The Narcissist and The Artist

Chapter One

Fourteen years ago in Iwagakure, there was a five year old orphan boy whose life would be made worse by a ten year old prince. Why? Well, the prince-with his stick straight, white hair, deathly white skin and pastel bue eyes-was a spoiled little brat. He wanted the young, pretty boy to be taken in by his elderly grandfather for training. Not for the good of the young orphan, but to get closer to him. Too woo him, so one day, he would fall for the tyrannical prince and be his forever. How did this all happen? It all started off when the Tsuchikage took his little demon grandchild into the city shortly after his father had died. "Kazuhiko, you do know someday, when you come of age, you will be the new Tsuchikage?" he asked the young white-haired boy as he stared out the window of the carriage. Kazuhiko, of course, did not care about the villagers. Neither did he care for his own grandfather or even his own parents. No, they were distractions-more like obstacles-in his way to true greatness.

"Yeah I do geezer." the young prince replied a bit annoyed with his grandfather. The only thought going through his mind was 'If only I could find someone to marry someday..then that way, this geezer will be gone and I will become Tsuchikage!'

His grandfather had begun the rattling off on respect to elders to the young boy. Even he himself knew it was futile. The future Tsuchikage was so narcissistic and spoiled beyond repair. There was simply no hope for him; his parents had already done the damage to the young boy. Kazuhiko had been staring out the window looking at the villagers, when a certain flash of bright honey hair caught his eye. "Stop the carriage, geezer!" he screamed at the old man, who looked taken aback by his sudden command.

"Why?" the current Tsuchikage asked the spoilt brat. "Because! I saw someone I want to meet! NOW STOP THE CARRIAGE!" the young Kazuhiko shrieked. Knowing better than to get the brat in a tantrum, he had the carriage stop. The moment it stopped, though, Kazuhiko was already chasing after the honey head of hair. Something about the way it flowed in the wind, the way it shined so vibrantly in the sunlight just drew him in. Boy, was he drawn in!

He had followed (more like chased) the other child down alleyway and through the street till they hit a dead end. The other child looked terrified, the prince cocky. "Hi, my name is Kazuhiko. What's yours?" he asked in a somewhat kind tone.

"I-I'm Deidara, un. Why were you chasing me? A-Are you going to beat me, un?" the younger boy asked, looking as if he were about to cry, "Please don't take me back to the orphanage, un! Lady Hiyame will be so angry with me, she-she'll beat me, un!"

The older boy looked at the young five year old not in pity. No, no one was worthy of his pity. Rather he looked at him with a sick plot working in his selfish, self-absorbed head. 'Him! He will be my future spouse! When I get older, I'll make him mine, then I came be Tsuchikage and execute that old geezer for even trying to punish me like he does. This. Is. Perfect!'

"Oh, I'm sorry, please don't be sad.." Kazuhiko said with a false tone of care as he leaned down to boy's level, "I didn't mean to scare you, I'm the grandson of the Tsuchikage. If Lady Hiyame lays a hand on you, I'll have her stoned."

Of course, how the hell is a five year old supposed to know that he meant 'throw stones at her till she dies'? So, he took this as lightly as a time out for adults.

"R-Really, un? She's so big and scary and mean! She tells me all the time no one will adopt me, because no one wants a…a monster for a son, un." young Deidara whimpered out.

Kazuhiko gave him a (sinister) warm smile, "You're no monster.. You're actually really pretty.." The deceptive prince could only hope that he would win over the younger boy's trust. As well as his grandfather's permission to keep the younger boy as his apprentice of sorts.

"I am? Lady Hiyame says-"

"Lady Hiyame is wrong, Dei. You're not a monster, and you are pretty." he cut off the younger boy, "There is something I can do to get you out of there.."

"Really?" the honey blonde asked, bright, darker blue eye opened wide in hope. Hope that this young prince was not lying to him. Hope that this prince would save him from an abusive monster. Hope. That's all he had left at this point. He could not take another burn mark, withstand another night locked in the closet, or even handle another brutal 'spanking session' which was basically Lady Hiyame whipping the boy with a whip.

"I can, but you need to follow me and trust me no matter what, okay?"

"Okay.. I trust you, Kazu, un." replied the naïve five year old-not even knowing the prince's true intentions. How could anyone? The prince was a marvelous deceiver and a fantastic actor! The only ones able to see through him were the Tsuchikage himself and his mom.

He took the smaller boy by the hand and led him through the alleyway to where the carriage was. The carriage driver looked shocked and enraged as he shouted, "Prince Kazuhiko! How dare you run off like that! Don't you know there are dangerous criminals out there? Ones who would love to kill you?"

Kazuhiko rolled his pastel eyes and grunted at the man, "Yeah, yeah lower life form. I know that, but where's geezer? I need to talk to him about my friend here.." The carriage driver pointed to the market where the Tsuchikage was at, asking a man about the prince.

"Thanks, loser! Hey, do me a favor and go die when you're done with this job! Worthless lower life form." the prince told the man quite bitterly. Deidara looked suddenly frightened as the prince said these words.

"Y-You d-don't mean that do you, un?" Deidara asked with terror in his eyes as he looked at the prince.

The prince, being as intelligent as he was, immediately figured out why Deidara was scared all of a sudden. It's because Lady Hiyame probably talks to him like this. Noticing his folly, he immediately explained, "No! Of course I don't mean it, it was only a joke Dei-Dei!"

"But it sounded so mean, un.."

Kazuhiko grinned, then hugged the younger child. "Dei-Dei, I'm not mean.. I'm just sarcastic!"

"What's sarcastic, un?"

The prince immediately came up with the perfect answer, "It means when you say something mean but you don't mean it, like what I did to the loser just now."

"Oh.. So.. You're a nice person then, un?" the little honey blonde child asked in wonder as he looked up at the older (and taller) boy.

He nodded, "Yes, yes.. Of course I am Dei-Dei!"

All this while, he had been dragging the boy over to his worried grandfather. The moment he saw him, he knew what to do.. "GEEZER! I'm over here!" he yelled out. Deidara looked at him in horror. No one talked to the Tsuchikage like that! That would result in only death!

"Kazuhiko! What did I tell you about running away?" the older growled angrily at the boy; knowing what his intentions were by addressing him like that in public. He knew Kazuhiko knew that his image was one of the most important things he had. If he snapped at his grandson in public, the entire village would hate and maybe even turn on him. Something he knew that Kazuhiko had known ever since he was young.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I already heard so much geezer! Besides, I want you to meet my friend, Deidara. He's been having a horrible life at the orphanage and I want you to take him in as an apprentice." the young defiant prince told the older man.

He looked at the young, blonde child grasping onto Kazuhiko's hand in fear. He could see the burn marks on his wrists and the bruise on his eye was too visible to not notice. Upon looking at the child, he felt nothing but pain and guilt. Guilt that their own village orphanage would treat such a sweet, innocent looking child that way. Pain at the sight of the bruise on his eye and the burn marks on his wrists.

"What's your name young boy?" he asked with genuine kindness as he leant down to the boy's level. "D-Deidara, un. I'm in the orphanage with Lady Hiyame." the young boy replied gently, not looking him in the eye the entire time.

"Well, what does she do to you when you're naughty?"

The boy looked as if he was about to have a mental breakdown. Tears were forming in his eyes, he was starting to hyperventilate and tremble. "S-She.. S-She.. S-She hurts me all the time, because I'm naughty all the time, un." he cried out in a sob, "I-I get night long time outs in the closet, I-I get hit with a whip, and s-she…puts out her fire sticks on me!" At this point, he had been breaking down crying. His body was on the ground and all he felt were the painful sobs controlling his every breath and movement.

"Please don't send me back, un! It's already past four and I'll get another night long time out in the closet again, un!" he begged to the older man. Kazuhiko felt nothing for the boy. How could he? Deidara was only here to be his future mate so he could become Tsuchikage. Not to let out his little sob story and cry. The Tsuchikage, on the other hand, could feel his heart bleed for the boy. He felt horrible for the poor crying boy. He picked the boy up and carried him back to the carriage. Kazuhiko was grinning an evil grin. His plan had worked! Now, he will have a future mate so he'll become Tsuchikage someday!

"A-Am I going back, un?" the young blonde whimpered. The Tsuchikage looked down at him and told the boy the best answer he could hear:

"No, you will never go back there. From now on, you'll be living us. I will look after you as a guardian. When we get back home, I'll have a messenger go over to the orphanage and tell Lady Hiyame of the new arrangement. You're safe now, Deidara."

Oh, if only he knew how wrong he was! If only he knew what his evil grandson had in mind this entire time..

Since you all know how this started off, let's take it ten years from now. Deidara is now fifteen and a marvelous, yet handsome, shinobi and artist. The people in the village stare in awe and wonder at his magnificent sculptures. They gasp at how the little cute blonde boy grew up into a handsome, strong teenager on his way to becoming a man. The Tsuchikage was proud of him. The villagers adored him, but not for the right reasons. They only adored Deidara because the word had come out that he was to marry Kazuhiko. How did this information become released to the public? Well, Kazuhiko's best friend had told all of them about it, only to have the prince confirm it himself. I bet you're wondering: is Kazuhiko even still attracted to Deidara? Point and blank: yes, he is. If of anything, having Deidara around so much over the years only made him want the boy more and more.

Kazuhiko is twenty now. His hair is still stick straight, white and his eyes are still pastel blue. His skin tone is still the deathly white it was when he was young. His reasons for wanting Deidara now have only become worse. He doesn't care about Deidara, nor his art. He only cares about his looks, stealing his virginity, and marrying him so he can become Tsuchikage.

He was watching out of his bedroom's balcony as the young artist worked so hard to perfect his newest creation. He was staring at the minor's shirtless form. He was fantasizing about his hand mouths sucking him off… He was just having his usual everyday wet-dream basically.

"Dei, stop working on that silly sculpture and come inside! It's too hot out there for you, my love, and the clay will only get all over your beautiful form! Come inside, Dei-Dei-kun, please?" he called out to his underaged crush; eyes tracing over him in pure lust.

Deidara rolled his eyes. Ever since moving in with the Tsuchikage, he learned one major thing about palace life: Kazuhiko was an annoying, narcissistic, spoiled, possible sociopath brat. Everyone was always telling him how lucky he was to have someone as 'handsome' or 'gorgeous' or 'beautiful' like Kazuhiko to love him.. Love? Ha! Deidara was not stupid. When he reached eleven he knew why the prince had helped him. It was only so he could become Tsuchikage. It was never about being nice to an orphan boy and giving him a new life. It was all about him. Everything Kazuhiko did was always all about him. This was the thing that made Deidara only grow up to despise to Kazuhiko, as well as his inexcusable treatment of the poor people and the working people in the palace! He spat on the poor, laughed at the homeless, and told the orphans to go kill themselves because nobody would ever want them. He beats his servants and maids whenever he does not get exactly what he wanted.. He was, in a word, cruel.

"Shut up, Kazu! I'm not in the mood, un! Also, this is not silly; it's ART, un, learn to appreciate it!" he spat angrily at the older man. If Kazuhiko had not been prince, he would have been thrown into prison or even stoned for the way he talks to and hits on poor, underaged Deidara.

Kazuhiko rolled his pastel eyes, giving his minor crush a sickly sweet smile, "Dei-Dei, art is not important. All that matters in life is image and power. Once you learn that, I think you will be pleased to be having me love you the way I do. Now, put down that goddamned clay and come inside, sweetheart."

"NO! I'm not gonna have you grope me again, un! You're a sick, twisted pedophile and I don't like you, un!" he shouted back at the arrogant prince.

"Suit yourself darling, but don't be crying to me when that disgusting clay gets dried onto your beautiful body." the prince growled at him before walking off the balcony and back into his room.

Deidara rolled his visible sapphire blue eye. The prince was so annoying and arrogant at times it made him sick. The very thought of being married to him just sent his lunch back up to his throat. 'If you really loved me oh-so-much, Kazuhiko, you would appreciate my art instead of complaining about it, un.' Deidara thought bitterly to himself.

As he was working on his newest sculpture, perfecting every little line and shape, an older man sat down on a bench in the Tsuchikage's public garden. (Which was outside Kazuhiko's balcony, despite his dismay over the garden, he could never get it removed)

He was watching in a little bit of awe at the sculpture.. He had his own standards of art and to him this was not it. Yes, he had heard and seen the recent scene between Kazuhiko and Deidara. All he could think was, 'What a spoiled, over privileged brat.. Someone should kick his little pompous ass and teach him something about respect..'

Even though this art was not to his standard, he did have to admit, the teen had talent. As well as beauty. He watched him work with the clay for two hours. Just sitting there watching him mold it into a brilliant, yet beautiful spider with vines covering its back and legs.

"You did a good job, brat." the man said once the teen put the final touches on it.

"Oh? Um, thank you, un. I've never seen you around here before.. Did you just move here, un?" he asked the older man in some state of surprise.

"Yes, I did and I can't help but to notice your talent with this.. As well as the prince hitting on you in that way. How old is he again?" the auburn haired man asked in suspicion.

"Twenty. I'm fifteen, so to me that makes it…wrong. Especially with the way he talks down about my art and acts like as if I was only born for him and his uses!" he ranted on a bit angrily.

"My, my-that is wrong.. I actually saw the prince talking to you in that matter. I'm shocked you didn't attack him with a kunai or anything."

Deidara laughed then went on to tell the auburn haired, hazel eyed man, "He's the prince-if I lay a hand on him, this entire village will hate me. Besides, I don't want to think of his form of punishment for me, un.."

The hazel eyed man raised an eyebrow to this, about to ask him another question when Kazuhiko himself came outside.

"Deidara! I told you to come in hour ago, why didn't you obey me!" he demanded as he grabbed the boy's wrist roughly.

"Because you don't own me, Kazuhiko! Now let me go, un!" he shouted as he tried to punch the man in the face. He was never that good with close range attacks; long range ones worked better for him.

The prince grabbed his fist in his other hand, an evil smirk plastered on his face. "I guess you'll have to be punished tonight Dei-Dei.. Hopefully this will teach you to never raise a hand to your future husband and give up this worthless art crap!" The prince had released his grip on Deidara's fist and was about to hit him.

The older man had seen enough. He pulled the young teen out of the grasps of the clearly angry prince. His hazel eyes were flashing a deathly anger, his voice reeked of venom as he said in a velvety smooth voice, "Dearest prince, wouldn't your image be tarnished if you were seen speaking to this young boy in this manner? Surely, your oh-so-perfect image would suffer, wouldn't it? Hmm? Dare touch him like this ever again or speak of art in the disgusting way you do, then expect hell itself to brought down on you! You spoiled, over privileged brat!"

The prince just simply stared at the older man before asking, "How old are you, pauper?"

"I'm twenty three. Yet you don't see me hitting on this minor, now do you?"

The prince was seeing red, yet he was smart enough to walk away before anyone saw his true self. "Deidara" he growled in pure rage at the teenaged boy, "get inside right now. We need to talk."

"No, I'm not going inside, un. You don't own me, Kazuhiko." The prince twitched at the words as he walked back inside the palace in a fit of pure wrath. Deidara looked at the stranger and blushed a slight blush of embarrassment. "I-I'm so sorry, un. I didn't mean for him to come out and talk that in front of you."

"It's no problem.. Deidara, right?" he asked the boy in curiosity.

"Yes, that's my name un. What's yours?"

"Call me Hachiro."

Deidara smiled at the man, then told him, "I have to go to the market to get something for my sensei now.. Maybe we can talk and hang out some more, Hachiro, un?"

"That would be fine with me, brat. See you around."

"See you, un!"

The moment the head of honey blonde hair had walked away, Hachiro walked back to his apartment. When he was in his room, he made a hand sign and he was no longer Hachiro.. He did not have auburn hair nor hazel eyes. His voice was once again velvety smooth, instead of the dull monotone it had been before. Now, in his true form, he had crimson red hair, a youthful (and gorgeous) appearance, and he had shining golden brown eyes.

"The brat bought it." he said to mostly himself out loud. He could not believe it, either. This kid had bought into his act. He only came here because of some stupid mission.. Now that he's here, he might as well enjoy it, right?

(Author's Note: Hey everyone, so I hope I didn't spell Tsuchikage wrong.. My god how stupid I would feel about that one! Anyways, this will be a SasoDei. Why? Because every time I take a quiz to see which Atkatsuki member I am, I always get Deidara and every time I take a quiz to see which Akatsuki member would want to be or be my boyfriend, instead of Hidan, I get Sasori or Itachi.. Even though I adore Hidan's personality and wish I would get him instead.. But whatever, it could be worse.. I could get Zetsu, lol. Anyways, enjoy this story and I hope you like it. I hope it's at least a bit good. Oh and here's a link to what I envisioned Kazuhiko to look like: .com/albums/ll290/CAT_PRIDE_WOLF_girl_666/Anime%20Guys/?action=view¤t=&#!