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Chapter 1 Christmas at Number 12 and Lily's Confessions.

Harry Potter was visiting his godfather Sirius Black for Christmas. It was the first day of Christmas break. Mr. Weasley was in the hospital because Voldemort's snake bit him, but the rest of the Weasley family was there with Harry.

At the moment they were all in one of the many living room type things pretending to try to clean. Mrs. Weasley walked into the room.

"Why don't you all take a break? I brought sandwiches!" she said. Everyone was more then happy to take a break from cleaning, and they all crowded the table she had placed the sandwiches on.

Harry wasn't very hungry (it was rare for him to eat three meals in one day because after the Dursleys starved him it made him feel sick) so he walked over to Sirius' family tree.

Sirius followed him. He put an arm around Harry's shoulders and began explaining the tree. They got to the bottom of the tree, and Harry frowned.

"Sirius?" he asked. "Why is there a marriage line linking you and my mother, and why is there a line linking both of you to me?"

Sirius frowned and looked at it. "I don't know. Your father and I did a spell that bound us as blood brothers and essentially twins; maybe it thinks we're the same person," Sirius suggested. "But I don't know how that could happen as it's supposed to be charmed to only show people who are either born as a Black or married into the Black family." Sirius reached up to trace the picture of Harry with a confused frown on his face.

There was a sudden tug behind Harry's navel, and he found himself being sucked forward as he had only done twice in his life; once with Tom Riddle's journal, and once with Dumbledore's pensive.. Harry was falling into a memory.

Chapter 2 Lily's Confessions

Harry held tight to Sirius as they both fell into the memory. 'How did someone manage to rig up a tapestry as pensive?' Harry thought. 'Did they just imbue the tapestry with their memories?' He didn't have anymore time to wonder because at that moment he arrived in the memory.

Harry saw who was in the memory room and gasped; it was his mother. She was holding Harry on her hip, and he looked to be around one in this memory. Sirius' gasp and facial expression of both pain and love mirrored Harry's.

"Hello Sirius, Harry," Lily said. "I rigged this tapestry to only show you this if you were both there together, so I know you're both listening."

"I wonder how she got into this house," Sirius said. "It only lets someone in if they have express permission from the master/mistress or if they're part of the family. At the time you were around that age my mother was still mistress." Harry shrugged, not having any ideas either..

"Knowing you, Sirius, you're probably wondering how I got into this house," Sirius and Harry exchanged shocked looks, "and that brings me to my first confession."

'"What confession," Harry wondered aloud.

"James and I were never married. I know this might be sudden, and it will feel like I'm dropping a bomb-shell (especially to you Harry) but I don't know any other way to do it. James and I faked our marriage to keep two people safe; you two are those people"

." You see, I never fell for James, I fell for Sirius. It was the best ten months I've ever lived through, but there was just one problem; Voldemort. James and I came up with a plan that would allow us to protect his brother (Sirius) and my recently conceived child. On the seventh of November 1999 James and I removed Sirius- memory of ever being with me and made him think that it was James the whole time. It was Sirius who lusted after me for years while James took his pick of whatever pretty girls walked his way; it was Sirius who held me and comforted me the night my parents died."

"James and I knew that if you ever found out what we did you would want to kill us, but we wanted one of you at least to have a chance to live if Voldemort came after our family."

"Before any of this started Sirius and I were married. James and I had a fake wedding. We went through the motions, but no one knew that the man didn't really bind us together. We told him we were doing it to placate James' parents because we had eloped when we turned seventeen and his parents wanted a proper wedding. Humiliating, but it was the best James could come up with." Sirius and Harry laughed slightly at this despite the fact that they were almost in shock.

"I had the baby and there was a secret to the child's birth. My second confession is that I fed our baby a gender changing potion. She was born a girl, but James and I knew that if Sirius caught wind that he had a goddaughter he would never let her go. We knew Sirius had always wanted a little girl. It was the one thing he insisted on when we were together. We could have as few children as I wanted as long as he got his little girl. I never asked him the reason why he wanted a little girl so badly, but I knew if he saw his goddaughter he would be moving in with us. That defeated the whole purpose of the plan James and I made, so we used the gender changing potion. This potion will only wear off when the person who took it is told that their gender has been changed, so our daughter will now be regaining her true form. I must ask you to wait awhile before looking at her so neither of you faints. It the person who took the gender changing potion isn't told of their true gender before the age of twenty they remain the gender they were changed to for the rest of their life."

"James and I named our newly changed boy Harry James Potter. We figured we would let the two of you choose the name she would take when she became a girl again. He was a metamorphagus (I think he gets that from Sirius' side of the family, seeing as Sirius has a second cousin who's one too) and I can't tell you how thankful James and I were to have a disguise him in a way that would last even after our death. We simply gave Harry a picture of James, and allowed him to morph until he got to the right features (except the eyes; he kept my eyes). After he reached the point where he and James were nearly identical we put a spell on him so that he wouldn't be able to morph anymore. Once he hears all this the spell will come off; in fact, I believe that he should already be taking on his original look,"

"If everything has gone as it was supposed to Harry should have grown up with his father because we named Sirius godfather. However, seeing as almost nothing goes as planned I don't want to count on that too much. I just wanted to say that if you didn't grow up with him I want you to tell your father everything you've been through Harry. No leaving things out, no trying to make things seem less dangerous then they really were, and absolutely no lying. If you have anything like your father's talent for getting in trouble you've probably been in plenty of danger. Sirius, I expect you to be a grown up father and punish our child for anything that went unpunished before. I think grounding her would probably be a good idea." Harry did not look the least happy about that bit.

"If you're watching this memory that means James and I are dead. Knowing Sirius it would take you years to find it because he hates this house. I hope Harry isn't over the age of ten because that would make the gender change a whole lot more awkward, but if you got your father's luck then you're probably well over the age of ten. I'm really sorry if this secret caused you pain, but if I died I wanted Harry to have at least one parent. We all know Sirius would never have abandoned Harry to James and I, so this was the only plan with some hope for working.

"We decided to be extra careful and leave behind plenty of proof that Sirius wasn't our secret keeper. If you touch Sirius' picture on the family tree another pensive memory will be released. Send this memory to the ministry and any doubts about whether or not Sirius was secret keeper will be cleared up. Also, Sirius, you need to touch my picture on the tapestry. It has all the real memories from when we were together."

"I hope you can forgive us one day, but for now you're stuck in this memory until you guys work out your differences if you have any. James and I are hoping you guys can take this news easy and immediately develop a father/daughter relationship. However, since we realize it's a little bit much for you to take in and that might be a little difficult for you we've trapped you in the memory until it happens! Hope you have fun! Remember that I will always love both of you." And with that Lily left the room.

Sirius and Harry sat down heavily on the floor of the memory room. Both were caught up in their own thoughts.

Harry was in shock. He was a girl. After fifteen years of being a boy he was suddenly a girl. That was confusing and somewhat horrifying. He was very glad he had never acted on his crush on Cho. She had no problems being Sirius' daughter at all, but the fact that she was a girl would take some getting used to. Maybe that was why she had always felt so uncomfortable in his boy body. She had always thought it had something to do with being a teenager, but maybe it was because she was supposed to be a girl.

She hoped Sirius wouldn't have any problems suddenly gaining a daughter either. From the memory he guessed that Sirius would be overjoyed though. She also hoped this meant she would never have to go back to the Dursleys, and wondered if Sirius would mind if she called him Dad. She was a little angry with her mother for lying about something so important, but decided that she could forgive her because Lily was only trying to keep her safe.

Sirius was thinking about how he was lucky enough to have the most wonderful daughter in the world. He was wondering how he ended up lucky enough to have a daughter at all! He had always wanted a daughter, ever since he was younger. Most men wanted a son to play with and teach about guy stuff, but Sirius had always wanted a daughter to cuddle and pamper. \

He also wondered if the poor girl had any problems with being his daughter. It had to be hard going from a guy to girl, let alone going from a teen guy to a teen girl. He would be there for her though. He wanted to get Dumbledore to let her stay with him over the summer because he was hers blood relative. He wondered if she would still be as willing to agree to that arrangement as she was in third year, and then he frowned wondering what hers relatives could have done to make her dislike them so much. Like it or not the family was his in-laws.

He wondered if his daughter would have any problems with telling people they were related and hoped she wouldn't. Sirius was also really angry with Lily and James for taking his only daughter away from him, and he knew he was going to be the overprotective type of father from now on.

He would indulge in his anger with James and Lily later; right now he had a daughter to talk to.

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