck wasn't even sure why Tori had apparently been helping Jade in the first place; Jade had made it clear by now that the two of them weren't friends. This is the kind of crap that I won't miss, he thought. Wearily he turned to face her. Although his expression was dubious, he was still oddly curious as to how she would explain the entire incident.

He expected Jade to deny the dog attack, to somehow turn the entire thing and somehow make the whole thing his fault. He could just imagine her trying to argue that he should have somehow told them beforehand that his dad was in the RV, or that she wouldn't have had to release the dog if it wasn't for his association with Alyssa Vaughn in the first place.

What he didn't expect, however, was the almost-desperate look on her face as she apparently contemplated what to say.

"Okay, it was kind of my idea," she said, and Beck's jaw nearly dropped. Gone was the bossiness that he was used to, instead replaced by an apologetic, almost hysterical jumble of high-pitched words. Jade was admitting that she had screwed up? He couldn't remember the last time she had ever openly acknowledged that she had made a mistake, let alone apologized for it.

Despite his surprise, he kept his face impassive, only raising his eyebrows slightly. As Jade fumbled for words and ran her hands anxiously through her hair, Beck couldn't help but notice how cute she looked when she was stammering. He also couldn't help but notice the note of panic in her tone as the words tumbled out of her mouth.

"I—I didn't think the dog would bug out like that," she said. She began speaking even more rapidly. "I just wanted you to have a dog, because I know you've talked about getting one ever since I met you, and—"

He didn't know what, exactly, compelled him to do it. They were standing several feet apart. Maybe it was the desperation in her face, or the fact that Jade was rarely – if ever – at a loss for words. Maybe it was his shock over the fact that Jade had actually been trying to do something nice for him. Maybe it was simply the fact that he rarely ever saw her express genuine regret over hurting someone else. Whatever the reason, it was enough. He stepped towards her, closing the space between them.

"—and I thought that maybe—"

He responded instinctively. Cutting her off mid-sentence, Beck slid his hands down her wrists and kissed her gently. Though obviously surprised, Jade still responded instantly, pressing her palms against his shoulders as she leaned in to the kiss. For a second, there was only silence as the space between them closed for good.

The kiss was short, but sweet, and Beck could feel Jade's shocked happiness as he pulled away. The Jade he saw standing in front of him was not the tough, feisty girl he was used to. This Jade looked unsteady and vulnerable, almost even shy – three adjectives Beck never usually associated with the Jade West. As he slowly released her wrists, a tiny smile flitted across her lips.

"You love me again." Her voice was small, but hopeful.

And even though she looked tiny and timid and nervous, Beck was struck by how beautiful she was, all dark hair and pale skin illuminated by the moonlight. Of course he loved her. He had always loved her. He just hadn't realized how much he needed her until now.

"Who said I stopped?"

Jade's eyes widened, a full smile spreading across her face. He smiled slightly himself, and was fully prepared to lean back in and resume making up with Jade when Tori's "awwww!" interrupted them.

And just like that, Jade's smile vanished, replaced by the desperately familiar look of annoyance that he had seen cross her face a thousand times. As they turned around to face Tori, Beck had a hard time keeping that same expression off of his face. Tori seemed to sense their irritation and blushed slightly, mumbling about ruining the moment.

Yet Jade surprised him again when she addressed Tori. "It's cool," she said shakily, the ghost of a smile flitting across her face. "And I really do owe you."

On a normal occasion, Beck would have noted how strange it was to hear Jade thanking Tori for anything. However, he was too distracted to think much about it at all as Jade turned back around to face him, a full, genuine smile on her face. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen her smile like that, pure happiness with no hint of a smirk whatsoever.

He leaned in as she turned and their lips met once again. What started as another sweet kiss rapidly escalated as their lips met hungrily; her hands were on his face, the tips of her fingers tangling in his hair as the kiss deepened. Beck suddenly couldn't understand how he had gone without this, even if it had only been a week since they had broken up. He could feel her now, smiling against his lips, and knew that Jade was thinking the same thing.

The continued on like that for another minute before Tori's voice interrupted them once again.

"Um, it's getting kinda late, and I was wondering if you could drive me ho—"

"It's not that far a walk," Jade snapped, pausing briefly to glance at Tori before hungrily recapturing Beck's lips with her own.

Beck barely suppressed a laugh. Jade may have toned down her aggression earlier, but she was still the same old Jade. And although he knew that Jade's response had been rude, he was too preoccupied with the feisty brunette in front of him to feel guilty. In fact, he was slightly grateful for it: although he would never have said anything, he certainly preferred kissing Jade right now to waiting fifteen minutes while she drove Tori home. Her reaction to Tori's words had simply saved him from having to think of an excuse.

He heard Tori mutter something about "trying not to swallow each other" as she stalked off, but Beck didn't care. All he cared about was wrapping his arms around the girl in front of him, pulling her closer to him as they continued to kiss passionately. She was still smiling slightly; he could feel her fingers beginning messing up his hair, one of her favorite things to do when they were making out. Finally, everything was right with the world. Suddenly Beck couldn't remember how he had ever wanted to make it through another week without Jade – strong-willed, possessive Jade, who drove him crazy and still left him wanting more.

After several long minutes (or possibly hours), Beck reluctantly broke the kiss again. They were pressed up against the RV now, Jade's body squeezed between Beck and the cold metal door of the minivan.

For a second, there was only silence as they looked at each other. Finally, Beck opened his mouth to say something.

"I should go to the hospital – check if my Dad is okay."

Jade nodded and he could practically see the gears whirring in her brain. He knew she wanted him to stay, but he also knew that she felt really guilty about the dog incident. She may have been incorrigible at times, but Jade was smart enough to know that not letting him see his father wasn't exactly going to win her points.

"Wait here until I get back?" He looked her straight in the eye.

She nodded. "Okay," she said. She kissed him one last time and then watched as he climbed into his car and drove away.

Nearly two hours later, he pulled back into his driveway. Fortunately, his dad was alright, although he certainly had a few new scars to show off. Not so fortunately was the fact that his dad now officially hated his girlfriend. Not that his dad had been a huge fan of Jade before, but still. This was going to be an interesting relationship.

As he stepped out of his car, he noticed that the lights in his RV were on. He wondered whether it had been smart telling Jade to stay in his RV while he was gone – he didn't exactly want to come back and find all of his lampshades cut up, or something like that.

Beck opened the door, reassuring himself that she wouldn't have cut up anything truly valuable (right?). His first sight was of Jade, lounging on his couch and watching some old re-run on his television. She raised her eyebrows when he entered, but otherwise didn't say anything.

He looked around, trying to surreptitiously survey if anything was damaged. To his surprise, his RV looked tidier than it had before the dog attack. "Oh yeah, I straightened up some things that the dog…did," she said quickly.

He sat next to her. "Two nice things in one night?" he teased.

"Don't get used to it," she snapped, but her voice lacked its usual ferocity. Beck grinned. He loved messing with her. This incident would not be forgotten.

They sat like that for a little longer, Jade's head resting against his shoulder, watching The Fresh Prince. Beck couldn't believe how nice and comfortable it felt, and how much he had missed this, this constant physical interaction, even though they weren't saying anything at all (actually, he almost preferred it this way sometimes, although he would never tell Jade that). When the show finally ended and the beginning notes of the Roseanne theme song started, Jade rolled her eyes, groaned, grabbed the remote without asking, and flipped through the channels. Finding nothing interesting (his cable was a bit spotty in the RV), she turned off the television and turned to face him.

"Why did you tell Tori that you were happier without me?" she asked, her voice sounding small again. Beck winced. He had hoped that she wouldn't ask him this – but, of course, he had known that it would come eventually.

"I don't know," he said honestly. "I think—I think I wanted you to suffer a little. Since, you know, you did break up with me." She nodded. "But…it isn't always easy, Jade." He felt her stiffen slightly. "Not that I don't want this, I do. It's just—it's hard always fighting."

Jade didn't respond right away, mulling over his words. Even though what he'd said was true, Beck didn't like the look on her face. He softened his voice as he continued. "I like that you're different from other girls. I like that you hate compliments, and that your idea of being nice is giving me a can of lemonade. I just wish you could…relax sometime, you know? I like when we aren't fighting." He paused.

"The other reason was…that part of me was just trying to convince myself that I didn't miss you as much as I did." She looked slightly mollified at these words, but was still unnervingly quiet.

"I don't want to fight all the time," Jade said finally. "But come on, Beck, what was I supposed to think? She was texting you all the time!" He looked at her pointedly and she crossed her hands over her chest, a little haughtily. "I suppose I could tone it down, though…a little. Sometimes." He nodded, eyebrows raised.

"But…I don't want you riding in her convertible. Ever again."

He knew that this was as good of an apology as he was going to get. He didn't mind.

"Tell me you love me?"

The question startled Beck, but he responded instinctively, without thinking. "Magic word?"

"Please?" And even though she answered in the same pleading voice she always used, he still smiled slightly at the politeness that only he could bring out.

"I love you," he said and their lips met once again. They stood up, still kissing passionately, and made their way across the cramped RV to Beck's bed.

Just before they sat down, Jade broke apart. "And don't you ever forget it," she said, and Beck grinned. Just like old times, he thought, pulling her onto the bed.

So, what did you think? It's my first Victorious fanfic and I tried my best to keep everyone in character. I probably watched a clip of this scene at least twenty times while I was writing this…no joke; I didn't want to get any of the details wrong (haha). I thought it was especially funny that when Jade is somewhat rude to Tori ("it's not too far a walk!") Beck doesn't seem to mind at all. Watching Avan's facial expressions during the scene were interesting.

On a different note, I remember at one point that Liz Gillies and Leon Thompson (Jade and Andre) were talking on Ustream about how much they dislike when Roseanne comes on after the Fresh Prince, so I thought it would be funny to include it.

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