Mendouksai: Shikamaru + Temari

Chapter 1: Shikamaru

"I won again…how troublesome," Shikamaru sighed, rolling his eyes at a frustrated Naruto.

"How do you keep winning?" the blonde yelled, face palming himself.

Shikamaru simply shrugged and grinned. "I'm smart."

"HEY! I AM SMART!" Naruto yelled, standing up.

"I was just kidding!" the black haired boy laughed, raising his hands defensively. "No need to be such a drag."

"Heheheh, yeah…I knew that!" Naruto laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"Course you did," he sighed, standing up and dusting off his pants.

"Hey Shika! Come have some Ramen with me!" the blonde exclaimed, making it more of an order than an offer. Before the other could answer, he was dragged off, leaving no time for him to mutter a rejection.

"So, Shika," Naruto grinned.

"What?" Shikamaru narrowed his eyes at the smug smile on Naruto's face. Truthfully, it creeped him out to no end. Naruto was always to over enthusiastic and hair brained. It was so….troublesome.

"I hear you like someone," the blonde smirked.

Shikamaru nearly choked on his food. "What?"

"Yup! Heard you like a certain girl…with blonde hair…"

"And where did you hear this?" Shikamaru growled.

"From a certain guy that wears paint on his face and likes to play with dolls," Naruto laughed. "Oh come on Shika, it's totally obvious you like Temari! Believe it!"

"I do not like Temari!" he scoffed, mentally growling at himself.

'That's the last time I trust Kankuro. That bastard told Naruto! Besides I don't like her…we are just friends! Even if I did…like her…she'd just turn me down,' Shikamaru thought to himself. He sighed and began to eat again.

"Hello? Shika? Were you even listening to me?" Naruto asked quite loudly. Not that he's quiet…Jashin knows that boy is the complete opposite of subtle.

"Huh? Sorry Naruto, what were you saying?" he sighed, looking down at his blonde friend.

"You were thinking of Temari again…weren't you?" the boy asked, smirking at the blush that crept its way onto Shikamaru's cheeks.

"N-no! Naruto, I don't like her! Women are so troublesome, like you," he growled.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say lover boy," Naruto rolled his eyes, waving his hand dismissively.

The black haired boy glared at Naruto. 'How could he possibly think I like Temari? Sure she's smart…and pretty…and strong…wait, what? No! I don't like her! Not to mention she's the Kazekage's sister, so Gaara would end up killing me! Kankuro would just annoy us to no end, like he usually does…'

"You're doing it again," Naruto sighed.

"Huh? Doing what?" he asked, snapping out of his thoughts.

"Spacing out! Shika, it's obvious you like her, and before you interrupt me sayin-"

"I don't like her!' Shikamaru exclaimed.

"Yeah, saying that! Anyway, I know you do. Don't deny it. Neji and Kiba see it too. They make jokes about how it's your destiny to be with each other. Don't worry, we didn't tell her though, and Kankuro said he didn't say anything either. Believe it!" Naruto smiled, putting a hand his friends shoulder.

Shikamaru just looked at him warily, and then sighed. "Thanks Naruto, but even if I did like her, she'd just turn me down, so there's no point in trying."

The blonde scoffed, flicking his black haired friend's head. "There's always a point in trying. Ugh, you may be smart, but sometimes you're just so…stupid," Naruto grumbled.

"You mean like you?" Shikamaru smirked.

"Oh shut up, Shika!"

"Sorry, sorry," he laughed.

"If you did like her, why don't you just tell her?"

"She'd reject me instantly. Plus, she's the Kazekage's sister, and always helping Gaara or Kankuro, she doesn't have time to deal with another guy," he shrugged.

"I heard she's helping to prepare for the Chuunin Exams this year," the blonde said.

"Yeah, so she'll be even busier than usual," he grumbled.

"Maybe she would like an escort around the village. She has to keep walking from Suna to Konoha, so she'd probably like some company along the way."

Shikamaru shot up in his seat, blushing. "You're saying I should be her 'escort'?"

"Believe it," the other said, rolling his eyes whilst smirking.

The black haired boy grinned and nodded. "I just might do that…"

The two finished their meals and said their goodbyes. Naruto had scampered off to meet with Sakura and Sasuke, who were currently glaring at each other. Shikamaru chuckled and began his walk to a lake nearby his house. On his way, his mind began to wander.

'An escort huh? I could do that… It would give me plenty of time to spend with Temari, that's a plus. Yeah…I think I'll do it… Plus it would give me something else to do other than demolish Naruto at Shogi and sleep…as much fun as it is. I'll discuss it with Lady Tsunade in the morning, maybe she'll understand. Hopefully Temari won't disagree to the idea…' he sighed. 'Never have I felt this way before, about anyone or anything.' His mind was far gone by the time he reached the lake. Slowly, he stumbled his way to a large Sakura tree in full bloom. The tree's branches reached out, and cascaded down, letting her flowers cover her with pink and white. The lake was like glass, still and silent. No movement was made, and it soothed Shikamaru. He loved to come here, to think and look at the clouds, smiling at the different shapes they took.

'The closest relationship I have is with Choji, and that's because he helps me out on missions. Ino is so bossy and such a fan girl, she's such a drag. But Temari…she's not a drag. Sure she can be bossy, but it's for good reason. All she tries to do is protect her brothers and do her best. I admire that. She's not lazy like me, and she's intelligent. I wonder if she could beat me at Shogi…'

Sighing, the black haired boy picked up a rock from beside him and tossed it ajar to the lake, watching as the rock skidded across the glass like water, before sinking into the black abyss. Ripples protruded from the water, ceasing the glass like illusion. He leaned against the tree, frowning at the water. That's how he felt.

He seemed like the smooth water, lazily drifting against the shore, not being disrupted or disturbed. Then comes Temari. To Shikamaru, she's the rock. She came into his life, and he felt disturbed. She awakened emotions in him that he never even knew he had. She created waves in him. Waves of confusion, uneasiness, passion…love. He couldn't comprehend them all. But that's what drew him to her. He felt she was the answer to all his questions.