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-Byakuran's POV-

I thought that if I have everything, I will be contented, but when I had already everything, I realized that it didn't fill the gaps of my heart. I only felt miserable. I could still feel that I'm lacking something.

I was very young, when I was exposed to reality, as a result, I learned not to trust anyone, and that I could only rely on myself, but that thinking just lasted up until I met, Irie, my lover. I learned a lot of things and experienced new sensations from him. I learned to trust and love. We were deeply in love with each other, to the extent that I couldn't live without him. It was like a dream come true to me.

But our happiness didn't last long, everything has an ending, and it's time to say goodbye, Irie kept his illness a secret, he had leukemia, and he is dying. Even though, he knew he wouldn't last long, he insisted to spend his remaining days with me, and when the last day came, we kissed for the last time, and said his last words, "I love you, but I couldn't be with you, so go."

At that time, I couldn't comprehend his words, I was busy crying. I couldn't imagine a life without him. Irie was everything to me, but even though he died, I'll still love him until the end of time.

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