evening sky extravaganza

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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"Taking a step off this Earth
I'm lighter now, I'm floating
Haa, I'm here
Loving even more things about you
I'm watching my favourite view

Ai Otsuka, "Rocket Sneaker" (translation)


D e m e l z a

(one witch likes to think it means

She loved the sport; Quidditch had to be in her blood

Ginny agreed—"C'mon, Demi—you would kick a*r*s*e!"

So Demelza waited&debated&watched a raven-haired beauty light up the night sky
with a passion for Quidditch that scorched her teammates:

A.n.g.e.l.i.n.a J.o.h.n.s.o.n.
(h e l l f i r e, come to l~i~f~e)

But then the year was ^up^

And Demelza panicked; she didn't want to join later, she wanted to join NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!

It was all right
Ginny would join next year
She&Ginny would be excellent on the team
There would be n (o) t (h) i (n) g to worry about

[except the s_t_a_g_e !fright! that was a part of the poor girl…]

Demelza waited&debated&a summer almost


through her f - i - n - g - e - r - s
But then she had a pinky-full of courage&a steady letter-writing hand—

And then she got to see the raven-haired hellfire again

Angelina bought this plea for «help»
She couldn't just drop being Captain just because she'd graduated
(Perish the thought!)
So Demelza helped her out, in a way, by asking her to be her "p e r s o n a l t r a i n e r"

"CHIN up!"

"~FLY~ straight!"

"You expect to catch the Q/U/A/F/F/L/E with those shaking hands?"

Demelza could take it a l l
She could take it&then some
She'd give anything to

Be like Ange
Play like Ange
L,i,v,e like (for?) Ange

And so a season passed b.y.
&& Angelina assured her that she'd make an excellent addition to the team (even though Ange couldn't fly w i t h her…)

Demi entwined their fingers—"Come&see me sometime"

B – U – T

Angelina had dOuBtS…
What did that mean?
Was she just watching over Demi?
Or had their time together


into something more?

{Angelina saw her fly, and then she knew—

D.e.m.e.l.z.a R.o.b.i.n.s.}
(a s~e~a~s~o~n of monsoons, in one skillful girl)

A win—cheer!
A tie—aww!
A lose—boo!

But Angelina stuck around
a r
d . o
n u
to see&speak with Demi, nevertheless; always
"G r e a t g a m e!"

Because no matter how badly the others sucked
(Where was Harry?)
(Ron's okay)
(Ginny shouldn't lead the team in Harry's place)
Demi was always gold…and she was always rewarded

[Let's go for a night fly—c'mon!]

. . .

They had both realized it long ago.

That Christmas, Demi told her family she'd stay at the castle.

Of course, Angelina had her own place long by then.

(You do the math—who caught the Snitch?)



An excellent piece to open their doorway—with a hint of Demi/Ginny, for you, Max! XD I love the description of Ange as hellfire, though, *lol*.

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki -w-