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The doctor said "Okay take a seat in that chair." She sat in the chair and extended her arm out waiting for the doctor to take her blood. Erik looked up and saw Meg waiting in the chair for her blood to be taken so she could save him, he felt loved for once in his life time somebody actually wanted to give their blood to save him. The darkness was getting stronger and he tried to fight it but there was no fight left in him to fight it off anymore.

He tried but the darkness consumed him and the last thing he saw was Christine and Gustave watching worriedly. Christine saw Erik's eyes close and his breathing started slowing down and she started panicking and the doctor said "Miss I can't take all the blood I need from you it will kill you." Christine said "Then take the rest from me but hurry he's starting to breathe slower." The doctor rushed and took blood from Christine too, and injected the blood into Erik and also started to inflate his lung to keep it from collapsing all the way.

Christine put her hand on his unmasked cheek and she pulled her hand back and said "He's burning up." The doctor said "Get me some cold wet washcloths in a hurry." He put a hand on Erik's forehead and he said "His temperature is very high and unhealthy he needs to be cooled off right away." Christine saw the doctor had applied a towel and was holding it on Erik's stomach with a lot of pressure to keep it from bleeding horribly. He said "While they are getting some cold wet cloths I need your help Mrs. De Chagney." She nodded and said "Anything just please don't let him die." The doctor said "I need you to take his shirt off so we can get to his wound since he needs a lot of pressure applied here I do not really want to take the pressure of the wound."

Christine nodded and did what the doctor asked her to do and she saw scars across his stomach and chest and she couldn't help but notice how muscular he was. The doctor took the towel off the wound and Christine saw the bullet was there and the doctor got some tweezers and started to remove the bullet. He bandaged the wound and he said "I need a look at his back to see if there are wounds back there too." Christine helped him and everyone's jaw dropped and she gasped at the sight of the many long scars scattered all over his back. The doctor checked for a fresh bleeding wound and put him back in the laying position just as Meg came back with washcloths and a bowl. The doctor put a cloth in the water and draped it across Erik's forehead and said "Chang e this as soon as it gets dry." Christine nodded and the doctor told them he would be in the hotel across the street if they needed him. They left and Christine turned to Madame Giry and asked "How did he get those scars on his back?"

Madame Giry said "That is his place to tell you." She nodded and looked to see Gustave standing there with tears rolling down his cheeks at the sight of his actual father lying in bed weak and sick. Christine also couldn't see the strongest man she knew lying in bed weak and sick it bothered her to no end. She said "Gustave come here." He walked over to her and she picked him up and set him on the bed next to Erik and said "There you go now you can be close to him and me at the same time." Gustave looked at her and asked "Momma is it bad to love him when I don't really know anything about him?" Christine cupped his cheek in her hand and said "Oui sweetie, and it is also okay to still love your other papa and it is okay to love this one too." He asked "Really?" She nodded and replied "Really, why do you ask?" Gustave said "I just met him an d I can't help but love him like my poppa." Christine hugged him and said "It's okay Gustave he loves you too, and it is okay to love him because he is your poppa." Gustave sat down next to him and said "Thanks mom." She nodded and grabbed his and Erik's hand not wanting to let go and not wanting to lose Erik either. She sat there watching over them like a hawk not wanting to miss any change in Erik's condition in case it got worse. Gustave fell asleep next to Erik and Christine soon fell asleep in the chair next to his bed holding both their hands. Meg walked in around midnight to check on everyone and she smiled when she saw Gustave and Christine sleeping next to Erik and she walked over to check the cloth to see if it was dry. It was so she soaked it in water, rung out the extra water, and placed it back on his forehead.

She felt horrible that she did this to him especially since he was the man she loved and who didn't those same feelings. She kissed his cheek gently and left the room with tears running down her cheeks in what seemed like rivers of them. Christine woke up and didn't know why until she felt something squeeze her hand and she looked up and saw Erik's eyes starting to flutter open and felt hope build up in her chest. He opened his eyes and looked at her and smiled weakly and looked down at Gustave and his eyes brightened up happily. He whispered "What are you doing here?" She ran a hand down his left cheek and said "I love you Erik and I didn't want to leave you." He squeezed her hand and whispered "Thank you my angel." She nodded and replied "You're welcome Erik." He sighed and she asked "What is it?" He replied "I'm sleepy." She kissed his cheek and replied "Go ahead you deserve it." He nodded and his eyes closed and his breathing steadied to show he was asleep. She looked at the scars on his shoulders and his chest all over she felt a pang of sorrow for how much pain that he had to endure to get those scars. She was watching Erik and Gustave sleep and she decided to grab an extra washcloth and clean the blood of his hand. She cleaned the blood of his hand that he held his wound with and heard somebody whisper "No, please stop." She looked and saw that it was Erik and she wondered what he was dreaming about and she saw him curl away from something that must have been horrible. He woke up with a jump and she rushed over to him and asked "Are you okay Erik?" He nodded and replied "It's okay it was just a childhood memory." She asked "Erik how did you get those scars?" He winced and said "I will tell you when I am not sick my angel." She said "Okay." He sighed relaxing and smiled when Gustave curled up closer to him sleeping peacefully.

He asked "Christine why did you sing for me?" Christine replied "I missed performing, and the I missed singing with you the way our voices combine and sound so angelic." Erik asked "Why did you sing here though?" Christine whispered "I made a mistake." Erik froze and instantly thought that she was talking about Gustave and he didn't realize it but his arm wrapped protectively around him and Christine noticed and instantly guessed what he was thinking. She said "I wasn't talking about Gustave because I don't know about you but I do not regret that night, I was talking about a mistake I made about 10 years ago." Erik relaxed his arm around Gustave a little and he asked "What was that?" Christine replied "Picking Raoul it turned out that he would just drink away his fortune and create debts and not care about me until he realized that he was losing me a few hours ago that was the first time in a long time that he told me he loved me so I should have picked you to start with because I loved you and still do and you deserve to be happy." Erik asked "So you wanted to look for me but were afraid that I would not forgive you or want to see you ever again?"

Christine replied "Yeah that is pretty much why I didn't want to look for you, and I couldn't help but be hopeful when I figured out the invitation came from you that maybe just maybe I could ask for you to forgive me and we can give this a second chance." Erik smiled and said "Well I do forgive you and we can give this a second chance." She leaned over Gustave not disturbing him and kissed Erik and she had butterflies in her stomach like the time she kissed him in his lair and remembered the feeling she got then which matched the one she had now. They pulled apart for air and Erik's aqua blue eyes were locked on her chocolate brown doe eyes and she instantly saw his brightened making them almost look like they were sparkling. He smiled and it was a genuine one not his usual Phantom ghostly one, cold scary sadistic one, or the smirk he normally where it was an actual genuine one and she ran her hand down his unmasked cheek wishing she could tell him how much he meant to her but he drifted to sleep once again.