So...I lied. There's another chapter after this one. Nothing crazy, but a final roundup. And I can't promise it won't take me forever to post it, but I will eventually finish it off. No pun intended. ;-)

Oh, and this is the first sex scene I've EVER written, so if it's terrible, my apologies...first times are rarely glorious, right?

"I know Maine has some freaky weather," Audrey says, staring out her front door at the snow coming down, "but this storm is nuts."

Nathan comes up behind her, warming her more than the fire inside the apartment could with equal parts masculinity and body heat. There's a war of smells wrapping around her – takeout food from the kitchen, wood from the fire, the wool of her sweater, and Nathan's aftershave.

When he arrived twenty minutes earlier, bearing food and a get well card from the guys at the station, the cars in the Gull parking lot were still mostly visible. Now, the ground is covered in mounds of white, the snow coming up over tires and covering the road.

"How did you make it down here in one piece?" Audrey asks, still watching the snow fall.

"The Bronco's tough," he says.

"Driver's pretty tough, too," she says, turning to smile at him. She takes in the smirk on his face and the pink in his cheeks from the fire and feels that little part of her heart that goes mushy for her partner disintegrate into pure goo. "You're probably stuck here," she says.

"Guess so."

She grins back, shakes her head. "But you already had that figured out, didn't you?"

Nathan's smirk turns into a grin. "Yup."

She can't stop watching the snow. It's different from the snow she knew growing up in Ohio, different even from the snow in Boston (which turns gray almost the instant it hits the pavement). This is heavy, wet snow, falling in huge flakes that get caught in her eyelashes. She wants to stand outside, her face tilted up to the sky, and catch as many as she can with her tongue.

"I'm not an expert on cold," Nathan says from the couch, "but even I know it's freezing outside." She turns to look at him with a sardonic smile and he points to the sky. "It doesn't snow when it's warm out."

"Har har," Audrey says. She turns back to the storm. "It's beautiful."

Warmth settles around her shoulders – the quilt that Nathan had given her after hers tried to eat her that first week in Haven – and he comes to stand beside her, leans against the doorframe opposite her so he can her watch the snow fall. She pulls the edges of the quilt tighter around her with her good hand and steps closer to her partner.

"The first few storms always are," Nathan says. "Then it gets colder and you start to wonder if the snow's ever going away."

They stay that way, standing quietly and watching the town come under the spell of a white blanket. There's a peaceful calm to Haven in that moment Audrey wants to bottle and save for a later date when all hell breaks loose. It's a welcome feeling after the chaos of the last few days.

"My nose is cold," she says eventually and Nathan huffs a laugh.

"Let's get you back inside before you catch hypothermia – again."

"You're on a roll, Wurnous," she says, stepping back inside so he can close the door.

"Coffee?" he asks.

"Sure. I think there're a couple of board games in the rafters over there, too," she says, motioning him towards a poorly lit corner of the apartment. "They're probably from the seventies, though."

"Most good things come from the seventies."

She throws a smile over her shoulder that makes him weak in the knees.

They play Jenga – only once, since they both remember halfway through that they've never fully understood the purpose of the game. They play Scrabble – six games and he beats her, four to two. They even play a solid game of Monopoly that leads to a heated discussion regarding property taxes and the value of the dollar in 1978 – Audrey wins this one, though she suspects Nathan lets her. They drink a pot of coffee, devour a half dozen cupcakes (Julia knew she'd rather have get well cupcakes instead of get well flowers), and come to the conclusion their lives were suspiciously boring before they met each other.

"You've got frosting on your face," Nathan says, pointing. There's a smudge of red frosting (the cupcakes are autumn themed, since it's technically still fall, despite the layers upon layers of snow outside) just under her left eye.

"Where?" Audrey asks, her hand fluttering around helplessly. She rubs at the corner of her mouth – the wrong corner of her mouth – and Nathan laughs. "Did I get it?" she asks.

"Not even close." He leans across the table, uses his thumb to brush the frosting from the apple of her cheek. She goes stock still, her eyes wide and focused on his. It's suddenly very warm inside Audrey's little apartment. Nathan feels the heat from her flushed skin under the pad of his thumb, has to forcibly pull his hand away from her cheek for want of boundaries.

He forgets for a second, though, and licks the frosting off his thumb before his brain can remind him of where he is, who he's with, and what the consequences might be.

Audrey's eyes watch him.

"Always been a fan of butter cream," he says softly.

It happens so quickly Audrey can't even be sure it's real. She stands and moves around him to the kitchen. With her back to him, she offers him more coffee. When he doesn't say anything, she turns back around and finds herself caught up in everything that is Nathan: his smell, his hands, and, best of all, his mouth.

Her back hits the refrigerator door, the stainless steel cool against the thin fabric of her thermal undershirt. Her sore muscles protest and she yelps a little, both in pain and surprise. He pulls back, looks at her, worried.

"I fell from a fifty foot cliff," she says, smiling, her fingers tracing the outline of his mouth.

"Do you want me to stop?"

She feels like she's been waiting a lifetime for this precise moment, a moment that's been playing out in another woman's dreams for the last two weeks. She doesn't want him to stop. She wants to rip his clothes off, tackle him to the floor, and do wonderfully dirty things to him.

But she's down an arm and her body aches, so instead of doing that she shakes her head and kisses his jaw. "No, Nathan. I want you to take it easy."

He smiles, moves his mouth south to her neck. His lips are hot on her skin, his fingers cool as they skim over the top of her jeans. She arches into him.

"I feel the need to apologize," Nathan says, his lips brushing against her collarbone. He stops kissing her long enough to bring his eyes up to hers. His fingers continue their exploration, though.

Her good fingers work with her cast-impeded fingers to undo the buttons on his flannel shirt, each one revealing more and more of a fitted blue tank underneath. While he's busy staring at her, she leans forward and kisses the skin exposed by his open shirt.

She hears his breath hitch and she smiles against him. He pulls out of the reach of her mouth, slowly lifts the hem of her shirt, skimming her ribs as he gently brings it up and over her head. He tosses the shirt over his shoulder. The wooden blocks of the forgotten Jenga game scatter across the coffee table in the distance as the shirt plows into them. He steps back just a few inches to admire the view before him.

"Whatever it is that you're about to apologize for, it's unnecessary," she says. He leans in, kisses the swell of her breast. She moans, unable to stop herself. "Good lord. This is better than an apology."

He hums against her skin and her knees threaten to give out. "I knew I'd get stuck." He undoes the tie on her lounge pants, pulls the knot out slowly. She feels tortured, hotter than she's ever been in her entire life – at least the life she can remember. He's doing it on purpose, too, and all because she told him to take it easy.

Something tells her that if she was sporting two good arms, they'd be naked by now…and well on their way to a second round.

"Then I should apologize, too," she says, her pants pooling on the floor at her feet. She steps out of them and in one incredibly smooth move, she's in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist like a belt, and he's stumbling towards her bed across the apartment, his hands unhooking her black bra as he goes.

"For what?" His voice is muffled by her breast, her nipple perfectly encased in his hot mouth. It takes all her willpower not to whimper and buck against him. He deposits her on the bed, straying for just a moment to undo the button on his jeans. She watches him hungrily, wanting, as he pulls his pants off and tosses them in a corner.

Boxers. She knew it.

He kneels before her on the bed and she backs up to give him room. He grabs her hips, keeps her still, and pulls her black underwear off her, settles himself between her thighs. Her heart stops. She lays there, naked, his eyes on hers.

"For what?" he asks again, his breath tickling the curls in front of him.

"When I told you to come over for dinner, I knew you'd get stuck here, too."

He smiles, kisses the inside of her thigh, and slowly – so very slowly – works his way up to exactly where she wants him. His mouth molds perfectly to the apex of her thighs, his tongue warm and skilled and she's wanted him for so long that when it swirls around her entrance and laves her clit, she shatters under him.

"If Alice could see us now," Audrey says, giggling and breathless and Nathan shakes his head, smirking as he works his way back up to her mouth.

It's awkward with the cast, and they laugh more than they do anything else, but later, as he enters her and they start a rhythmic dance, she smiles against his mouth and breathes him in and thinks how lucky she is to be alive to feel all of this.

He thinks the same thing.