A/N: I have only watched my first Dark Shadows episode a few days ago. And I have started in the twenty- fourth collection unknowingly, so I have started pretty late in the series. In one episode, Angelique has lifted the vampire curse off Barnabas and seeing him that happy struck a chord with me. This one- shot shows what he might have been thinking, feeling, etc, during that time. I'm sorry if Barnabas seems OOC. Enjoy. :D

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I am free from this curse that has inflicted me for so long. Today, I have walked in the sunlight, feeling it's warmth for the first time in many, many long years.

I have forgotten many things in the realm of day. I had forgotten how vibrant colors of the flowers, of the trees were when the glorious sunlight shines on them. I had forgotten how deep a blue the sky is and how white the clouds can be. The sound of a bird's singing was so sweet, I had to stop and listen to it. I have forgotten the beauties of this world of light.

In comparison, the moonlight makes everything look pale and cold. It makes everything look heartless and dead. The silence in the dark can make one feel lonesome as if they are the only creatures that walk the earth. This silence can, also, deafen you. I have grown weary of this silence. Such is this dark world I was forced into.

Even though Angelique forced me into this world, I hold no resentment toward her. It is true she has forced me into that dark world, but she has taken me out. I am human again.

I believe her when she told me that she truly didn't expect a price, that she wanted my love. Julia is doubtful, and I understand why, but I know Angelique better than she. She told to me the truth, I'm positive of it.

I may not be able to return her love, but she has my strongest gratitude. I hope someday, Julia would be able to forgive Angelique. I speak of future hopes, but today, today I have the freedom to walk in the sun without any fear of death. I have mingled with mankind. I have heard the things that usually sleep at night. Today I have lived.


A/N: It is pretty short and I'm sorry for that and once again, I'm sorry for any moments Barnabas was out of character. He's pretty scarce in that collection unfortunately. :( I hope you liked it. :D