Well welcome to another fic out of my imagination… I'll pre-warn you ocd causes me to not finish anything and drives my stories into the wall because I constantly change ideas. It's horrible but I have a good feel on this. It's a bit AU-ish. All mistakes are mine. I own nothing so don't sue me. Anyways I hope give you this a chance… Oh and Trouble should be updated soon.

4.43 am

In the early morning, dull moonlight shone through the parted curtains of the room. Inside a wrinkled bed, two bodies lay cuddled tightly together, oblivious to the world outside. The female of the two began to stir, slowly opening her eyes and clearing her throat. As her eyes adjusted to the moonlit darkness, a soft groan emanated from behind her, disturbing the silence of the early morning. The males hand flexed against the flatness of her abdomen and her breath hitched as she remembered everything that happened last night. The fight, the anger, her sadness – but now, what weighed heavily on her mind the most, was her betrayal and the pleasure she felt at the hands of another man.

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