"Can I Have a GoodBye Kiss, Brother?"




"Mephy! Mephy! Mephy!"

Mephisto sighed irritatedly at his younger brother's pathetic calls towards him. Mephisto bit the inside of his cheek before he turned to face the younger boy whose face was flushed and wet from tears that poured uncontrollably from his sparkling blue eyes. The sight stuck him like a knife plunging into his heart. He can't do this to him... He doesn't deserve it.

Without further hesitation, Mephisto knelt down to his brother's eye level- his green eyes meeting his brother's.

"Amaimon..." Mephisto whispered- he could swear he can feel his own lips trembling and his eyes watering. But knowing that those emotions are not exactly allowed in Gehenna... So he heard. "-I see no point in crying,-"

"Take me to Assiah with you, Brother!" Amaimon protested, clutching the older brother's vest tightly as to keep him from going away.

This, Mephisto did not expect. Taking him with him to Assiah? No Way.

"Amaimon- I have accepted permission to step foot in Assiah from Father. I thought I told you that last night... Plus, You are not ready, you are much too small! It can be dangerous if they find out be do not belong!" Mephisto said- frustration spreading across his face, and Amaimon can tel he was getting flustered.

Amaimon's eyes trailed behind Mephisto, where the Assiah Gate(Is there Such thing? lol. I figure there's an Assiah Gate since there's a Gehenna Gate. :P) was settled, with two Demons standing beside it as to keep other demons from entering.

"Take me with you! I don't want you to leave me alone, Mephy! The Other Demons will make fun of me!" Amaimon begged, tears pouring.

Mephisto seethed through his teeth in a frustrated manner- Was he not listening to a single word he said?

"Look, Amaimon. I cannot take you with me- Father will not allow it- in other words, you need to wait. Wait until you are strong enough!" He demanded, "I would very much appreciate it. And when Father notices me that you are ready to step foot in Assiah- I will call for you... That is, if I also need your hel-"


Mephisto raised an eyebrow. That was... Fast?

"I understand, Brother." Amaimon whispered, wiping away a couple tears with his sleeve, avoiding eye contact.

Mephisto nodded and stood up, fixing his now wrinkled vest. "Very well, then, Amaimon. I will see you-"

"Can I get a GoodBye Kiss?" Amaimon added on, giving his older brother a serious face.

Mephisto tensed up and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Umm... Okay...?" He said as he knelt down, grabbing Amaimon's checks and planting a small kiss on his nose. "The-"

Mephisto was cut short when he felt small lips being pressed gently on his own.

Mephisto's eyes widened, too shocked to react.

When Amaimon broke away, he gave him a small smile, "I love you Brother." He said, giving him one last hug. "I promise I will become strong like you and Father, then I'll be able to live with you in Assiah. You'll See."

Mephisto blinked and without thinking clearly on what just happened, he returned the hug.

"We'll see, Amaimon, We'll See."

A/N: Dawww's! Amaimon is so Cute! And I'm sorry! This is my First Ao No Exorcist Fan Fiction, and I was inspired by this one short Doujinshi in DA... So cute!

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