Any you want to see? I have a ton written but it's possible you'll have someone I haven't thought of...anyways, these are something i have been working on and I thought I'd put them out there while I'm doing some serious work on my next multi-chapter fanfiction.


Bellatrix Lestrange's boggart was her father.

It seems strange really, that the man who provided her with such a privileged lifestyle and was the cause of her arranged marriage to Rodolphus was the reason for such a thing, but he was the cause of it.

He was the cause of every single drop of insanity in her body. Everyone has a reason for going crazy, and Bellatrix had quite a few more than most. She had many reasons for losing sense of what is right and what was real, and for Bellatrix it was her father.

It was her father, walking towards her with that look, the leer on his face.

Looks like those were the explanations behind every one of her scars on her body that never went away with time. Looks like those were why she couldn't walk for days when she was younger. He did things no father should ever do.

So really, she wasn't just some madwoman with a wand and a hate for mudbloods.

She was driven to insanity.

Her father was the only wizard that could ever paralyze her, ever make her stop and quiver in fear, ever make her into the lunatic she was today.

He was whom she was trying to forget when she used the cruciatus. It had been used on her so many times and in her mind she thought it made it fair. She deserved to be able to make it even, make it fair.

But it never did go away; it never evened out.

Because every time a boggart popped up…she still saw him.