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First of all, I'm SO sorry that it's been so long since I updated this story. I have been studying abroad with no internet this past term (and am now officially a college junior, hollaaaaaa), and recently tore my ACL, so things have been a little crazy. So, in short, I'M SO SORRY! Thanks for anyone who is still reading this…

Because I was abroad I didn't even learn about the Bade break up until I go back in June (yeah, I wasn't thrilled either), so that dimmed some of my inspiration for this story quite a bit. I don't think I can write "The Worst Couple" for a while, but I will do it at some point because the look on Jade's face at the end broke my heart. I'll try to focus on other episodes and Slap posts, though, to see what happens.

Anyways, this is a short update, but it is the result of a post-breakup Slap Post I read a while ago on Beck's page. I felt somewhat inspired and after much contemplating, decided to write it. So, here goes, with a promise to try and revive this story if I can.

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The first thing Jade noticed was that the RV was a lot cleaner than she remembered. Gone were the flannel shirts that hung over the sofa, or the socks that usually littered the floor. The counter was clean, rather than covered by empty coffee cups, and the trash can empty. Even the fish tank was cleaner than usual.

Great. In the time since she'd broken up with Beck, Jade had completely forgotten that Beck had a cleaning lady, who had obviously come by. Now, her job would be even harder.

Jade glanced at her watch: 6:15. She estimated that she had around an hour before Beck came home from Nozu, since 6:00 was the time that they'd agreed on at lunch. Jade had been invited to dinner, too, but she'd turned it down with an eyeroll, claiming she had better things to do. Beck, however, had agreed to go, providing Jade with an opportunity she couldn't miss.

She'd been waiting for weeks to come collect her stuff from Beck's RV, now that they were officially broken up. Admittedly, she'd spent the first week thinking that their breakup would only be temporary, so it had seemed stupid to collect her stuff when, in all likelihood, she'd be right back in the RV within a few days.

However, as time passed, and it became abundantly clear that she and Beck weren't getting back together any time soon, Jade realized that she couldn't delay it any longer. She'd practically lived in the RV at times, and while she didn't particularly care about most of the things she'd left there (her toothbrush, for instance), there were a few, non-negotiable things that she wanted back, such as her black denim jacket. If this break up was going to be permanent—and it was looking that way—Jade didn't want to be reminded of Beck every time she opened her closet and saw the empty hook behind the door.

The only problem was Beck himself. Although Jade knew she was being irrational, she didn't want Beck to know that she wanted her things back, so she didn't want to ask him. As far as he knew, she'd walked away that night at Tori's without looking back. Jade had done everything she could to make it seem like she didn't care, and she preferred to keep it that way. All she needed to do was wait until she knew he would be out, and sneak in, since she'd never given him his key back. Considering how little she'd used it even while they were dating, Jade wasn't sure Beck even remembered that she had it.

Unfortunately, she hadn't planned for the RV to have been cleaned completely. Now it would take her a lot longer to find her things—and the clock was ticking. As quietly as possible, Jade pulled the door shut behind her and turned on the dim light over the stove, hoping his parents wouldn't notice that anything was amiss.

The first place she looked was the couch, although she knew it was unrealistic. The night before the Queries for Couples fiasco, she'd left her jacket hanging over the back of the sofa. Although she doubted that it would be there, Jade still removed all of the cushions, one by one, and even pulled out the couch in hope that her jacket had fallen behind it. No luck. All she found before violently shoving the couch back into place were a few used tissues, the repulsive remains of what appeared to be a bagel, and forty-two cents.

So she moved onto the dresser. Having rifled through it often, Jade knew exactly where everything was and went straight for the third drawer, where he kept his sweatshirts and a few of his lighter jackets. Nada. Next she tried to bottom drawer, where Beck stored his flannel shirts, but her jacket was nowhere to be found. She did, however, find a black, fairly-expsensive tank top of hers, which she yanked out and stuffed into her bag.

Still no jacket. Although she glanced quickly into the other drawers, Jade doubted that anything else of hers was stored in the remaining drawers—although she did discover Justin Bieber's latest album nestled underneath Beck's socks. Smirking, she pulled out her camera phone and took a picture. At some point, that knowledge would probably come in handy.

Jade almost walked away before she remembered that she'd probably left a few earrings on the dresser as well. Jade hated wearing dangly earrings while sleeping, so she'd always taken them out before spending the night. Glancing at his dresser—which, like the rest of the RV, was unrecognizably neat and organized—Jade spotted a silver earring almost immediately, sticking out from beneath a picture frame that had fallen, facedown, on the wood surface. Picking up the frame, she found its match as well.

Jade recognized the silver and black star earrings immediately; she'd gotten them from Cat back when they were freshmen. But she also recognized the picture frame, because it had been on Beck's dresser for ages. Until a few weeks ago, it had contained a picture of her and Beck before a dance during sophomore year. Now, though, it stood empty, a black background outlined in tarnished silver. Even though she'd always hated that photo (her hair had looked horrendous), she still felt a slight pang when she saw that it was gone.

Pocketing the earrings, Jade turned around to go check Beck's tiny bathroom, where she thought she might have left a pair of scissors. She was about halfway when there was a loud squeak behind her—the sound of someone turning the door handle. Panicked, Jade dove underneath Beck's bed, praying that it wasn't Beck himself. If it was—well, she reasoned, she and Beck had been in plenty of awkward situations before, so she'd figure out a way to deal with it.

It wasn't Beck, though; that much became clear soon enough. As Jade watched, a pair of black high heels entered the RV and crossed the RV, before dropping a large white laundry basket that obscured her view. It was Beck's mom—it had to be, although as far as Jade knew, Beck had always done his own laundry to avoid any awkward questions in case it contained any of Jade's clothes. She supposed, though, that it didn't really matter now that Beck no longer had a girlfriend (to her knowledge, anyway). Jade made a face. Typical mama's boy.

For the next few minutes, Jade listened to Beck's mother humming (off-key—how irritating) as she opened and closed Beck's drawers. God, how long was this going to take? Not only was Jade running out of time, but it was absolutely disgusting under Beck's bed. She didn't even want to think about the revolting old tissues, dust, dirt, and whatever else was touching her hair at the moment. Instead, she concentrated on not moving.

Suddenly she felt a tickle in her nose. Crap. After enduring nearly ten minutes on the filthy carpet, Jade wasn't about to give herself away by sneezing. As quickly as she could, she drew her arm to her face, brushing against some sort of oddly-familiar fabric, and managed to muffle her sneeze so that Mrs. Oliver wouldn't hear. Finally, after thirteen minutes (not that Jade had been counting or anything), the door closed again, and the RV went silent. Attempting to extricate herself from the RV, Jade brushed against the cloth again…and suddenly realized what she was holding. Gripping it tightly, she pulled her very dusty black jacket out from underneath Beck's bed.

Her first thought was that it looked disgusting—covered in dust and stray hair, which Jade pulled off with the tips of her fingers. Ew. After a moment, though, she felt anger welling up inside her stomach. Beck knew that Jade loved that jacket; why would he have pushed it under his bed, where it would never have seen the light of day again?

Of course, Beck also knew that Jade loved him, and yet he still hadn't opened the door that night at Tori's. Maybe it would be giving him too much credit to expect him to treat her things with the any respect, considering the disrespect he'd shown her on that stupid TV show.

Stung, Jade threw her jacket over her arm, wrinkling her nose as dust rose into her face. Screw it. She'd come back for her scissors and whatever else later. Right now, she just wanted to get away from the stupid RV and the stupid boy who apparently didn't even care enough about his former girlfriend to treat her expensive clothing with a shred of decency. Well, screw him. He certainly wasn't getting back any of the nice flannel shirts that she'd stolen.

In her haste to leave, she accidentally bumped against Beck's nightstand, sending a whiteboard and several pens crashing down to the floor, along with a few fluttering papers. Shit. It was 7:05, and she needed to leave. Jade scrambled to pick up the white board, haphazardly throwing the papers on top of it. As she was reaching for the final piece of paper, though, Jade felt a crunch under her boot—she'd stepped on a permanent marker, which had instantly cracked in two. Whatever; she'd deal with it later. She shoved the pieces of the marker into her bag, reached for the remaining piece of paper, and froze.

It was the picture from Beck's dresser. Beck's arm rested around Jade's shoulder, and he was wearing a nice button-down shirt; next to him, Jade stood, annoyed, as her boyfriend laughed. Her hair, still brown back then, was falling out of the updo she'd tried to give herself, which was the reason she'd always hated the photo. Still, seeing it here, buried underneath a pile of papers, wasn't right.

Headlights suddenly illuminated the windows of the RV—headlights that she was almost sure belonged to Beck's convertible. That meant that she had less than fifteen seconds to get out of the RV before Beck drove around close enough to see her escaping. Without another thought, Jade tossed the photo into her pocket and scrambled for the door, sliding through it and dashing around the back of the trailer just before Beck pulled up in front of it.

"Yeah, definitely, I know it's—hey, hang on a second."

Beck must have been on the phone. Jade heard him murmur "what the…?" before he said, louder this time, "hey, I'm going to have to call you back, the door to my RV's hanging open and I want to make sure no one broke into it." There was a beep, and quick footsteps, but Jade was already gone, disappearing onto the dark street.

She'd parked a block away, and her boots echoed loudly against the cement as she strode down the street. She hadn't gotten all of her things, and she'd touched God-knows-what while under the bed, but at least she'd gotten her jacket, shirt, and earrings without being caught. Plus that stupid picture, although Jade still wasn't sure why she'd even taken it in the first place. Whatever. She'd come back for her scissors, and the rest of her things, another time.

Later that night, as usual, she couldn't resist checking Beck's Slap page. Sure enough, there was a new update:

"Someone broke into my RV and only stole 1 permanent marker. Worst robbery ever."

Tori brought up the Slap post the next day at lunch. "So someone broke into your RV to steal a marker?"

Beck wrinkled his eyebrows. "Yeah, but I have no idea why. I thought maybe it was just my mom, but she swears that she shut the door after she went put my laundry away."

"How do you know they didn't steal something?" asked Andre curiously.

Beck shrugged. "I combed through everything, but the only thing that was gone was a permanent marker. I know I used it earlier that afternoon, but it wasn't on the table where I left it. Everything else was still there, though."

Tori and Andre seemed satisfied by this answer, and resumed talking about a strange incident involving silly string, soda, and a french horn that had taken place in the hallway that morning. Jade, however, didn't join the conversation. She knew she should feel relieved that Beck hadn't said anything to indicate that he suspected her. But for some reason, the fact that he hadn't even noticed the absence of the photograph, or her stuff, made her feel inexplicably sad.

Wow. That was longer than I intended, but I like it. This is actually strangely reminiscent of a similar situation that I was in once, so it was a lot of fun to write, even if I was up for half the night.

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