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Possibly Maybe

_Chapter Three_

~Zoey's P.O.V.~

After Logan finally shook himself from his daze, he just shook his head and walked right past me to his car. What was up with him? Normally I would just call this normal Logan behvior, but this seemed diffrent. He wasn't annoyed like he normally would've been. He seemed.. lost. Something was obviously on his mind. I sighed, continuing towards the girls lounge. Was it possible that there's more to Logan than everyone thinks? Yeah, he is a major jerk, but moments like that when Logan lets his gaurd down, I can see something in him. What it is I still can't tell.

~Logan's P.O.V.~

I just drove, not really knowing where I was going until I was at the beach. After putting my car in park and switching off the ignition, I just sat there thinking. This was the beach that we had got stranded on a while back. This was where I fisrt realized that I loved her. Her being Zoey of course.

Everyone was sitting around the fire that quinn had made with her glasses, eatting the fish we caught. Every so often I would steal a glance at Zoey, noticing that she was shivering slightly, despite the warm fire and the orange sunset rays being absorbed into her perfect skin. The sudden urge to scoot next to her and make her warm alarmed me. Only due to the fact that it would be for her benifit only. As long as she was okay I would be too. I had never thought that way before. Thinking about all I would do for her, I realized, I loved her. I had never loved anyone. To be honest, at the time the feeling kind of scared me and I attempted to avoid her for a while, hoping that it would go away. When it didn't though, I accepted it.

Later I learned of chases love for her. I knew that I couldn't do that to him. No matter how much of a jerk I was to the guy he would alway's be my best friend. As they say.. Bros before hoes..

_Later at the dorm_

I layed on my top bunk, staring at the ceiling, pondering over how I was going to get through this tutor thing with Zoey. It was getting really hard to be around her while keeping my cool. Hearing the door open, I glanced over to see Micheal come in. Glancing back up at the ceiling I went back to my thoughts.

A minute or so passed when Micheal finally spoke up.

"Thinking about Zoey?" He questioned. After what he asked finally registered I quickly sat up.

"What? No! Why would I be thinking of-" I began, only to get interupted.

"Dude, chill!" Micheal said with a laugh. "No need to get defensive,"

I just stared at him confused.

"Look, I know how you feel about her," Micheal explained. My eyes got wide for a second, before I threw on my fake face.

"What do you mean?" I spat out in my 'I'm Logan so I don't care' voice.

"Don't play dumb dude. I know you love her," Micheal voiced. From the look on his face I could tell that he was serious. He knew. Shit. He come's the teasing. I hopped off the top bunk.

"Alright, fine. You caught me," I sighed. "How'd you know?" I questioned.

"I can just tell. You're diffrent around her man," Micheal explained, spreading out on the couch. I nodded, not sure if this was good or not. If Micheal knew, would...

"Does Chase know?" I asked, wishing the answer was no. Micheal shook his head no.

"Just me," Micheal confirmed. I drew out a breath of relief. "So, what are you going to do about it?" Micheal asked. I looked at him confused.

"Do about what? Zoey?" I sighed and shook my head. "Nothing.." I sat next to him. This time it was Micheal who looked confused. As he opened his mouth to object though, we were interupted by the door opening suddenly reveiling a very happy chase.

"Guess who has a date to the spring dance!" Chase nearly shouted. I forced a smile.

"That's great man, who is it?" Micheal asked, getting up to get a blix from our fridge.

"That's the best part," Chase quickly shut the door. "Zoey!"

_Zoey's P.O.V._

"It's just as friends Lola," I insisted to my now excited and freaking out friend.

"So! That doesn't mean that it won't turn into something more!" Lola almost squeeled. I sighed, taking another bit of my sandwich. I don't know why everyone thinks that we love eachother. Chase is just my best guy friend. I mean, he's great, but not my type.

"Zoey, come on you can't tell me that you don't have even the slightest feelings for him. You're going to a dance with him!" Lola again insisted. I shook my head.

"Yes I can Lola," I protested. "I don't have feelings for him,"

"Don't have feelings for who?" Quinn inquired as she approached.

"Zoey is denying that she likes Chase," Lola announced.

"Well, do you Zoey?" Quinn asked me.

"No!" I asserted. How many times did I have to say it? Lola just smiled at me. "Ugh!" I got up and threw away my trash, then headed to the dorm to take a shower.

_Logan's P.O.V._

My heart sank. On the outside I was normal uncaring Logan. On the inside, I was screaming. Not her.. why her?

"I'm going to take a shower!" Chase almost sang before running back out the door with his towel. Micheal glanced over at me, his smile vanishing once he saw my expression.

"That's why I'm not doing anything," I said flatly before leaving the room.

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